2012-05-29: All About Blood

Players: Amy, Cale, Shane, Sophie and Jill

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Summary: Amy wakes up and… well, there is a party in the medbay. Sort of. And blood.

Date: May 29, 2012

Log Title: All About Blood

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Amy lays in bed, having fallen into a deep sleep after the time of the rescue. She has just recently woken up, a familiar blood transfusion bag attached to her arm. She looks up at it, smiling in relief before relaxing and then staring up at the roof for a little while, as she finds there is little else to do in medical facilities.

Of course, Cale would have been camped out in the medbay (it seems he's in here far too often, for other people anyway)… had he had his way. After he fell asleep in there though, someone carried him off to his room. Likely the iron Miss Hilde or someone, whom he would be a rather easy lift for. Though there are a number of such people around! At any rate, he was exhausted from the evening's activities and the somewhat long flight (several hours even with a superjet); but now he's perked up again a bit, coming back into the bay to check on his sister. "Amy!" he greets her cheerfully once he notices that she's awake. Despite it being kind of late in the afternoon, he is still dressed in his pajamas, which happen to be pony pajamas. Ponies everywhere. Purple ones. "You're awake!"

"Hey, Cale. Good pyjamas you got there. Just enough ponies to qualify for 'adorable' without being so many ponies that anyone considers it less than respectable. Pony balance achieved," says Amy, grinning at her brother as he gives her the cheerful greet. "You're looking in pretty good shape. The people around here are treating you right? They'd better be, or else I'll treat them wrong."

"You look a bit better yourself," Cale nods, eyeing the IV and… whatnot. He's still not totally sure what Amy's mutant powers consist of, but they seem pretty terrifying. So he'll probably wait on that. "Anyway. Yeah, this place is pretty awesome," he smiles, flopping down on a nearby chair. "Everybody here is NICE. I mean, NICE! It's nothing like our old school. Like, totally nothing at all similar. At all."

"Yeah, they got me to take a shower, and then people are actually helping me any time I start hemmorhaging again, it's pretty nice, like a huge vacation it seems like. They were just waiting in that other place, either for me to die or for my roommate to. Man, Baxter is an ass, can't believe he's related to dad at all," says Amy, shaking her head disapprovingly, "And they're nice to you? Good to hear that, Cale, I'm glad that you're happier here."

"Yeah, I don't know… he seemed to really believe he was doing the right thing when we went to his house to… um… 'interview' him…" Cale snerks a little at that, pulling his feet up onto the chair and sitting indian style, "I'm disappointed that he's not, like, going to prison or anything, but I guess we sorta broke the law hugely getting you out of there, so…" he sighs a little. "Anyway. You're gonna like it here. I promise. So, how are you feeling? I mean, are you okay now? You didn't look too good when we pulled you out of there… neither did that other girl. Seems like she actually had family who were missing her, though," he notes, explaining her lack of presence in the medbay.

( Amy is laying in the medbay bed, having just woken up, and Cale, after staying up all night and getting carried off to his room, is now sitting in a chair next to Amy wearing pony pajamas while talking to her. About stuff. Go figure. )

The sound of stirring comes from one of the nearby beds, followed by a muttered string of semicoherent, but still incredibly creative, swear words. More shifting and rustling noises are heard, most likely those of someone trying to get comfortable and sitting, followed by an explosive, long-suffering sigh. "…Sister up, Cale?"

"She's alive? Well, thank god for that! She was unconscious the whole time she was staying with me, and they weren't feeding me, and they kept her constantly bleeding. It was seriously messed up, they were trying to tempt me to use my powers on her. And… I did, a couple of times, but I was always careful. They wanted me to kill her, which is messed up, like I don't know why. I doubt they're getting off on cheap medical mutant snuff films. Seemed more sinister than that," says Amy, shaking her head at that. Her eyebrows raise up at hearing Shane speak, and Amy looks over, "Hey. Thanks for the assist back there. I'm Amy. I'm sure you've heard all about me. I think Cale gushes about me when I'm not in earshot."

"I so do not!" Cale's face goes red, the skin on his arms turning the color of the chair he's sitting on, "God, you're such a doof!" He's really not good at the whole 'fun making' thing. "Amy, this is Shane, she helped rescue you. And. Um," he fidgets, adjusting his ponytail nervously, "Hurt herself with explosions. Or something." He's really not sure what happened with all that. "Anyway! She's pretty cool. She likes anime and stuff."

"No," Shane mutters, "hurt myself blowin' that fuckin' guard through the wall'n hittin' dirt. Ain't lucky like somea kids here, can't take a punch t'save my life." Twitching the curtain aside, she peers at Amy for a moment, then tilting her head upward in the typical California Teenage Greeting. "Sup. Ain't heard much 'bout you… but, ain't really social. So hey."

"Oh, come on Cale, you totally do. I bet you run around saying stuff like, 'My sister Amy is soooo cool she can fight a full grown gorilla and win'," says Amy, grinning over towards Cale, before clarifying for Shane's sake, "I've never fought a gorilla, for the record, and I think the odds are against me, so don't believe him if he says that. And that's okay if you're not really social. Tell me when to stop socializing with you, and I'll back off. Sorry that you got injured over me, though, but I really appreciate it. I was either going to die or kill someone in there, neither seemed real appealing."

"Doesn't seem like it," murmurs Cale, "Okay, well, maybe I told people about you /some./ Except for Shane… I dunno, she," the boy shrugs a little, smiling, "She just doesn't like to talk a whole lot. But that's totes okay, you know? And anyway, some of those guys you used to beat up were /like/ gorillas. But you don't have to do that anymore! That stuff doesn't really happen here. Like I said. Well, it's more like, superpowered creepos from outside the school."

"S'fine," Shane mutters, raking a hand through striped black-and-red hair, falling silent as Cale tries to sketch out life at Xavier's, with varying degrees of accuracy. "…Most of'm're way outta our weight class too. Leave it f'r th'kids with more power'n sense. Gonna have enough problems keepin' up with classes 'n trainin' 'n shit."

"Well, I guess they were like gorillas, yeah, except without the ability to use tools or any kind of intelligence," says Amy, grimacing at Cale's response, "Good thing that things are a little calmer down over here." She shrugs and then says, "So, superpowered baddies are giving you trouble now, then? Well, same bullies, different faces." She looks over towards Shane and then nods, "So, you like anime? Cale likes anime a bunch. I never got into it, I mean, I did the Pokemon thing. I caught like. All the pikachus. But other than that, I never got the time…"

"Pokemon, like, doesn't even count," Cale sighs, shaking his head. "I've explained that like a bajillion times. Anyway, they're not after /me/ specifically, it's just like, I don't know, there're a lot more mutants and stuff doing /stupid stuff/ around here, and people who dislike them, like those guys keeping you locked up in that barn. A couple of my friends even got shot the other day. Like I said last night!" Also, that's right - Cale has friends now! Plural!

Shane snorts her amusement, at the question of whether she likes anime. "….Yeah. You c'n say that…" Falling silent, she nods a couple times, as if to confirm what Cale says. "'S New York. Ain't nothin' happens here that don't happen harder, louder, 'n more crazy than it oughta."

"Pokemon counts, Cale. I told you this a bajillion and /six/ times. They are monsters that fly into little magical balls that ten year old kids force to battle to exhaustion, while those same ten year old kids run around away from their homes and try to capture, even though lots of these monsters are deadly dangerous. Anything /that weird/ is anime," says Amy, waving off Cale's protests. She then turns her attention to Shane, "I guess I've never been to New York City. It's kind of exciting, really. Even if it is more dangerous and all."

"It so does NOT count! There's plenty of weird stuff that's not anime!" Cale sighs, clearly having lost this argument, however. Just like he loses pretty much every argument ever with his sister. "Anyway, it's not really all that dangerous. MOST the time. Things have just been on edge lately 'cause there's this crazy lady running around and it's getting all the mutant haters up in a huff…"

Shane grunts, once, and lifts a shoulder, wincing as her bruised back complains. "'F it ain't her, 's just gonna be someone else some other time. Mutant Town's pretty cool, though. Got this sandwich place all done up in shag carpet 'n Richard Scarry pics. Ain't the best neighborhood, but, no one's gonna pick on ya f'r bein' a mutant there. Not when the dude sellin' brats down the street could make with the laser eyes or whatever."

Amy nods and says, "Well, I'll have to check it out, when I can figure out how to be out of the medical places for a long period of time." She grabs a tissue and very casually coughs up some blood into it, tossing it into the wastebin next to her where there are many such tissues. "Dangerousness is fine, though, so long as it's not like… impossibly dangerous. You know what I mean?"

Cale watches with a little concern as she does that, but, she's not dying… maybe? She seems okay. Mostly okay. Mostly he's just glad to have her back of course. "Yeah, it's not even a big deal, honestly. It's just stuff happens. It's sorta hard to stay low sometimes."

Shane blinks as Amy casually… *casually*… coughs blood into a tissue, then sits it down with the rest if the… *pile.* "….*Any*way, 'f you like actiony shit, that's th' Danger Room. Few times a week, 's like playin' a video game, 'cept you're in th'game, not holdin' a controller."

Amy looks at Shane for a few moments and then says, "Seriously? That's a pretty sweet gaming system. Is it something they imported from Japan or something? I don't play a lot of video games, in school I did kickboxing and wrestling, so, my schedule was pretty full. I guess if I'm in a machine, though, I could play some real life street fighter, and it'd be the same thing. Sounds awesome."

"Yeah it's kinda like that," Cale nods, "I bet you'd be pretty good at it. Actually, I did pretty well the last time I was in there… but, it wasn't actually a lot like what we did last night… it was more… video gamey…" he chews on his lip. Amy and Shane are both laid up in the medbay, and Cale is visiting. In his pony pajamas. With Rainbow Dash all over them. Yes.

Shane's currently-black eyebrow twitches upward, briefly. "…Um. Not… really. ….More like, Iunno, outer space'r somethin'. ….No shit, seriously. Dunno f'you ever watch Star Trek, but like, a holodeck kinda thing." Shifting a bit on the bed, she grumbles something under her breath about hospitals, and how they're generally unwelcome in her existence. "So uh… you sick'r somethin'?"

One of the curtained beds gives a soft metallic creak of shifting weight followed by the sound of a bleary yawn before two bare feet slap on the cold tiled floor. Pushing the curtain aside gently, Jill rubs at her eyes with the fingertips of her other hand. It's hard to imagine anyone having been there, perfectly silent the entire time, but there she is, an unassuming blonde girl of pallid complexion in blue jeans and a white t-shirt with red bands at its collar and sleeves. Blinking away the last of her torpor, the blonde's bright red eyes fix briefly on Shane, then Cale, and linger on Amy. "Wha's goin' on?" she mumbles, voice thick and syrupy from sleep. Even as late as it is, it's still morning for some people, and this girl doesn't appear to be a morning person.

Amy looks over and then says, "Hey, another roommate, though you look more lively than one I had at that other place. She was a poor conversationalist and we had a bit of a rocky relationship." She looks towards Shane and then shrugs her shoulders at the question, "I guess I'm sick or something? I keep losing a lot of blood, it's a problem. Just. Bleed bleed bleed bleed, it's all I do nowadays it feels like. And I get really dizzy sometimes. It's pretty gross"

"I think the doctors at the other hospital said it was a power issue or something… but…" Cale shrugs a little. It doesn't seem to bother him. He peers at the other girl who just … made an appearance. Is that Jill? "Jill, right?" he asks - she's probably the only other person who'd be in the medbay, which is where Nick's been a bunch… "I'm Cale! And this is my sister, Amy."

Shane blinks, peering at Jill briefly as the formerly-blue student is named… and doesn't look at all like Shane recalls from before the kidnappings. With a barely visible shrug, however, she seems to keep it to herself, leaving it for Jill to bring up or not as she sees fit. "…Wait," she says, turning back to Amy. "…Super-*bleeding?* Ffffffffuuuuuuuuck, that sucks."

It takes a moment to shift Jill's attention away from Amy, but Cale's introduction finally does it. "Oh, hey, nice to meet you. I've heard about you since I got back," she says, remembering herself and smiling broadly. The girl gives a little nod of recognition in Amy's direction. "Nick said he was gonna go help you out. I guess he did. That was-" The blonde girl glances at her wrist but there's no watch there. She tries to play it off with a casual wave of her hand. "Uh, some time ago, I guess, since it must be night now." Her internal clock must be great if she can tell the time of day in a windowless basement room!

"Yeah, I think it's night now," says Amy, nodding her head at that, "I was just sleeping until a moment ago. You know how it is, superbleeding powers make me sleepy right now, though this transfusion I just got woke me up just like a charm! And yeah, Nick was that guy, right? He helped, I mean, a bunch of people helped, which was good on them."

"Yeah, Nick was that guy," Cale nods, glancing between them, "Yeah," nods back and forth between the three girls. "It IS kind of messed up… but as long as you keep getting blood, I think, right? I dunno. I was kinda, actually, pretty hazy last time we talked about it…" he shrugs a little bit, not having been in the best of shape. "Anyway, I guess we both got kinda gross powers… Mine's not so bad though, most the time…"

Shane lifts a shoulder, apparently either actually unconcerned about the grossness of the twins' powers, or simply putting on a good show; sullen face is good poker face. "Still think th'whole thing was completely fuckin' stupid," she grumbles, heaving a deep sigh. "…But, 's Tara's plans f'ya. She keeps f'getting t'factor in little piddly shit like reality. 'F she'd'a just picked y'uncle up in the first place, wouldn't'a hadda crater his doormat." Shaking her head, she glances up at Jill again for a moment, eyebrow rising as if to say 'there a reason you're acting odd?'

"You… umm… you don't need any blood right now, do you?" asks Jill tentatively, glancing toward a half-sized refrigerator set underneath one of the prep areas and sounding vaguely disquieted about it. She catches Shane's eyes briefly with her own bright red glance. Blood red. The subject of blood is thick in this room. "Whatever Tara planned," the blonde girl says, breaking the fractional moment of a staring contest. "It must've worked. 'Cause here you all are, right?"

"It worked, yeah, seemed to work pretty fine anyhow. Gotta appreciate that I'm out of that pretty dank area," says Amy, shrugging a shoulder, until she looks over towards Jill, "Oh. No, I'm good on the blood front right now. Do you need it? All I'm going to do with it is bleed it out later anyways. Gotta prioritize."

Cale blinks between the two blood users, "Er…" he blinks, trailing off a little. "I think you need to keep getting it, though. Otherwise you're gonna get all faint again. Like before. Anyway, I guess it was kinda dumb, but… I'm definitely glad we did it! Who knows how much longer you woulda lasted in there…" Yeah, the other girl? "That other girl was in pretty bad shape too…"

Shane makes a noise that could be agreement with Cale, admission to Jill's statement about the plan, understanding of Amy's predicament, or all three. Whichever one it is, the slight mutant seems to feel that no additional explanation is necessary, and simply settles back on her pillow to get more comfortable, sparing another glance at the increasingly unsettled Jill before returning her attention to the siblings.

The door to the medical bay opens to admit first the soft tap of a cane, followed by Sophie, as she feels her way into the room. She's dressed as normal, but has a duffel slung over her shoulder, with one sleeve of the upper portion of a danger room uniform hanging out of it; and judging by the sweat on the blond girl's brow, the session has already been completed. She pauses for a moment, listening to the goings on. "Buenos dias, Shane, Cale, and Jill," she murmurs. "I heard voices; I hope I am not intruding. I think I hear someone new? Who is there?"

"…Yeah. I do," Jill admits to Cale's sister, then her eyes fall away like she's embarrassed by it. She pads barefoot to the little fridge and digs around inside. It seems neither efficient nor entirely hygienic to store medical blood in small screw-cap bottles as if they were spring water, but that is what she finds and what she takes. "Jeez, it's a regular party down here. Hey Sophie," the vampire girl calls, covering her mouth as she yawns again, still trying to fully shake the sleep from her system. Mindful of what she is doing and with clear hesitancy, Jill carefully unscrews the cap, brings the bottle to her lips… and drinks.

"Hey, Sophie, I'm Amy. New girl, yeah, I just got rescued from an anti-mutant compound that locked me in a cell with a girl who was bleeding while hoping that I would kill her to harvest her blood while effectively starving me. Just so you have the whole story so I don't have to tell it again in little chunklets," says Amy, pretty cheerily, before she looks towards Jill, "You drink it? I felt like drinking it all the time. I drank some of it from my roommate, just a little, to keep from dying. I was careful, they wanted me to kill her. And nobody can say that Amy Black gives anyone what they want."

"Unless it's a fight…" Cale smirks a little bit, glancing between Sophie and Amy, and then his green eyes settle on Jill for a moment. So the rumors /were/ true about her having been turned into some sort of vampire. "Ugh, all this blood is giving me the jibblies," he curls his knees up to his chest; being probably the /least/ tough one in the room. "ANYWAY, that's totally like… done with, and stuff," he eyes Jill for a moment. "What does that taste like? Ketchup? It looks like ketchup." Facepalm.

Shane's eyes narrow a bit as Jill takes out an Evian bottle of blood… but while she opens her mouth to say something, Cale beats her to the punch… and in much more tactless fashion, enough for Shane's attention to turn to him, a foot shaken out of the covers to prod him with, sharply. "….Dick," she mutters, re-settling herself in the bed. "…Y'okay, Jill?"

Jill doesn't answer for a moment, finishing the bottle in one long go without having to pause for breath. She screws the cap back on, covering her mouth with a fist for a second. "Tastes like hot chocolate when you're cold and a snowcone when you're hot. It's a lot better when it's warm, though," she answers, flicking the bottle back and forth to settle the dregs into the bottom. "Well, I kind of got kidnapped by Count Dracula who wanted me to marry his son, only I didn't, got bitten him, and now I'm back here again. And a vampire. But yeah, I guess I'm okay. I'm… adjusting." After a moment of plainly visible self-pity and self-reproach, a smile breaks. Jill gives a thumbs-up. "It's cool."

Sophei smiles pleasantly, "Hello Senorita Amy, I— oh my." She falls silent once more, as the rest of the explaination is given; and then the blind girl just sort of… stands there, entirely speachless. She eventually realizes that her jaw is hanging just slightly slack, and shuts it, before sweeping her cane in a circle about herself and moving off to the side, so she at least isn't blocking the door. "I, uhm, well. I am glad you are safe, si?" She reaches instinctively to her bast of her throat, reaching for the crucifix that… isn't there, since she was just in the danger room. "Well, I—-" She perks both eyebrows sharply upwards. "Cale! Why would you say such a thing? That's awful."

Shane peers at Sophie, eyebrow peaking upward sharply. Since she just told off the boy her own way, however, she doesn't say much of anything, merely shaking her head slightly and relaxing back into her pillow with a quiet sigh. "…So when're you gettin' out, Jill?"

Amy looks towards Cale and then says, "Blood tastes like blood, except that it tastes good to me now. Like really good. But it tastes like blood, you know, like iron. Not like chocolate, to me." She pats the boy on the shoulder and squeezes it for a moment before she then says to Jill, "I guess you're a real vampire then? I'm just a pseudo-vampire, but transfusions work faster than eating, so that's what they're giving me." She then looks between Sophie and Shane and notes, "That's not an awful question. Just a question. Sheesh, the kid's just curious."

"Ow! Sorry," Cale squeaks, sighing and… curling up more in his spot. If it were possible to make himself smaller. He already feels terrible enough having been the only one not to get hurt or have some really terrible thing happen to him. He's got it comparitively easy, in his head anyway… Now, he'll just never talk again. Ever. "I don't know…" he mumbles, glancing up at Amy.

"About as real as vampires get, I 'spose. I didn't used to think they were. Real, that is." Jill shrugs, nodding appreciatively at Amy's description of the indefinable appeal of blood. It's not the taste that's so good. It's something else. To Shane, she replies, "I guess I'm free to go now, since the sun's down. After they fix up my room a little more, I won't have t' sleep down here much longer, if that's what you mean. Tinfoil over the windows just isn't good enough, I think, if my life is on the line. So… 'nother day, maybe two. Not long."

"I…" Sophie pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "I am sorry, Cale. I do not mean to snap at you, it is just, all this sudden talk of the taste of blood seemed disquieting." The blind girl blushes softly, and resumes looking about for a chair; she finds one soon enough, and takes a seat. "Is… anyone hurt?" she asks, guardedly. "I hope you are all alright, si?" As Jill makes her revelation about having to sleep down here, she pauses once more, gazing in the vampire girl's general direction. "How are you faring, Jill?"

"Sore, but, don't mind gettin' outta class f'r couple days while shit heals," Shane murmurs, shrugging. "'Sides. Only people I'd talk to'll visit anyway, so, ain't missin' much. Figure Nick'll want a shot at payin' me back anyway, so whatever." Looking to Jill, she wrinkles her nose. "Smart 'o them, but it's still a pain in the ass. … ….'F you want, y'can borrow my laptop 'f you get bored, Jill. …Show you where th'games 'n videos 'n shit are."

"I'm probably going to be down here for awhile. I feel like I've been in a hospital or medical facility of one kind or another for/ever/," says Amy, shaking her head at that. "But I'm feeling much better already, soon as I get done absorbing this person juice." She gestures towards the blood bag. "I'm not really hurt, though. I mean, I probably hurt myself a bit in that prison, but eh. I usually took care of it myself."

"Yeah… I don't like seeing you laid up like this," Cale mentions, "Well, anybody, really." But Amy is sorta like his parents; not dead, but supposed to be invincible seeming. That kind of rock that he can depend on to not have to actually totally deal with the world… though that illusion seems to be shattering as he watches… "Anyway, it's fine," he says to Sophie, "It was a dumb question. It just popped out. Maybe I should just go back to bed. It's really cold down here anyway."

"Nah, s'cool, Shane. Thanks, though. Nick brought me mine, but mostly I've just been sleepin' during the day." Jill rocks back onto her heels for a thoughtful moment, giving serious consideration to Sophie's question, biting down lightly on her bottom lip with a fang. "I feel… good," she replies as if the answer surprises her a little. The smile returns. "Like, really good. Real glad to be home, 'specially since I can just get up and go out for a while if I wanna." She makes a soft, embarrassed 'uh' sound, waving her hands at Shane and Amy, bedridden or nearly so. "No offense," the vampire girl offers sheepishly. To Cale, she consoles in a quiet voice, "It wasn't a dumb question."

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "As you wish," she murmurs, glancing first in Shane's direction and then Amy's. "But if you change your mind, let me know, si?" She blind girl pauses, biting her bottom lip in an unknowing mirror of Jill's action. Slowly, the blind girl rises from her seat, and sweeps her cane ahead of her as she carefully zeroes in on where she last heard Jill. "Jill," she murmurs, and holds her arms out as she comes to a halt, near where she last heard the vampire girl. "I've been so worried about you. Are you sure you are alright? You are very brave," she murmurs.

"Kay then," Shane says with a nod… and for a moment, a look of relief. Just because it's nice, after all, to let people poke at your computer, doesn't mean it's necessarily welcome. "…Nick was kinda seriously losin' his shit over you goin' missing," she points out as Sophie reaches Jill's vicinity. "Almost decked Q, when he told'm to stay put 'cos it was outta his league. …. ….Q told Nick, 'mean."

Amy pats Cale on the shoulder and then says to Jill, "Oh, it's no problem. I'm not like… actually stuck or anything, I'm just attached to that bag full of blood and walking too far away from it would be kind of ugly. But I'm pretty full up, so I can walk around. If I want to." She looks about and says, "It's nice seeing people, though, after being stuck in that cell hanging out with a coma patient. I was getting crazy lonely."

"Anyway, I'm… Yeah, I'm gonna go back to bed," Cale stretches, pulling himself off his chair, "I'll be back after I wake up again," he nods to Amy; he seems a little perturbed, maybe not ready for the larger group of people around when he hadn't seen his last remaining family member in such a long time. He brushes his bangs out of his face, nodding. He gives everyone a small wave before disappearing off to his room again.

Looking uncertain for a moment, Jill maneuvers herself in line with Sophie's questing arms, letting gentle contact convey her position before she gives the blind girl a quick hug. "I'm fine, really. I already had, like, a couple weeks to get used to it, remember?" she assures in the insistent and not-quite-annoyed tone of a child to a fussing parent, embarrassed but grateful for the attention. "This is only the medical bay," the vampire impresses up on Amy, extricating herself from Sophie as politely as she can. "Wait til you see the cafeteria at lunchtime. It's *crazy* with people." Her features cloud at Cale's hasty goodbye and exit, but doesn't say anything about it. Bouncing the empty blood bottle against her thigh, she glances after the boy. "I'm gonna go get some air, maybe see what's on TV this late. At a guess? Not a lot." The blonde girl smiles at Amy with a slightly broader and fangier grin at Shane. "I'll be back before dawn." Bare feet slapping quietly on tile, she heads for the exit too.

Shane simply cannot suppress a shudder at the sight of that fangy grin, and indulges herself in a full-body shiver once the doors close behind Jill. "….Christ I ain't gettin' any sleep tonight," she grumbles, leaning over to hoist the laptop up from the side of the bed.

Sophie clasps her arms tightly around Jill during the brief hug, and pats the other girl's back before releasing her once more. "I know you did," she murmurs, and bobs her head as she backs off once more. "I just wanted to make sure, Jill." She smiles softly, and backs up a step, in the direction she'd just came from. As Cale and Jill retreat, she lifts her hand to wave to them. "Sleep well, Cale," she calls out. "Oh! Jill, there are dvd's, si? There's Titanic! That's always good!" She pauses, and waits while the pair depart from the room. Towards Shane, she perks an eyebrow upwards. "Why will you get no sleep, Shane? Is everything alright?"

Amy says to Cale as he leaves, "Alright, little bro, you have a good night. Hopefully I'll be able to leave this place for a little while at least after you're awake, and maybe we can go on a walk or something. Talk." She smiles encouragingly and then says to Jill, "I'll seeya in the morning, then, so long as we're roommies." She then looks between Shane and Sophie before shrugging, "Is there anything to be worried about? I mean, this looks like a pretty secure pla-" She feels her face after a moment, where a couple of tears of blood have just fallen from her eyes and she grabs another tissue. "Secure place."

"Because it's *fucking creepy,*" Shane says, as though disbelieving that anyone could think otherwise. "I know it's Jill'n all, but a vampire just *grinned,* 'n said 'I'll be back t'night!' Jus'…. *gaaaah!*" Another shudder courses down her spine. "The fuck'm I s'posed to sleep after that?"

"No, there is nothing to be worried about," Sophie murmurs. "Only once have I seen this school attacked, and the Headmistress dealt with that problem well enough, si? There is nothing to worry about here—" She pauses, and falls silent at Shane's outburst. She pauses, clasping her hands together and enduring the sudden barrage of language. "Well, except for friendly vampires, apparently," she mumbles. "Please, Shane. I was only asking — I did not mean to upset you."

"Eh, she drinks blood, I drink blood, I guess in my head it was just something to bond over. Though I guess I also bleed, so maybe that makes me look like a food source? Which is a bit unsettling, but I'm not going to worry about it. Even if it is a bit creepsome," decides Amy, nodding once with a small smile on her face, "Because any way you slice it, here's better than there, and that's all there is to say about that."

"Yeah yeah yeah," Shane grumbles, flipping up the lid on her laptop and stabbing at keys. "Understandin' an' tolerance an' sunshine an' rainbows. Ain't gonna stop me from gettin' creeped out." Pausing, she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "…Y'right though, Amy… this place's th'best cure f'r loneliness a mutant could want. Prolly be covered in friends 'fore week's out."

For her part, Sophie seems to have gone a bit pale. The blind girl clasps her hands together, and fidgets where she's sitting. "Yes, well…" She bites her bottom lip, and stands up slowly. "I am, uhm, going to go back to my room, as it is late, si? Apparently I have a new roommate, but I haven't met her yet." Sophie flicks her cane in front of her, and makes her way back towards the door. "I will look forward to seeing you in classes again, Shane. And… Amy? Welcome to Xaviers."

"Thank you, Sophie, I appreciate the welcome," says Amy, grinning and then wiping her eyes down further until the blood's not there, and she looks towards Shane, "Well, I wouldn't mind getting to know people here. I had a bunch of friends where I was, and now, well. Now I don't, and I've been alone awhile."

Shane grunts her acknowledgment of Sophie's farewell, and keeps her gaze on her laptop screen, rather than her hospital-mate's bleeding eyes. "…Bein' alone sucks," she says, with an odd sort of rock-hard certainty behind it; as if she means a deeper sort of loneliness than that of the school outsider. "Prolly y'get along with Nick all right, 'n Nigel 'f you don't mind dealin' with someone who could end up turnin' into a human cartoon… Lotsa people, really. Got all kinds here."

"I don't mind people who turn into human cartoons. I can honestly say that I have never belittled or turned away anyone because they turn into a human cartoon," says Amy, rather matter of factly, then reaching over to a tray of food left by her bedside for her to eat upon waking up. "So where do you fit in with all this? How do you like it here?"

Shane shrugs once. "….'F I wasn't here, I'd either be homeschooled 'til I got my GED, 'r maybe riskin' a couple more curbstompings at my old school. Prob'ly woulda cost m'parents a couple hundred thousand dollars'n damages, 'n I'd blow myself out a hole inna concrete slab somewhere t'live in f'r rest of my life." Glancing down at herself, then the medbay, she seems to actually have to weigh the matter seriously. "…Place's okay, I guess. But I don't 'fit in.' 'S just th'way it goes."

"You don't fit in, huh? People seem to like you okay, though. Cale seems to like you, and there's a kid who didn't have many friends growing up. Which is a shame, 'cause he's a great kid. And that's coming from his sister. That's serious," says Amy, waggling a finger lightly, "So if he likes you, it means you've been nice to him, and so yeah. Leads me back to my conclusion. People seem to like you okay. I'm like a detective here. Do you like other people okay, though? I guess that can make someone not fit in."

Shane narrows her eyes, finally looking up and by all appearances, quite annoyed. "…No," she says, "I don't. Got any other questions, Miss PI?" Pointedly turning her gaze back to her laptop, she falls silent, save for a grudging "…Picked 'im out as a target first time I saw'm. Kid's had it tough enough already."

Amy grins as a reply, her own teeth reddened by either the blood that she was coughing up, and looks back up towards the roof. "Cale's a tough kid, gotta give him some credit for that, he doesn't know how tough he is. I always did my best to make sure he wouldn't get hurt. Didn't want him to turn bitter, he has an energy about him. He'd be a good friend if you let him be. Like I said, seems to like you. But I'm going to let you get back to computering. I've got a roof to beat in a staring contest."

"…Wish I'd had a sister," Shane murmurs, just barely loud enough to be heard, and that obviously by accident. Poking the touchpad once, then again, she leans over the side and snatches up a USB controller. "…Any movie y'hate enough not t'wanna watch?"

"Anything starring Nicholas Cage. I swear, I want to deck that guy, and that's a feeling I don't want to be feeling right now. That's about it," decides Amy, looking over towards Shane and then towards the computer. "I sure hope you aren't a Nick Cage fangirl or anything. Or else I just stepped in the proverbial shit."

"Neh," Shane grunts. "Anime. Like the really fucked up stuff. …Kay, no Cage… Hmn." Peering at her playlist, she tilts her head for a moment. "…'Splodey or not splodey?"

"Wouldn't mind watching something less 'splodey, though usually 'splodey's fine. After watching my parents die in a burning car and being kind of a medical experiment there and having nothing else to think about, I want some light watching," decides Amy, nodding once at her decision on the matter.

"….Right," Shane says, with the voice of someone who has just stepped in it. "…Fuck… okay, that's out, that's out… ….. …….Jay and Silent Bob?"

Amy nods once and says rather decisively, "Sounds like a good plan. Let's do it."

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