Aleksey "Liquid" Zacharov
Aleksey Grigory Zacharov
Portrayed By Anton Yelchin
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 13, 1996
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Liquid, Alek
Place of Birth Moscow, Russia
Current Location Xaiver's School for Gifted Youngsters, New York State
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Grigory, father; Sveta, Mother; Anya, Oldest Sister (seven years older); Irina, older sister (six years older), second child; Ivan, older brother, third child (three years older)
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Liquid Body
First Appearance New Student Meet Up

Why do you want me to say wessles?


Aleksey Zacharov was born in poor section Moscow, Russian to a working class family. His parents, Grigory and Sveta, were both factory workers and worked long hours but every Sunday they made sure to spend time with their children. Aleksey was the youngest of four children, he had two older sisters, Anya and Irina and an older brother, Ivan. He was picked on a bit for being the baby but at the same time his three older siblings always looked out for him. Also with being the youngest of four in a financially struggling family, Aleksey rarely had anything new. Only on his birthday and Christmas would he get new toys, clothing or anything that wasn’t a hand me down from his brothers or sisters.

Aleksey did well enough in school, studying the basis and making decent grades. School was an odd thing for him as he found he liked to learn and read but he knew that it would mean very little as he would probably end up becoming a factory worker like his parents. His family wasn’t very poor and he was expected to go to work when he was sixteen to help support the family. After all, by the time he was ten, his oldest sister was already working to help support the family, having dropped out of school. It was the way of life where he lived and even though he didn’t like it, he knew he had to do the responsible thing.

Even though he lived in a large city like Moscow, Aleksey didn’t know much of the current world outside of Russia. Sure he heard of superheroes but they were almost like a kind of fairy tale to him. He never saw one or witnessed a superhero fight but he found that he could research what he could on them via the internet at school. Since he didn’t have a computer or the internet at home, he was restricted to what little time he had, researching and looking on youtube anything he could about superheroes, in both England, America, Japan, Canada and whatever countries he could find. In his half of his shared bedroom he had black and white print outs of superheroes on his wall. Once he found out about Colossus, a Russian Super Hero, his favourite hero was obvious.

In school Aleksey was required to take some English classes and he did get involved in one sport: Figure Skating. It was one of the few things his parents paid for him to get lessons in from a young age. He never achieved Olympic levels, but since he was seven he was learning how to move the best he could on ice. He even competed a bit, winning a few competitions, as he got older. Aleksey knew he wouldn’t be able to do figure skating forever as once he hit sixteen his life was going to be dedicated to working in a factory, which is part of the reason his family was willing to pay for the lessons. To give their youngest a bit of fun before joining the hard, working world.

Aleksey never waned to work in a factory, he wanted to just study superheroes, go to college and peruse his figure skating and he wished upon whatever he could, stars, throwing a coin in a fountain, even on his eyelashes that something would happen and he’d not have to become just another factory worker, living a tiring, boring life. His wish was seemingly answered at fourteen, Aleksey was outside skating on a nearby pond when the ice cracked and he plunged into the freezing waters. He found he didn’t have to struggle for breath but instead his body locked up and he couldn’t move. His body froze in the water. Aleksey was aware of what was going on but he couldn’t move, couldn’t yell, couldn’t even breath though the lack of breath wasn’t a problem. He could feel the cold in the water and all he wanted was to get out. Fear over took him and he doesn’t know how long he was stuck there, frozen and alone, on the bottom of the pond.

Search parties were sent out to find Aleksey as his family was worried about him. His family may not have had much but they did love each other. Two days after searching, Aleksey’s body floated up to the top of the pond and it was able to be seen through the ice. His brother was the one to find him and quickly got an axe and chopped his way through the ice. When Aleksey was pulled out he wasn’t like himself, he was completely frozen and looked almost like an ice sculpture of himself, in the same clothes he was wearing. Through panic and tears, his family got his frozen form home.

Once in the heat, Aleksey started to melt, water forming into quite the puddle on the ground. He melted a lot quicker than normal ice and within an hour he was back into his normal self except with a new twist, he was completely made out of water. His body had changed and the fall in the ice awoke his mutation. It took a while of talking, and luckily he had his love of heroes to provide knowledge as to what might be wrong. His family was actually quick to accept things, even though they didn’t know what mutant really met. Aleksey was their son, their brother and his family was determined to help him if it was a cure or finding a way to get him back to normal.

Aleksey continued to go to school the way he was. Some people, both teachers and students, were curious, some hated his difference, others were fascinated. Aleksey just had to adjust to his new way of life. It wasn’t until a particularly cold day one winter, shortly after his fifteenth birthday. Aleksey was walking home from school when he started to feel stiff and his body started to freeze up again. He had lived with his mutation for almost a year when, for the second time, he was an ice sculpture again.

At least this time he wasn’t stuck that way for two days, within a few hours one of his sisters had found him and he was brought home to thaw out. His parents weren’t upset or mad, just worried. It was a few days later, after trying to discuss what they could try to do to help Aleksey that a representative came to their small house in Moscow to explain what was going on. Some of it him and his family knew and others they didn’t. After a lengthy discussion, a decision was made, Aleksey would go to America and go to this school for mutants.

Aleksey was filled with mixed emotions as he wasn’t being sent to a factory in a year, which delighted him, but he’d be away from his family. It was tough for the six of them and the goodbye was full of tears and promises to keep in touch. After packing what possessions he could and acquiring a passport. Aleksey was off to America.


Liquid Body: Aleksey body is made entirely out of a watery substance. His voice sounds liquidy and there are no actual organs to his body. He looks like a living being made entirely of light blue-ish water. There is a very thin membrane that covers the liquid mainly to give it shape and to not let it spill all over the place. The membrane protects him up to 250 pounds of pressure before it breaks. Over 250 pounds the membrane separates and things can go through him. Physical attacks have very little effect on him as a blade, fist, eyebeam will have the same effect as if you were to strike water with it. It will just cut through the thin membrane and go through Aleksey. He is anatomically correct and thus still has to wear clothing.

Because of Aleksey’s form he is very hard to kill or even injure, physical attacks have no effect on him. He can move his body and various ways with his powers. He can stretch out and become thin, become a puddle and move like water does. He can only manipulate the water in which makes up his body. He can force all the water forward out of his hands, or one hand, for a force punch which can do upto 5 tons of force at the moment. He can’t separate himself into different water pieces; such as he can’t leave 5 separate puddles around or divide himself.

Aleksey form can be broken in several ways. Energy attacks have full effect on Aleksey. They can break apart his body and shatter his form, this can’t kill him but it can take him out of a fight for a bit. It takes Aleksey 15 minutes to form his body back together as long as it’s still all water.


January 5, 2010 A debate on non-violence becomes …passionate. Discussions of teamwork are had. This Speaks Volumes
January 8, 2010 Aleksey and Zack meet for the first time, there are some language problems. Language Differences
January 19, 2010 Aleksey meets two others whose mutations make them stand out. Hello! My name is "MIKE"


  • "I said it!"


  • Aleksey is the youngest of four children.
  • Aleksey has won competitions for figure skating back in Russia.
  • Aleksey's favourite superhero is Colossus.
  • Aleksey does like vodka.


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