Allie Storms
Portrayed By
Gender Female
Date of Birth 09/13/1962
Age 43
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases None
Place of Birth Seattle
Current Location New York
Occupation Unemployed
Known Relatives Parents and a butler
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Machine body
First Appearance OC

I am a robot. Beep beep beooop.


Allie's early years were troublesome, she was born weak and hospitalized for the first year of her life. Her condition didn't improve after that, though she was able to be at home with her parents at their single family home. When at appropriate age, her parents hired private tutors that would give her classes from her room, still quite unable to leave her bed. Even at the age of seven, if she even left the bed, her tutors or mother would be ecstatic, though all she wanted was to be able to play outside with other children. Her father at this age was far more concerned with work, and rarely, if ever, was able to visit her.

During Allie's time bedridden, she was able to read many, many books. By the age of nine, her level of knowledge was bordering high school education, easily. However, myopia had began to set in, and even that activity was taken from her. Her condition worsened and almost every week she was required to visit the hospital for checkups. On one of these such checkups, an unexpected event occurred.

A fight broke out between a 'hero' and a robotic humanoid menace. The fight ultimately decimated a large portion of the vehicle occupying both Allie Storms and her family's Butler. The crash left small bits
of the robot behind, as well as its arm, but the robot managed to overtake the hero, and the fight continued elsewhere. Allie and the Butler were taken to the hospital by on-site emergency response. The butler would be fine, Allie, however, was critically injured, and was likely to die within a few days.

Her father, wanted to attempt to revive his daughter through technology, which Allie consented to in her wavering condition, floating in and out of consciousness daily. A new project was started
at her father's laboratory, an attempt at life sustaining prosthetics. The technology ultimately wasn't there though, and things looked grim until the severed pieces of the robot that originally collided with
the vehicle were retrieved and brought to the laboratory. With this technology, Allie's father was able to devise some simple solutions to preserve Allie's life. As research continued over the month, a primitive synthetic body with limited power was devised. Only Allie's brain and part of her spine were implanted into this body, and such became as her first new body.

Research continued even after that, the original body had many flaws and problems which were lately solved as the body's components were upgraded and revised again and again. Less and less maintenance was required and soon Allie became even human looking. Eventually, she was able to be tutored again and life became a modicum bit more normal. As Allie grew, so did her hatred of the heroes that wrecked her original body and their 'morality free' living that allowed them to 'ruin' other people's lives. She slowly became convinced that heroes were a plague upon the country and so were villains, though she wouldn't directly do anything about it.

At the age of 23, Doctor Edward Storms, her grandfather, devised a new power source that was denied to even be a real, a small cold fusion reactor. One of the prototypes of the reactors was placed in Allie's body to keep her from having to recharge her body every thirty hours. This new reliable power source afforded even more upgrades in Allie's body. Doctor Ed. Storms' credibility fell to an all time low as the
idea of a small cold fusion reactor was dismissed as 'fraud'. However, research continued on the reactor for a short while until the technology was perfected for Allie's body.

New research into materials provided a 'skin-mesh' that properly hid that Allie was even machine, allowing her to easily blend into society. She began taking up jobs as a normal adult, though her hobbies included free-running, cooking, reading, anything she wasn't able to do when younger. As she got older, she began getting more risky with her activities, taking free-running as a serious sport around Seattle.

Wanting to start life again in a new area with new people, Allie moves to New York around 2001.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • It's rumor that Allie dances to the oldies to keep in shape.
  • The deathstar was built originally by Allie.
  • None of these amazing things are true at all.


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