2011-09-01: Alpha Discussion

Players: Nigel and Xorn

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Summary: Xorn meets with Nigel to discuss the upcoming semester.

Date: September 1, 2011

Log Title: Alpha Discussion

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Classroom Two

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

It’s Thursday afternoon as Xorn dressed in one of the old X-Men uniforms, black pants and black shirt with large gold X on the front and a black leather jacket hanging off the chair he sits on by the desk in front of the classroom. With a folder, he reviews the new squad that he has been assigned and on the desk is the file on Nigel “Wildcard” Beck. After reviewing the file, Shen telepathically summons Nigel to the classroom just before the start of the semester to get to know his new advisee.

Nigel nearly jumps out of his sneakers when he gets the mental summons and heads for a classroom after making sure he doesn't need to change his underwear. "Yeesh I can turn into a living cartoon you'd think I'd be used to hearing voices by now.." He takes a breath and enters the classroom where he tries to surpress all thoughts of Xorn looking like Bruce Lee and Darth Vader had a son. "Umm you called for me professor?"

When Nigel enters the room, Xorn turns his head to face his new student. The metallic mask containing his massive energies seeps wisps of black energy which simply fades when making contacting with the air. His disembodied voice fills the classroom, “Hello, Mr. Beck. Please have a seat.” He points to a student desk in front of his teacher’s desk.

Nigel nods and moves to take a seat, looking around to note that he's the only student in the room he gets nervous. "Umm am I in trouble? I mean I havn't had any episodes since I came here.. at least I don't remember having any."

Though his mask has no eyes, nose, or mouth, Xorn still makes an imposing figure. His mask seems to follow Nigel as he sits right in front of him. He stands and moves directly in front of Nigel, “Episodes? Are you sure you haven’t had any? Why type of episodes?” His voice’s echo seems to fill the room.
Nigel shrugs a bit "Before I transformed for the first time my powers used to come and go in spurts.. I'd be asleep and having a dream where I was flying and wake up on the roof of my house, stuff like that. Never had any concious control over it. After my first change I don't seem to have them anymore, though I don't remember the times I had them in the past so I can't be sure."

Nodding his head, “There have been no episodes and you are not in trouble, Nigel.” Calling him by his first name, Xorn is attempting to be less scary. Leaning against and half-sitting on the teacher’s desk, Xorn offers, “With the school year starting next week, the new squadrons have been determined and you have been placed on my squad. The Alphas. I am the advisor for the group and I thought it would be nice to meet with you before we begin.”

Nigel nods "Yeah I got the notice, so what are the squads all about? Are we sorted by some predetermined criteria or somthing?" He sits back a little, trying to look a little more composed.

“The squads are determined and changed every year. You are placed with a group of other mutant students and I will oversee your powers training. You still attend regular classes, but I will supervise your Danger Room sessions and act as an advisor to you. Something akin to a mentor and guidance counselor and add in coach, I suppose. That is a fair description. There will be set times for your sessions, both individual and group sessions.” Xorn reaches for a syllabus and passes it to Nigel. “This is the schedule for training and also the name of your fellow Alphans.”

Nigel nods and takes the syllabus, looking it over. "I understand, I guess that means we'll be seeing a great deal more of each other. Mabye you can help me get a handle on things a little more."
If he could smile, he would, but the tone of his disembodied voice eases in volume and stress, “Yes. That is my job. So tell me what is you would like to get a handle on?” Reaching over for Nigel’s file and perusing it Xorn continues, “I would like to use this time to see what your goals and how in particular you would like my assistance.”

Nigel nods "Well I need to get a little more concious control over Wildcard. When I change it seems the best I can do is steer him in the right direction and just hang on. I don't really have any say in how he handles the situation, just in what outcome he's working towards."

“Gaining control of one’s powers in a paramount endeavor for the Xavier Institute professors for our students. And it will be mine with regard to you. It seems your powers are different from others as Wildcard seems to be another being entirely from you. Do you consider yourself to be Wildcard or do you see him as someone separate from you?” Xorn questions the student as he does a low-level telepathic and emotion scan of Nigel to see how he feels regarding Wildcard and the whole interview.

Nigel ponders a moment "I've tried looking up a few things on the net. Frankly I think physchiatry reads like trying to figure out stereo instructions in japanese but from what I can figure out we're the same person. Wildcard is my Id and Ego running without the restraint of my superego.. if that makes any sense. Basically he's me with any kind of behavioral limits tossed out the window." His mind is fairly easy to read when not changed, though his thoughts on Wildcard are varied.. Fear, Jelousy, a bit of resentment that he can't use his powers at all without giving up almost all control of them.

“Ah, a Freudian analysis. Well my understanding of his works and psychology and psychiatry is limited. But that makes sense, literally in the sense of Wildcard being an animated cartoon able to create ways of defeating opponents in ways similar to those Looney Tunes creations.” Xorn nods as he listens and discusses the matter with Nigel, “So you and he are one. That is good. So you would wish for control when Wildcard is present. Well, that is something to work towards. I understand it is difficult to deal with you telepathically when you are Wildcard, so we will work on that. Work on trust between you and I to allow telepathic contact. Perhaps draw your consciousness out when he is present.” It’s just one suggestion. Xorn has some ideas and that is just one to work with. “Do you have any specific questions for me? Is there something you’ like of me?”

Nigel thinks for a moment "Not really, this place is pretty straightforward about what it's goals are. Though I have to wonder why somone like Magneto is wandering the halls, isn't he like the opposite of what you're hoping we're going to turn out like?"

"Well, I am the goals of the Xavier Institute are straightforward to you." Xorn always finds that some of the students tend to be suspect of the staff and the school in general sometimes rightfully so. When the question of Magneto is posed, Xorn turns his head and is surprised. While he was aware that Magneto had been around last semester, he was not sure if the Mutant Master of Magnetism was back. Trying to find a good answer, Xorn responds, "Magneto has been a faculty member here previously and is welcome back from time to time when he is coherent. His reputation has been slightly exaggerated, but you will find if you have the chance to meet him that he is a very passionate man and has strong ideas on mutancy. You also find some of the X-Men and some professors here have had moments where the perception of them was not on par with how most educators should be seen. But every faculty and staff member here deserves to be here and all care for the students. Everyone, student, staff, and faculty, are seeking redemption."

Nigel nods "I was just curious is all, I guess I'll really see what this place is all about when the year starts and we get things underway. I really need to find out what wildcard's limits are as well. How long I can stay changed.. if anything can actually hurt him. stuff like that."

“All those questions will hopefully be answered during the semester.” Xorn then goes to sit back at the desk, “Well thank you for meeting with me, Nigel. I will be meeting with the other students as well and after Labor Day we will have our first group session.” Xorn bows, “Have a pleasant weekend.”

Nigel nods and stands "Have a good one professor, I'll see you again when we're ready to get started." He turns to head out.

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