2009-06-18: AIM In Mexico


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Summary: The X-Men go to raid an AIM base in Mexico.

Date: June 18, 2009

Log Title AIM in Mexico

Rating: PG-13

Mexico - AIM Base

After a short black bird flight, the X-Men find themselves in Mexico of all places. Since the Avengers and the X-Men have both been keeping tabs on what's been happening they've allowed She-Hulk to come along. Once they've touched landed in the mist of a jungle. In the distance they can see the trees open up to an old temple, stairs rising to the top of what looks like some sort of old building.

Wearing an old training uniform of the black and gold type, Robert Weyrin has come along on this mission. He's not an X-man but since he was a victim of the green creature, felt the need to pay the X-men back for what they've done for him, and figured telepathy might come in handy on this litle mission, he's come along. Looking like just a uniform walking around on its own, Rob's kept quiet for the trip. "They set up a base in an old ruin?"

Addison comes out of the jet, looking around in the heat. He waves a hand in front of his face lightly as he pulls his hair back into a ponytail. "Warm here. Very warm. I'm not used to so many different climates." He says, having come from a wartorn world where a lot of the ecosystem had been destroyed. He runs a hand down the back of his neck. "Just let me know where I need to blast…" He chuckles. He's… enjoying the heck out of Sam's powers.

While Rob is the invisible one, there are some that can be nearly as invisible in a different way. Shadows and Dark Force are friends in many ways. Manipulators of one are very easily hidden by the other. As the jet lands, the student remains cloaked in darkness as best he can, trying not to be caught. But being invisible will tax him some. But who knows, even he may be able to help if nobody can sense his presence. Cold dark force is good at keeping the heat signatures away as well.

The X-Men leader, sans visor, looks up and sees the temple. "Must have." Scott continues on, his weight now in the four hundred fifty pound area. His extra weight shows, and he couldn't be more angered at the situation. The immovable object should come in handy for this operation, never knowing what AIM has in store.

Walking out of the Blackbird in his standard uniform with the 'C' on his chest and goggles, Sam is all ice under the costume. A power he's not used to but a power he's seen his friend and teamate Iceman use on many occasions. "Sometimes they pick the strangest places for their bases."

She-Hulk has been keeping tabs on the AIM situation with her connections in the Avengers. When she heard that the X-Men had been planning a strike from her hairstylist, she offered her services. It's been a while since she's gotten the chance to bang some heads together, and she's rather looking forward to this fight. Her costume is the same purple and white costume that it's been for the past couple of years, and it isn't until the jet lands does she pulls on the white gloves. "No civilians," she says, looking around. "This could be fun."

All is quiet, nothing to be seen in the area exept the trees and the temple. There is no gate just the stairs leading up to the top.

Rob frowns and glances around before starting to walk up the steps and towards the entrance. "Any orders, Cyclops?" he asks, reaching out with his telepathy to try and see if he can sense any minds inside the ruin and if so, how many.

As soon as Rob's foot settles on the first step, large spikes rise quickly from a hidden trap, clipping Rob on the arm.

Addison simply moves with the others for now. He has nothing to add. After all, being a soldier for his world's independence, he knows how to follow orders. He can lead fairly well and is a good tactician, but when there's nothing to go on…

Shadows move and flow on the ground, as Leo moves with them, trying to remain hidden. He'll go behind trees, behind anything nearby. He's good at being quiet, but his sneakiness? That could leave a little to be desired. And when the spikes leap up, he sends out a wave of solid darkness, covering over the spikes. Oops. He's probably going to be found now. But he couldn't let someone get hurt… or more hurt.

"No perimeter guards about, continue onto the… back off!" Cyclops yells out to the invisible man, then to the darkness around the spikes. "Who did that?" He asks to all, he wasn't aware of a power like that coming along for the ride. "Traps, we have to get in there somewhere, let's look for a secondary entrance. If none are around, go for an aerial insertion." The leader says, looking around the ruins, there must be some way to get inside. "

Cannonball slides over near Rob on an ice slide and goes to pull him out of the way. "Ya okay there buddy?" He says as he looks to where the dark force blast and puts an arm out in the direction it came from. "Whose there?" He says waiting to see if it's friend or foe, if it's foe, they're getting an ice blast.

Jennifer steps up to the spikes, touching the tip of one with a finger. "Hm," she says thoughtfully, "I bet I could always just make an entrance if we need it." She eyes the ancient temple thoughtfully, "Depends on if it really is an ancient temple and not a fortified base made to look like an ancient temple." She shakes her head, "You never know with AIM."

Rob curses, jerking back too late. He stumbles, clamping a hand over the gash in the costume that looks more like his uniform is bleeding than him. He glares at the spikes, really wishing he had his old powers right now. "Just a cut," he says, peering at the wound. He glances over towards where everyone seems to be focusing and does a quick scan. "Hard to feel…lot of darkness. Strong need to protect…" he trails off, turning his attention back to his wound.

Touching the tops of the spikes, Jennifer would realize that with her toughness, the spikes wouldn't do anything to her. Now all they have to do is find a way to get to the top.

Seeing the spikes, Addison pulls back, beginning to roar around his feet. Sure, he has the mastery over bringing up the force field without full blasting, but he doesn't have Sam's ability to do SOMe silencing. It's loud. "I can carry someone up there, if we need to get past all this." He says, with a nod.

With a deep sigh of annoyance, Leo steps out of the shadows. "It's just me. Don't worry about it." He rolls his eyes. Anyone that knows the kid knows that this is NOT his usual attitude. "Couldn't stand sitting around with those saps bemoaning their fates and their messed up powers. And, I figured I could help. I can make a path above the ground that the spikes can't touch."

Sam can't help but chuckle a bit. "Reminds me of the New Mutants when Ah was a teenager." He shakes his head at Leo knowing that Scott isn't going to be happy but the kids here already. "Alright Grey King, ya take Rob up, Ah'll ice slide with Leo." He reaches out a cold hand to Leo so he can take him up the ice slide with him.

Jennifer shrugs at all the talk about the spikes, breaking one off easily in her hand. "These things won't even rip my uniform," she says disdainfully. Looking up the steps she muses, "What kind of operation are they running here, anyway?"

After finding out how to get to the top, several spikes going off along the stairs, the X-Men plus Jennifer, get to the entrance. Inside is a single glowing circle that seems anything but ancient. It looks very modern, and high tech as a matter of fact.

"It's a research facility." Cyclops answers She-Hulk. The circle at the top makes him stop and give it a once over. "I think we found the door." Scott offers, looking to the circle and going to activating it.

Rob holds his wound and curses quietly as he's carried up. "Great, just great…" he grumbles. He's hanging back now, letting the others head in first. "Should have brought a medkit or something," he grumbles.

Addison rocketed up to the top, carrying Rob, and placed him as gently as he could on the ground near the entrance. "Glowing circle? Too bad I can't test it telekinetically." he says, shaking his head softly. Ah well. lost powers aren't so bad.

Leo was moving along with Sam, up to the top. "Well, we gotta do things, too. Especially when we get overpowered by someone else's power. And… I don't LIKE being so dark all the time." He says, grumpily as he looks at the circle and then ack at Sam.

"Ah'm so used tah seein' Iceman do this sorta thing, Ah'm so not used tah it mahself." Sam says with a smile as he looks at Leo. "Ah know what it's like wantin' tah do somethin'." He says to the new New Mutant. "Ah guess it's a New Mutant trait." He looks to Scott as he waits for him to activate the..whatever it is.

Jennifer just lets any errant spikes just break off on her as she trudges up the steps, until she gets to the top. She squats down, peering at the glowing circle, and runs a finger along the edge of it. "Well," she says, looking up at Scott. "Ancient Mayan aliens or an AIM branch office?" She stands up, and folds her arms. "I'll go in first. Anything they've got ready for us probably won't do much to me."

Whoever steps on the glowing circle first would find it's a portal. Since She-Hulk seems to take the honours in going first, as she steps on the circle it glows brightly and the Green Woman fades from view.

"It's a teleporter." Stating the obvious, Cyclops watches as Jennifer heads in. Scott continues behind the She-Hulk. Standing on the circle and waiting to be teleported inside. There's not much that will harm him either, being an immovable object and all.

Addison makes sure to raise his blast field as he steps in, with the roar of sound. After all, with that, he's hard to hurt.

Following along behind, Leo shrugs, blackening himself as he goes through, in order to have a way to hide in shadows when he gets through.

Rob just blinks as She-Hulk vanishes. He then sighs. "I'm just going to assume she didn't turn invisible like me," the invisi-teacher says. He checks the wound again and tugs at his sleeve to see if he can tear it and tie it as a makeshift bandage aound the would. He looks up as Cyclops goes away as well and then shrugs. He'll wait to go last, wrapping an illusion around himself so that the uniform and wound are invisible as well. Sneaky is his thing more than brawling even with the powers that aren't his.

Sam realizes that Rob isn't going to go before him and smiles at the invisible man. "See ya on the other side." He says steping through to join the others, staying ice the entire time.

Once all five are through they're transported to a very high tech area, nothing like the ruins of the temple in Mexico. It's hard to tell if they still are in Mexico or not. There's a room up ahead and voice can be heard. "Damnit, how'd they find this place too?" There seems to be a lot of arguing going on from the room. "Well, send it to destroy them!"

Rob makes a little face at Sam but it goes unseen. Once they arrive, Rob looks around. "Huh…" he trails off. Upon hearing the voices, he frowns and tries to peek into the minds of the speaking men to see what exactly they plan on sending and if there's an easy way to deal with whatever it may be.

Cyclops looks around, hearing the voice coming through the room up ahead. "Get ready, they're gonna send something our way." He says, getting planted and ready to knock back whatever is sent their way.

Coming through, Addison nods. "Blasting." He says, lifting off the ground to make sure his blast field is in full effect. He looks around, preparing to do some damage when and where necessary.

As he comes through, Leo looks around for the darkest part of the room and begins making for it, trying to blend with the shadows and do his part from the darkness.

"It," grumbles She-Hulk. "I don't like the sound of that," she says, dropping down into a fighting stance, making sure she's standing between whatever 'it' may be and the more fragile X-Men.

Sam steps forward with She-Hulk, Cyclops and the others as he waits for what ever it is to come. "Git ready folks." He says with a smile of anticipation on his face.

It doesn't take long and a Green Humaniod like the one that stole their powers teleports in the midst of them and starts to glow, quite brightly, getting brighter and brigher by the second.

Cyclops looks to the Green Humanoid and moves forward, the brighter and brighter glowing could mean a number of things, but Scott is going to block as much of a blast as he can from it. He stands his ground getting ready for what comes.

Rob raises an arm to shield his eyes, keeping himself invisible. ~~Alright…this thing's got light powers, some of that Dark Force stuff, and some other weird kind of power…I don't understand it really,~~ he telepathically transmits to the team. ~~I'm going after the AIM guys before they get away. Won't be much help against this guy anyway,~~ he adds. Turning, he starts running towards the room where the Green Creature was sent from. Reaching out with the telepathy again, he tries to mentally convince a few of them to stick around and not escape in hopes of getting information from them when he gets there.

The bright light has to be coming from something. The epicenter of the light is where Addison aims a high-speed blast. At least, as high a speed as he can gain. He closes his eyes as he does so, not wanting to be blinded.

Leo feels the light and sighs softly. It's not HIS light. That's the important thing. He begins to send out darkness, trying hard to make it not complete, but he doesn't know if it's even possible to just dampen light without going to total darkness. He's not used to an actively offensive power.

Having worked with Bobby many times, it's weird seeing his powers with someone else and him having Bobby but he knows how they used to work together. As soon as Addison blasts the being, he follows up with an ice blast himself, trying to hit him hard and fast. Right after firing, he turns his head and closes his eyes hoping that it's not too bad.

Jennifer sinks her fingers into the steel paneling lining the side of the hallway, pulling out a large plate. To use as a shield, not necessarily to protect herself, but to protect those behind her. "This is the thing we've come for?" she asks Scott.

Glimmer has the right idea and he's able to cancel out the blast of light before it can blind anyone. Between the Grey King and Cannonball they hit him pretty good and the Green Being lies sprawled on the ground. After a few moments teleports it self behind Jennifer, sending a light blast at her back.

Meanwhile with Rob, it's easy to mentally convince two of the Agents to stay but the rest go running. He's in a lab with computers and other work stations, one thing he'll notice, the self destruct is set and counting.

"You got it, She-Hulk." He quips to Jennifer before the Blob-Cyclops says before charging at the Green Creature. He may be able to throw his weight around like Blob, hopefully.

Rob takes a moment to catch his breath when he finally gets to the lab, looking around quickly. "Freakin' Best Buy on steriods," he mutters. Walking up to the AIM Agents, he takes a deep breath before working with telepathy again. ~~Tell me how to set right the powers that were taken by that Green Being,~~ he demands, trying to get them to give as much information as they can. When he notices the countdown, Rob lets out a slightly strangled little noise. ~~Hey everyone,~~ he sends to the group fighting. ~~These idiots set the self-destruct for this place!~~ he transmits before looking for anything resembling a stop button.

Jennifer grunts, taking a small step forward as she's blasted from the back. The grunt is more from surprise than pain. "You didn't say anything about teleporting!" she shouts ahead at Rob. "I take it we need it alive," she says, dropping the metal plate to lunge forward to get her hands on the green man.

As the thing teleports, Grey King simply glares. He's not good at tracking things like this. "Self-destruct? Should I blast a path out of here for us?" After all, it's something that he can do and be useful. And Cannonball has done as much in the past, himself.

Glimmer forms a sword of black material as he steps out of the shadows, moving towards the creature. He swings as hard as he can, trying to stay well away from Ms. Walters.

"Ah think that's a good idea Grey." Sam says as he looks back at Rob. "Ah'll grab Rob, Ah think She-Hulk, Glimmer and Ckye got it under control." Sam says as he runs back to get Rob so they can head out of the place.

Rob is able to get all the information he needs, that there are six devices that need to be combined, then reverse some sort of energy flow and it can reverse the effects. He can even tell there is a dismantled one with a piece in it's back that he should grab. Allt his from the minds of the scientists.

As for the Green Meanie, Leo's sword doesn't do anything since it doesn't have life force but between She-Hulk and Cyclops they're able to defeat the guy. The self destruct count down is getting close and they only have about a minute to escape.

Cyclops looks overhead as the klaxons screech out announcing how much time there is left. "We need to get out of here, NOW." He yells out, waiting for the rest to head out before he leaves.

~~DarkForce powers include teleportation…apparently,~~ Rob transmits back, moving quickly to grab the piece of the dismantled robot. ~~I got the stuff we need. We've only got a minute though,~~ he adds. No pressure. "Let's go, Science-Jerks," he says, bringing the scientists along for the escape as Sam comes to get him.

Addison nods firmly as he spreads his field as broad as he can and blasts straight into the walls, spreading out and through them, digging a very fast tunnel for the people still within. He's not stopping until there's an exit.

Leo stops his attack as everything goes to hell. Hearing the orders, he nods, moving to follow at his own speed behind the Grey King. He wasn't that useful here, but he doesn't care. He tried.

Sam waits for everyone to leave, taking rear guard. "Everyone out!" He says after Scott as he sees Rob take both devices before heading out. "Ah reckon we got what we came for." He says hopefully as time is not on their side.

Jennifer nods, and brings up the rear, just in case AIM has any more surprises for them.

Just as the last person escapes the hole, there's an explosion as it closes behind him. They find they're about a mile away from the Blackbird, having just escaped from a hidden facility in the jungle. With both pieces in hand, the X-Men and Guest Avenger find they're a step closer to fixing AIM's mess.

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