2009-04-19: Almost Caught


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Summary: A break-in at the Museum almost ends up with the London Phantom stopped…

Date: April 19, 2009

Almost Caught

Rating: PG

Sunday around the museum of natural history, seems like an ancient Egypt exhibition is showing right now. A certain thief was commissioned to steal just one of the artifacts at the exhibit. It's about a minute before the alarms go off at the museum. He's a great thief, but that doesn't mean he's perfect. Walking out with a duffel bag, the shadow manipulator starts to run off, though he's not doing much to hide himself, except that he's in one of his disguises, a long brown haired man with a matching mustache, He's wearing risers in his shoes making him around six foot two.

Hair tucked into his hat, Officer Simmons is patrolling the museum area, eyes glancing around as he does so. The museum tends to be one of the quieter places, usually with a lack of actual theft. That makes it an easy day for the Florakinetic member of New York's Finest. He strides along softly, watching people as they pass by, waiting for something… anything exciting.

Given that the alarms have started to go off, and that Simon's walking path was coming right out of the museum. It may be a logical choice to pin the blame on the shaggy-haired young man. He left his calling card where the artifact he had stolen, simply blaming the theft on The London Phantom.

As the alarms go off, Aaron reaches for the gun on his hip, calling in the alarm with his other hands as he looks around. Seeing the guy with the duffle, he calls out. "Sir! Could you please stop right there for a moment?" His hand on his gun butt seems to be reaching for a small pocket on his belt.

The thief looks to the cop. His eyes squinting. The one time he's been on a job in about a month, and a cop happens to see him. "You've gone sloppy, old boy" He mutters to himself, in his british accent. "Sure thing, officer." He says, now sounding like a generic American. He's ready to hop into his shadow any moment, but wants to see if he can get away with this one using just his skills.

As the alarm goes off, other officers move towards the source, trying to find what happened, exactly. Aaron just has his intuition to go on. "Mind if I check your bag?" After all, bag check is normal in a museum. They usually keep them in the front. He puts on a bright smile as he walks over. There is something in his hand, but it seems to be nothing more than a small piece of grass or something. It's not definite WHAT, but it's obviously a plant. "With the alarm going off, we have to check all bags going in and out. Standard procedure."

Simon looks to the officer, a simple smile on his face. "Go right ahead. You'll find some clothes and one of those 'gift shop' replica necklaces. There's somebody back home who'd enjoy it." The thief looks to the bag as he hands it over to Aaron.

Doing just that, Aaron moves over to the bag. He tucks the plant under his sleeve lightly. He does look up, getting himself a good look at the other man's facial features. "I hate to do things like this to people buying gifts, but you gotta do things the way they tell ya, you know?"

"Yeah, I get it. I'm from dere, Illinois area. Same thing happened to me up where dey shot that Ferris Bueler movie. Some douche decided to try and steal that painting form the museum scene." Simon's accent work showing, he's making small talk, and keeping a straight face, he had to adopt a new facade quickly. "Go ahead, take yer time." He offers to Aaron.

Picking up the necklace, Aaron inspects it closely. "Odd. You buy a replica of the one that went missing." He says, shrugging softly. But, the markings on the underside of this one make it fairly obvious. AFter all, all replica contain little hints at their origin. He gives the bag back, dropping a little bit of vine inside it. Nothing major, and not even growing. Just… to sense. He tilts his head, standing up again. "Sorry about that…"

"'Ey not a problem officer. My lil sis likes that dere Ancient Egypt. Figured I'd surprise 'er. Figures that the real one'd go missing, right when I was headed out." Simon takes the bag back, not noticing the vine inside. "Anyting else I can do fer you?"

"Not anything that I can think of." Aaron says as he tilts his head slightly. It just feels wrong, but you can't base anything in this business on feelings. He reaches up to scratch his head, a lock of green falling down into his face. "My apologies, but… policework." He offers a slight shrug.

"Alright then, well unless dere's anything else. I'm gonna get going." There should be an air of awkwardness. "Good luck wit that burglary." He says, starting to move off. Keeping a slow pace, not to look way too suspicious.

Aaron does move along behind him, nodding to himself. "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. Why are the clothes you're carrying completely wrong for you? Triple Extra Large on someone your size? And the bra?" There wasn't a bra in there. He's making that one up. "Up to something interesting later? I mean, I go to the shows. I like seeing new stuff." He plays it off with a grin.

Shit, the police caught onto that. Quickly the thief explains. "The bra… well. Dat's fer my girlfriend. We consolidated today. Main bag on da bus, and tonight's clothes in the duffel. And da triple X is one'a dose souvenirs. The sis makes quilts outta dem." Simon hopes internally that that whole spiel worked.

There's a grin from Aaron as the vine in the bag begins to twist. "You know, I thought it would be something like that. Well, let me be the first to congratulate you." He says, extending his hand as his other hand opens another pouch. It's a different vine altogether. Morning Glory.

The thief looks at the police man funny. "Congratulate me on what?" He asks, a little confused. He reaches a hand out to the officer.

"Consolidating. That means marrying, right? Or moving in together?" Aaron grips the hand quickly, using the other hand to pat the top of it as the vine wraps around, quickly. Whether it catches or not is anyone's guess. However, he's obviously attempting a hold on the guy with the plant.

"Naa, it means. OI WAT THE FUCK!" Mid sentence he breaks character and uses his british accent. The vine wraps around Simon's hand, and he;s trying to pull it off as hard as he can. "Get the hell offa me you green leafy bastard!" He's about to start merging into his shadow, but he wants to be released.

"Where's the necklace? Or do I need to take you to the station first?" His voice is pleasant and smiling. He figured something out, yay for Aaron. Of course, he doesn't know what the guy'spowers are. Act first? He did. "You really should pay more attention to your surroundings. After all, if you're going to carry clothes, make sure you know what you're carrying." Normally, he thinks things through much better, but this time? oops.

"And you don't have anything on me Copper." Yes, he said 'copper'. Simon still struggles against the Green Man. "So, what are you gonna do with me?" He asks, giving the police man a smirk.

"Copper? You actually said COPPER?" There's a laugh from Aaron at that as he shakes his head. "Well, take you to the station for questioning, on suspicious activity." He says, calling for backup. Of course, the guy could probably break away, but he doesn't realize that.

The thief continues to stare at Aaron. "Sorry to spoil your plans." He says, looking down and starting to merge with his shadow. As soon as he's on the other side, the portal's gonna close. Unless Aaron acts quickly, Simon is gonna get away.

Unfortunately, Aaron's chosen that moment to think. And, the thinking takes time. He won't be able to keep the guy. He pulls back, but it's too little too late. "Damnit." He mutters.

There's a shadow with no object left in the corporeal world. With part of a vine attached to his hand. "Maybe next time, copper." A voice from the shadow calls out, it sounds distant, and it's light on the air. "See you later!" He calls out, moving alongside the sidewalk to get out of the area.

As the guy gets away, Aaron glares before growling under his breath, the others arriving only after. "Apparently, this guy was a superhuman." The anger is written on his face clearly. But there's nothing he can do but file a report.

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