Alexander "Alex/Havok" Summers
Alex Summers
Portrayed By Paul Walker
Gender Male
Date of Birth A while ago.
Age Younger than Scott
Zodiac Sign Leo?
Aliases Havok, Mutant X
Place of Birth Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Hero
Known Relatives Scott Summers (brother), Christopher Summers (father)
Significant Other None. (Where are you Lorna?)
Identity Public
Known Abilities Cosmic energy absorption, Plasma Bursts
First Appearance Darkly Gleaming

I won't live in your shadow, Scott. I refuse.


Me? Well, my background is really strange and complicated and too long to go into any major detail in, but I'll go over some of the finer points. I was born in Hawaii. However, Dad had a thing for Alaska. Anchorage. I had a brother, and two parents. But then, we all have two parents. When I was young, though, my dad was flying us somewhere, and there was… an accident. That's what we thought at the time. Either way, Dad threw myself and Scott out of the plane with a single parachute, hoping we'd have a chance at survival. We did. We were placed in an orphanage. Unlike Scott, though, I was adopted by the Blandings.

I grew up with my family, and everything was fine. At least until the guy that killed their son took myself and my adopted sister. That's when… that's when things got freaky. That's when my mutation first awakened. I incinerated him. I didn't mean to, but it doesn't make me any less a killer.

After it all happened, I went on with my life. I'll admit it, I had to. What was I going to tell people? That I shot a beam of energy from my hands and killed the guy? Who'd believe that? and with growing mutant hysteria, I knew better. But either way, I went to school and ended up getting a masters degree in Geophysics. I started towards my doctorate… but I never got to finish. I still occasionally study, though. I still love earth sciences.

Of course, not long after that, I met the X-Men. I re-discovered my brother. Cyclops. Unfortunately, the discovery was quickly followed by my own capture by the Living Pharaoh. See, our powers are synergetic. Or maybe it's parasitic. I don't recall. All I remember is that he trapped me, because we both absorb the same cosmic energies. When I couldn't absorb them, he could, becoming the Living Monolith. Fortunately, the X-Men defeated him and freed me.

I then joined the X-Men, with very little control of my powers. And… little control of my heart. I tend to let myself get led around by it. It's bad, but what can you say? When green hair flashes in your eyes… when the blue eyes of a red-haired assassin stare you down… or when the clone of your brother's wife… you get the picture. No, I don't have issues with Scott. Not anymore. I've grown past them.

Over time, I fought alongside the X-Men, doing what needed to be done. In Australia, however, we went through the Siege Perilous. That… changed a lot of us. Many of us were turned into people unlike what we were before. Me? I became an amnesiac in Genosha. I was a Magistrate. I helped lead many mutants to death or to enslavement. Not one of my prouder moments.

But, after fighting against the X-Men, they finally freed me and restored my memories. I returned to join them in the field for a while, but it was short-lived as the government asked me to lead a team of their creation. Myself, Rahne Sinclaire, Lorna Dane, Pietro Maximoff, Guido Carosella, Forge, and Jamie Madrox. X-Factor.

That's where I learned what Scott went through as leader of the X-Men. All the fun, the annoyance… everything. I loved it. I revelled in it. However, after working with them through various and sundry battles. I gained new friends. I lost others… Madrox died. Well, we were sure he did. We didn't realize he was still out there. Madrox and his crazy duplicates. Though, in the end, I had a team completely different from what I started with. Fixx. Archer. Greystone. Greystone was the cause of my unintentional Dimension hopping. He sent me to an alternate dimension, in the body of my self there. The world… was strange. Warren was the Fallen. Bobby was out of control. It was… just strange. Strange all around. However, I finally got away.

When I awoke in my own world, it was under the care of Annie Gazhikastanian. I fell in love. I fell in love with Annie, but ended up proposing to Polaris. Scott did a dick move, though. He hired a shapeshifter to impersonate Annie, and I called the wedding off, knowing it wasn't right. Of course, Polaris… didn't like that.

Since then, I've left the mansion, trying to figure out what to do with my own life. Until the government approached me. With all this war going on, they want me to grab a group of superhumans and try to rescue our country, since the big teams are apparently too busy for it, right now. They're doing great, but… they want me again. So, I accepted. Now, I just have to convince them to come with me.



August 12, 2009 Alex and Danny discuss family life. Teammate Discussion


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!


Havok's primary power is to absorb cosmic energies and radiations and convert them to his own purposes. The energies he can absorb are broad and varied, from Solar/Stellar radiation, X-Rays, to Gamma Radiation. Because of this, he is immune to the effects of heat and radiation (of most types. M'Kraan radiation may still harm as may some unknowns). He is always reactively absorbing ambient radiation around him. From empty to full power takes about sixteen to seventeen hours, without actively absorbing. However, he CAN actively choose to absorb energies, though certain types hurt and can knock him unconscious afterwards. Oddly enough, most of his suits display his energy levels by a glow around his chest. The firmer the central orb and the more rings around it, the more power he has. When fully charged, he still absorbs energies, but he also releases them at negligible levels.


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