2011-03-26: All Out War


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Summary: A Drug War of sorts breaks out in Thompson Square Park

Date: March 26, 2011

Log Title: All Out War

Rating: R

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.

All around Mutant Town the word has been spread around that the New Mutant Order will be having another rally tonight at sunset. With the sky now in orange and yellow hues the soap box has been put into place and there's a young man standing on top with a megaphone. There are five other men around him dressed identically to him, black jeans, long black jackets and red shirts with a picture of Magneto's helmet clad face with the words "Magneto Was Right." A small group is starting to gather around the area, a good number of the crowd are obvious mutants. A group in the crowd have signs that say things such as 'New Mutant Order Go Home!', 'We Don't Need You Here!' and 'Your order means No Order!'

One person among the crowd is Jeremy, he told Kyle he'd be here and be ready to help out if needed, not that he wanted to but he did owe Kyle a favour and this is the best he could get away with doing without actually joining the New Mutant Order. His gloved hands are shoved into his pockets as he looks around nervously just hoping that he isn't really needed tonight. (re)"

Ahdi walks quietly through the trees of the park toward the gathering of mutents, back in his familiar native Atjadni garb, all of his weapons strapped in place. AFter seeing the man who shot him earlier in the day, he decided that it would be better if he explored new places in his hunting garb before moving around in useless human clothes. He isn't exactly sure what this big gathering is for, so hangs back in the shadow of the trees, watching and listening.

Vinny steps into the park, having heard of the rally and figuring since it's location was going to screw up his nightly routine anyway he'd see what was going on. A new addition to his attire tonight is a wide canvas bandolier across his chest with several bottles of water sealed with simple corks. He knows the NMO's reputation and thier tactics and has come prepared. Before coming here he'd made a call or two on his new smartphone to tell some folks about what is happening.

On top of one of the buildings around the park a lone figure glances around. The figure appears to vanish and appear on top of another building, then another. Dingo is checking the rooftops for any sign of threat. Ever since the shootings he hasn't trusted this park to be as safe as it could be. The man glances down at the park from the roof top and nods, things look good. And if these "New Mutant Order" people really do support Magneto then he is extremely interested in meeting them. No need to play things down with that crowd getting so rowdy. Dingo sandstorms down to ground level and simply walks into the park in his Dingo uniform. He steps right up to the front row of the crowd and crosses his arms, looking up at the man on the box.

Borrowing the Genoshan Embassy's parking is one of the perks of knowing the man in charge, but Emma Frost's face does not have it usual cool and self-confident exterior. Instead the look seems almost righteously annoyed as she steps from her Vanquish and unlocks the trunk. Moving around to the back, the woman takes out a slim case which is then opened. Inside is what looks like a cavalry saber, some kind of odd-looking silver rod, and a nickel-plated and pearl-gripped classic .45. Her business coat comes off for a moment as the weapons are settled, and then it is replaced with a heavy-looking longcoat of silver-white, covering up the most obvious clues of her intent. Once it's settled, her own smartphone comes out, and a button is pressed. After a moment the car is locked and as the woman walks towards the rally, "Vincent… yes, I'm here now. Meet me two blocks from the assembly."

On the outskirts of the general commotion, a young woman has come to a stop, standing across the street. Sophie DeCosta's cane is held loosely in her hand as it goes idle. She backs up to rest agains the wall of the building behind her, and reaches up to brush her fingertips through her hair. "Perhaps I have chosen the wrong evening to look for the music shop," she murmurs to herself. Her cane sweeps the ground about herself, and she starts moving along the wall, feeling it with her free hand as she looks for doorways.

It's a shame, honestly; with all the people attending this rally, either for the purpose of causing trouble, ending trouble, watching for trouble, or storing up trouble to bring down on the heads of others for later, Shane has the bad luck of honestly being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A bag bearing the brand logo of one of the Fabric District's many stores is held in her hand, and while she intended to cut through the park in order to shave time off her trip to Grand Central, music blasting away in her ears, the sight of motion to her right catches her attention… and frustration twists her expression, as she sees a lot of very angry people gathered around a lot of other very angry people… and Kyle and Jeremy among their number. With a mental curse, she starts beating a hasty retreat, attempting to keep herself out of other people's affairs; especially when those affairs will risk the ruination of one of her favorite costumes.

Aside from a few unfortunate stays in strange places it's rare for Kisha to be outside the school building, let alone off the school grounds, but in a attempt doomed to failure by her people skills she's out on business. Specifically dropping off a games console she fixed for someone she met online. Just her luck the guy lived in mutant town and wanted his machine back right this very moment. "I should have bugged the machine to skim credit card details," she mutters to herself, pulling her cellphone out as she comes close to blundering into the crowd.

The man who looks to be in charge is known by the name of Kyle. He tests out the megaphone to make sure it's on before he spots Dingo coming up right in the front row. Kyle falters and smiles. "Oh man, Dingo's here. Wow…just wow Dingo, it's an honour to meet you." It seems someone is a fan of his work as well. He takes a deep breath and starts to talk. "Tonight ladies and gentlemen you are here for a reason. If it's that you agree or don't agree with what we stand for we all do care about mutant town and the saftey of those in this neighborhood!" His speech starts as he drones on and on about how the New Mutant Order is the best means of safety for Mutant Town and how events have proven you cannot trust those who have sworn to uphold the law to protect Mutant Town.
As the speech goes on four vans speed up the street and screech to a halt right by the entrance to mutant town. Ten men with rifles quickly unload from the side door and start firing at the crowd. Men, women and children fall down in rapid fashion with what looks like darts sticking out of their necks.

Vinny nods and is about to speak into the phone as Emma calls him when the van pulls up. "Sure thing.. bugger! No can do we got a problem, gotta go." He pockets the phone and hits the deck as the shooting starts. keeping his gaze down he feels out the situation with his location sense, keeping his eyes shut as they start to glow. A fire Hydrant across the street from the van shudders and creaks as he starts to increase it's water pressure.

Ahdi is a bit shocked, not sure how to take a slaughter like this. For a couple of secconds after the vans pull up, all he can do is stand and stair. His hunter's reflexes soon kick in, however, and he slips the long rifle from his back. Pulling a round from his bandolier, he slides it into the breech and quickly works the bolt of the weapon. Hidden in the shadow of the trees he drops to one knee, puts his shoulder against a tree,lies his cheak on his rifle, and takes aim at the nearest shooter. Once he is sure of his aim he squeezes off the shot, the large sniper rifle launching it's armor-piercing bullet towards the face of the man, any lower putting citizens in danger.

Dingo glances around the crowd as people wait for the speakers to start. Ah, Vinny. Bruce still owes him several drinks, he'll have to stop him later and thank him for…"What?" Dingo glances up at Kyle. "Oh, well uh…Good to know people appreciate my work." Dingo stands near the front of the crowd as the men speak, turning suddenly as he hears shouting and firing behind him. "Everybody down!" Dingo rushes toward the back of the crowd, sand streaming along the ground as he moves. Once he gets close enough a large wall of sand erupts from the ground between the shooters and a section of the crowd. "Goddamn! Don't they ever give up?"

As she realizes that she's just bringing herself closer to the commotion, Sophie comes to a stop; at least she's found a doorway, though as she ducks into it the door proves to have been locked. She rattles the handle a couple of times before giving up. She sighs, and turns to listen to the rhetoric that Kyle is chanting with his megaphone; her free hand rests on her chest, just above the spot where her battery organ is glowing brightly enough to be visible through her blouse.

And then tires squeal and there is gunfire. Sophie certainly recognizes that stacatto dirge. Her eyebrows rise, and she adds her scream to the noise; she turns and rattles the door handle once more, before dropping down to a crouch and huddling back in the doorway.

Pausing a moment to put the phone away, the vans can be seen by Emma, just causing a pursing of her lips and an evident scowl beginning to form. Just like that she reaches out mentally to the group at her end of the rally, focusing in on all the minds present and firing… and then proceeds to lance them all with bursts of mental static… neural white noise not unlike having a flash-bang go off in their midst. But the heavy rifle report going off makes her head snap up, as she mutters to herself, "Lovely." Another mental tendril reaches out to find Vinny, and immediately connects to him, «Don't ask… this is the best way to keep in contact. I'll handle the group here.»

Ahdi slings his rifle over his shoulder after the first shot, hit or miss, and starts to sprint toward the crowd. He realizes he probably can't shoot fast enough. Just before moving he draws his long curved knife and slightly shorter straight one. As he runs, Dingo's wall bursts up between himself and the men. "Dingo." he breaths to himself, and moving at a steady 60ish MPH he hurtles the wall like people might on track and field day.

If ever there was a better time to stop caring about things only very recently bought, this is it. The moment the gunfire starts, Shane has dropped her bag and scrambled for the nearest picnic bench, huddling underneath and shivering. It's one thing, to be aware of the threat of gang violence; one doesn't live in the greater LA area without being deeply familiar with spontaneous outbreaks of urban warfare. It's another entirely, to witness it with one's own eyes, and feel the terror clawing at the pit of your stomach as you realize there's nothing you can do but hope it'll go away.

Typical. All Kisha wanted to do was play a ported version of Angry Birds while her cab came but no people had to start shooting. /Again/. "Memo to self. Bullet proof body armor," she says into her phone, before ducking down behind the engine block of a parked car and beginning to film the mayhem. "Or maybe some kind of micro laser based anti-ballistic field. Also consider suggesting my income be invested in companies which supply New York with medical supplies, seems like a safe bet."

Jeremy dives down to the ground and covers his head as the gun fire starts up, he's not above admitting he's a coward, especially since his combat skills are still very much lacking. He looks up to make sure that Kyle is okay before crawling forward to one of the unconscious. He's not sure what the can do but he does pull the dart out from the man's neck and tears off a piece of his shirt to wrap it in.

Vinny's Mind is not a pleasent place to be right now as Emma makes contact with more anger than the mild-tempered mutant seemed to be capable of. «Rat bastard sons of Bitches I had about enough of this crap!» She knows he heard him but his mind seems to be focused on too much to respond. The Hydrant blows out of the ground like a champagne cork and a wave of water rushes under the vans and around Dingo's wall to engulf Vinny. As he gets to his feet the water continues to flow towards him, tendrils surging out of nearby storm drains to add to the mass as a sphere of several hundred gallons encases the hybrid and he opens his eyes showing they have become featureless blue glowing disks. Vinny is pissed.

Dingo extends his arms in either direction as the wall spreads to its maximum length of fifty feet. "Hey NMO! Think you can get these people out of here? I can take those guys out but I can't protect the people in the park at the same time!" And then…"Vinny! Nice! I'll open the wall where you want to get through. Just be careful, eh?" Should the Platypus decide to get closer to the shooters, the sand wall will open to allow him passage.

Emma Frost is too used to hostile minds to let it phase her, and in this case she remains in contact even as that elemental rage comes to the fore. But while that is going on she moves smoothly past the group she's attempting to contain, continuing to lance them with mental static, as well as try and pull any information she can glean from their minds. But her physical presence seems to be focused on Kyle and his Red and Black cohorts, another reminder of Quentin Quire and the Riots putting as much anger in her own inflection as Vinny's obvious ire. "Not again." She almost whispers to herself, "Not again, never again…"

A force field quiclkly goes up around the New Mutant Order and a few darts just bounce off the walls falling short of their targets. The members seem to pull out an inhaler familiar that would look familiar to Emma, Jeremy, Vinny and Shane and they all take hits from it.
The bullet Ahdi fires does hit one of them and throws him back a bit. He sits up with a groan as the bullet impacted on his bullet proof vest. The blast of water from one of the hydrants slams into the first van and rocks it a bit, leaving a huge dent in it's side. The ten men who have piled out of the van all get hit by Emma's attack and seem stunned for the moment.
In the crowd a few men seem to put their hands to their mouths and then swallow before seeming to change. One of the men in the crowd grabs two of the unconscious mutants and floats up in the air with them and away from the scene. A second grabs a man and flies up with him following his buddy. A third man throws a lighting blast at the force field around the NMO and the blue energy dissipates from the force. "Thanks for gathering so many samples in one place bud!" Says a now giant of a man as his height seems to have increased by about three feet.
Six more people in the crowd seem to have gained super powers and begin attacking as well. One woman puts a hand out towards Ahdi to knock him away from where's he running with a strong blast of wind. Another belches out a blast of fire at Dingo while a seventh person picks up speed as they run to try to attack Vinny with a series of super speed punches, even if he is in his bubble of water he's going to try to get through. Emma Frost is the last person
Emma Frost is the last person attacked as a man sinks into the ground and comes up behind her with an attempt to grab her ankle to phase Emma into the ground.

Vinny can't hear Bruce due to being encased in water, not that is matters much. He can sense the location of every one of the shooters on the other side of the walls he's errected. The sphere continues to grow in size as it gathers water from the nearby drains and the broken hydrant. As the pill-popping starts Vinny turns his attention to those trying to fly away with victims. A blast of water from the sphere fires towards the man trying to fly away with Hostages. His location sense trips bigtime with the man rushes him and tries to punch into the sphere, as his hands breaks through the surface and he starts to push through the water suddenly seems to harden a bit. Slowly him just enough a blast to exit the sphere directly into his chest, about 400lbs of force. The sphere getting a bit smaller as water is used in these attacks, but the constant flow from the broken hydrant is slowly replenishing it.

Dingo frowns at the sudden appearance of super powers in the men who should not have any. He turns his body to sand as the fire man attacks him, dissipating and moving behind his attacker to attempt to punch the man from behind. "Bastards must be using that Mutant drug…" He presses something on his ear and speaks, "Too dangerous. Stay back and prepare for wounded." Apparently he has one or more people staying back. A portion of Dingo's wall breaks off and the sands come near him, forming a tendril which he attempts to ensnare the fire man with.

The sounds of violence continue to escalate; more gunfire, mutant powers being unleashed, and chaos generally abounding. On the outskirts of the battle, Sophie continues to huddle in the doorway. She bangs her fist on the door behind her once more. "Let me in!" she shouts. "Please! Help me!" She huddles in a corner, and hugs her legs up against her chest as she shivers. She's still for a moment, before reaching into her handbag; unsteady fingers flip her cellphone open, and her thumb brushes over the keys until she finds that one, important button; the panic button. And she pushes it — twice. She clutches the phone to her chest, and fingers the crucifix around her neck. "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death," she whispers, "I will fear no evil, for though art with me."

Eventually someone answers the door Sophie is banging on and grabs her by the arm. "Come with me, I'll get you out of here." Says a females voice in a hurried tone. She goes to pull Sophie inside and lets the door close behind them as she drags her through what feels like a maze of corridors up and down stairs and making many turns.

Running unfettered for the first time in a while, Emma turns her head as the spark of thought intent on harming her comes to the fore, and she steps and turns in time to evade the grasp on her ankle. Looking down at the form in the ground, she says in a calm and collected tone, "That was a mistake." And lashing out, she attempts to turn off the offender's power for a moment, just enough so that the blacklash will knock them down into the sewers and leave them with a nasty headache… unconsciousness being a nice side effect. The mental static attack is released, and replaced with a simple 'sleep' command on the assaulting party as she picks up her pace, flats tapping on the pavement as she makes her way to Bruce's sandwall.

Shane does her very best to will herself invisible, but since neither her power nor her dress could possibly contribute to such a fantasy, the end result is simply a terrified girl beneath a bench, on the fringes of the chaos, thinking very, very hard to please don't let anyone see her.

Ahdi is smacked by the wind and tumbles off coarse, twisting through the air like a cat. Landing gracefully on his feet he spins to face the woman who sent the wind after him and charges her with both knives, pushing up to his full speed of 75 MPH. As he gets close he attempts to simply run up onto the woman, planting a foot on her stomach, chest, then face before turning a backflip, if she isn't fast enough to stop him getting there.

"Now that is just plain unfair," Kisha protests, receiving a steady soaking from her feet up from stray water flooding the street. "Footage which could be worth some degree of money and I have to spot one of the faculty in it. And it just had to be the hardest to bribe or blackmail too." With the escalation in the chaos she idly places a hand on the pocket containing a fairly pointy screwdriver, just to be on the safe side.

One of the New mutant Order guys hands Bruce an inhaler. "Here, this will give you the power to do what you need to." He says with a grin before running off with super speed. The rest of the New Mutant Order do follow Dingo's example and try to get people to safety using their enhanced super powers to help them do so. $
The girl who phased under Emma get's her powers turned off in quick fashion as she falls unconscious in the ground. Instead of her just floating down she just solidifies in the dirt, just a few fingers remain seen above ground as her body is now one with the earth. "
It's not that the woman is too fast for Ahdi, it's just her wind is too strong so as soon as Ahdi rushes in the wind picks up around her to a funnel of air with her being in the epicenter of the tornado so that the rapid winds will protect her.
Dingo gets his sandy tendril around the man breathing fire but even though he's caught he lets out another breath of fire in Dingo's direction. "Sorry tah disappoint mate, but you ain't the only special ones now." He says with a crooked tooth grin.
The speedster is trying to get through Vinny's bubble but doesn't seem to be having any luck so he backs off and grabs one of the fallen to run off with one of the victims. In his place the nine foot giant of man stops infront of Vinny's water barrier and claps his hands to use his super strength to send a concussive blast at the water. The blast of water from Vinny hits the man flying in the sky and causes him to plummet to the street below, along with the victim. Who knows if they can survive a fourty foot drop.

Vinny stops gathering water for a moment as he can sense the electrical discharge from one of the mutant wannabes. That one is going to be a problem. His assault inside the water stops for a moment though anyone one the street will see that the water rushing the broken hydrant is starting to move. A tendril wrapping around the discarded hydrant and then launching over the wall carrying the large chuck of metal with it. Unfortunatly As it splashes down into the sphere Vinny's attention is taken up by the giant. The Sphere ripples from the shockwave and a few layers go flying in all directions but it doesn't completely disapate. Vinny grits his teeth and motions towards the giant, pressure in the sphere increases until the Hydrant is fired from it at the tip of a 600 force pound geyser blast, being hurled like a cannonball towards the brute. Unfortunatly the water needed for that nearly completely disolves the sphere, leaving him with little more than a six inch barrier around himself.

Jeremy starts to make his way away from the crowd as he looks like just another panicked viewer as pretty much, that's what he is. As he's running though he spots Shane and stops, recognizing her. He runs up to her and reaches out a hand to try to touch her shoulder. "This isn't the time to be looking to buy, this all went horribly wrong." He says to her sounding terrified.

Ahdi skidds across the ground as he is once again slammed by the wind, rolling to his feet just it time to be flored again by the sonic blast of the giant man's clap. Yelling out at the pain in his left ear he springs to his feet and spins on the spot. His left and right hands both snap out lightning fast, the right sends his longer, curved knife rocketting toward the huge man's lower back. The knife from his left hurtles toward the woman in her wind tunnel's stomach, him hoping that it's more streem-lined shape will make it through the tornado easier than he can. Then, he hears a huge comotion from Vinny and his water blasts, and guessing that something might be getting thrown toward him he drops flat on the ground, covering his ears.

The white form of Emma Frost continues her course towards Kyle and Dingo, not even pausing as her hand flings out towards the brute… ad hoc teamwork at it's best as she slams a raw psychic blast at the brute so he can't dodge the incoming attack. So now there's pain lancing through the huge male's body, as if he'd just been hit with a cattle prod, but still her target seems to be one thing and one thing only. Her voice suddenly carries out over the din, "Get this barrier out of my way… NOW. I'm here for Kyle. I'll sort the rest of you reprobates out as soon as I have my hands on him!" Using that as a leap-off point, she scans the area for people and their reactions, attempting to pinpoint her target. At the same time, as an added measure of safety, she drops herself into a perception shift, leaving her physical image two feet behind and to the left of herself.

Dingo glances down at the inhaler in his hand and turns to sand again as the fire man breathes at him. Dingo leaps back suddenly and pulls a bit of sand from his wall before solidifying again. A few fragments of molten glass lye between himself and the mutant wrapped in his tendril. "Well shit. That ain't good." He glances over at Emma as she approaches his wall and holds up a hand. "Keep back, this one's nasty." He quickly inspects the inhaler in his hand and shrugs, deciding that if it worked for the humans it'll work for him. The man takes two puffs from the inhaler and pops it in his pocket, looking impatient as he doesn't feel anything.
After a few moments Dingo's expression changes. He looks suddenly mannic and clutches his chest as his eyes begin to glow yellow. The ground in the park rumbles slightly as sand begins to stream toward the surface in all directions. Whatever Dingo took it expanded his range quite a bit. The sands move a bit faster as they come closer to Dingo, rushing past enemy and ally alike and condensing around Dingo.

Shane looses a sharp cry as someone touches her, beneath the bench she'd hidden herself under, and it's a moment's terrified scrambling backwards, before she recognizes Jeremy, and shakes her head. "Just wanted to get to Grand Central. Didn't even know about *any* of what the *hell* is going on…"

The knife that Ahdi throws as the woman who can manipulate air hits the tornado and gets whipped to the side by the wind and the knife now flies in the direction of Shane and Jeremy under the bench.
The NWO members seem to have had their own battle as a man lies on the ground sparking a bit but Kyle just looks at Emma. "What do you want lady?! We're being attacked here and you want to take time for a little chat over tea and crumpets?!" He says but there is no force field up as it was taken down some time ago.
The MGH user with super speed goes running off after his companion and the victim falling from the sky. He times it just right to catch them and prevent them from going splat before running away from the crime scene.
The knife hits the Big Guy and the tip just grazes a scratch into him. He lets out a roar of annoyance as he brings up both arms and goes to slam them down on Vinny but before he can do so the mental blast hits him and he falls down with a ground shaking thud unconscio

Vinny backs away from the fight since no one is specifically attacking him at the moment. The water around his head pulls away and he gasps and takes several breaths. He can hold his breath for a long time but this was pushing his limits. He begins gathering more water to rebuild the sphere and his head is once again encased after getting some air.

Ahdi once again springs to his feet and glances around. There was too much noise to track the coarse of his knives by ear, but he notices that the tornado woman is still standing, and his other weapon is lying on the ground beside the unconcious brute. Baring his teeth in annoyance he quickly runs over to his knife and snags it from the ground, at least it's the larger of the two. Not noticing anything he can immediatly kill, or mark as an enemy, he drops into a defensive crouch and scans the area for where his other knife ended up.

Sophie, meanwhile, is being lead through a veritable maze of corridors; or at least that's how it seems like to her, since she isn't being given a chance to probe her way with her cane. Her phone is shoved hurriedly back into her handbag, and she holds her cane protectively against herself to avoid it being bashed by anything and bent out of shape. "Wait! Slow down, please, I cannot keep up," she pleads. "Thank you for answering the door… only, who are you?" The blind girl cannot quite keep her voice from reaching a wavering, high pitch as her skin crawls. She reaches out with her free hand to try and find the wall, desperate for some way to locate herself and work out just where she is.

Dingo's sands collect around him and he takes on an almost familiar form. It is similar to the giant sand dingo that he is so fond of but the construct is somehow warped. It has a basic dog body, but has eight pairs of legs sticking out of its body. The two tails are longer than they should be, and while the form is almost completely sand its head appears to be equiped with real teeth and eyes. The monstrosity stands about three stories high, which is about as large as the construct usually stands, but it is moving much easier than before. The sand wall is down and much of the material that Dingo pulled out of the ground is lying around the field. The monstrosity rears up and laughs in a booming voice. "What WAS that? It feels…Amazing." Yes, the constuct is speaking. Also not normal. He turns his arrention to the men who came out of the vans, lunging off toward the shooters and their vehicles.

If Jeremy's touch made Shane shout, the sound of a knife burying itself deep enough into the wood of her shelter to poke through the other side encourages a piercing shriek. Throwing the hand off her shoulder, she starts to crawl out from under her cover. Her flight reflex has well and truly kicked in, and Shane will make a dash for the shortest possible route out of the park.

Ahdi the sound of another scream brings his attention to Shane's old hiding spot, and his knife currently sticking out of said spot. Keeping low to the ground he grips his current knife in both hands and starts to run across the battle field to retreave the weapon, a task that will only take secconds, but possibly deadly secconds.

The last obstacle out of her way, Emma strides towards Kyle, and from under the long coat comes the pearl-handled saber, the damascus blade's ripple pattern making the metal darker the closer to the edge than at the wide base. Pointing it towards Kyle, she intones rather ominously, "I could care less right now if this entire block burns down. You're the one in charge of dealing Kick. You will tell me who supplies you… if you do not, I will hurt you. If you continue not to, I will take it from your mind, and no force on this planet you could muster in your feeble little drug-addled mind can stop me. So if you wish to see any good end to this… talk. Now." The blade level with the young man's throat as those eyes blaze with a fire chill enough to rob all heat from the universe in a single quirked eyebrow.

"Shut up mutant." The voice says to Sophie and it's not a pleasant sounding voice. He grabs her arm roughly as he leads her to a room and a door slams behind them. "We gotta do this quick." the voice says as he pushes Sophie to a chair where she'll feel two rough hands plant on her shoulders.
Behind Kisha two voices can be heard. "Alright, it's up to us. Half of us will provide the distraction with you while the other half of us just grab mutants and run. After all we need our quota." And from behind her a dozen identical men rush forward, six of them attacking who ever then can while the other six go to grab mutants to take them away. The other mutant from behind Kisha goes to throw up a force field around her to keep her there. "Well well well, looks like some fresh meat."

"Meat which isn't a mutant. Mr," Kisha yelps, gripping the screwdriver with the hand tucked into her pocket as he brings the field up. "You want a mutant you should go for the freak in the costume throwing knives. Man that guy was quick, the footage of him zooming around was gonna make the front page of my blog! I was gonna get /so many/ links." She sniffles. "Please don't hurt me, if you let me go I can give you money and my cellphone's a really good model." As she talks her thumb taps out the panic button code.

Vinny can sense the new arrivals rushing onto the scene. This is getting out of hand and he knows it's going to take more than he can do unless he's willing to cross a line he'd hoped he never have to. Tendrils of water lash towards the two men closest to him and try to wrap around them and yank them towards Vinny. If it succedes the moment they hit the sphere he pops his bone spurs from his wrists and jabs each of them once, just enough to deliver his venom. Those injected are going to have a very bad day as the nuerotoxin trips every pain receptor in thier body resulting in muscle paralysis and possible unconciousness if they're lucky, otherwise all they can do is scream.

Sophie gasps as she's dragged into a room, and flung into a chair. For a moment she just sits there, catching her breath; and then there are hands holding her shoulders, to the point of it being painful. "Let me go," she gasps, and squirms in the seat; to no avail. She reaches up, letting her cane dangle by the loop around her wrist as she pries at the hands holding her shoulders. "What are you doing?" Her voice grows shrill, and she pushes her feet against the floor, trying to find leverage. "Let me go! I have done nothing!"

Kyle starts to blubber as Emma holds the blade to his throat. "Y-y-you're crazy Ma'am. You're fucking crazy." He says but as the questions are asked an image of a dark skinned man in a nice suit pops into Kyle's head. "I don't know his name, he just calls himself..shit lady, they're gonna kill me if I say anything." But his mind has one name loud can clear - Chemicalo.
The torndao around the woman with air control dies and there's a laugh as she goes to raise herself into the air and fly off. "Better luck next time you Mutant Turds!" She taunts as she goes to leave the area.

Ahdi jerks his knife from the table, hears the woman taunt him, and glances up to see her in the air, a perfect target. Spinning his straight throwing knife through his fingers he centers himself, takes a deep breath, then launches the knife whistling through the air at her as she flies upand away, attempting to stick it in her torso now that there isn't an active Tornado there. As he throws he mutters out quietly in his language, "Fly true by the spirits, my tooth."

The Nightmare Dingo bats the vans aside with great ease. He stomps a foot on the ground and a wave of sand rises up to burry nearby attackers. Dingo tips his head to survey the scene and sees…That woman in white is attacking the NMO with a sword? That seems like a decidedly un-mutantlike thing to do. The monstrosity bounds toward Emma, crashing through the crowd like Godzilla. "Woman! Leave those men alone or you're gonna have to deal with me!" The construct lowers its head and glares at Emma, his face a few meters from Emma as he stares her down.

Emma's blade whips to the air as she creates a psychic sword-slice, sending that razor edge of power up to strike the girl with the borrowed air powers and sever her from them temporarily, saying "I think not." Then it comes back down to Kyle, "I have forever found it amusing that when being threatened, the cowardly often use the defense of someone else killing them as a means to avoid answering questions. Let's be clear… I don't care. You bring this filth to my home, insult me with your juvenile and worse… arbitrary and misplaced sense of superiority… and then you put on THESE colors."

Her eyes then trail back up to the sand-monster and Emma adds with all the venom her voice can muster, "I will have none of it. You… your New Mutant Order… all of it… I am done with you. Dingo… you may be a criminal, but you understand the fight… so please… out of respect. Get your head back on before I turn you into a drooling sandcastle display."

The knife Ahdi throws flies true and hits the woman right in the torso. There is barely time for her to scream as she falls to the ground in a broken mess. Her arms and legs and other parts at awkward angles and there is quite a bit of blood as it's quite obvious that she'll never wake up from that. Emma's move is redundant as there are no longer any powers to be turned off.
Kyle continues to struggle as he almost seems to not know what Emma is talking about. "Please lady, we just trying to protect this neighborhood from what happened not to long ago. I didn't bring anything to your home that wasn't already here."
"Just getting what we need." A voice says in Sophie's ear as she'd feel the prick of a needle as a blood sample is withdrawn from her. "Well at least she's blind so she can't recognize us, we don't have to leave her in the East River to hopefully be found still alive."

Vinny is weakening, he's never used his powers for this long. He's been running at his limits and even pushing them since the whole thing began. His head is pounding from the effort of maintaining control and the physical strain is starting to show. He continues to lash out at the attackers, dragging them in and poisoning any of them he can get ahold and just leaving them laying as he keeps going but he's slowing down, trickles of water are falling from the sphere as his control starts to fail and he knows he's in trouble if any of them are left standing if that happens, but he's not retreating.

The Duplicating MGH user is still using six of his copies to cause a distraction in the area but it seems that isn't needed as much as he thought. The duplicates pair up in teams of three, each going to grab someone and try to drag them off. With both vans wrecked it's not as easy as it seems.
Three of the dupes run up on Shane and surrounded. "Sorry girl, but you're gonna be coming with us." One says with a chuckle as three pairs of arms reach out to grab her and stop her from running.
"Don't worry Chickidee, I won't be hurting you." He says as he reaches out a hand to try to wrap her in a bubble of a force field. "And my friend's gathering anyone over there whose interesting." He says with grin. "And your money and cellphone don't mean shit to me."

Ahdi runs quickly to where the body fell from the sky, starting to expand his hearing as he moves, now that it is at least somewhat more quiet. As he reaches the body of the dead woman he emotionlessly stoops and pulls his knife out of her, making sure she is dead. Once this has been done he looks around the park for any remaining danger, aside from the rampaging Dingo. He spots the three men surrounding Shane near the edge of the park, reccognizes her as the girl who screamed when his knife thunked into her hiding spot, and throws himself into a low, predatory run to help her.

The sand construct bares its teeth at Emma, "You would attack those in this town who would protect it and expect me to just stand by and watch?" Dingo shakes his massive head. "No no. Look what they gave to me. It is a way to protect ourselves better than we could ever have imagined. So you want to point a sword at someone? Point it at the men taking our people, not the ones making them stronger. You don't frighten me with that little sword. If you hurt my people I'll hurt you back." He glances back toward the water sphere as it appears to loose it's integrity. If Vinny looks like he's in trouble Dingo'll need to go help out, but he'd prefer to handle Emma first.

Sophie shrieks again at the prick, though she goes still once she realizes that it's a needle being pushed into her, to avoid a larger wound than just a small poke. "Why?" she whispers, as the needle is at last removed. "What do you need my blood for?" She shivers where she sits, having given up all pretense of a struggle for the time being. She collapses her cane to try and protect it from damage, and clutches it tight against her chest. "Please just let me go," she adds.

The cellphone might mean a little more in a moment, for Kisha has used the brief seconds her act gave her to load up a little app called 'Attack alarm'. Just before he can finish trapping her the technoempath flicks it on in a horrible distracting blare of the most earsplitting noise a cellphone can make coupled with all kinds of strobing lights. With luck the distraction will work long enough for her to close the distance and make a low stab to the mans stomach with her trusty screwdriver.

Neither Bruce nor Kyle can see the look of disgust truly on Emma Frost's face. They instead are left with an implacable form as a mental illusion is in place, letting Emma walk off under a perception shroud, and finally getting a view of what's going on. The blade almost falls from her hand, but is slid back away in time for her to touch her head, and then wince, shaking it once, self-scolding playing out where no one can see. Looking back for a moment, she has her illusion say to Dingo, "That's the Kick talking. Kick caused a riot at the Xavier school once… caused by people dressed like this scum and claiming superiority, but it was always the Kick. Kick killed a young woman who I cared deeply for, and I refuse to see it happen again. If you… either of you… continue to peddle this where my students can get to it… I will end you."

The duplicates that are trying to get away have little success as Vinny's poison strikes and they start falling over one by one. There are only about five of them left as the Platypus wades through them.
The man is dazed for bit, just enough time to get stabbed in the gut with a screw driver which causes a cry of pain from the man. Though with Kisha being right up on him, he covers a fist with his force field to punch her right in the face as hard as he can.
Kyle looks at Emma with terror in his face. "Alright, alright lady, I won't sell it to your students." He says and he's telling the truth just there's one problem. "How do I know where and who your students are so I don't piss you off again?" Bitch is the next word thought in his mind but he's not stupid enough to say it. Just stupid enough to think it.

Not again. Surrounded, trapped, and apparently about to be carried away for reasons unknown and unwelcome. Helpless and cut off.
Not again. Shane can already feel the fists and feet descending upon her, breaking bone and bruising flesh. Last time it happened, she was too scared to call upon her power to set her free. Last time, she was in the hospital for weeks, with nothing to do but heal and mope.
Not again. In a flash, her expression turns from terrified to enraged, and the only notice her captor has of her powers is a sudden flush to her skin, becoming luminescent for a bare instant before an explosion rocks the forcefield, blasting outward in all directions at once, shredding her clothing and mangling her headphones.
Not ever again.

Vinny turns his attention to the five still trying to run. He can't sustain the sphere any longer and he knows it. The water shimmers and suddenly blasts outwards towards the fleeing duplicates. Each geyser strike packing about 400 pounds of force as Vinny retracts his spurs and sways on his feet.. that attack having completely used up the sphere's water and leaving him uncovered. "An don't come back!"

Jeremy sees Vinny and what he is doing and rushes forward to one of the duplicates. He notices that his mentor is getting tired so he does what he can do to help. Taking off one of his gloves, he throws himself at the duplicate so that he hand can touch his face. He shoves his past into the man at the same time that he sees his. It takes several minutes along with several screams for the dupes before they all seem to pass out from Jeremy's post-cog assault on his mind.

The blast from Shane knocks out the three duplicates leaving here standing thre in a crater on the ground. Most of the MGH men are down and out, leaving just the one Kisha is dancing with.

Kisha ducks low and grinds the screwdriver around inside the wound. "Enjoy shitting blood buddy," she snarls as the field encased fist slams across her shoulder and back, driving her to the ground. "If you live that long." She stabs again this time upwards at his groin, staggered from the impact it takes both hands to get enough force for a proper blow. Anger from having to drop her cellphone just about the only thing keeping her moving.

Ahdi staggers and lets out a shout of pain before he can reach Shane, loosing his rhythm and tumbling along the ground. The cellphone alarm that blasted out throbs in his amped up ears and he hurridly dampens his hearing, though for the moment he is staggering to his feet, off balance and with a horrible headache. Lucky for him, he wasn't yet close enough to getin Shan's blast, when otherwise he would have taken the full force of it.

A hand grabs Sophie's arm roughly and drags her out to the hallway. Again there's a walk going up and down stairs and through various hallways before she's just left there. "Good luck" The voice says leaving her lost and alone.

The staggeringly powerful emotions of Shane draw Emma's attention, and her head whips towards where the sensation comes from. That causes the mental illusion to vanish just as it was going to tell Kyle that it's 'everyone'. Instead now she's sprinting towards the girl and her situation, sending out a mental probe to both Shane and Vinny, catching their minds, and adding a quick scan for anyone else she might be aware of that is considered friendly. The anger is still flush on her face, but it has now melted into one of her general looks of worldly distaste, and disdain.

The force field guy lets out a scream of pain as the screwdriver grinds up his organs and once she's off of him he turns to run but Kisha just gets him with the screw driver so that the screw driver gets him right in the inner thigh instead, stabbing into his femoral artery. He stumbles to the ground and grabs his leg which is soaked in blood. "You bitch." He hisses out at her as he's quickly turning pale.

Dingo growls at the image of Emma. "Like you could. If you can't handle your students send them to me. I'll keep them safe and I'll teach them to use their powers for good, rather than for taking out their own kind." He swats a massive paw at the image of Emma, finding that he strikes nothing as it vanishes. "Oh?" She is suddenly much less interesting to him. "You." He speaks to Kyle. "You seem to be the leader here. Collect up the living humans who took our abilities and we'll find out who they work for. I'll try to get ahold of Magneto aftereword…" He glances around the park. "We'll take the wounded to the Embassy."

Vinny looks to Jeremy as the rest of the dupes scream and drop. He smiles and takes a few staggering steps towards him "Good job mate.. I owe ya one.. now get out of here. This ain't over yet." He turns towards the NMO and dingo and reaching into his vest he draws a 12 inch long bush knife and moves towards them. "Bastards! Ya bloody wankers… I ain't gonna let you slink away.." His eyes flicker and flash as he tries to gather water again. "Dingo get away from them.. ya don't know what yer doin'.."

"Should have taken the money," Kisha notes, leaning over to wipe the screwdriver clean on forcefield guys clothing. Providing she can find a blood free spot that is. Then helpfully she adds "On the plus side at least this way will be quick." Gritting her teeth she decides against rummaging through the mans pockets for clues, instead settling on the get the hell away from here plan.

Ahdi shakes his head, looks around, and notices the strange fury water man with a knife advancing on Dingo, and the woman in white rushing toward Shane, though not aggressively. With another little shake of his head to clear it, he holds his knives in ready positions and starts to approach Dingo and the drug-dealing mutent from theo opposit side of Vinny, considering him one of the honorable ones here.

Suddenly, there is peace and quiet; at least around Sophie there is, away from the violence still taking place outside. Silence and solitude; and all in complete absence of any clue about where she is. The blind girl snaps her cane out to full length, and probes the ground around her; and then the walls, getting herself oriented in the hallway where she finds herself. She purses her lips, and starts to move in the opposite direction of the way the man went, when he left her. She moves slowly, checking everything with her cane as she goes. As she walks, she pulls her cellphone back out of her handbag; she flips it open, and dials the emergency number for the Xavier Institute.

Jeremy nods to Vinny and stands up shaking a bit. He slides his glove back over his hand and follows the advice given. As he hurries out he notices Shane and bends down next to her. "Are you okay? We need to get out of here I think it might get worse." He says to her hoping that she's okay.

Shane crouches inside her crater, tatters of black and white cotton and taffeta hanging limply over her thin body, held together by the sheer tenacity of the girl's stitching. Her head hangs, eyes closing as she receives the unfamiliar mental probe, curling inward as she struggles to catch her breath. "I'm fine," she mutters, "Just can't move. Clothes'll fall off."

Dingo moves forward to step between Kyle and Vinny. "Why is everyone out to get you? You didn't ask for these men to attack the crowd." The massive sand structure takes on an agressive posture. "Vinny! There is no need for this. These men are obviously here for the good of Mutant Town." He gives Ahdi a sideways glance. "And you. I appreciate your help but this is a mutant matter. We both know you cannot touch me, so do yourself a favor and go home."

"Get away from her. Now." Comes the cold and demanding voice of Emma, removing the armor-lined coat from her frame and revealing not only her X-Man attire, but also her armaments. Kneeling down close by Shane, she says in a slightly more calming voice, "Shane… take my coat. This is no place to be. I'm going to get you and Kisha out of here now… before more damage is done. I can also sense Miss DeCosta close… but it is tenuous." The young man is glared at, the junkie's mind a junkie's mind as she makes it very clear with a look. 'Come near her again, and you deal with me.'

Ahdi doesn't speak, but looks from Dingo to Vinny, his dark eyes questioning the Water-Controling mutent on what he should do. For now he simply stops and falls into a defensive crouch, waiting.

Kisha pauses as she staggers over towards where she last saw Emma, crouching with evident discomfort to retrieve her cellphone. "I suppose I'll call you an ambulence at least. If only because I expect my teachers will demand I have therapy if I don't," she calls back to the man she just stabbed. "Consider yourself lucky I hadn't done my one good deed for the day."

Shortly after Kisha leaves the man there he closes his eyes and passes on. The guys from the NMO do what Bruce tells them to and they start getting everyone from the area to the embassy along with gathering up those that are passed out so that they can be questioned hopefully. The combat though has died leaving those in the park quite afraid and some landscaping done to cover up the new marks over the land.

Jeremy is about to give his jacket to Shane when Emma comes along. He opens his mouth to say something and then promptly closes it. He doesn't know what he did wrong. He does take a few steps back before just taking off running some place away from the park.

Vinny grits his teeth "Bullshit! They been stagin' problems all over town so they can come play hero.. they been dosin' mutants with that damn drug so they get hooked and go bonkers… but when a real attack starts what did they do?.. they tucked tail and covered thier asses while the rest of us tried ta fight them off. Look around ya Dingo.. people were taken and they didn't do a damn thing ta help. Now who ya gonna back… these wankers ya just met.. or me.. a mutant ya trusted ta fight beside ya before? Cause ya side with this scum.." Vinny brandishes the fight, though he's still swaying on his feet. "Then ya better be ready ta take me out…"

Shane pulls the coat around her shoulders, shrugging her arms into the sleeves, pulling it tight around herself as she slowly gets to her feet. "Sure," she says faintly, letting out a shaky breath. Leaning to look around Emma at Jeremy, the girl's lips twitch up. "…You told me so," she says, eyebrow rising. "…Your turn."

The massive creature strides up to Vinny and bends down, releasing a great huff of breath at the Platypus. "Vinny, that's rediculus and you know it. Magneto and I fought off those shooters in Mutant Town, you think we set that up? You think I got Carmen killed and Lil kidnapped so I could play hero?" He shakes his massive head and bares his teeth again. "These mutants are here to do what I have been doing since I moved to this country. They would protect our people so our enemies see them as a threat." The monstrosity glances around the park again. "You look tired. Go to the embassy and rest up or head to the bar. Lil'll treat ya to a free drink."

Ahdi walks silent as a ghost toward Vinny as Dingo bends over him, watching the giant creature suspiciously. He knows he can't beat him, but he also doesn't plan on letting him eat Vinny if it comes down to it.

Emma begins to guide Shane towards where her car is, closing on where Kisha is and as she looks down at the dead man close by, and back toward Kisha… her voice is terse as she says, "Come along. My car is here… I can have us all back easily enough." Oddly enough, her course takes her past where Shane dumped her fabrics and things, and stoops a moment to pick them up and hand them to the girl, "Here… these are yours. No sense in it going to waste." Once more her eyes go dubiously over the Russian girl before taking a breath, "I should have noticed you were both here earlier." Leaving off any sort of apology for it.

Jeremy stops before running off and looks at Shane as he hears what she says. It's not a face that looks happy or relived when she says he was right, he just looks at her and looks sad for some reason. He just gives her a nod before turning around and running off. After that look that Emma gave him, he's not really sure what to say to Shane or even if he should so he figures his best bet is just to run away, something he's good at.

Vinny doesn't back down, he's either too stubborn or too tired, probably both. "No they didn't set this up, but since they didn't they couldn't do crap ta stop it either. Ya want ta hear from somone ya trust above all else? Fine, go ask yer Boss Magneto if the Word Sublime means anything ta him.. that's what kick is made of.. somthin' called sublime. These poison-pushers are nothin' more than a half-assed wannabe second-rate Brotherhood. Can't do shit 'less they're hopped up. Look at yerself.. look at yerself and tell me that's normal. Tell me that crap didn't do somthin' to ya. Then when it wears off come an tell me what ya feel like then, and what yer willin' ta do ta get more, then tell me that's normal."

"I don't suppose you have any painkillers to hand?" Kisha wonders idly, glancing at Shane and then tucking her screwdriver back into her pocket. "I may have a fractured collar bone and I expect I'll need medicating if I'm to give a police statement. That man made an attempt to abduct me and I felt strongly against the notion." She pouts. "And now I have to replace the screen on my phone. Wonderful."

Ahdi squats as he watches Vinny and Dingo, thunking both of his knives hilt deep into the grass below him. Yanking them both back out, now cleaned of blood, he sheaths the blades in their respective sheaths.

Sophie is still feeling her way through the unfamiliar corridors, as she alternates between holding the phone to her ear and using that hand to feel the wall. At last though, there's a voice coming out of it; Sophie clutches the phone to the side of her head. "I'm in Mutant Town," she explains in a hurry, "There was a battle, some people attacked me, I'm lost in a building." The person on the other end tells Sophie that Emma Frost is in the area, and forwards the call to her. Once again, Sophie can hear the sound of a ringing phone, though this time she keeps her own up against her ear. She finally comes to a dead end in the corridor; no wait, that's a doorknob there. But it won't turn.

Shane looks down into the bag handed to her, still somewhat humb from the fear and fury and emotional crash. "…Thanks," she says to Emma, leaning against the car, looking after Jeremy as she watches the boy run. "Y'know he tried to convince me I shouldn't take that stuff."

Dingo's form gives what could be interpereted as a smile. "Yes, look what it did to me. I'm more powerful than ever. I can see and hear and smell in this form, when before I was blind. Of course Magneto will be hearing about this. It's just the weapon we need to deal with a human threat that gets more dangerous every day." No matter how silently Ahdi moves he won't be able to sneak up on Dingo. "I can feel your movement, alien. You're stepping on my nervous system." He's talking about the sand in the ground. He can sense movement as people walk on the sand.

At Vinny's words there's the smell of ozone before there's a lighting blast that fires to strike him. One of the NMO members seemed like he didn't like what he was hearing from the Platypus. "Sorry porkchop but we do what we can to protect this neighborhood. We take this shit cause we're not to much of cowards to admit that we need more to protect those that leave here. Dingo here knows what he's talking about."

Ahdi blurs into motion as the lightning blast hurtles toward Vinny, having been weighting for this. He isn't sure if he can throw Vinny out of the way, so instead moves around to put his own leather-covered back in front of the incoming blast, snarling between clinched teeth, "Dishonorable humans!"

Vinny grins and is about to reply to Dingo when the bolt hits. Vinny gives an almost animalistic scream as his electrolocation overloads from the direct strike and his nervous system basically shuts down for a few seconds. He collapses in a smoking heap, steam from the water he was still dripping with evaporates.

Emma waves her hand at Kisha almost absently, telling her mind to not feel the pain for a few moments and ebbing the rest of the responses down to a dull roar, "But that did not stop him from standing with his New Mutant Order friends when they decided to hold an unscheduled ral-…" And her voice pauses as she takes up her phone and listens to it. After that she clicks off the call and changes functions to read a GPS signal, "Stay here." One Emma begins physically towards where Sophie is as fast as she can, while a mental projection goes the opposite way, and to where Vinny and the rest of the NMO are present. And all of them can hear in their minds, «ENOUGH!» And a literal mental shockwave to rival anything that Magneto could muster physically blasts out to put any ungaurded mind to their knees, or worse, unconscious… while the construct kneels besides Vinny, and begins to help him get back on his feet.

Kisha tilts her head at Shane. "Buy anything interesting?" she asks as close to conversationally as she ever gets. All the while her shoes still ever somewhat sticky with someone elses blood. "And do you have a spare plastic bag in there? I think I better transfer some of my tarnished garments into a container which won't mark the upholstery."

The construct turns on the men in the NMO and snaps its massive fangs at the men. "How DARE you!?" A massive paw comes down on the soapbox, smashing it to splinters. "If you really want to help the people in this town then do it without killing them. Vinny has helped me in the past. He simply doesn't understand this situation. If any of you hurt him or any of my other allies again I will not hesitate to kill you." Dingo takes another few moments to look menacing before turning back to Vinny. Emma's shockwave strikes and causes Dingo to reel back and clutch at his head with his two front paws. He remains crouched for a moment before a hand made of sand rises out of the ground to stand Vinny up again.

Vinny is a limp noodle, helping him up just makes him flop over again. Emma can feel his mind is blank.. it's like he's comatose, only the barest of brain functions keeping him alive. It's power surging a computer, his nervous system is rebooting.

Ahdi is forced to his knees, staggering, and his hands go to his head in pain. Unlike most people's dazed reactions, however, it might be felt that the psychic attack triggers something in Ahdi. His mind performs a mental gear shift, reverting to something more farrel and instinctual. His higher reasoning bleeds away and he staggers back to his feet after a moment, massive amounts of adrinalen pumping into his veins. The hunter snarls like a wolf, and then charges directly at the image of frost, attempting to tackle it to the ground. People might notice that he is considerably faster now.

Shane opens her mouth to reply, but blinks, subsiding again as Emma runs off, in two directions at once. "…O….kay. …Um." Glancing at Kisha, then her shoes, then the bag in her hand. "…Hang on." Lowering herself to one knee, she pulls a few bundles of fabric out of their bag, dumping them back into the paper sack and lifting the plastic baggie up. "…Here."

Sophie lowers the cellphone as Emma shifts to tracking her by GPS, and tries the doorknob once more. Of course, it still refuses to turn. Sophie probes the door further, and finds that there is no deadbolt. She pulls her hand back, and clenches her fingers for a moment as she sucks in a deep breath. "Ask, and it will be given to you," she murmurs as she puths her hand back to the door; she finds the doorknob, and moves her hand sideways, to the small space between the door and the frame around it. "Seek, and you will find," she continues as she draws her hand back just an inch. Her palm takes on a brilliant, almost angry white glow. "Knock, and it will be opened to you." She grits her teeth as she finishes, and a searing blast of energy lances from her palm and across the short distance into the door and frame. She continues the blast for several seconds; to the point that the glow in her chest dims, though it doesn't quite go out. The door catches fire, and she can sense the heat well enough

well enough that she is quick about grasping the doorknob for another attempt. She jerks it twice, and finally it comes open with a sound of charred wood splintering against weakened metal. "Praise the Lord," she observes, as she steps through into a store that seems to have been out of business for some time.

Emma manages to locate Sophie in a rapid order thanks to that little display… keeping her mental tabs on everyone while she says to the blind girl, "I'm here now, Miss DaCosta… we'll have you back soon enough." Reaching out to touch the girl's shoulder, the older woman begins to guide her charge back to the others. In the meantime her mental construct dodges to the side from the pouncing attack, moving at the speed of thought. The reply to the strike is a 'slap' to the man's face, mental energy to make those pain centers flare up. The duplicate then adds with a smile, "Child, you have no idea with whom you are dealing with… yes, whom… not who. English is a language best spoken properly."

Distracted as she is, Emma then reaches up with one hand, and the burgeoning fire suddenly damps to nothing as she steals away the heat from it, and channels it outwards, warning the cool evening air for herself and the girl in her care.

"Thanks," Kisha offers affably. "If you'd like I /might/ be able to fix your mp3 player and maybe the headphones if enough parts survived. I charge reasonable rates, with reductions if the challenge is fun." Detached from the pain from her injury she ducks down and begins taking off her shoes, followed by her socks and with a little effort ripping the fabric of her pants off below the knee. All of which go into the bag.

Dingo's constructed hand is still holding up Vinny when he sees Ahdi dart off toward Emma. "Hey lady watch out!" But she seems to be able to take care of herself. "Listen Alien, I've tollerated you long enough. Leave this park or deal with me." He looks menacing, but he stays where he is. Looks like he might need to run Vinny to the Embassy. It does look like Emma can handle herself though. He'll stay out of this unless he has to step in.

Shane shrugs, pulling the twisted electronics off from around her neck. "That's the *second time,*" she says quietly. For a moment, she falls silent, arching an eyebrow as she looks up to her fellow student. "…How much to make it so they don't get blown up with me again?"

Ahdi hits the ground hands first, his tackle actually being an honest to God pounce. His feet land next and he spins on the spot, the pain being completely ignored in his current state.For the briefest of moments he pauses, sizes up all the heros and possible enemies in the area, then turns and bolts for the woods. The hunter moves from all fours to running on his feet, shifting into a dead sprint as he leans forward, hair streaming out beside him. As he vanishes into the trees he easily passes his 75 MPH limit of speed, still accelorating by the time he would be free of his enemies.

Sophie breathes a quiet sigh of relief as Emma touches her shoulder. The blind girl pushes her cellphone into her handbag and reaches out to place her hand on Emma's bicep, as she bobs her head in acknowledgement. "Thank you, Professor Frost," she murmurs. She taps the ground in front of her as she walks, letting Emma guide her as she fully regains her composure. "There is a fire on the wall," she murmurs. "It is my fault, I needed to get through the door." She brushes her fingertips through her hair, and then across her face, to wipe away two trickles of moisture from beneath her blindfold; apparently composure is not so easily regained at the moment. "It seems I choose the wrong day to go shopping."

Kisha chews her lip. "A good question. I'll look into it," she promises. "Worst case the testing process will be an excuse to play at myth busters. Which is always welcome. If it's any consolation I've managed to blow myself up once and it's not even connected to my genetics. So I can sympathise to some extent." She holds out burn scarred arms to prove the point, before tucking the broken headphones into her jacket pocket. "Would you like to borrow my phones mp3 player for the drive back? I feel a mild urge to attain some positive karma to offset this little mishap."

Emma replies to Sophie, "Ah well… and it is not Professor… it is Headmistress. A distinction I much prefer… now…" As the pair approach the car, her mental duplicate glares up at the others now that Adhi has taken off, and in a rare display they all 'hear', "And this… this is why we always lose. Look around for a moment. Look at yourselves. They act like we're animals… that we're weapons because of this very thing! This justifies every single argument they make towards our very destruction. Vincent will be fine once his mind reboots… the lightning attack will fade. But in the meantime… what is more important… power? Or responsibility. Because one damn well cannot exist without the other, and keep this a sane society. Good day." And with that Ms. Frost vanishes from in front of Dingo once more.

"No thanks," Shane mutters, picking up her bag and hugging it against the remains of her dress. "I'll deal. Just wanna get back.

Dingo huffs at the construct of Emma after it vanishes. "What an annoying woman. We'll need to hunt down that Alien later. He could prove to be problematic later. He likes to attack mutants that communicate with him telepathically." He is speaking to the NMO. "I'm going to take Vinny to the Embassy now because SOMEONE is a douchebag and decided to shoot him up with lightning. We'll meet at Nowhere later tonight." The construct collapses and Dingo is left in his costume. The sand hand begins moving next to him as he moves toward the embassy, taking Vinny with him.

About an hour later Vinny wakes up, five minutes after that building security is alerted that the sprinkler system on the floor he was being kept on has malfunctioned and went off. If there were any NMO goons waiting for him to awake they're found either soaking wet and out cold, or paralyzed with puncture marks somewhere on thier bodies. The window in his room is also smashed and video surveilance would show him forming a water-slide and body surfing to street level before riding a wave of gathered water away from the building as quickly as possible,

Sophie blushes softly, as she lifts her hand to brush at her cheeks once more. "Sorry, Headmistress," she murmurs. "I am just, distracted, is all." She rubs at a spot on her neck, where there is a little bit of blood; her fingers come away with some of it glistening just below her fingernails. "They took some of my blood," she murmurs. "Why would they do that? Then the said it was good that I am blind, or they would have to throw me in the river."

Kisha shrugs, then with a few taps of the keys on her scratched cellphone goes back to her game. "Then I guess we just need to wait for our designated driver to finish getting her car ready." And with that she lapses into silence until she's back in the medical bay at Xaviers. Or her pain dampening cuts out, whichever comes first.

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