2010-07-22: An Agreement


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Summary: Kalindi and Alexander form a contract.

Date: July 22, 2010.

Log Title: An Agreement

Rating: PG.

NYC - Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty, a sign of freedom, the number one tourist spot in New York City. With her seven pointed crown and glowing torch, she stands on Liberty Island at the base of the Hudson River as a beacon welcoming Immigrants, Visitors, and people coming home to America. People can take a ferry out to climb up to the top and get a magnificent view of lower Manhattan and Northern New Jersey.

The Status of Liberty; a symbol of freedom and of the United States of America to almost every and any citizen. This is what most people would say, almost as if it were a textbook fact. The overcast skies have been utterly disgusting for the first portion of the day, however, enough to even make lady liberty seem gloom. Not even an hour ago the skies began drenching the city in a much-needed rainfall. Lightning streaks across the sky at rare intervals, causing the all familiar thunder to make itself known in the form of sound. Even in these terrible conditions, few tourists still come to see the Statue of Liberty, and Alex is one of them.

Alexander, chilling out at the highest portion of the Statue of Liberty, enjoys the storm in the dry confines of Lady Liberty. Today is a rather big day, for him, as he has thought about many things, including what he'd like to do, beyond just going to college, for his stay in New York City. Due to this, he has been quite busy lately informing the people that have offered in opportunities of his acceptance and denial, and that's just what he's doing with a small device in his hand. The device has been activated, effectively summoning for the person on the receiving end of the communicator; Kalindi.

The disc of gold that seems to be a familiar symbol of the young woman comes into view, though it is topped with an umbrella of similar material to protect from the rain. She flies towards the beacon, sitting low on her disc and every once in awhile gazing up to the sky to see that nerve-wracking lightning. She has been told by one of her servants, though, that since she is not grounded, she is no likelier to be struck by lightning than any bird in the sky. Small comfort. She presses on, though, floating towards the top of the statue.

Alexander plays with the device a little bit as he waits for Kalindi to show up. When she does, he greets her with a half smile. "I see the storm didn't hamper your ability to traverse far distances. Or perhaps you were nearby anyways? No matter. How are you, Kalindi?" Alexander is dressed in his usual attire, along with his leather jacket as to protect him from the rain.

"I am doing well enough," says Kalindi, stepping off of her disc and reforming her makeshift umbrella into jewellery for herself. She smiles slightly and sits down on her disc, "I was not nearby, but in flight, the city becomes very easy to travel through. Have you reached a decision for what to do?"

"I did in fact." Alex folds his arms over his chest with his expression turning into a grin. "I've decided to accept your offer. Your business is my business, if you haven't decided to reconcile the contract."

Kalindi nods her head, and from her backpack she pulls the contract. "These, I like to have in writing. It is as we discussed, but you should look over it to be certain." Her penmanship matches her strange otherworldly accent, legible but the letters still a bit strange in their own ways. "I am pleased to hear of your acceptance."

Alexander takes the contract and reads over it, as is formal. After this, he removes a pen from his jacket. His new pen, since his marker died; a G2, black, ultra-thin tip pen! With some actually decent penmanship he scribbles down his full name on the marked line along with the date. "Then, with this signature, it's final." Alexander clicks his pen, putting it back into his jacket while handing over the contract.

Kalindi looks at the contract for a few moments, pricking the end of her finger with her earring and making an imprint on the contract with her thumb. She places the contract back into her backpack and says, "Well, we will have to make many introductions for you. If there is anything you require, I will see if it is available among my people. It is a network, and I hope you will find everything to your liking."

Alexander nods in response to Kalindi, then offers as a retort, "If there's anything I need to do in addition to my responsibilities as your body guard, I will see that it's completed. I've got your back." After a stern look from Alex, he smiles.

"That is good, I am glad for the offer," says Kalindi, smiling mildly. She nods her head at Alexander and says, "I think there is much to be done, but not today. I think this arrangement will be of mutual benefit." The works are spoken a bit awkwardly, too long for a person whose first language is not English, but for Kali, that's about as close as she generally comes to saying 'do you want to be friends?'.

English, not being Alexander's primary language either, means that he might miss that undertoned meaning. However, business is like friendship for the Russian. Alex nods in response, "I think so too. In fact, I am very happy of this decision, I think there will be a long partnership between us." Or, yes, I will be your friend, our friendship will last a long time, and I am happy to be your friend. It's very sincere.

A sincere smile is offered, an infrequent expression on Kalindi's usually serious face. The smile does fade, though, after a few moments and she gestures for Alexander to get onto her disc, "Come with me, there is much to do."

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