Alessia Fiore
Alessia Fiore
Portrayed By Heather Carolin
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 8th
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases ??
Place of Birth St. Gabriel, LA
Current Location NYC
Occupation Police Officer/Stark security
Known Relatives Melissa Fiore, mother
Significant Other Tony
Identity ??
Known Abilities Empathy/telepathy
First Appearance ???

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Alessia was the only child for Gregory and Melissa Harris. Daddy was a state trooper, and Momma was part owner in a craft shop, making pretty little things for people to buy for their homes.Alessia did well in school, excelling in some subjects more than others. Grades were a priority in the Harris household, so they were never allowed to slip because of her after school activities. She did well in gymnastics, competi ng state wide and regionally, until she took up swimming, and dropped out of competitions. Dance was another of h er big time commitments, helping instruct the younger ballet students from the age of fourteen. A t fifteen, she'd been the picture of a perfect daughter. High honor roll in school, dance, gymnastics, swim team, helping her mother with the store on the weekends, helping her father with the house and the cars. Long red hair, bright blue eyes, and her mother's easy smile made her accepted at school. Until the evening she manifested, it had bothered her that she never seemed to have that 'best friend' like all the other girls at school.

That Saturday night, had been like a dozen others in the last year. Dinner with her parents and some of their friends, answering questions about school and swimming, and blushing at being teased over her boyfriend, or lack of. Come half past ten, only her parents and her father's close friend, Uncle Mike, had been left. She helped clean up, dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning up bowls of snacks and wiping up tables. Her parents had gone out to the front, to see the last of the others off. Uncle Mike, as he had a hundred times in her life, reached out with one arm, and snagged her into his lap, giving her hair a good ruffling. She'd told her mother she felt uncomfortable being pulled into his lap anymore, now that she was older, and her mother had told her to humo r him, he didn't have a daughter of his own, and he was fond of her.

That night proved different. Giving the obligatory squirm, and swatting at his arm, the world as she knew it, changed. Suddenly her head swam, feeling as if she'd been the one steadily drinking beer all night, frustrated at losing the poker game, and reality more than a little drunkenly distorted. Uncle Mike went to pull her in closer, and she did the only thing instinct told her to do. Ducking under his arm, sliding out of his lap, and running away. Strange sorts of feelings rushing through her, making her head ache, and her hands shake. Locking herself in her room, curling up on her bed, hugging her pillow, wondering what the hell was wrong with her. Not long after she'd locked her door, came the knock she expected. Explaining to her mother she'd gotten a headache, she was left alone.. for the moment. By the next day, she was sure she'd just imagined the whole thing, until her mother brushed past her in the hallway on the way to church. Again came the strange feelings that made her dizzy, feelings she was sure just weren't hers. Crying off church, claiming the same headache, the teen-aged girl panicked, locking herself in her room again. It became her new habit, finding only that swimming gave her some relief from all the confusing feelings she kept seeming to pick up from those around her. Somehow it seemed the water isolated her, letti ng her focus, and she spent her time in the pool, or locked in her room. She had no close friends to miss her, her parents chalked it up to teen-aged angst, and her grades and place on the swi m team both seemed to benefit. No one ever seemed to guess anything had changed.

A year later, she came home from the pool, finding two trooper cars parked in the driveway. She stepped into the house, only to go numb from the force of feelings around her. Shock, horror, grief, and pain. Without a word spoken, Alessia slipped to the floor in a faint. No one had to tell her that her father was dead. Her own house was unbearable after that, her mother's emotional state only adding to her own pain. It took months to get any sort of handle on what was happening, to fend off the headaches, convincing her mother the best thing to do was to send her away to school, a private catholic school, where no one knew about her father. Her headaches and 'spells' had landed her in the hospital more than once, making her miss school, starting rumors about her. Her mother finally gave in, hating to feel she was losing her daughter as well as her husband, but she was in no state to keep taking care of them both.

It wasn't until her last semester at LSU, she met someone who was different like she was, another mutant. Found out she wasn’t alone in this,only days before there was a demonstration by an anti-mutant group on campus. It was this event that made Alessia decide to keep her status to herself as much as possible, achieving her Bachelor's in Forensic Science.

Shortly thereafter, she was hired to work for the New Orleans Police department, where she has been for over two years. She has recently moved northward to work with the NYPD, after some anti-mutant sentiment was expressed in her precinct.


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