Aiden "Blue Bird" Elwood
Aiden Elwood
Portrayed By Derek Digital
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 27, 1985
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Blue Bird
Place of Birth New Glassgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Location NYC
Occupation Fire Breather, Fire Dancer, Sword Swallower, Escape Artist, Waiter.
Known Relatives Timothy Elwood (Father), Selene Elwood (Mother, deceased), Kieran Elwood (older brother)
Significant Other Lauren Halloway
Identity Known
Known Abilities Flight via Wings, Empathy, Emotional Control
First Appearance ???


The Cast –

Adien “Blue Bird” Elwood – The Protagonist
Keiran Elwood - The Brother
Timothy Elwood - The Father
Lauren “Animality” Holloway- The Lover
Howard Warwick - The Ringmaster
Benjamin Warwick - The Mute
Jun "Yin" and Jing "Yang" Hsu - The Twins
Alejandro “The Metal Man” Ramos - The Metal Man
Kande “Madam Mermaid” Wallace- The Mermaid

Act One -

When the free spirited Selene Elwood decided to name her first son Kieran, Timothy Elwood wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. But his wife wouldn’t take no for an answer, she wanted her children to have unique names to encourage them to be individuals. Two years later when Selene decided to name their second son Aiden, Timothy just smiled and agreed. For the next eight years life was golden for the Elwoods in the small city of New Glassglow, Nova Scotia.

Tragedy struck one evening when Selene was driving home from work. It was a rainy night and hard to see. When she turned the corner she couldn’t break in time to avoid hitting a moose. The accident killed Selene and left Timothy to be a single father. The loss hit the family hard and took quite a while to get over the loss of Selene. Timothy did the best to raise his two boys, taking them to local hockey games and trying not to left the grief of losing Selene over power the family.

Four years went by without incident before Aiden got sick. Two lumps started to painfully grow on his back and his entire body was constantly in pain. He was taken to doctors who were clueless as to what was going on. For the next month Aiden was in constant agony and he missed a lot of school from being in too much pain. One afternoon when Aiden and Kieran were home alone blue feathered wings seemed to erupt from Aiden’s back. It was a painful ordeal as they tore through his skin to break free. Kieran helped bandage Aiden’s back and clean off his wings as he found the fact that his twelve-year-old little brother had wings was awesome. There father, however, did not.

Sometimes you think you know someone, you think they’re a good person but unbeknownst to you they have a prejudice that brings out their ugly side. When Timothy came home and found his son had wings, that ugly side came out. He was furious that his youngest son was a mutant and it was the first time he raised a hand against one of his children. Eventually Aiden was locked in the closet while his father figured out what to do with him.

A week passed and Aiden was still locked in the dark, his older brother occasionally slipping him poptarts and other food under the door. Kieran waited for their father to go out and he unlocked the door letting his brother free. They both knew that Aiden couldn’t stay there so he quickly washed up, changed into clean clothes, packed a bad with food, clothing, a flashlight, blanket and forty dollars so that he could run away. With a hug and tearful goodbye the brothers promised that they’d find each other again someday.

Act Two –

Aiden eventually found himself in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his money having run out a week ago. There was a country type fair going on and he found he could sneak around at night for scraps of food and he could sleep in the horses stable unnoticed. After a few days he was approached by a tall man wearing a derby hat. He started to scramble to get away when the man held out an apple for Aiden. Too hungry to refused he quickly took the apple and devoured it which is when he noticed something odd about the man, he had three eyes.

The man explained his name was Howard Warwick and he ran a show that featured mutants. He told Aiden that it wasn’t a glamourous lifestyle but it would be someplace for him to belong. Not having anywhere else to go, and something about the three eyed man made him want to trust Howard, Aiden followed him to an old Winnebago and a beat up covered pickup truck. There were signs advertising “The Astonishing Howie’s Wonders” and the various wonders he showcased.

It was explained to twelve-year-old Aiden that Howard ran a freakshow for mutants that didn’t fit in with the real world. He was introduced to Kande, a woman with gills and scales, Alejandro, a man made out of steel, Jing and Jun, twins where one was all white and the other was all black and Benjamin, Howard’s Son, who seemed normal except for the fact that he didn’t talk. He was immediately accepted into their family and cared for.

That night, as Kande was helping him wash up and clean out sticks, mud, bits of straw and other things caught in his wings, she gave him his nickname of “Blue Bird”. He realized that he was the youngest of the group as Kande was eighteen, Alejandro and the twins were sixteen and Benjamin was thirteen. He was told about how they preformed at various fairs across the Untied States and Canada doing tarot readings, fire breathing, singing, dancing, sword swallowing, magic tricks and more. That the group had embraced their mutations and decided to make a living off of being different rather then hiding from the world. Howard and his son, Benjamin, first found Kande and the group had grown from there.

As time passed Aiden learned the ins and outs of the business, he wasn’t old enough to be taught how to breath fire or swallow swords but he watched with anticipation. A year had gone by when the pain started up again but this time it was just his stomach. Upon inspection they noticed that yellow markings were starting to form on his body. After a few days the markings painfully spread out from his stomach up his arms, down his legs, leaving him covered from his neck to his feet. Only his face was spared. His new family cared for him and helped him as the second part of his mutation manifested.

It was quickly apparently that the tattoos on Aiden changed colour depending on his moods along with him being able to tell what others were feeling. It helped Aiden develop a friendship with Benjamin as he could tell what he was feeling without him speaking and the two quickly became best friends. For the most part Aiden was happy, he had a home and he had people around him he was growing to love and call family.

Act Three –

That last three years were some of the happiest of Aiden’s life even though living out of a cramped Winnebago wasn’t exactly the most ideal living situation. Television, video games, and computers were all things that Aiden didn’t grow up with. Dancing and singing were their entertainment along with the radio in the Winnebago, which was the only way they kept up on current events. Overall it was very much a gypsy style of life.

Now that he was sixteen he was finally not only going to get to learn how to breath fire, something he’d been wanting to do since he first saw Howard do it, but learn how to swallow swords and learn how to be an escape artist. He was no longer going to be running around promoting the fair and just being on display as ‘The Blue Bird’ but as an actual performer doing stunts.

One afternoon he was working with Jun on how to get out of a straight jacket when Howard came walking over with a teenage girl. As soon as Aiden laid eyes on her his heart skipped a beat. He fell over in the straight jacket when he was introduced to Lauren and could barely get out his own name. Jun laughed at Aiden and helped him out of the straight jacket. That night everyone was introduced to Lauren where it was revealed she could talk to animals and that she had some animal features such as pointed ears, cat like eyes and a tail and that she was also sixteen, like Aiden.

As time passed Aiden fell madly in love with Lauren and Lauren with Aiden in return. She introduced him to music he had never heard before and when they were eighteen they were running around to various clubs together when they were performing in big cities. They were taught how to breath and twirl fire together, becoming a bit of a duo when it came to performing. Aiden also learned more and more how to escape from various rope tricks and he loved the performance. He was a mutant and embracing it, letting the world know what a ‘freak’ he was and that he didn’t care. The two talked about everything together except their past, they wanted to live for the future not in the past.

Aiden’s fashion changed through Lauren as they frequented what clubs they could, he started dressing more in a goth style and developing his own sense of self. He didn’t do it to impress her but he found he just liked it, the music, the dancing, the people and the clubs. He had fun and he found that people there didn’t seem to care about his wings, that was as long as he didn’t smack anyone with them. They would drag out the other members of the act when they could as well, especially the silent Benjamin.

Life was great and Lauren was Aiden’s first love and first many other things as well. He was happier then he’d ever been and the fact that he had an older brother back in Nova Scotia was pretty much forgotten. He got to travel, see the country, meet a variety of people and perform. He had a family, a girl he was madly in love with and a silent best friend.

When Aiden was twenty four years old, having been with the group for half his life, the fact that they were all openly mutants caught up with them. They were performing in Texas when a group of anti-mutant protesters showed up to their performance. The group preformed as usual, trying to ignore them, and Howard arranged to give the town a refund for hiring them and leave quietly. He didn’t want any trouble but apparently the anti-mutant group did.

While packing up Jing started to panic when she realized Jun was missing, not only that but she could feel him crying for help through their telepathic link. She tried to get a location on her brother as she panicked when the group showed up with the all white mutant beaten and tied up. The rest of the family just stood their frozen in fear, Aiden’s tattoos almost glowing yellow.

Howard went out to approach the group to talk to them and as he started to explain that they were just getting ready to leave one of the members shot Howard, the three eyed father figure, fell to the ground dead. Time seemed to stand still for both sides, which gave Jun just enough time to break free. As soon as Jun reached his sister everyone seemed to snap out of what happened and panic ensued.

There was no time to organize an escape and as they ran towards the Winnebago the lynch mob opened fire upon the group. Aiden flew up into the air, Benjamin grabbed Lauren and teleported off with her, Alejandro stepped in front of the twins to shield them and Kande dived to the muddy ground. As Benjamin came back, he grabbed Kande and teleported off with her as Alejandro, Jun and Jing were pushed into the truck by Aiden and just told to go. There was a promise that they’d see each other again as Aiden wanted to wait for Benjamin to get back.

When Benjamin teleported back he grabbed Aiden but there was a gun shot that was fired off before they teleported away. They appeared in the middle of the woods where it was dark and rainy. Aiden called out to his best friend as he watched him fall over, he noticed a dark spot growing on Benjamin’s back in the rain and he realized he’d been shot, messing up where he wanted to teleport them. Benjamin looked at Aiden and started to speak, the first time Aiden ever heard his voice. “Lauren’s safe. Find her.” He whispered before dying.

Act Four –

The next morning when Aiden woke up, he was tired, cold and underdressed in just his t-shirt, jeans and boots for where ever he was. He dug the best grave he could for his friend and started to wander. He felt lost and alone and not for the first time since the pervious night, he cried feeling the loss of Lauren, Ben, and his family. It took him almost a day before he found himself at a small farmhouse. He took his chances and knocked on the door when he was met with a married couple. Through them he found out that he in British Columba and the nearest city was Vancouver. After a bit of talking with the couple, they agreed to let the winged mutant stay there for a bit in exchange that he would help out around the house.

He stayed there for about two weeks, and they even paid him a small wage, before he decided to hit Vancouver. For the next year and a half Aiden flew from city to city in Canada and the US, finding small jobs to do and searching for Lauren, but he had little luck. Some places were quick to accept him and others found a much harder time trusting a tattooed winged mutant. He had no luck finding Lauren though.

After a while his energy and money was running out and Aiden was finding it harder and harder to find places to work when he decided to try New York City. He heard that there was a small freakshow on Coney Island and he figured they might have some information in regards to his friends. He had no luck finding any information but he did get offered a job.

After thinking on it for a few nights Aiden realized that he couldn’t live like he was forever. He wanted to continue his search for Lauren but he couldn’t do it broke and starving. He also figured if he made a bit of a name for himself here she might hear about it and find him. So the winged ‘Blue Bird’ accepted a job as a sword swallower, fire breather, fire twirler, escape artist and general freak of nature.

After a few weeks of working there one of his fellow freaks found out that he’d been sleeping in the park till he saved enough money for an apartment and offered him crashing space on his couch. It was the first friend he made in New York City, Jeff “The Human Oddity” Devereux. Jeff was also a sword swallower but also hammed nails up his nose and swallowed glass and razor blades. Jeff helped Aiden learn the ins and outs of New York City and how to survive in the big apple. Jeff also taught Aiden the basics on how to use a computer so that he could go to the library and see if he could find information on where Lauren might be.

After six months of sleeping on Jeff’s couch, Aiden finally was able to afford his own apartment. It helped that on top of the freakshow job he also got a job waiting tables at a small bistro in Mutant Town, Le Bistro Bestial. He frequented the goth club scene in New York City still having a fun time dancing and having a few drinks. For the first time since he was twelve, Aiden found himself living someplace for longer then a few weeks and he found he could get used to it.

It’s been a month since he’s gotten his apartment and he’s been able to build up his wardrobe and furnish the small studio apartment. He still hangs onto hope that he can find Lauren one day, going to the library almost daily to search the internet for any mention of her. Every night he lights a candle in his window hoping that one day she’ll find him.


Aiden Radio on Pandora
Track 1) "Without You" by Seabound
Track 2) "Until the End of the World" by Apoptygma Bezerk
Track 3) "Standing" by VNV Nation
Track 4) "Spawn" by Beborn Beton
Track 5) "Electronaut" by VNV Nation
Track 6) "Without You" by L'ame Immortelle


Lauren Halloway is a mutant who is able to communicate and influence animals. She developed some animalist qualities herself having cat like eyes, pointed ears, retractable claws, enhanced agility and a prehensile tail. She is Aiden’s true love and the two have an incredible bond. She introduced Aiden to the goth lifestyle he lives and dresses while he helped her to develop self confidence. Aiden still believes she is alive even though he hasn’t seen her for two years and her whereabouts are unknown. She is the same age as Aiden, 26. (If you're interested in apping please contact me.)


Wings – Very much like bird wings, but blue in colour, Adien has a pair on his back. His back has developed joints for the wings that connect to his shoulder blades and the wing connects to his back for about a foot and a half. The bone structure is of that as a bird and can break as easily as his other bones. If something happens and the wing is removed it will not grow back as it would be like having an arm removed. He can carry twice his weight and still fly, anymore and it becomes quite cumbersome. Adien can fly at a maximum speed of sixty miles per hour and he can keep this up four an hour before he starts to tire. As for maneuverability Adien is quite agile in the air, he can do basic tricks such as flips, sharp turns and dives. He cannot stop on a dime though he needs to be able to glide to the ground or else he risks hurting himself on landing. He cannot hover in the air with his wings he can only glide. He also has good agility with his wings being able to move them out of the way as needed. His reflexes with his wings are equivalent to that as with his arms, which isn’t anything super-human. He can fold his wings up against his back so that they aren’t as cumbersome when walking around. Each wing is about ten feet long.


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  • Aiden is an accomplished sword swallower, fire breather, fire dancer and escape artist.
  • Aiden is technology illiterate.
  • Aiden is pop culture illiterate.
  • Aiden doesn't have a formal education past grade eight.
  • Aiden loves to go dancing at goth clubs.
  • Aiden is quite vain and puts a lot of time and effort into his hair and makeup.


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