2009-03-24: Alternate Discoveries


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Summary: Kaji gets attacked by AU-Cid. After knocking him out, he goes to check on REAL Cid.

Date: March 24, 2009

Alternate Discoveries

Rating: PG

Kaji's Apartment, then Cid's

Click. Click. There isn't much to watch on the television; and it shows easily as the sounds of the TV cut off after a few seconds before a new set blares. "Goddamit. Nothing but the news." The mutant tosses the remote onto the cushion next to him as he leans his head back soon afterwards. He lets out a large sigh before he tilts his head to the side to look out the open window.

The open window offers no real view at the moment, at least as Kaji first looks. But then, accompanied by the sound of a TV-robotic-scanner, a small creature appears, looking in the window. It has large eyes and ears, scanning it's face across the room. It disappears right after the 'scan' is completed. There's a murmur of laughter from down below, accompanied by a voice. "It looks like they both exist here. You go up high. I'll take the lower one." Though no one can yet be seen.

A low chuckle comes from below before vanishing, and Kaji gets up from the couch. Heading for the window to look outside of it. "What the…" After he looks outside, he heads back to the couch; rubbing at his head before he shrugs a bit. "Must've been an RC thing."

It takes a few moments, but there's a knock outside Kaji's door. When he opens it, it's Cid. In all his natural glory. However, he's dressed in something more skin-tight. That, and there are marks about his eyes, odd symbols that blend into a whole. He waits patiently for the moment.

Kaji looks back at the door as the knock comes from it. THe mutant blinks for a moment, and then shrugs before he heads towards it and opens it up to reveal Cid. "Uh… hey, Cid." The matter of attire makes him more confused as he even tilts his head slightly, the marks adding more to the confusion.

Taking a moment, Cid looks Kaji up and down, nodding. "You look… so pure." He grins, sliding a tongue over his upper lip. He tilts his neck to the side, emitting a small crack. "I wondered if you would be here. I'm quite glad you are." He moves in, unless Kaji prevents him from doing so, looking around. "My, what a… nice apartment." There seems to be some level of condescension in his voice that's never been heard from Cid.

Kaji is too confused at the moment to prevent him from coming in, and the wolf leaves the door open for the moment. He arches a brow at the last comment as he just stays silent for a short moment; studying the air that just came in. "And why, by chance. Are you wearing that."

"What else would I be wearing?" Cid asks, raising an eyebrow. He mutters under his breath. A faceless creature appears, changing his clothing into a leather vest and chaps. "Would you prefer this?" He grins, another faceless creature appearing and changing it into a short top and tiny cut-offs that leave little to the imagination. "Or this?"

Kaji blinks. He's about to say something, but a flush flows over his cheeks at the last outfit and he closes his eyes; letting out a breath before he speaks. "You… aren't the Cid I know." He clenches his teeth and starts to turn to leave the room; shaking his head in muttering confusion.

"Of course I am. Who else would I BE?" Cid says, laughing softly. "Oh, dear. Have you and Cid not gotten down and… NASTY yet?" He grins, holding out a hand with a figure of himself in it. He begins tweaking the image in his hand until it becomes something different. Shoving the creation in his chest, he begins to change into something resembling Kaji's wolf-side. "You know… He's going to LOVE it doggy style." He laughs loudly before leaping at Kaji before he can get too far.

Kaji stops walking, looking back at the Cid before he sees the change into semblence to his wolf form and his eyes grow a bit wide at that. He opens his mouth to talk before he just closes it, and swallows a bit. The leaping at him would cause him to be pressed against the wall next to the door and he just says softly, "I'm… not sure… what you're talking about."

"Oh please. If he's Cid at all, oh…" Cid blinks, laughing. "He just got out of Rumspringa here, didn't he? I forgot, you didn't have the overtaking." He begins to bellow with laughter, before he swipes a clawed hand towards Kaji. "Too bad he'll never learn just what you mean to him." He growls deep in his throat. "Poor creature. He'll never know what it's like. Well, he may learn just before he dies."

Kaji's demeanor changes slightly at the swipe at him and he ducks down low under it; planting a foot along the ground as he rockets a fist up towards AUCid's stomach. "Don't threaten me. Nor him," growls out the mutant. If it hits, or if it misses, Kaji's still going to try and slip out of the door and head to the stairwell.

The hexenmeister laughs, creating a gremlin and throwing it at the door. The door shuts quickly, and the latches break. But there's still the fire escape, which he runs to protect. "Oh, I'm not threatening him. You're up there right now, teaching him JUST what it means." Other-Cid laughs. "Though, I fear his first kiss will probably be his last." He tosses another Gremlin at Kaji himself this time, though since Kaji can see them, he might be able to affect them. This one is aimed for his shoes if he's wearing them. If not, for pants.

Kaji snarls as he turns back towards AUCid, his body shifting into his wolf form as his fingers crack and pop. "You're really pissing me off now." Thankfully, he's not wearing any shoes. But the gremlin going for his pants gets a fist thrown down at it in a very quick jab.

As the Gremlin is crushed, Other-Cid recoils as if struck, himself. "Oh, you ass." He growls, leaping towards the werewolf shifter. Of course, this leaves him quite prone and open to attack. He's obviously not really that much of a fighter, just like THIS Cid. Only… he's more vulgar and rude. "He's probably dead by now, because You're up there beating the shit out of him." He tries to land a kick as he lands, but he's really not that good.

Kaji chuckles softly. "Now we're on the same page." He lets out a small growl as he slides back into a fighting stance, his eyes following the Other-Cid. He tenses up his legs; pivoting about on one paw to slam a roundhouse kick into the hexenmeister.

The Hexenmeister is indeed kicked! However, he does have the thought to wrap himself around said leg and attempt a bite. He tries to speak around the leg or pants, but it's not coming out clearly. At least Kaji knows who the strong one is here.

Kaji lets out another growl as he looks down at his leg; his hackles rising up as he brings a hand down to grab at the Other-Cid's shirt. "Oi!" If he can get a grip on it, he'd start to pull him up off of his leg; holding him still at an arm's distance.

Right about then, there's a scream from up above. A loud one. It sounds like Cid himself. Other-Cid laughs, releasing the leg as he gets grabbed by the shirt. He dangles there, trying to swipe a claw out. He's not calling anymore gremlins out. Maybe there's a reason for that as well.

The wolf's ears perk up at that, and he throws Other-Cid behind him like an old rag doll. In a swift movement, he's out of the window and heading up the fire escape.

The window was open to let the breeze in, and because Cid is not used to using much electricity, still. However, with the craziness that's been going on, he's completely confused. He's pressed down against the couch, with the other Kaji, still in human form, perched atop him. The Other-Kaji is shirtless, and there are rips in Cid's own shirt. He's whimpering and trying to get away. "Get off… please."

Other-Kaji laughs, hands shifted into wolf form while the rest remains human… that can be seen. "Oh, I plan to."

Kaji vaults up onto the railing outside of the window before he leaps into the room, his paws making short time on the ground before he leaps for the other Kaji. Aiming to either slam him into a wall, onto the ground, but mainly to just knock him off of Cid. A snarl accompanying his entrance.

The other-Kaji hears the movement and ducks to the side, rolling Cid with him. "Oooh, testy." he laughs. "What? You think I'm gonna do anything to him you wouldn't? You should know better." He laughs. "I KNOW what you'd do." He leans down, sliding a tongue over Cid's face.

Cid whimpers again. "K… Kaji? What is this?" He asks, glaring at the one over him angrily as the laughter that normally calls up a gremlin appears in the air.

Kaji slides along the ground; his claws making dull scratch marks into the ground as he stands back up, growling loudly. "Get off of him." His hands held out to his sides as he starts to walk towards them. "From what I gather. It's our other selves. I've already had the lovely opportunity to completely. Trash. The other Cid."

Other-Kaji grins. "Awwww, did you hurt him? If you hurt him, I kill you both. I was just going to kill him, but he looked so innocent that I thought his tight little body needed a little… experience first." He laughs, standing up, only to hear a loud rip as the pant legs split. The gremlin giggle happens again as he coughs, his pants getting too tight. He can't quite fur up his lower body yet.

Cid looks at the real Kaji and blinks. "There was another me? I… I don't think I want to know." He blushes, moving away quickly as he goes to find a place to hide behind, so the Kaji's can hash things out. However, he IS going to try to figure out something.

Kaji lets out a small chuckle as he walks closer to the Other-Kaji. "Oh, believe me. I harmed him. I think he's having fun laying in a heap in front of me door." He doesn't know really. He lets out a small laugh as he cracks his knuckles before he leaps to tackle the other mutant to the ground.

The other Kaji is still too tight to properly shift, but he does release a growl and attempt a shoulderbite as he's tackled. He can't move properly, due to his tightly gripped pants. Sliding a claw down, they rip on the side, as he immediately forms the rest of himself into the form.

Cid sees the naked Kaji form, knowing it's not his and gasps, trying to look away briefly.

Kaji snarls at the bite before he brings a hand up to grip at the Other-Kaji's muzzle to pull him off of his shoulder. "You. Little. Mongrel!" He lets go of the muzzle whether or not it comes off of his shoulder and he rises a fist to slam it down into the Other-Kaji's shoulder.

The muzzle doesn't move easily, because the other-kaji is letting wolfish instincts control. He's snarling. As he's knocked in the back, he yelps, moving to prowl and stalk around the other wolf.

There's a sound of a warpzone. Cid reaches into the pantry and pulls out… a large bat? Steel? Something like it. He hasn't really looked. He holds it tight, spinning his hands around it. "Kaji… are you ok?" He asks, unable to bring himself to do more than hold it yet.

Kaji stands up tall, watching the other wolf with a small growl coming from his throat. "I'm just dandy, Cid. I get to teach a wolf a lesson." His muzzle splits into a wolfish grin as he makes a 'Bring it' gesture towards Other-Kaji. "Just like how I started."

Other-Kaji leaps as he's motioned at, unable to resist the taunt. He hasn't that much experience either, but definately has a little more physical strength than the Kaji of our world. He can't even form coherent thoughts or words right now, because of the instincts.

Cid rushes forward and slams the bat downwards onto the other Kaji before he drops it, shaking from fear as he runs behind the couch. A broom is left sitting on the ground afterwards.

Kaji may be weaker one of the two, he's also more human. As the other Kaji charges towards him, he grabs onto one of the arms; pulling him into a lock as Cid brings the bat down onto his head. Then before he could react to that, he hoists him up and hurls him over his shoulder onto the ground behind him.

As Other-Kaji falls to the ground, he yelps loudly, But then, his head suddenly perks up, as if hearing a voice outside the window. He howls loudly and begins to dart towards it. If anyone is to look outside, they'll see a whole pack of ferals down there, along with one woman and Other-Cid's now-standing body. The ones surrounding them? If they're recognized are Wolverine, Sabretooth, Wild Child, and others. The woman with them laughs out loud, "Come down, pet. I didn't see you before. You must have just gotten here." If he's not stopped, Other-Kaji will join them on the ground.

Cid looks to Kaji, holding his hands tightly under his arms. "Oh goodness. I hit him…" He's shaking. Poor thing.

Kaji vaults over the couch, his hackles raises as he moves to slam the other Kaji down onto the ground. "Like hell you're leaving!" If he can get him down under him; he'd plant a foot down onto his back to keep him down onto the ground.

He falls, being distracted, but even so, he's still trying to move to the window. Other-Kaji is apparently under some kind of mental trance.

Cid moves towards the real Kaji. "Please… just let him go." He whispers, shivering. "Just… let him go. I'm alright. You're alright. No more. I already … got violent."

Kaji looks over at Cid, panting heavily as he looks down at the Other-Kaji beneath his foot; still going for the window. "… Alright." He presses his foot down hard against the Other-Kaji once before kicking him towards the window.

The other-Kaji leaps out the window to rub his head against the woman's hand before kneeling next to the Other-Cid. The group walk away. The Other-Cid is still in the trashy clothing.

Cid looks out as he goes and gasps, seeing himself out there. He shakes his head broadly. "Heavens…" He mutters, looking at Kaji before he shuts his window. Firmly. "Are you ok? Are you sure?" He asks. Forget the fight.

Kaji looks back at the window after it's shut and he lets out a soft sigh. "Aside from two bite marks, I'm peachy." He looks back at Cid and kneels down in front of him. "I'm more worried about you. Are you okay?"

Cid wasn't even worried about himself. Though, where his shirt is slashed, there are a few welts, lightly bleeding. Long slashes, but nothing serious from the looks of them. "I'm… alright. I… I thought he was you. And he… he pretended to be." He bites his lip softly. "And… he…" He shakes his head quickly, blushing from what he remembers happening. "You said… there was another me down there?"

Kaji runs a pad over Cid's shirt and he sighs a bit. "Aye, there was another you." He shakes his head slightly, "He was… extremely different from you." He shifts back into his human form, letting out a soft laugh. "But… what did he… do to you."

"Well, it wasn't so bad, really. It was just… I…" Cid says pausing and pulling his shirt off to look at his shoulder. "Well, he came to me, being really nice. Wrapped me up in a hug and then… he kissed me." He blushes deeply. He moves to the pantry to pull out a basic first aid kit before returning to the couch. "Let me see those bites."

Kaji blushes softly at the mention of the kiss and he moves to the couch. "The bite on my leg was from the other you. He… had a good deal more control of what you can do." He laughs softly, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his head as he sits down.

"It was just so… forceful. I mean, he didn't wait to see my response. That's how… that's when I knew something wasn't right." Cid's blush extends to his eartips again. "Ouch. I'm sorry the… uhm… Me bit you." He says, bashfully pulling out some peroxide. "I can clean it for you, if you'd like."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "It'd be best to clean it, yeah. It'll heal in a bit anyway." He gulps a bit and then says, "I'm sorry… for … what the other Me did. I wouldn't have been forceful at all."

Cid moves to his knees on the ground and moves to get at the wound with the peroxide and some cotton balls. He blinks as he realizes something, blushing furiously, but smiling for some reason. He doesn't say anything yet, though.

Kaji blinks a bit before he looks down, and he slowly grabs a pillow and puts it over his waist; blushing horribly. He clears his throat a bit before he looks back down at Cid. Opening his mouth to speak before he just closes it once more. He forgot that he lost his pants.

Cid does the cleaning properly before placing a gauze pad over it with a few pieces of skin-tape. Afterwards, he moves to sit back on the couch. "I could… loan you some pants if you want." He offers, looking up to Kaji's face before looking away with another blush. Along with a small smile.

Kaji coughs slightly as he just shifts his lower body into the wolven form and he laughs a bit; the skin tapes falling off as he says. "I'm good for now. Fur makes for a nice standin." He laughs a bit more, biting at his lower lip as he then looks down at the bite on his shoulder. "I think you should take a look at this one."

Cid nods softly, rising to pull away the pillow if Kaji will let him before sitting across his lap as he did the other day. He's being all business at the moment, not realizing what he's doing. "It looks better than it did a moment ago, already. Dost thee heal quickly?" He asks, falling into dialect as he continues cleaning, leaning in closer to make sure nothing is left behind.

Kaji blushes hard as he nods a bit. "Y.. yeah. I can heal a bit faster than normal people." He gulps a bit and then says, "Noticed that I did when I was a little kid, though I thought I was day dreaming when I watched it heal."

"Good. Nothing should mar thy skin." Cid says, softly, offering a smile to Kaji. He's not realizing what he's doing at all. He's just being polite and caring. "It is clean." He says, starting to work on his own shoulder, not yet moving from where he's seated. "Art thou alright?" He asks, tilting his head before brushing a finger over his own cheek, where Kaji's cheek is red.

Kaji just nods… softly before he opens his mouth to speak; but he's once more caught dumbfounded. He closes his mouth softly before he brings up a hand to lightly grab at Cid's and he brings the palm to his mouth; kissing it softly. "You're just too… amazing."

As his hand is kissed, redness floods Cid's face and chest. "I…" He pauses, biting his lip. "You…" Did Kaji break the Cid? It's quite possible. As he can't seem to get any other words out of his mouth.

Kaji chuckles softly. "Me? You?" He's still blushing as he brings his hand up to Cid's cheek; brushing a thumb against it before he says, "You… are just a interesting person. I guess, I noticed it when I first met ya. Innocent in a way."

Cid's trying to say something. It's really trying to come out, but the only sound is a squeak. Just one. The redness remains as he tilts his head into the cheek brush. His legs squeeze lightly. "Th…thank you." Soft as a whisper, he's still smiling.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh as he gulps a bit more; trying to keep something from being too noticeable. He smiles softly before he says, "You're welcome." He leans forward, touching his forehead to Cid's.

"I… was afraid that there was something strange within me." Cid whispers softly, blushing still. "I felt protected and safe when you were there. I felt something deeper, but… I didn't think that possible. I mean, you're… and I'm…" He looks down, demurely. However, he does raise a hand to hold the side of Kaji's face lightly.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "There isn't anything strange about you, Cid. It's just a different outlook on where to find love." He lifts Cid's head up, using a curled finger under his chin.

Cid's face moves willingly as he continues to blush. "I didn't know." Well, he WAS raised Amish. "I have no clue about so many things. Even though I've been in the English world for a few years, I'm still far behind." He whispers, shaking his head.

Kaji grins a bit. "Well, here's a clue about this." He leans forward and goes to kiss Cid gently on the lips. If he's stopped, or is allowed, he pulls back afterwards and says, "There're different orientations in society."

Cid doesn't know he can pull away, and wouldn't anyway. He's just happy that the feelings are actually something returned. He leans in a little closer, curling up against Kaji, forgetting about the injuries on either of them. Laying there against Kaji, Cid slowly begins to relax, eventually falling into a light sleep.

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