2011-01-17: An Additional Chaperone To Africa

Players: David and Hildegard

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Summary: David seeks out Hildegard's assistance to go to Africa

Date: January 17, 2011

Log Title: An Additional Chaperone To Africa

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

It is relatively late in the evening and the dining hall is all bit empty except for David Alleyne, the African-American mutant sits at a table. He is dressed in his Prodigy costume, gold and white bodysuit, with his yellow cybershades. He seems very tired as a holographic keyboard appears in front of him and a holographic map of Nigeria appears above the table. He stares at it for some time almost lost in thought. Certain areas of the map are highlighted a he sighs and stares.

The door to the kitchen opens and a woman walks backward through the door. She is carrying a small tray with a bowl of soup and a salad on it. Hildegarde stops for a moment when she notices David sitting at the table, but procedes forward to sit down her food next to him. "Good evening. I hope you do not mind me sitting next to you, it's just that this chair is the only one I feel safe using." She pulls out the chair next to the boy. Further inspection would show that it is reinforced with iron rods and that it is much heavier than the other chairs in the room. She glances over after sitting down. Nigeria? Are you working on a project for the school?

David blinks a bit as Hilde approaches. He stares at her for a moment and then removes the shades, though the hologram of Nigeria remains. "Hi Hilde. I suppose it is a project. Of sorts." He exhales and recounts, "I'm planning a trip to Nigeria. So I am getting to know the lay of the land and plot the proper course to fly the Blackbird. And then seeing if any students want to come." He offers a smile and inspects the chair. "You have a special chair?"

Hilde raises her eyebrows as she hears the news of the trip. "Oh? I had heard whispers of a trip to Africa, though I thought it was going to take place in a few weeks." She glances down at her chair and smiles, "Yes. I need special furniture. An unfortunate side effect of my mutation is that I weigh about a thousand pounds. Most furniture is not built for that kind of weight." She ignores her soup for now and leans in to look at the map again. "I have not done research in Africa itself, but I am aware of some of the history. The last I knew there were over 350 active tribes within the country." She reaches out a hand to stir her bowl idly. "Do you mind if I ask the reason for the trip?"

Upon hearing the number of tribes, David begins to type away into the holographic keyboards,'That's alot more than I know." Though as he sits in her presence, he begins to glean knowledge of Africa and starts to type in a hurried fashion. Answering her question, "I don't mind if you ask. I don't know if you are aware, but one of our students got out of hand and, in my opinion, is having a crisis of faith, if you will." He stops typing and looks to Hilde, "Hosea attacked a woman tied to a demon and some of the students who tried to defend her. Despite being connected to a demon, it was an unprovoked attack and he fought with such ferocity, that I thought getting in touch with the person who saw him through similar issues in the past could help. So it's off to Nigeria. And at the same time, it might be good for some of the other students to learn about some of the atrocities there." The hologram of Nigeria changes to a hologram of Hosea and his file listing his past as a child soldier.

Hildegarde nods in a grim fashion. "Yes, I was told about Hosea's actions. Honestly I was kind of interested in the fact that the reason for his attack was because of a demonic entity. Something like that…Well it's the kind of thing I researched in Europe and Africa." She hesitates for a moment as she looks at the boy's file. "I am concerned however…Africa is not a safe place. There are people there that will not hesitate to attack the students simply because they are American. And there are animals and diseases there that can cause long term problems."

"Well I understand the risk, but I think it is worth it. I believe Jericho will be coming. He is Hosea's squadron leader. I'll be there and I have asked Rashmi to come. She seems to be very close with Hosea. And I figure we will open it up to some students as well. Not to say that just because we are mutants with powers that we can face any danger, but I am taking precautions learning as much. And no one knows the area better than Hosea himself." David smiles, "And actually, I am glad I ran into you. Since you know more about Africa than most of us at the Institute, I thought you might want to come along. That is if your schedule allows it."

Hildegarde nods as she continues to watch the display. "I assume you'll be getting everyone the propper vaccines? Mine should still be good from my work in Egypt." She folds her hands and leans her elbows on the table, causing the wood to creak slightly. "I could go with you I suppose, though I'll need to get approval from Ms. Frost. Nigeria is not one of the areas that I have studied in detail. I know enough to teach history and I am somewhat familiar with the ancient civilizations there." She thinks for a moment, "But…I suppose I would feel better coming along with you rather than letting you all run off into a dangerous country without me."

"Well, your strength would be appreciated, And your knowledge of Africa would come in handy, but I think your presence overall would just be helpful." David smiles, "I just got the TA position this semester and still haven't bonded enough with the students for them to see me as staff. I guess because of my age. I am practically only a year older than some of the current students." David lets out a yawn, "Plus with actual teachers there, the students won't stray about like they did in Tegu-Haaz. Hopefully."

Hilde nods and ponders for a moment. She actually thinks that Emma would be happy to give her the time off to go with the students on this trip for all of the reasons David just gave to her. "Yes Nigeria is not the place for students to wander off. And I may be able to communicate with some of the people down there if Hosea is not with us. I have learned quite a few languages in my travels." She smiles at David, "Alright. Would you be able to send me an email with the information I will need? I can stop into the city early this week and pick up the gear I'll need for Africa. Also if you get me the emails of all of the students that will be going I can make up a list of things I reccommend they bring with them.

Smiling, David stretches while in his seat, "Thank you, Hilde. I appreciate everything you are willing to do." David begins typing an email on the holographic keyboard. He types very fast and then hits the return button, "Already sent." He exhales, "I should probably get some rest. But knowing me, I probably won't."

Hilde smiles at the boy and pats him on the shoulder. Though she is attempting to be gentle it may be a bit stronger of a pat than is expected. "I am happy to help. I'll get to that email tomorrow during my free period and might even set up a trip to the city for students who need supplies. Magneto's mention of my books at the Festival spiked my sales it seems, so I've got a little extra money if the kids need it."

David felt that pat and rubs his shoulder, but smiles, "Well that woke me up." He grins, "Oh that's right you were at the festival too. I was there. Pretty intense. It was horrible what happened. I felt so bad, I spent the holiday break in Mutant Town helping rebuild. Magneto was nice enough to let me and some of the students stay at a suite in the Genoshan embassy."

Hildegarde nods. "Yes, I was a bit upset to learn that Magneto knew that the attack was expected to happen." She shakes her head, "At least the children at the mansion were relatively unharmed. And one of the nurses at the Embassy pached me up pretty quick. I suspect she was a healer, since I usually take quite a while to heal." She glances back to her soup and gives it a stir. "But yes, why don't you get to bed and I'll take care of everything tomorrow. I'll actually be getting to bed after I have a quick dinner."

When David hears that Hilde was mad that Magneto knew of the attack before it happened, he makes no comment that he knew as well. David stands up and stretches, "Alright. I am going to get some sleep." He yawns, "Or try to." He smiles, "Thanks again, Hilde."

Hilde offers a smile to the boy and waves as he departs. She'll stay down here for a short while, finishing her dinner and then cleaning up the kitchen a bit before heading to bed herself.

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