2011-07-17: Always Smile And Be Happy



Summary: Robyn figures something out in The Happiest Place on Earth

Date: July 17, 2011

Log Title: Always Smile And Be Happy

Rating: R


Days, weeks or even months could have gone by and Robyn can’t tell the difference. The Happiest Place on Earth has been a blessing and a curse on Robyn. At first the smiling happy people would grate on him. Anytime Robyn snapped the Joy Police would come and teach him the crime that is frowning. Who knows how many times Robyn has been killed here, tortured until he was smiling and acting like he was enjoying it. The medieval torturous deaths never hurt much but he could feel it. It was disturbing, like a dream. A dream Robyn could never wake from.

After a while Robyn realized he had to play along, act like he was happy. The truth was he was far from feeling happy and joyful but the act gave him time to think, time to plan. He knew this was a game to Mindbender, a game like chess and right now Robyn was down to his final pieces and he had to make each move count. One thing he realized was that Mindbender didn’t count on one thing, Robyn’s Astral Projection.

Everytime Robyn escaped from his body for a short period of time he found he created a ‘glitch’ in the illusion. A few moments of clarity before he was sucked right into the Disney like world. That was usually when he lost it, snapping and showing his true feelings to the people of this world. This always resulted in The Joy Police capturing him and boiling him to death, drawing and quartering him, death by iron maiden or being crushed to death by rocks. It was always disturbing to see a limb start to rip off and only fluff be inside of you. The more this happened the harder Robyn tried to be happy.

The Happiest Place on Earth gave Robyn time to sleep and more importantly time to think. He would take walks around, trying to learn the entirety of the land, finding out where loops occurred. It was one of the edges of a loop that he exploited. Managing to astral project himself, granted himself a few moments of freedom using the time to slip into a body outside of the lair of Mindbender and Upgrade. He knew he didn’t have much more time before he’d be forced back into the World of Illusions and grabbed the cell phone in the pocket of his victim. Dialing a specific number he left a message to someone he knew who could help. Someone who knows Heather the best.

As soon as Robyn finished the message to his friend, his conscience was pulled from the body back to his own where he was greeted by the smiling happy faces of the residents of the Happiest Place on Earth. This time instead of snapping at them, Robyn sang along proclaiming he was happier than the rest of them. He had become determined to survive this round as long as possible and finding new was to explore the eglitchf and beat Mindbender at his own game.

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