2020-06-08: All The Little Things


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Summary: Rashmi, Robyn & Sophie meet up in the Underground. Dingo shows up and chastises

Betsy & Robin for not killing a Hound when given the chance.

Date: June 8, 2020

Title: All the Little Things

Rating: PG (L)

The Future - The Underground - Living Area

Army barracks would seem like a five star hotel compared to this place, but cots and hammocks seem to fill the area. There are some side rooms where mutants tend to fit four to six to a room and there are even some holes in the wall a mutant or two seems to have made home. Like the rest of the tunnels, its damp and musty in here and not much light save the same electric and gas powered lamps found in the rest of the tunnels. Everything from small children to older mutants sleep in here and it can be seen from the people who cant get out of bed. In this room there is a small corner that’s been sectioned off with old sheets and blankets to form a medical area with what stolen medical supplies the mutants have managed to gather.


There's a small corner of the room that Robyn has claimed as his own for the past few years. Paper clippings, maps, pictures, documents and more line the walls with notes and various things connecting things. There are a few boxes under his cot with more paperwork sorted the best he can in this environment. Since the paraplegic can't really go topside he's devoted years to studying the connections between things, who to target, whose behind what, what's going on where, and how to try to stop this chaos behind the scenes. He's been known to spend more time possessed in others bodies than in is own. Right now Robyn is in his wheelchair pouring over a few papers on his bed, trying to decide what his next move will be tonight.

"Robyn," comes Rashmi's quiet voice from the mouth of the tunnels, the Hindi mutant's face smudged and scratched a suspiciously bandaged hole in the shoulder of her black bodysuit making her right arm move stiffly. In spite of her injuries, the Hindi mutant smiles gently, approaching her wheelchair-bound friend and lowering herself to one knee at his side. "What's new?"

Being quite the opposite, Sophie hasn't really carved any sort of niche out for herself down in the tunnels. She's taken to find whatever cot happens to be open when the need for sleep comes begging a little too strong. Luckily for her, there seems to be plenty of open beds too, those that have no personal items on or around them. Keeping her load light has become a priority since she was busted free from one of the mutant camps. One of these free cots just happens to be where the 'wire' etched mutant is residing, the sound of a voice and soft footsteps just enough to start waking her up.

"Hey Rashmi, not much, going out again tonight. I've got Volk picking up what I dig up." Robyn says as he's finishes looking at his papers and then looks up and gives her a smile. His hair has gotten longer, it's uneven, greasy and unkempt. There's a wave in Sophie's direction as she comes in. "I believe they have something other than Spam out there tonight, I heard something about Spaghetti-o's or something but then it could be gone by now. I swear Rash, I feel like I'm getting closer to figuring this all out. It's like I'm so close but I just can't find those few pieces of information I need."

"I really hope you figure it out," Rashmi says quietly, smoothing Robyn's hair away from his face. "Or somebody does… At least we won't have to worry about food for a little while longer." Her smile fades, as she draws a crumpled-then-smoothed-then-folded piece of paper from the keepsakes pouch. on her belt. "But…. I have another one for your board." The paper is unfolded and set on Robyn's knee. [Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip is dead. Kill her on sight. Signed, Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip *E4-B4 A2xD5 C6-C1 D3-E3 D6xE8* ]

"Spaghetti-O's?" The still sleepy eyed Sophie moans, the 'o' at the end being elongated as it gets caught up in a yawn. "Spam has been bad enough, but Spaghetti-O's are just wrong." She's now sitting up straight, legs hanging off the side of the cot her glasses are laid down next to her to free up both eyes for a little early morning/late afternoon/evening eye rub. Most in the tunnels still don't know her that well, but the few that do would understand her complaints; her parents ran their own Italian restaurant.

The young adult in the wheelchair takes the piece of paper with a grin on his face. "Oh nice." Robyn says almost a bit too excited for the news, but then again, it's just another piece of information they have now against those that hunt them. He doesn't really even react to Rashmi pushing the hair out of his face, but a part of him inside that still puts his friends over the mission gets that little fuzzy feeling. "Heather Brown…what happened to her? We went to school with her right?" You can't let yourself feel for those who have gone a different path, it's too painful.

Rashmi nods slowly. "We did… the girl who talked through a tape recorder and thought she was the only real person in the world, remember? …We've sort of been playing chess games back and forth, since the Sentinels came. You know… anything you can find to look forward to is a blessing, right…? Well… That note has her putting herself in checkmate across every game we were playing. She had time to write it out and get to the drop… I think Ahab got ahold of her, Robyn. I think she's a Hound, now." Closing her eyes for a moment, she draws in a deep breath and looks over her shoulder. "You can ask around though, Sophie. I'm pretty sure the next fruit harvest was in the last couple days, and we're getting a second garden set up. …Plus there was that food raid the day before yesterday. I'm sure you'll be able to find something halfway decent."

There is an odd clanking noise approaching from down one of the side tunnels. The sound increases until the source is seen, a man in a black outfit who appears to have a metal arm and leg. One of his eyes is covered by a patch and he has a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. Dingo halts once inside of the room and removes a backpack, sitting it down on one of the side cots. He ashes his cigarette and glances around before picking the pack back up and moving toward one of the shelves near Rashmi. He opens the pack and pulls out some stolen medical supplies, placing them on the shelves almost without expression.

Glasses now replaced back onto her face, Sophie stands up, letting one more yawn free as both arms stretch outward and to the side. "Ah, it doesn't matter. Just trying to find a little sense of humor in this place." She smiles, walking towards Rashmi and Robyn. "She went to Xavier's you mean, right?" Sophie is pretty positive she had left the institute before either had arrived, but it could also be issues with a little traumatic memory loss. The new arrival catches her attention, receiving a short, if not simple nod.

Back when Robyn was at Xavier's, he was still walking, it was the accident nearly ten years ago that caused him to leave. "So Ahab got another one….fuck." He's more upset about Ahab's numbers growing then who it is. He takes the piece of paper and tacks it up on his wall with all the other papers and clippings and notes under a heading that says 'Ahab'. There's another that says 'Hunters'. "Yeah, she went to Xavier's. I…kind of remember her." Robyn is one of the few who hasn't left the underground often, well not physically. Seeing Dingo at the med supplies, Robyn wheels over a bit. "Need help with anything?" Such as a patch up.

Rashmi frowns at the wall, chewing briefly on the inside of her cheek as her eyes flick over the growing list of Hunters and Hounds, sorting through known information about them and strategies for dealing with them. As Dingo makes his way to the med-tent, however, her focus is broken, and she rises to face the newcomer. "Also… Thanks," she says as the supplies are laid out. "Just in case you don't hear it otherwise." Her eyes narrow for a moment, memories of the time before the wars sifted through, until a name emerges. "…Bruce, right? From the bar in Mutant Town?"

Dingo turns slightly, giving the three a not so friendly look. These are the children of the Xavier Institute, the same school that failed to keep his sister alive. He looks over the three and sighs, just the kids. He blames them less than the teachers at that school. He nods to Rashmi, "I haven't used that name in some time. Most just call me Dingo." He continues to put the materials away and holds up a hand to Robyn, "I can manage, mate." And then to Rashmi, "Yeah, I used to work at Nowhere." He finishes putting the supplies away and turns to the lists the three were looking at. "Their numbers grow and ours diminish. We need to figure out a way to take them out."

Sophie scratches at the back of her neck, her hand holding there as she turns to look at the growing list of those falling under Ahab's command. It's been a long time since she last thought of the institute, and that ended up getting her ass placed into one of the camps. "That's what I thought…" She mumbles, hand now moving to scratch along the other arm, both easily recognizable by the circuit board designs underneath her skin. Though they're almost like tattoo's it's obvious to any who've been around her that they are not. "Nowhere? I use to work at a bar down in the Bronx. Bartender there?" She asks, trying to keep a little small talk in what she's otherwise experienced to mostly be dead serious conversations.

Robyn wheels himself back over to his corner and starts to write some stuff down. "Thanks for getting the stuff Dingo, I'm sure most of the Rebellion will appreciate that, and those that just stop by for rest and food." After all the area is open to all mutants and those who support them. "So Rashmi…I just thought I'd let you know, Volk is getting on my case about information for Tooth stuff, so I told him I'd see what I can find out, you want me to share any information I get?”
After all Robyn knows that's a bit of a sore spot with his friend, and himself but he's blocked those feelings off. "Bar…I could use a good drink right now. You know how damn hard it is to find something to drink?" Of the alcoholic nature.

"Yeah," Rashmi answers Robyn, eyes falling down and away. "Whatever you can. Especially if it's that he's dead." With that, the redhead turns away from the chair, taking a deep breath and moving over the medical area next to Dingo, taking visual inventory of everything he's brought in. "That goes double for if Volk managed to be the one to do it. I figure that'll pay for just about anything he'll need out of me for the rest of however long." To those who know her, Rashmi seems a far cry from the mutant activist setting up counter-rallies in Central Park, when she could find the time between schooling, internship, and time at Xavier's. Whatever's happened in the intervening time, there seems to be very little left of the idealistic young student, whose favorite battles would begin, on camera, with a simple 'Why?'

Dingo taps a name on the list. "What is this? One of the Seven Sins? I thought Envy was killed in the early raids." He shakes his head. "Not that it matters now." He reaches into his pocket and pulls a flask out, tossing it to Robyn. "Dog Grog. First taste's free. More'll cost ya." It's his horrible home brewed alcohol. It tastes like paint, but it's strong. He turns back to Rashmi and sighs. "That's about Tooth? They've got others that can track by scent ya know. Taking out one is useful, but it won't stop the problem outright."

The names are finally becoming familiar to Sophie, though if it were only a couple years ago, she wouldn't recognize one. Crossing her arms over her chest, she simply watches silently as the others talks, more like assess the current situation. Her eyes do follow the flask that's tossed to Robyn, knowing all too well exactly how long it's been since she's had a taste of alcohol, no matter how terrible it were. "I know the fruit is a little prized right now, but once the gardens get going, I could easily make some nasty country wines." She breaks her silence.

There's not much left of the artist that once attended Xavier's, or even the artist who ended up becoming confined to a wheel chair. There is no evidence that Robyn was once a talented sculptor as who knows the last time he touched some clay. "The only reason I search for anything on him is for you and Volk. Other wise, James is dead to me." He doesn't even say Tooth, he says James, and that's the same thing he told Volk earlier.. "Yeah, Eris is one, I got word if her a few days ago." He says taking the Dog Grog and taking a swig, wincing at the burn, before tossing it back. "That'll keep me awake for a few hours, thanks. And Tooth….it's more than just the tracking thing…it's what he's become and done verses who he was." His voice is flat and void of emotion as he explains that, before looking over at Sophie. "I'd murder for some fruit, and I never really liked much fruit."

"We ran into Envy a couple days ago," Rashmi says quietly. "We were drawing heat off the food raid. Looks like it worked, since the team got back without any problems. …She's definitely a Hound, no question about it. And my payment for Volk's latest gun shipment." Shaking her head, she turns to look Sophie's way. "Well… Frankly I'd ask that you wait to see how much of it's getting ready to go off. If only because we need people to not be sick, more than we need any kind of alcohol, right?" Of Tooth, the redhead seems more than happy to not say a word at all.

Dingo shrugs at Sophie. "No need fer wines, miss. The Grog'll do ya." He collects his own ingredients for the alcohol. In fact he tends to collect his own food when he can. Hios ability makes it easy enough for him to sneak around undetected when he wants to. He glances at Robyn and catches the flask as it is tossed back. "It doesn't matter what they've become. They ain't who they were, they ain't what they were. They ain't people anymore, just weapons he uses against us. Don't matter who they used to be, just what they can do now. And if they can smell a mutant a mile away, then they're something that needs to be taken out." He spits his cigarette butt on the ground and steps on it before turning to Rashmi. "Come find me next time you do something like that. Always fun to take on the Hounds." He looks back at the list. "And actually, if the mutant you saw IS Envy she might draw out the rest of the Sins. Maybe they'll finally start to help out a bit."

Sophie nods as no one seems to take to her idea very well, though this was to be expected. Really no reason anyone would want to take from what little food they seem to have, and when it is abundant, no sense in wasting it by making alcohol, especially if Dingo is able to make is own without collective ingredients. "I'll settle on the Grog then." She tries to force out a smile at the thought of drinking the shine for the rest of her probably short lived life.
You aren't carrying anything.

"Simple pleasures Rash." Robyn says in regards to the people not to be sick more than people needing alcohol. "When you've been stuck down here not able to leave for several years, the simple pleasures matter. But I heard someone ran into another one of the hounds earlier today, that fire guy who isn't a mutant…the red head." Robyn says trying to remember his name. "Kaden, or at least I think he's a hound, he claimed the guy said he wasn't a mutant and wasn't a hound. And I'm glad you all came back safe Rashmi." That last sentence holds a lot of weight for Robyn as it's one of the few ways he shows he still cares about some people. "Though I'm having Volk do something for me tonight…it should be something good for us. Give us a bit of an edge but I also fear there will be repercussions from fear." His sitting in the corner of the living area he's claimed as his, the papers on the wall and in boxes around the cot show that and like always he's in the wheelchair he's been confined too. "Hrm…Dingo..

"Hrm…Dingo..mind if I call on you in the future next time I have something? And I agree about the Hounds, and Hunters. Both need to be killed on sight." No matter who they once were, you don't keep friends if they're on the wrong side. "The Grog really isn't that bad, it's got a nice burn and does the trick. Much like lighter fluid."

Robin comes in through the main area limping slightly, her puppet following her close behind. She has a stony expression and black circles around her eyes from her lack of sleep. It almost seems as though the only rest she gets is whenever Blank dies, these days. The puppeteer was using her powers to go scouting for food and supply locations, like she usually does for the length of each day. She glances around at the people in the room and offers a nod.

"I wouldn't count on it, Dingo," Rashmi murmurs. "But I'll keep an ear out anyway." Resting a hand on Robyn's shoulder, she manages a smile at his statement. "I'm glad too… Don't stay out too late, all right? I'll be back in a couple hours with your dinner, but, I have a few drops to check first. Dingo, Sophie…" Trailing off as Robin shuffles out of her burrow, the redhead frowns to herself, glancing back at the medical cabinet as though to see if there are any tranquilizers that can be spared.

Dingo nods to Sophie. "Right. Can't give it out fer free too often. Otherwise everyone'd want it all the time." He offers a wave to Rashmi as she departs and turns to Robyn. "Aye, if you've got any ideas fer them Hounds I'd be happy to help ya out. Not goin' in there alone though. Some of em can do things even my sands'd be useless against." He glances at the other Robin and frowns, not remembering her name. It's too hard to remember such things recently.

Sophie laughs, moving one hand to readjust her glasses now that they've been shaken a little crooked. "Well, looks like I'll have to figure out some sort of exchange to at least keep myself supplied, right?" Her eyes gaze over both his metal appendages, knowing very well she could easily fix them if the occasion was ever needed. Her eyes then catch Robin, one of the few former students she actually does know and remember. "Hey Robin." She says, wondering if she'll even remember her.

Robyn reaches a hand up and squeezes Rashmi's hand. "I'll be out till at least 4am, that's when I arranged things with Volk." He doesn't say what he arranged though, trying to be somewhat cryptic if there are any moles about. "Take care Rash." He says softly, his voice betraying a bit more emotion and affection that he realizes. "Hey Robin…you look like hell. Get some rest." He says to her as moves himself from the wheelchair to the bed with some effort. "Twinkees…you get a hold of some twinkees and you can probably trade for anything, or in Dingo's case, cigarettes." Another hard to come by luxury in the underground.

Robin just sits down on the floor and Blank just unceremoniously collapses into a heap. She blinks as Robyn tells her to get some rest, "I don't feel so tired when I'm Blank. Volk shot her in the leg, though, I have to wait and recover before I scout more. I saw some places with a small amount of canned supplies. It's getting harder to find stuff." She rubs her face lightly and looks at the others, "We encountered Caleb. A Hound. I said to crush his head. The present opinions disagreed, so he's still alive." Her eyes flick down. She feels guilty about a man being alive. How weird is that?

Dingo follows Sophie's gaze to his metal appendages. He shakes his head, "Ah, ya haven't heard? Not quite as whole as I used to be." His metal arm simply falls off, landing on the ground with a metalic clang. "The armor's just there to make it easier to keep shape." Sand snakes its way out of the armor and up to his shoulder, where it reforms his arm. He bends down and picks up the metal casing, simply holding it up as the sands that have become his arm repossess the shell. He nods to Robyn, "Aye, smokes'll do ya fer some grog. Or the head of a Hound, Hunter, or Sentinel. That'll do ya, too."
Dingo frowns at Robin's report. "Caleb? Hmmm…Caleb, Caleb…" The name seems familiar, but it's been so long since he's had to deal with the ghost boy he no longer remembers. Caleb is also a fairly common name. He shakes his head. "Draw me a little map and I'll try to get to 'em. I can travel as a storm and it tends to confuse the Sentinels." He shakes his head, "And who cares what the others said. You trying to be popular or you trying to survive? You see a Hound, you kill it. No questions, no mercy."

"And don't forget me, should any help be needed." Sophie says, holding up both her arms. "This wires under here are great for electrocution or strangling." She smiles, letting both arms fall back down to her sides. Then suddenly her eyes light up, like a flash just hit her. "You know what, I think I know where to find some cigarettes…" She too, would have a great use for them, and not only to trade with. "I should be back in a couple hours." Smiling, she offers all the others some sort of mock salute before quickly descending back into the other parts of the tunnel.

"You were right, he should be dead." Robyn comments about Caleb and he shifts himself slowly over to confirm that there is a Hound named Caleb on his list. "Let me know who disagreed…I'll try to talk to them. Any Hounds should be kill on site…FUCK! What do these assholes think by leaving them alive they'll be redeemed and they'll get their friend back? Fuck that, it's us our them." He says with a bit of annoyance to his voice. "Thanks a lot guys for leaving the threat out there, the next mutant killed by that fucking Hound is on their heads." He's not mad at Robin, it's the others. "Tomorrow Dingo, I can get you information you need to go Hound hunting, the problem is, it's sporadic, right now though, I have mutant hater to posses for a bit and some files to look around so I can dig up more clues. Stay safe guys, stay very very safe." Robyn says as his eyes flash purple and he falls to his bed as his mind exits his body so he can do some recon.

Robin looks up at Dingo, eyebrows furrowed, "Blank was porting out. I needed to bring her back or I'd lose my link anyways for the same results and myself disabled for a few hours. Present company disagreed, so present company didn't follow my suggestion. I should have made the blow myself, though. I know. I won't screw up next time. I should have crushed his goddamn skull." She pulls her knees up close to herself a bit defensively, her eyes flicking up, and she gives Sophie tiny salute back.

Robin looks up at Dingo, eyebrows furrowed, "Blank was porting out. I needed to bring her back or I'd lose my link anyways for the same results and myself disabled for a few hours. Present company disagreed, so present company didn't follow my suggestion. I should have made the blow myself, though. I know. I won't screw up next time. I should have crushed his goddamn skull." She pulls her knees up close to herself a bit defensively, her eyes flicking up, and she gives Sophie tiny salute back.

Dingo nods to Sophie as she heads out. "Just stay out of trouble. No need to get killed over some liquor." He shrugs as she leaves and nods now to Robyn. "Yeah I'll come find you, see what's up as far as Hound hunting." He seems a bit confused as Robyn collapses, but he just shrugs and assumes it's normal. Glancing back at Roin he sighs, "Yeah well. Like he said that Hound's free to kill someone else now. Sure you were tired, but there were others there. Try and let them know next time that mercy will not be tolerated."

"Besides," comes a voice from the shadow as Betsy steps out of it, no longer clad in the protective shadow armor. "If we'd killed him it would have only attracted more attention to the area. Attention we don't need." She's got a duffel bag slung over a shoulder which she gently sets down in the middle of the gathering. "Besides, Ahab doesn't like failure. He's more likely not to talk about our encounter than admit that he wasn't able to bring us in."

Robin breaks the link and collapses back onto her bottom, Blank falling back down like a ragdoll. "Goddammit." She puts her fingers through her hair and shakes her head, "You're right. If there was a chance, I'd send her anyways, and we'd die all over again. He's gone now." She grates her teeth until Betsy comes in. Her eyes turn towards the woman, "Betsy. I'm sure you did what you thought was best. I just didn't do what I thought was best. Caleb should be dead if I just did it myself. One less Hound."

Dingo turns to the new arrival. "Ahab will know about that encounter whether the Hound was successful or not. The fact that he ran into so many of you will be enough for him to investigate the area further. He'll probably keep his beasty ones there to sniff us out now." He shakes his head. "Of course he'd probably be mad, but he'd have information. A location, descriptions of powers. It'll be that much harder in the future."
You aren't carrying anything.

"They already know about me," Betsy says, unzipping the duffelbag. "Ahab has been hunting me since this war began. Where I go, they can't follow." The fact that she's been so active is a testament to how true that statement is. "Here. I was on my way here to drop this off when I encountered Caleb." Inside the bag is some very badly needed supplies. Bottles of antibiotics, some insulin, some morphine, and a wide variety of books and magazines.

"Thank goodness. Something to read," says Robin. Not that she actually reads much of anything anymore. But she knows how much an effect it can have. She grips her leg slightly and says, "Next time you see Volk, tell him that shooting Blank in the leg is not cool." Of course, she /should/ have downtime. More accurately, she /should/ be sleeping right now.

Dingo shakes his head. "No matter how many encounters we have with his minions, he can still learn about us. It's best to move as secretly as possible and kill whoever sees you." He thumbs toward the medicine area he just picked up supplies for. "This stuff's useful, but not if it gives them the intel they need to take us down."

Betsy gives Dingo a hard stare before walking back to the duffel bag and zips it up. "Very well, luv," she says picking it up. "I'll take it to the San Jose camp. I don't have the time or patience to stand here and argue about my methods. Plenty of people need this."

Robin looks up at Betsy and says, "No, leave it here. Please. We need these supplies. I'm not going to say I don't think Caleb should be dead. But you did what you thought was right, and I didn't do what I thought was right." She falls onto her back and looks up the roof, "We have injuries and infections and people going stir crazy. We need it."

Dingo seems indifferent to the idea of Betsy taking the materials with her. He glances over at Robin and huffs, "Let her take it. Let her make another bad decision, it seems that's all she's capable of." He shrugs. "After all, she's not proving anything to the two of us, we don't need the medical supplies. She'll just be hurting people whose opinions aren't even being voiced here. People who will probably be injured by the Hound she let get away today."

The Japanese woman just sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, her black hair falling over her face to obscure the strange red crescent shape tattoo that covers her left eye. "One would think that after twenty years I'd stop having to prove myself."

Robin keeps staring up at the roof, blinking a few times as Dingo speaks. She crosses her arms and repeats, "Please leave the supplies." She seems for a moment to try and sit up, but fails at this task.

Dingo shrugs. "Yeah well one would also think that the world wouldn't be run by a psycho with an army of robots and mind controlled mutants, but life doesn't always turn out the way we want it." He grabs his empty backpack and walks past Betsy toward the tunnel exit. "Do what you want, but try not to endanger the lives of the few of our kind we have left." He passes by her and exits into the tunnels, not offering either of them so much as a wave.

Betsy looks up as Dingo leaves to room, scowling, mind racing. "Bloody hell," she manages, shaking her head dismissing whatever thought crossed her mind. "I shouldn't be so bloody paranoid." She glances over at where Robin is slumped and her expression softens. "You need to rest," she says as she walks over to her. "I know how much taking a hit like that stresses you."

Robin smiles slightly at Betsy, tilting her head a bit, whispering, "Oh… Don't tell anyone. Keep it our little secret. Blank is the perfect disposable soldier and I don't want anyone hesitating to use her like one. It's my only purpose anymore…"

Betsy crouches down, resting a worried hand on Robin's shoulder. «I won't,» she sends taking the conversation telepathically, «But… anybody with a shred of psionics can tell you're killing yourself little by little every time you do that. Just because Blank can be destroyed and you'll survive it doesn't mean that you should go out of your way to destroy her.» She considers the young woman fore a while before offering up a weary, but genuine smile. «Now go to bed and get some rest until you feel better,» she says, while planting a telepathic command to make sure that Robin will do just that. Sure it's not the most ethical of things, but she knows Robin will keep pushing herself until she collapses.

«I don't go out of my way, but it's the safest way to scout… If a piece of me has to die so that a whole someone can live, so be it.» Robin doesn't say much more, though, and follows the telepathic command. «I'm feeling…» "Really tired," she mumbles, "I just noticed…" She rolls over a bit so she is against the wall, "Are you leaving the supplies? We'll… need them lots." And without another word, she falls asleep.

Betsy finds a spare pillow and tucks it underneath Robin's head so she doesn't cramp up by the time she wakes up. Looking satisfied she nods and steps into a shadow, disappearing to God only knows where, leaving the duffel bag behind.

~ Fin ~

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