2009-03-12: Air Hockey and Bets


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Summary: Kaden and Keith put together an Air Hockey table and plan to test it out.

Date: March 12, 2009

Log Title Air Hockey and Bets

Rating: R

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's early afternoon and Kaden's been up for a bit but he's just wandered out of his room now, wearing just his jammie pants. His red hair is a bit disheveled as he walks out of his room with a yawn. He's just being lazy today. Kaden looks around before making his way to the couch to plop down. He's not sure what he wants to do today.

Keith comes down from upstairs a few moments later. He's dressed similarly to Kaden and seems to be carrying a screwdriver. A grin is flashed to Kaden's direction. "Hey, K-man," he says, heading over to a cardboard box leaning against the wall over by the pool table. "Long night?" he asks with a smirk.

Kaden just shrugs and smiles. "Just I don't have much to do so I don't really feel a need to rush to get up." He's a teenager, he'll sleep in and stay in bed as long as possible. "So what's this that you're working on now, and do you need any help?"

Keith chuckles. "Alright…" he trails off. Walking over to the box and popping it open. "Air hockey table," he replies. "And I'm not sure yet. Never built one before."

"Air hockey?" Kadne asks as starts to walk over before stops and jumping on to Keith's back, trying to grab him around the neck, but not enough to choke him. "I've never really built much so if you need help, I'll try not to destroy it.

Keith starts to answer but suddenly has a Kaden riding piggy-back. Blinking a few times, he chuckles and reachs back to ruffle Kaden. "Thanks, K-man. I'll probably need the help," he says, pulling our the instructions.

Kaden gives Keith a kiss on the cheek before sliding off of his back. "So what exactly is air hockey? And the name seems to be fitting for you but maybe that's just cause you are are air Fancy Pants." He says using the nickname he hasn't used in a bit.

Keith grins and starts taking parts out of the box as well. "It's a game. Ya use little paddles to knock a disc back and forth to try and get it into the goal," he explains. "It's fun."

Kaden raises his eyebrows in confusion. "You have to buy a special table for that? You couldn't just use a kitchen table or something?" He asks as he looks at the different parts that Keith is taking out of the box.

Keith shrugs. starting to assemble what looks like a leg to the table. "Well, I didn't buy it. It was a door prize at a party a few years ago but I've never had much reason to put the thing together till now," he says. "And no, a special table isn't needed but it's still fun. And the table can be used for…other things," he says, glancing at Kaden and waggling his eyebrows.

Kaden looks at Keith and chuckles shaking his head. "I swear, between you and Drew, the two of you are turning me into a perv too." He says with a grin, though Kaden's still got /much/ more innocence than the air spirit. He grabs the instructions and starts reading through them.

Keith smirks, starting on the second leg. "Oh, if we're gonna do that…we have a lot of work to do," he chuckles. THe instructions are clear but the print is tiny and it looks like it starts simple then gets complicated for the actual table part.

Kaden blushes a bit but grins as he starts to take a few things out of the box and tries to see what he can help Keith with. He's gonna need a lot of direction. "It's just weird, I never really cared for anyone before and I always was pretty adimant about not being gay when I first met Drew and you guys but now…I don't know what's up with me." He says kind of confiding in Keith.

With help from the Fire-Spirit, the four legs of the table are set up. Keith nods slightly as he listens to Kaden. "Well…it's not like you have to be gay to enjoy a little man on man. Know I've had a good number of straight guys who wanted some," he muses. He pauses for a moment. "But let me ask you this…how did you know whether or not you were gay when you'd never so much as touched another person before Drew?"

"I…I don't know. I just never felt attracted to another guy…or anyone before." Kaden admits as he just allowed himself to feel nothing but anger from the time he was about seven until recently. "I guess there's just a lot of stuff I don't know about things and about myself."

Keith nods as he lays down attach something with a screw. "Then you've gotta learn," he says simply. "That or say 'fuck it, I am what I am even if I'm not quite sure what I am'."

Kaden is holding one of paddles that's used to shuffle the puck across the air hockey table and fiddles with it in his hands. "Well I am learnin'. And I think I'm leaning more towards the 'fuct it, I am what I am.' Which is pretty much thanks to you guys." Kaden says as he moves in to lean against Keith.

Keith smirks as Kaden leans against him, leaning over to give him a quick kiss before moving to place another screw. "That's good to hear," he remarks. "Who gives a damn what the rest of 'em think.":

Kaden returns the quick kiss and smiles. "I dunno, you guys are the only ones I care about." Kaden says as he hasn't given any one outside of the spirits a chance. He moves to hold the table steady as Keith goes to place the screw. "Thanks Keith." He says with a smile.

Keith smiles. "For what?" he asks, putting in the final screw on the leg before moving to another.

Kaden shrugs. "Just everything. You've done so much for me that I'd probably still be miserable back that the stupid school." He says as he goes to give Keith a kiss before going to help him with the next leg. "So when's your birthday Keith?"

Keith chuckles quietly before returning the kiss. He hands off the screwdriver and moves to get something else out of the box. "Well, you're not at the stupid school anymore. You're here," he nods to this. Apparently he said a lot more in his head than he did verbally. "My birthday…uhhh…" he pauses, looking up thoughtfully. "September…twenty-ninth," he says, having needed a moment to remember this.

"Okay we missed Xane's I don't want to miss yours or Dmitri's too." Kaden says as he goes to put the screwdriver away. "So, once we're finished setting this up, you wanna test out the table?" Kaden says with a grin.

Keith nods. "I'll find out Dmitri's then unless you wanted to," he says, attaching som pieces together. "Well, that depends. We can do two kinda tests. We can play a game…or see if the table can support the two of us while we have some fun," he says with a grin and waggled eyebrows.

Kaden grins. "Sounds okay, should we put a bet on it, make the game more interesting?" He doesn't know what he'd bet but it would put an interting spin on the game.

Keith arches an eyebrow slowly and then lets out a little chuckle. "Alright," he says. "I've got an idea. Since I know Drew's already introduced you to how much fun using the mouth can be…" he trails off, gesturing down towards Kaden's crotch. "We bet that. First one to fifteen points wins. If you can beat me, I'll give you just what Drew did…and no offense to Drew but probably better," he winks. "But if I win, I get to teach you how to do it on me. That sound good?" he asks, that little smirk of his on his face.

Blushing a bit, Kaden nods. "D-deal." He says nervously, though there is a bit of excitment behind it too. "Shit..I don't even know how to play.." He mutters as he helps Keith finish setting up the air hockey table, quickly, in light of their little bet.

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