2020-06-10: Always Have Backup


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Summary: Emotions and Tensions are running a bit high when a certain Hunter is mentioned.

Date: June, 10 2020

Log TitleAlways Have Backup

Rating: PG-13

The Future - The Underground - Gathering Area

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their haven, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. There's a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here don't take any chances.

Rashmi shakes her head, pressing the padding (and duct tape) back over the wound. "Not until you can move without blowing this back open, Volk. You should know better." Scooting fractionally away now that her rough approximation of health care is done, she turns to Misha. "If it's safe, then it can probably keep for a little while longer. If you've got a location, I can get it to anyone who would want to know where it is, though. We should have a team together within a couple days, a week at the most."

A firm not to those motions. Whenever Volk feels up to it. Misha is sure toilet paper will be worth the trouble. Doesn't speak just yet, for his mouth is full. A hot meal is a rate thing for the man these days. He swallows his mouthful and motions with his spoon. "It's in my dimensional space. Unless you have someone who can reach that, and I promise you they don't, it's all safe until the end of time. No rush. You will need me to go along however." For he's the one who needs to move it back into the real world. The man looks tired, his hair roughly cut short, but he isn't injured. Just a little dirty. "And I've nothing to rush off to, so can wait as well." He smiles at Rashmi for that.

Onto the notepad Volk writes down, passing it to Rashmi where Misha can't see it for the moment, -You can't afford me down, and you know it. I'm one of a handful that can get outside the US… and one of the few who can get you things you really need. Besides. I'm not one of the Resistance. And I know I'm pissing off the tepes on security duty.- Leaving it there, he gets up and makes his way over, actually using his assault rifle as a semi-crutch by holding the barrel to refill his soup bowl.

The security door opens, revealing Luke. He's tired and dirty, wearing tattered khaki cargo pants and a dusty wifebeater. He has a box of rations in his muscular arms, his ungloved hands holding it tightly. In the hall behind him are three more boxes just like the one he has. He doesn't speak, simply carrying the MREs over to a corner, sitting them down.

After being up for two days straight, Robyn finally took a nap. Sure it was only for three hours but he's up again. Looking like he's in desperate need of a shower, like so many others, Robyn wheels himself in. "Hey, I got some news to tell you guys, hopefully you don't handle it the way Jono did cause it's not as bad as he seems to think." There's a bit of annoyance in his voice as he gives a wave to Lucas as he comes in. Robyn rolls himself over next to Rashmi and gives a nod to Misha. "Anything been going on Rash?"

"Misha found a big generator," Rashmi says by way of reply, eyes following Lucas as the blond goes about his work. "Couldn't move it, but he's got the location, and it's secure enough we won't have to worry much about a collections team. Volk seems to think I can afford him down less than I can afford him up, and the rate he's been helping us I'm sincerely wondering," she adds, flashing the silent teleporter a brief smirk. "…And, it looks like Lucas found even more food, which is great. That been tested for drugs yet, Lucas?"

Sitting on a cot, wearing an old SHIELD uniform beneath a battered black layer, Misha is finishing up his own dinner. He doesn't say anything as Robyn speaks, and instead licks his spoon clean. The man is damn sure two teleporters can get in without much trouble, and out without injury, but that isn't his call to make. He leaves Rashmi to decide. There's a smile for it all though. Maybe Volk wants toilet paper just that much.

Settling back down in front of his table full of gear, Volk begins to put everything back together as he motions for Robyn to continue, but looks to Lucas for a moment, flicking his eyes towards Rashmi, and then giving the slightest shift of his head towards her after. The worktable he was using as a blind earlier is now covered with weapons, explosives, more than a few knives, and magazines… all of which looks like it's been under recent maintenence. As he begins to reassemble the taken-down submachinegun, a bottle of Vodka that was offered by Misha is tapped by the merc as he looks again at Lucas, and a short nod is given, before thumbing in Misha's direction, intimating ownership. With his shirt off, most of his recently tended wounds on the arms, and torso are bearing their bandages, but the man is active despite it, and Rashmi is currently using his bed as a bench to put away some of her medical supplies.

Not even really looking at Rashmi, Robyn does put a hand on her shoulder and gives it a quick pat before going to grab some of the food that's been made for today along with a cup of water. The cup of water is quickly drained before he gets a second one. "Vodka Volk? You holding out on me?" Robyn says in regards to the alcoholic beverage. "So Volk…as I figured what happened the other night has them stirred up pretty good. The bad part is, they're gonna start collapsing subway tunnels in Manhattan. The good news though is we're not in a subway tunnel, though Jono's convinced I've sent us all to our deaths over this." He says as he eats his Spam sandwich.

Lucas walks over and picks up the second box, carrying it over and piling it roughly on the first. He stands up straight and sighs, before turning to look at Rashmi. "They aren't poisoned," he says with a hint of agitation surrounding the subject, not targeting Rashmi specifically. He chews his lip a minute, grinds his teeth, and then marches over to grab the third box, his anger suddenly manifesting in the way he snatches the box. As he carries it into the room, he grumbles, "He teleported away before he had a chance to fuck with them." Something in the way he utters 'he' makes it pretty clear he means a very specific he. Luke tosses the box harshly onto the pile.

"Maybe not us," Rashmi says, frowning deeply, "but there's still a lot of people that're going to die. Not to mention a good half of our escape routes." Looking down at her hands for a moment, the redhead considers quickly. "All right. Get me a ma—" Her words are bitten off quickly as Lucas mentions the teleporter, head snapping up, something truly ugly stirring beneath her eyes. "….He did." It's not a question, nor much of anything to those who don't know the history she and Lucas have with the Hunter known as Tooth. But to Lucas, Connor, and Robyn, it's a very clear statement of confirmation.

Misha grants permission for the vodka with a nod and the wave of a hand. Doesn't care who downs it. Already had some, so he's content to share away the rest. He has his own arsenal, but it remains tucked about his person as per normal. Cleaned and prepped it earlier. Resting back, he doesn't speak and instead teleports. No special effects or anything. The man merely disappears, taking the cot, and this things, with him.

Unfortunately, whatever Robyn;s news might have done to cheer or otherwise change the mood in the room is obviously killed when Volk's eyes snap up at Lucas after those words are spoken. The anger that flashes there is muted after several moments as he starts loading each individual weapon, racking the slides to lock the first round in place. There's a sigh, and he shakes his head, before taking his pad and writing something down. No one can see if but he holds it up to Rashmi's face and taps it for emphasis, pointing at everyone, and then taps it again, glaring at her a moment. He turns and points at Robyn and Lucas, and then taps his ear once for emphasis.

"I know Rashmi…I'll be right back." Yes Robyn heard what Lucas said and he knows who 'he' is. He just doesn't comment right away, instead, he wheels back to his living area and with in a minute he's back with a map of the city and all it's subway routes. There are 'X's' around all the exits out of Manhattan, one area with a circle where Robyn's written 'you are here' and a mark on a subway line across down that says 'this is where it starts'. "So he's back….well…I guess I won't be getting any sleep tonight. Good to know he's back in Manhattan. Makes things easier for me." For hunting Tooth down but this is one obsession he's not doing for him, he's doing it for Rashmi, Volk and Luke. He grabs the bottle of Vodka and takes a long drink. "If he's in New York I can confirm it tonight and start finding out where he is." There's no emotion in his voice as he says what he's done, like Robyn's cut off all emotion. "And nice to meet you disappearing Vodka man." Robyn mutters in regards to Misha's disappearance"

Lucas snatches one of the MRE's from the box and tears it open, pouring some of whatever it is into his mouth. He chews a minute, swallows, and then says, "He killed both of the escaped mutants Ah was pickin' up." He walks over and takes the vodka from Volk, taking a large gulp before sitting it down. He looks at Rashmi, holding her gaze for an uncomfortable moment, before turning away. He begins walking towards the door, picking up his AK 47.

Rashmi reads the note, eyes narrowing for a moment. There's a brief struggle to rein in her temper, which eventually ends in success, the redhead letting out a slow, quiet breath. Nodding to Volk, she looks up as Lucas begins to leave. "Lucas." One of the Scorpions is unslung from her shoulder, tossed toward the blond. "That gun you insist on carrying is a piece of crap and it'll break on you any day now. Take this. You know where my stash is, try to leave me a few clips. And Volk's right. Don't go looking for him on your own." She looks about to say more, perhaps to launch into one of the tirades that not so long ago were heard commonly up and down the tunnels… until they split. "…Just be careful."

Robyn watches Connor leave and he wheels himself over to Rashmi and gives her a look where their might be sympathy hidden in his eyes. "Luke…Lucas, she's right. Please, let me find out what I can. For all of you." Luke, Rashmi and Connor. "Even though James is dead to me, I've been trying to find him for Volk. Tonight, with your intel about him being back in New York, well I'll see if he's in the Den upstate and figure out a way to bring him out so you guys can get at him." After all, Robyn knows they deserve it and he'd love to see another Hunter dead.

Lucas walk slows to a stop. He looks down at his gun, then slowly turns back to look at them. "James isn't dead, Wheels." He exhales through his nose, looking at Rash. He meets her eyes, but then looks away. "Nothing's wrong with my gun," he says quietly to her. It's all he has.

"You'll want a backup. You *always* need backup, especially when you get too pissed and empty your clips trying to hit something," Rashmi notes, tone acerbic. "So for once do the smart thing, take the damn gun, and keep your head down, okay?" Shaking her head, she looks away, twisting the set of golden rings on her left hand; the engagement ring and the wedding band, which she's kept to this day. "We'll find out everything we can, Robyn. You'll be the first to know, I promise."

"No…James is dead, what you're after is a Hunter that goes by Tooth. He's not the same person." He's not Robyn's friend any longer and as long as he thinks about him like that, it's easier to plot against him. "Sorry Rashmi, but I think this time you'll be the first to know when I do." He says with a bit of a grin. "I can go places noone else can." He says tapping his head. "You're forgetting, recon has become my thing by taking over the minds of our enemy. Tonight, I'm going to find out every fucking thing I can about that Den." He say taking the communal vodak bottle and downing some more.

Lucas scowls at Robyn, "That's where you're wrong, Wheels." He takes an aggressive, unnecessary step towards Robyn, "He's still every fuckin' bit the Jimmy Ah roomed with! THAT'S why he's so goddamned dangerous!" He spits, kicking a little dust. He looks at Rashmi, and sees her fidgeting with the rings. It settles him a little, or maybe off-centers him to calm, and he says, a little softer, "You don't have to keep wearin' those." A funny statement, since the wedding necklace of his is still around his neck.

"I know," Rashmi says of the rings, and nothing else. "Robyn… he's right. Pretending he's been swapped isn't going to be any help. Honestly… better you know it's *still* him. So you can get all the way into his head and figure out how to *destroy him.*" Falling silent, she struggles with her temper again, closing her eyes. "Take the gun, Lucas. Please."

Ignoring their comments Robyn backs Rashmi. "Seriously Lucas, take it. It's always better to have backup incase that thing jams. Besides, ask Volk, can you really have too many guns?" Robyn asks as he goes to get more water and one of the MRE's that Lucas brought. "Wow…this is better than anything I've had in months." It's the way Robyn works, he ignores most things that stem towards emotions burying it deep down so he can function, do what he needs to do. "Just to let you know Rashmi, I want him destroyed. I want all Hunters and Hounds destroyed." He says not looking at either of them.

Lucas sighs, "Ah don't relay solely on the gun. You both know that." He looks at the AK-47 and shrugs, "It doesn't jam when it gets hot from my hands like Volk's new weapons." He looks at Robyn and says, "There's only three boxes. Don't get used to them." He just stands there, though. Not leaving.

"Lucas, I…" Rashmi falls silent, head lowering. "Can you promise me you'll at least *try* to be smart now from here on out?" While her tone is needling, there's a definite edge of subdual in her voice. "I mean it. With James back, we're really, really screwed if we don't keep our heads on."

Robyn agrees again with Rashmi. "I know you don't solely relay on the gun Luke, I know what you can do. Hell, I even have a gun with me now but I doubt I'll ever have to use it." Being stuck down here but then it's better to be safe. "And I'm not getting used to anything Luke, I'm just enjoying the little things while they are here cause the little things won't last for long."

Lucas nods at Robyn, and then looks back at Rashmi. "Ah've always been smart, Rash. You just don't understand. He has to be stopped. Whatever it takes." He sighs, and leans his weapon against the wall. He looks at it, at Rash, then at Robyn. "Eight hours." He looks at Robyn, "Ah'll give you eight hours. But then Ah go out lookin' for him."

"Take a team, Lucas," Rashmi says quietly. "Three other people, no more. Ask Volk to go with you; if you run into trouble, he can get you out. But you'll *need backup* if for no other reason than to split his attention. He's not me; he can't keep track of everything at once." Heaving herself to her feet, she moves toward Robyn's chair. "Thanks, Robyn, for trying to help. Tell me if you find anything, seriously."

"I owe Volk any information I get. It's part of our deal." Robyn says not expanding on what their deals are. "Sunrise I'll be back in my body Luke and as soon as I get back, I'll be getting you /and/ Volk and Rashmi together and letting you know what I found out. As long as he's dead, that's all that matters. One less Hunter…" His voice trails off trying not to let it get too personal even though it already is.

Lucas furrows his brow, and raises his voice a little. "You give it to RINGO!?!" He rolls his eyes, "What the fuck? Does everyone have deals to get him before me?" He huffs, "Ah hated him first." He picks up the gun, looking back at his wife. Serious once again, he reassures her, "Ah'll get him this time, Rash. Ah swear." He turns to go.

"Volk's a mercenary, Lucas," Rashmi says quietly. "The only thing that has him doing *anything* for us is we give him what he wants. Robyn gives him information, I give him targets. And if you ask him, I'm *pretty sure* he'd be happy to teleport you and anyone you take with to the battlefield. That's kind of what he's best at. But if you don't get him…. Come get me. We'll all go hunting."

Picking up a discarded can that is by him, Robyn chucks it at Lucas so it hits the wall next to him with a clatter. "FUCK OFF LUKE! Get your ego in check, this is not just such some hate thing. Rashmi isn't the only one who gives him targets, I do too. And if I want him to continue to kill who I ask him to, I gotta do this. You two deserve your piece of him more than anyone else but that's the deal we made. I'm gonna go looking now, I will let ALL THREE OF YOU know what I find out." He says before turning to wheel himself out of the room and go to his living area so that he can go hunting for a hunter.

Lucas watches Robyn wheel past him. He looks back at Rash. It's one of those looks, those moments of clarity where maybe old Lucas is there, trying to get over Jessica. He opens his mouth to say something, then closes it. Slowly, he turns, and moves towards the door as well.

Rashmi's eyes follow Robyn's path to the door in silence. "Good luck, Robyn," she says quietly. "Thank you for caring." Sighing, she looks to Lucas, frowning quietly. "Lucas…. maybe sometime soon, we can just… talk? We haven't just talked in… well… since before."

Lucas pauses in the threshold of the doorway. He looks down, his back still to her. "Ah dunnow," he says, softly. He scratches the back of his neck, "Ya know… sometimes… in the middle of the night… Ah wake up, thinkin' Ah heard her crying." He lifts the gun up and resettles it on his shoulder, turning his head to look back at her. "It's different now. And… And anyway, he's still out there."

"Do you remember when she was born, Lucas?" The question, speculative, Rashmi's eyes far away. "Eighteen hours in labor… I thought for sure I was going to die. I thought for sure it was *all your fault,* too," she says with a soft laugh. "But then it was over… And…. there she was. And I looked at her, and I just… I just knew. I didn't need to worry about you anymore. You were going to be okay…" Her eyes flick back, gaze lifting to meet Lucas fully. "He took a lot from everyone, Lucas. You and me… probably most of all. But it *is* you and me. You keep forgetting that, I think…"

Lucas studies her for a moment, and then nods a shallow nod. "Ah'll be okay again when Jimmy's paid," he says. "Ah'm sorry." He turns then to go once more.

"Just… make sure you're still alive after," Rashmi whispers. "There's no use to trying otherwise."

Lucas pauses mid step when she says that. He nods, and then is gone into the hall.

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