2009-02-04: Allowance


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Summary: Jeri and Christopher tell Eddie that it's time to get a bank account.

Date: February 4, 2009


Rating: G

Eddie's Room (Xavier Mansion)

Having come to the decision, Jeri drags Christopher along with him to Eddie's room. Knocking on the door outside, he waits, patiently. "At least, I hope he's in there. Otherwise, we'll wait until this evening." He says, grinning and placing an arm over his husband's shoulder.

Leaning against Jeri, Christopher puts his arm around his waist in return. "I hope so too, because I have to work tonight." He says with a shrug. He has a couple clients tonight so he can't exactly just skip work. "Though I do have the whole afternoon free."

There's a short delay before a noise comes from inside. "Come in. The door's open!" Eddie calls. He's over by his dresser, pulling off one shirt and unfolding another to put on. There are some bandages on his chest and arms still but less than yesterday.

Opening the door, Jeri grins. "Hey, kiddo. Get dressed for getting out of the house." He says with a grin, letting Christopher enter first. After all, Jeri blocks doors on sheer technicality. "We gotta go getcha somethin' important."

Christopher steps in first and smiles with a nod. "You feeling better kiddo?" He asks just checking on how Eddie is with all his small injuries. "And yes we do, it's a bit chilly out there so you might want to dress warm."

Eddie squeaks, just managing to get unstuck from the Human Torch t-shirt he was pulling on. "Hey, Dads," he smiles, walking over to hug both older mutants. "Something important?" he asks, blinking in confusion. "I'm alright. I wasn't hurt that bad and Leo..he's a new student here…I think he'd got healing properties to his powers."

"He's fine. Eddie's a tough kid." Jeri laughs, ruffling his son's hair. "Oh, new healer student? That'll make some things easier for Ceci." he says with a nod. "Yup. Something important. It's time to get you a bank account of your own, so you can learn to manage money. That, and… well… you deserve a steady allowance."

Christopher chuckles. "I know, I'm just a worrier." Christopher says putting a hand on Eddie's shoulder to give it a light squeeze. "Jeri and I thought it'd be good for you and be able to give you a bit more freedom as well."

Eddie squeaks when ruffled. "I think he does atleast. Or I suddenly developed a secondary mutation…but that's really unlikely…" he trails off, scratching the side of his head. "Bank account? Allowance?" he squeaks, looking a bit nervous now as he looks at his adopted fathers.

"Yeah. You need to learn how to handle money. We won't be around forever, so this is the easiest way." Jeri nods quickly as he sees Eddie's nervousness. "And you can add one of us to your accounts if you want, just to keep an eye if you accidentally overspend."

"And having a bank account isn't as scary as you think. Also if you ever find yourself in a jam and need money, it'll be easier for you." Christopher says and he knows he'll probably be keeping an eye on the account anyway just to make sure Eddie doesn't overspend.

Eddie goes a bit pale at the notion of Chris and Jeri not being around. Sure, he knows it can happen but that doesn't mean he likes it being brought up. Shaking his head, he looks up. "Okay…just…gonna need some help figuring it all out…"

"And that's what we're here for. And we'll add the allowance deposits regularly." Jeri says with a quick nod. "That way you don't have to worry. I'll actually set it up as a regular transfer, if we use my bank."

"We can set up automatic funding from our joint account to deposit an allowance into yours regularly." Christoper says. "Also Bobby does a bit with finance and accounting believe or not so it might be an excuse for you to start taking an accounting class with him." Christopher says with a chuckle, knowing Bobby is one of his favourite heroes.

Eddie nods slowly, squirming on the spot. "Okay…" he trails off. "How much?" he asks, more worried about getting too much than anything. A blush comes to his face as Christopher brings up Iceman and Eddie nods again. "I guess so."

"Oh, we figure about five hundred seems fair and reasonable with current economics demands on the teenager." Jericho says with a quick nod. "Ohyeah, he did used to work as an accountant, didn't he?" He says, nodding as he remembers that from one of his chats.

"I know, it's one of those hard to believe Bobby trivia facts. Freezing all the soda in the fridge so noone can drink them right away, that's believeable. Bobby taking anything seriously long enough to become an an accountant, not so believable." Christopher says with a chuckle. "And what Jeri said, about five hundred should be good."

Eddie's eyes go wide and he squeaks. "F-f-five hundred?" he squeaks again, just staring in disbelief.

"Yeah. I've weighed things out." Jeri says with a nod as he chuckles at Eddie. "I could up it if you wanted." He says.
"Five hundred is just what we're putting in your account now, and just don't go spending it all on comic books." Christopher teases Eddie as he reaches over to ruffle his hair.

Eddie, misunderstanding what's being said, seems to think he's getting a five hundred dollar allowance. He just squeaks faintly after the ruffle and falls right over. THUD, fainted.

"And boom goes the dynamite." Jeri says, chuckling as he picks Eddie up and slings him over his shoulder. "You wanna get his jacket?"

Christopher chuckles and shakes his head going over to grab Eddie's jacket. "He'll wake up on the car ride to the bank. And afterwards we can go grab lunch together."

Eddie remains KO'd on Jeri's shoulder. His jacket's in the closet, hanging up next to the clothes that are 'too nice' to be folded up and crammed into a dresser.

Jeri makes his way to the car and leads them off to the bank.

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