Amy Black
Portrayed By Jennifer Lawrence
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 26, 1995
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Cale Black, Stanley Black (deceased), Trisha Black (deceased)
Significant Other No
Identity Public
Known Abilities Haemokinesis
First Appearance OC

My heart bleeds for you


“My mom and dad were Trisha and Stanley Black. Keyword: Were. They were good parents to me and my little brother, Cale. They encouraged us both to be whoever we wanted to be, and I think we both went out of our way to test how true that encouragement was. I liked to do the whole rough and tumble thing a lot more than Cale did, he just wanted to play with my dolls. That suited me just fine, because I wanted to play with his trucks and pretend to crush other trucks with trucks. I liked the barbies, too, but more than once Ken found himself 'accidentally' pushed down the stairs.

“Now, I love my little brother a lot. He is so awesome, but when I say that he can't stand up for himself in a fight, I mean throwing rocks at a sheet of wet paper is more sporting. When he was young, and still now, he's always been a little bit effeminate. I dunno if he's gay or what, but it doesn't matter. I don't care, but lots of kids do. Kids who would always try to beat the crap out of him. Well, as his big sister, I learned to beat the crap out of kids who beat the crap out of him. And I was, and still am, good at it.

“I took up some kickboxing, and wrestling, and really got into those testosterone pumped violence fest type sports. Not because I wanted to be or be perceived as masculine, but because I wanted Cale to have a chance out there. And I liked to make his bullies cry, not to mention that it was actually fun. As I got older, I kind of got in with the more popular crew, though I kind of felt out of place, not being totally vacant. But I was pretty, dammit, and proud of it, and apparently that can be enough. Again, please note the use of past tense.

“I developed like any girl would, though sometimes I would find my clothes going mysteriously missing. I figure it was Cale playing dressup, so whatever. And honestly, if he was using my underwear, he could damn well keep it. There is nothing in the world quite as disgusting as wearing underwear someone else has already worn, especially if that someone is your little brother.

“He helped me out a lot in some of my classes, since he got good grades. I never managed to pull the kinds of grades he did, but that might have been because of my having a social life. As much as I could, I'd still hang out with my little bro, but I kinda felt like he wasn't very comfortable in the kinds of social situations that I was into. I admit that once I hit high school, I kind of started experimenting with things a little bit, drinking, weed, sex. Turns out, my experiments turned out pretty well. Not that I'm addicted to any of those things, but hey, if I've got time to kill and I want some fun, I'll have some fun!

“Just recently, though, things have been a lot less fun. My parents were killed in a car accident, with me and Cale sitting in the back seat. I still have a hard time believing that my parents could have died so easily. When I was a kid, I always imagined that they were some kind of superheroes, and they'd go swooping off and saving days whenever they tucked us into bed. To imagine them cold and unmoving and never going to get up again… It makes me deeply uncomfortable. I passed out when the collision happened, so I don't remember much about it. Just blackness. I woke up on the side of the cliff, with Cale's holy crap gigantic tongue wrapped around me and my little brother in a pool of his own blood, unconscious and unmoving.

“When I saw him there I just saw red, and not just because of the blood, though actually I guess it played a pretty big role in all of that. I reached out and I just willed Cale's bleeding to stop, and it did. I'm told the kid wouldn't have survived without me, but I guess I wouldn't have survived without him either. I touched his wound and it felt like we were so connected, like the blood gave me insight into what was going on for him. I kept him there and called the ambulance, and we were both picked up. I guess I was in pretty rough shape, too, since I passed back out after they got there.

“They had us both talk to some shrinks, talk about how sad we were to have our parents die on us (extremely sad) or how weird it was being mutants (extremely weird). The doctor eventually told us that he was actually a mutant and that we should go to a place called Xavier's. We both agreed, but there were complications in my treatment. I kept losing blood, bleeding from pretty much anywhere you could possibly bleed. It was disgusting. My veins were becoming more prominent, too, and that seems like the opposite of what should be happening. I didn't want to be looked after by our uncle, but when Cale left for Xavier's, uncle Baxter showed up to 'take care of me'. Neither one of us wanted to be in his custody, since he's a huuuuuge bigot.

“Now this is where the story gets fucking insane. I had to be kept behind in the hospital for quite awhile, since I was needing many transfusions because of the mysterious bleedings. My uncle came over to pay me a visit, but he brought a friend along with him. By friend someone who claimed to be able to take care of my 'condition' and generally be a horrible arse. My uncle was glad to go along with it and sign my release from the hospital, despite my objections that I was just waiting until Xavier's would receive me, since 'legal guardian' supersedes 'awesome teenage patient who keeps bleeding oh my god'.

“Frankly, I don't get the ethics of it. I don't even know if he legit signed me out, but there I was, being transported inside of a van, assured that there would be plenty of blood for transfusions until I was all better.

“That's when I arrived here. I was put in the equivalent of a cell, always with people like you. They come in and prick me with needles, and since I've been here, I look like death. Every time I look at the mirror, my skin's getting more ashen and my veins are getting brighter, more prominent. My eyes are bloodshot when they aren't actually bleeding. I feel like I just need to talk to someone to make the lonely feelings go away. I feel like every time they inject me with that stuff I'm feeling worse and worse. Angrier and less like myself. I don't want to lose my mind. I hope someone will get me out of here. Anyways, enough about me. Tell me about yourself?”

Amy's cellmate doesn't stir, laying wide-eyed and pale on the bed across from hers, seemingly on the edge of death. There is a cut along their arm, blood that oozes out slowly.

“Yeah, that's what I thought.”


Baxter and Warner stand in the security booth staring at the screen of where Amy is being kept.
“We have to find a cure for this disease. Cale and Amy were good kids, but now, they're monsters,” says Baxter, staring at the screen with a blank expression.
Warner looks over towards him sympathetically, “You understood the sacrifice you had to make to help all of us. And them, too. She hasn't killed anyone yet, but she will, so at least we have to make sure that the one she kills is a mutant… We must protect our own first and foremost even if we are trying to make a cure. We have to show the public the kinds of monsters that mutants become, the kinds of murderers. Amy's sacrifice will be for the good of us all.” He puts a hand on Baxter's shoulder, “We cannot play favorites, we are not loyal to one or to another, we are loyal to all. We are the Friends of Humanity.”

Personality: Before beginning her 'treatments' under Warner's supervision, Amy was an active and happy girl with a little bit of a party girl mentality and a bit of a sarcastic edge. She was able to become popular just by virtue of being attractive, but there are still some aspects of charm to her personality. She is the type to gossip and spread rumours. Now, after her treatments, she is losing her grip on reality and is more likely to focus on violent solutions to her problem, having been chemically engineered into being a vicious adrenaline junkie. She still seems like a happy girl, but perhaps too happy.


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