Alvin "Atrophy" Bell
Alvin Bell
Portrayed By Jakob Wiechmann
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 29
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Atrophy
Place of Birth TX, USA
Current Location NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Marion Bell (mother), Patrick Bell (father)
Significant Other NA
Identity ??
Known Abilities Radiation Poisoning and Disease purging
First Appearance NA

Alvin is a teenage mutant working to gain control (and live with) his grotesque mutation. His radiation poisoning is a steady burden on him and his interactions with others. Most find him horrifying, due to his particularly unpleasant appearance and power nature. Dealing with these rough opinions (and outright persecution) has made for a somewhat unbalanced young man.


Born on a ranch in Texas, Alvin's young life was primarily limited to indoors and sick beds. In school, as his power manifested, the sicknesses changed in nature to reflect his poisoning ability, but social interactions remained extremely negative in type: other students loathed having the 'contagious' sick boy in their midst. Recently Alvin has been accepted as a student at Xavier's.


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  • "I need something to complain about."


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