Ahdi Anuati
Ahdi Anuati
Portrayed By Kalani Queypo
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 12th, 1959
Age 51, looks 17
Zodiac Sign Not born on Earth, no sign.
Aliases Hunter
Place of Birth Atjad (a jungle planet)
Current Location NYC
Occupation Rambler
Known Relatives None in NYC
Significant Other None
Identity Ahdi Anuati
Known Abilities Wolf's senses and endurance, enhanced physical abilities
First Appearance Mind Games


Ahdi Anuati was born on the planet of his people the Atjadni, located somewhere inside the handle of what humans refer to as the Little Dipper. This planet is a rough, prehistoric place of jungles and oceans, much like Earth was millions of years ago. Though Ahdi's people were, in fact, human at one point and time, they have adapted to this harsher planet and became something more. As a race, the Atjadni are stronger, tougher, and have developed longer life spans than the typical human, the life expectancy of your typical Atjadni being about 210 Earth years. Along with the enhanced attributes each Atjadni is inately gifted with, at the age of about 35 Earth years, every Atjadni both male and female goes through what is known as a Pira Teh Es (spirit that is). Thought to be a religious experience in which the person being tested is made host to a hoard of spirits, and the one that chooses to become that individual's totem remains inside while all other spirits flee. The remaining spirit then gifts that person with a path in life and certain aditional talents to help with that task.
In all actuality, A race of aliens calling themselves the Interdites were guilty of not only taking these humans from earth and planting them on this planet, in roughly 1,000 BC, but also of molding the people's development and modernization so that it suited their tastes. The Interdites are a psychic race with advanced mental powers, but a physicly weak one. Using their powers of precognition, they saw that their race was in danger of becoming extinct from a warrior race known as the Badoon. For their protection, they needed guards that would be able to adapt to situations, think independantly, solve problems, and who were physicly strong enough to provide the man power they lacked. Humans, after many other species were observed, seemed to be the prime candidate. A number of the men were taken from earth and transported to a harsher, more furtile planet and encouraged by the Interdites, who they saw as spirits, to learn how to survive. As the Humans learned how to thrive on this planet, the long-lived Interdites kept an eye on their progress. They would send down messages in the form of religious visions so as to teach their guards about new technologies, and help them creat both a written language and tribal structure. To help with this, The Interdites sped up the evolution process both chemicly, and geneticly. The first method was used through the food, turning the hunters, animals, and everything else on the planet stronger and more durable. Genetics, however, needed more delicate planning.
Finally the Interdites decided on masking themselves as spirits, and set about discovering the prime age for genetic monipulation. Not finding one it was decided that a random age would be set. once that age had been reached, the child would be handed over to the Interdites, in their spirit disguises, to geneticly alter and call it a spiritual experience. This way they could asign their humans a totem that came with jobs to do, and test out giving them abilities to acheave those jobs. The result was a tribal structured government, similar to a Native American tribe, with each person going about their task to help the whole function more fully. In modern times a structure like this would never last, but the Interdites happened to have grabbed a mostly honest people in the first place. In their search for subjects, they ended up taking the Navajo from what would one day be North America. Due to the tribal structure the Navajo came from, it was no trouble for them to adapt into their new role as Atjadni, and take up the mantal of complete honesty. Almost no Atjadni has told a lie in their life, they live to help one another out and make peace, and a code of honour to themselves and eachother has been driven so deeply into their culture that they would rather die than dishonor themselves.
Ahdi in particular is a special case. born to a couple of wolf totemmed Atjadni it was expected that he would become a warrior of some sort. After reaching the age of roughly 35 and having learned the full extent of his hand-to-hand, ranged, and improvised fighting tactics, he was brought before the spirits for a judgement. He, too, was givin the mark of the wolf, but it seems to be stronger in him than usual. Through natural selection, the genetic tampering has started to cause the Atjadni to evolve even further, and this is the case with Ahdi. He has a tad more endurance, hears a bit better, and has just the slightest bit sharper of a nose. Though even the most untalented Atjadni could face down a human with ease Ahdi had marked himself a cut above the rest of his people and was well on his way toward being the most renound hunter in the land. All of that came to a crashing halt, however, when he was foraging around in the woods roughly 16 years after his spiritual awakening and came across a mysterious device hidden in the dirt. It had an imprint of a hand in solid metal, and as he looked up to the stars for guidance from the spirits, his mind on them, and put his hand into the handslot, he was teleported off into the very stars he was looking at. he ended up on earth, just outside NYC, without knowing the language, where he was, or why he was there. The teleportation device remained behind in the jungle, it is only a one way device.
Realizing he would never be able to return to his tribe, never see any of his loved ones again, Ahdi took a moment to sit down and reflect upon his life. He remembered his village located deep in the heart of the jungle where larger animals couldn't go, built both high in the branches and into the very ground itself. He remembered how he used to live in one of the tree-house like structures built in the branches of a tree, these usually being used for single males and females so that ground space can be reserved for families. He thought about the people he had left behind, his Mother and Fauther still working hard to creat and raise more warriors, wondering why a young man with such high prospects wasn't fishing for a mate of his own.
From the very moment he was invoked as a wolf, Ahdi was popular among the girls of his village. He was adept at bringing back plenty of meat for the hole village, quiet, and for their standards he was handsom. Though he had ample opertunities to pick a mate, Ahdi remained quiet on the manner. He had always been shy when it comes to females. Curious about what they thought and what it would be to take a mate, as he is curious about everything, but too timid to make a move. It was expected he would take a mate sooner or later, the general idea is to wonder what is wrong with an Atjadni if he hasn't picked by the time he is of a middling age(about 100 years old, earthwise).
Ahdi wasn't only popular with the women, hunters or not, he was also popular with the men. As he worked his way up the tribal food chain, year after year proving his worth, they started to see that he was a person to be respected and honored. Jellousy isn't something that Atjadni understand, they just never seem to feel the need to be jellous, so Ahdi was viewed as an asset to the males around him, someone to be observed and used as a model for their own conduct. So, as he matured, he became something of an idle and tutor for the younger males and females wishing to hunt and become leaders. He took them under his wing, taught them to swim, climb track, and hunt. This isn't uncommen, most people who wish to be leaders start out with young ones, and that is how the young ones get trained.
Soon the villagers noticed that Ahdi wasn't only a good person, he was a gifted teacher. He devoted himself into the task whole heartedly, and truely loved all of his sstudents. For one so young he became a renouned teacher for those parts, his students came out as great and cunning hunters and craftsmen. Yet, as he grew older, Ahdi's teachings became standard teaching procedure, and he had to adapt his teaching style to keep it growing and improving. He started taking an interest in small mechanical inventions, bits left behind from their spirits, and other such things. It is this curiosity in the spirits that got him into his fix. He had heard of something falling from the sky into the jungle, like a bright falling star. When he whent to investigate, he found a broken mass of metal and fire that sparked and flamed like some sort of metal beast. Stalking toward it, Ahdi noticed a metal object burried mostly in the ground. This object, he would come to find out after reporting it to his village and later coming back to dig it up, is a teleporter. His curiosity, like all the other wise hunters told him, was his one and only weakness, and turned out to be his downfall.


Senses of the wolf: Ahdi has excelent smell and hearing when not focusing on them, but at will he can expand both, or just one, of these senses to amazing degrees. He can use his nose like the best of bloodhounds, and hear as well as any wolf, to the point that when on full alert in a closed room, the sound of breathing is like a tornado and the smells would be almost overpowering.
Endurance of the wolf: Not only is Ahdi able to run at a speed of roughly 45 MPH, he can keep that punishing pace up all day before he finally tires out, running from dawn to dusk. When sprinting full out Ahdi can reach a top speed of close to 75 MPH, but he can only keep it up for an hour before becoming drained and needing a few minutes rest.
Animal mind: The ability to pull their conciousness into themselves and create an almost impassible wall of pure instinct is something all Atjadni learn to do at a young age, it would take a very talented mentalist to be a match for their defenses, and even then it would be a fight to get into their head. When this ability is being used, the Atjadni using it can run longer, jump further, and can fight with the crazed strength of a berserker. Unfortunetly, this state of mind cancels out higher reasoning, and the Atjadni must rely on guidance from a team mate or pull himself out of the mindset before he can run on more than instinct.
Physical gifts: All Atjadni are both stronger and tougher than a human of equal size and weight. A typical Atjadni, in perfect shape (which they all are), can lift and run with roughly three times it's weight without problem, and can lift and carry, though it will tire them out almost twice as fastthe, up to 5 times their weight. Any heavier and the Atjadni will have to pause periodicly to catch it's breath. The maximum weight that the typical Atjadni can pick up, without attempting to carry it, is roughly 10 times it's weight. This increased strength gives the Atjadni people the ability to jump long distenses, a standing long jump usually covering between 20 and 25 feet. Their skin has toughened to the point that their resistance to damage is more comparable to a Bear than a Human, with small arms fire not doing much more than making them angry. The typical healing rate for an Autjadni is roughly 10 times faster than a human, broken bones only taking a few days to heal rather than weeks.


Ahdi is an energetic, curious person with a hunger for knoladge. He is more likely to stop and watch a vulnerable animal doing something interesting than kill it, even though the meat would be easily obtained. As are most of his people, Ahdi has an optomistic view on life and is care-free most of the time. What is, is, and he will find a way to make it work. If the spirits didn't wish him to be there, he wouldn't be there. He has a love for all things festive and triditional, so holidays like Christmas would be a delight to him. He is bound by honor to protect the unarmed when he sees them, but to leave a fight between two armed people up to them, he will not break up a fair fight, that is the biggest disrespect in his own culture. He thinks that to prove yourself you have to face challenges on your own, yet Atjadni will fight in a group. The general idea is, alone you prove you are skilled, together you prove your group is skilled. As a quork, when coming into contact with electrical devices Ahdi will mostly not like them. He'll think that man is trying too hard to be a spirit, and he doesn't have the rite to expect he can do so.


In hand-to-hand combat, or with any sort of weapon such as a spear sword or knife, Ahdi is a grand master. His people live for the hunt, and they must be extremely good with their weapons to survive. He is also an extremely good swimmer and climber, cliff faces and trees not being an issue for him to monkey up. His hunting abilities, both setting up traps, tracking, stalking, and preparing the dead animal's meats and hides are natural talents that all Atjadni have as well. With his rifle, Ahdi is a deadshot, he hardly ever misses, but he has no familiarity with any style of gun besides long rifles. He is passible with a bow and arrow and other throwing weapons, talented enough to win compatitions but not an olympic gold medalist. He knows no English, but the Tellin have crafted their language so that it shares some English words, along with African, Spanish, and even languages not heard on Earth, so some basic things will be easy for him to figure out. Ahdi can sharpen and repair miner damages to his weapons, both ranged and melee, but isn't a craftsman by trade and can't fix them if he breaks them completely. If his leathers are torn or damaged he can also do field repairs on them, but again nothing major. Ahdi is also a skilled player of the wooden flute he carries with him everywhere.


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