2010-03-31: AIMing


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Summary: Misha comes upon Quintessa while training, thinks she's a strange child.

Date: March 31, 2010

Log Title AIMing

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Practice Room

This is a very large module, about the size of a football field. In default mode, it has stadium lighting and the floors and walls are of the same white-gray alloy as the rest of the base. However, practically every element in the room is modular, from floors to walls to ceilings to lighting and even the air flow is adjustable. While it isn't a Star Trek style holodeck, just about any credible threat can be simulated, if not replicated. A control booth overlooks the room in a way that might be oddly familiar to some people.

Running through a training session is Quintessa, her blue hair flies behind her as she shoots at various targets in the room. They've given her special guns with rubber bullets so none of the equipment is actually damaged but yet they can tell when a target is hit. She's working on accuracy as even her powers don't compensate for accuracy. She's dressed in the standard blue training uniform but with several holsters and pouches over the uniform.

Hey, that sounds like how he is with his uniform. Holsters and pouches, but then his power isn't very aggressive, cutting ability aside. Mikhail watches Quintessa for a time, hidden by means of his power. She might even pass through him a time or two. Have the means and that can be sensed, but for the most part he waits for a chance when it'd be safer, and drops himself back into reality. "You are being quite good." That so very rough voice from where he watches - a safe distance. No sneaking up on the heavily armed girl. Nuh-huh.

The voice startles Quintessa and she immediately turns on a reaction, pointing a gun at Mikhail. "Who are you." She doesn't so much ask as state in almost a demand. She's never seen the man before and his presence startles her. Combined with the fact that Quintessa isn't your typical person with a typical upbringing, well, she's skiddish at times.

Unphased by the gun, yet ready to react in order to save himself, the teen does only one thing. He motions to his own Barnes uniform. "Mikhail." Considering he didn't have a typical upbringing either, he can very much relate about the being skittish. Misha still is a good deal of the time. "I be student here too." While he carries two hand guns, neither are drawn. Nor are his hands hovering near them.

Quintessa looks at Misha for a bit before holstering her gun and nodding. "Quintessa. Or Tess." She says as she has learned that introducing your self as #5A.R.M.S. isn't the best of decisions. "Me and my brothers are students here, SHIELD wanted me to work on my accuracy. I told them it was fine."

There's a nod for the name, and that Quin is studying at the academy with her brothers. "Maybe they are wanting you better than fine?" Mikhail doesn't know, and frankly he doesn't care either. With the gun gone he goes to sit on a piece of the equipment here. "I am being here for protection." No, not necessarily to study, for all he has very much been doing that. Practicing daily with the skills his aunt taught him, learning painfully the things she missed.. he knows that 'fine' doesn't always mean as such. "Is hair dyed?" A motion to his own.

"No, my hair isn't dyed, it's always been blue." Quintessa says actually finding the question to be odd. "Why would it be dyed?" Someone's been a bit sheltered. "I am here since we don't know where else to go. The green woman…She-Hulk, brought us here to learn. Shiro is around somewhere." Quintessa says as she has been very confused since coming here, just a lot of things just aren't familar to her but then that comes with the territory of memory loss, right?'

"Because people are not having blue hair normal." Mikhail says simply, shrugging. "That is standing out." Sheltered, oh yeah. "Is sounding like you have lots to learn, yes?" Blue hair, where to go.. this place can teach many things. Including the computers he wants to learn to make a living when he's older. "..Aim." A motion to the targets, and he smirks. Yeah, teasing, but that may not be entirely clear.

The word 'aim' stirs something in Quintessa but she's not sure what and just tries to forget it. "I like my hair, it's like in a cartoon." She says defensively as she doesn't know blue hair isn't normal. "I don't have lots to learn, I know enough. I know combat skills and many languages, that's all I need to know." After all that's what she was taught…somewhere…right? At the word aim she looks at one of the targets and takes out a gun. She lines up and shoots the target right in the chest and there is minimal recoil with the gun in her hands. "Aim is fine."

A cartoon. Huh. Or a superhero. "Anyone who say have nothing to learn is being idiot." Mikhail shrugs, for there are always things to learn. You can never be too old to learn something new. That's how life works. "Knowing languages will not being changing that." Not that his language skills couldn't do with some work. "Aiming will not be helping with most life situations. Maybe you are being here for that."

"I'm not an idiot." Quintessa responds stubbornly crossing her arms over her chest as he puts her gun back away. Though classes have been a bit…odd. She learned the very basics. "I just can't remember stuff, that's all." She says as somethings just come to her but others are completely lost to the teen girl.

"Then you have having lot to learn, yes?" Not suffering memory loss, the teen stands himself up. He idly dusts off his backside. "I be leaving you to practice room." Mikhail can always come back later when it's empty. "Maybe you trust them when they say practice? Could be meaning something." Weird girl.. oh wait, everyone here is weird. Including himself.

"I'm fine." Quintessa says awkwardly just trying to figure out what he means by that and if it's really true. "I did learn that putting cans in the microwave will make them explode!" Okay yeah, maybe she does have a lot to learn. "I'm done practicing, I just need to get food and shower then sleep before tomorrow. More schooling."

The look Mikhail gives speaks volumes. She did what? Yes, you are strange, girl. "You have much to learn." Said with the shake of his head. This is such a strange place. "Be sleeping well." The teen lifts a hand in farewell, and then does his disappearing act. Saves on having to deal with awkward good-byes.

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