Alexander Koyla
Portrayed By Clark Rosen
Gender Male
Date of Birth Oct 7th, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign ??
Place of Birth St. Petersburg, Russia
Current Location New York City
Occupation Bum
Known Abilities Technokinesis

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  • "I said it!"


  • Alex is from Russia, originally.
  • Alex's brother is a fan of Tony Stark.
  • Alex can eat. A lot.


Alex's primary power is using a form of 'technokinesis' capable of mentally taking available parts in a 5 meter radius around Alex and assembling them into a device he is thinking about. There are several requirements for this power that must be met. Alex must have a general idea of how whatever he's making works. Parts, which may be scrap pieces of metal or plastic, or even actual mechanical components, are required to use this power. Alex's power automatically puts things together based on their composition, but sometimes requires use of Alex's molecular reconfiguration abilities, which can increase the time it takes for Alex to build whatever he's making. A handgun could come together in under a minute, but a robot could take several minutes to fully come together, depending on the materials available in the area. If the parts are preserved, they can be used again to quickly reassemble what was made. There is also a limitation on the size of the device being made, it cannot exceed one cubic yard. The device, when created, has a mental attachment to him, and thus slowly takes away energy from Alex while it's being held together. The device will also fall apart as soon as this mental link is broken.


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