2011-03-17: An Alien Affair


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Summary: Quetzal takes some interest in the alien, Ahdi.

Date: March 17, 2011

Log Title: An Alien Affair

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Sitting on a bench that over looks a grassy area of Central Park is Quetzal. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with a leather jacket that has patches of the units he was in at SHIELD and when he was a part of military back in Japan. He sits there with his laptop typing away. At his feet is a German Shephard that seems to be a bit restless. The dog is circuling around Quetzal's feet a few times, runs off, runs back and it seems like the dog is bored. Queztal says something in Japanese before leaning down and scratching behind Verde's ears.

Ahdi is starting to get used to humans and their odd ways, but they haven't gotten used to him. He has started making it a habbit to stay out of sight until he chooses to be scene, remaining an observer rather than be stared at for his leathers and hair, the weapons probably factoring into that too. Today Ahdi finds himself moving from branch to branch among the Central Park trees. As he leaps from one low branch to the next he makes no more noise than the wind, if that, as he heads for the strange wooden half-bridge he remembers seeing when he first met Xorn. Stopping in a tree at the edge of the lake he glances left and right, spotting both Quetzal, and his object of desire, the dock. What Quetzal is doing, however, catches his attention and he pauses on his branch, watching the man poke at the odd sidewase book.

Quetzal types a few more things on his laptop before powering it down and slipping it into his bag and standing up, grabbing hold of his cane. He looks down at the German Shephard and smiles and once again speaks in Japanese to him. The dog doesn't yap back like most do, but instead it speaks back to Quetzal in return as it seems like the man and his dog are bantering about something.

Ahdi blinks his dark eyes once, very surprised at this new outcome. Talking animals, but there was that furry animal girl he met, so he shouldn't be surprised. Regardless he moves out along his branch to get a better look down at the old man and his dog. A wind p icks up and blows past him, causing his hair to blow out and his leathers to rustle. To keep from tumbling out of the tree Ahdi reaches one hand down to take hold of the branch, simply keeping back for now.

Verde the German Shephard says something to Quetzal and the man nods to his dog as Verde goes running off a few feet away. Quetzal on the other hand just sits back down casually on the bench and takes out his laptop again powering it up. Verde on the other hand shifts into a black squirrel and climbs the tree where Ahdi is watching the man on the branch.

Ahdi continues to watch the old man, but discreatly edges further toward the end of his branch, away from the Dog, or is it a squirrel? Ither way, one minute he heard paw prents padding against the ground, and the next claws coming up a tree, and it didn't add up. Faining like he didn't notice the shape-shifter he moves as far out on the branch as will support his weight, and attempts to squint and see what is on the screen of the odd sideways book Quitzal has. This is his first computer ever scene, and if not his first tv, his first chance to sit and study one.

After a rough day yesterday at his father's gravesite, young Vance Astrovik has decided to do what every other young mutant Avenger would do. Bury his feelings into his job. His job being an Avenger. So flying through the air by the use of his telekinesis, Vance, dressed in his Justice uniform (white and blue body suit and long flowing blue cape) scours the city for something to do preferably beat up on criminals. Surprisingly finding no crime today, he decides to visit Central Park and lands near the a series of benches.

Quetzal isn't doing anything really important on his laptop at the moment, he's just playing a game of soltaire as if to make it look like he's doing something. He can't help but have the feeling that someone is spying on him after Verde told him he smelled another person in the tree. Verde, the black squirrel, watches Ahdi with curiosity and follows him up a parallel branch. Only because there are others in the park who speak English does the squirell speak to Ahdi in English. "Why are you in a tree?"

Ahdi has a knife in his hand in an instant, the weapon seeming to just appear there as he lifts his hand from the tree branch, snagging it from the sheath on his calf. He can hear where the squirrel is, and where the voice comes from, and realizes that that is what spoke to him.him. Keeping a lock on it with his ears he studies the old man on the ground with new eyes, wondering why he sent a talking squirrel into a tree after him, "Am in tree, for to no be seen." he responds to the squirrel. His hair being whipped every which way and creating extra motion would make that difficult for him at the moment, however.

As he looks about and breathing in the surprisingly fresh air, Justice spots some stones on the ground. He picks up one and skips it across the lake, but it doesn't get very far. He laughs a bit and then uses his telekinesis and skips another stone. This time it makes it across the lake and onto the other side.

Quetzal smirks slightly from his spot on the bench as his hand reaches into his jacket, it lingers there for a bit before taking out a pack of cigarettes and lighting up. He shuts his laptop and stands up, turning around and looking directly at Ahdi. He stares at him for a bit through his sunglasses as he takes a long drag off of his cigarette. "May I ask why you are spying on me." He says blowing out a stream of smoke from his lips.

Ahdi continues to study Quetzal from his perch in the tree, knife in hand, before he swings down off of his branch and drops to the grass 20 feet below. Landing with that same cat-like grace and usual lack of much sound he bows his head to the other man, saying, "Was look at sideways book, do many strange thing." with his knife point he motions toward Quetzal's laptop.

After skipping a few more stones with his telekinesis, Justice sighs and turns around ready to leave and continue on patrol when he spots Quetzal and Ahdi. He squints a bit as he recognizes Ahdi from yesterday at the cemetery and never thanked him for his assistance against the Queega. He smiles and starts walking towards the two men.

Verde jumps off the branch and lands on Quetzal's shoulder in the form of a crow so that the two of them are staring at Ahdi. He leans down to take a hold of his cane so that he can support standing on his leg better. "Sideways book?" He says raising an eyebrow above the lense of his sunglasses. "I will warn you son, put that knife away or I will consider it a threat and take appropriate action."

Ahdi has to take a moment to translate this, then, with a shrug, stoops to slip the knife away. "Am no son, am older than human." he says matter of factly, straightening back to his average hight and folding his hands over his stomach. To be older than Quetzal he surely doesn't look it. His dark eyes don't move from the man before him, but he does track Vance's approach by ear.

"This man is no threat." Justice offers as he reaches the men, but then offers to Ahdi, "But he is right. Pointing a knife at someone can give the wrong impression and is typically treated as a threat." He smiles and extends his hand towards Ahdi, "Thank you for your assistance yesterday. You fought well, but I had to leave before I could offer my thanks." He nods to Quetzal and then says to both, "I'm Justice of the Avengers."

Quetzal continues to watch Ahdi for a bit, taking another long drag off of his cigarette. He doesn't seem amused by his antics. "So is Verde here." He says in regards to the crow on his shoulder. Then Justice appears and Quetzal gives him a look over. Another kid in his opinion but then he does deserve some respect being an Avenger. "Agent Quetzal." He says to Justice but doesn't specify what he's an agent of.

Ahdi takes Vance's hand in a furm handshake for an Atjadni hand, very very tight for a human hand, and smiles a half smile, "You man from place where talk spirits, was good sport, weak pray." he says. He really isn't sure what to make of Quetzal.

Vance nods to Quetzal, "Nice to meet you, Agent Quetzal." He then returns the firm handshake from Ahdi, but has a confused facial expression when Ahdi speaks of 'talking to spirits.' "Place where talk spirits? You mean the cemetery. I wasn't speaking to spirits. My father is buried there and I was just paying respects, though I guess in a way that can be considered talking to spirits. And yes, the Queega were pretty 'weak prey'. Anyhow I am glad to have found you. What's your name?"

Quetzal takes a few more drags of his cigarette before tossing the butt away. "Yes, Verde here is a talking spirit in a sense." He says misinterpreting what Ahdi is saying. Just because one has a talent with languages and understanding the words doesn't mean he always know what is always being indicated. "Oh, I apologize, I did not relaize you were talking about a cemetery."

Ahdi glances from Quetzal to Vance as he returns both hands to his stomach, bows his head, and says, "Am Ahdi Anuati, Silver wolf of my village, one of Atjadni people, hunters from other planet."

"Yes I was at a cemetery yesterday when some aliens attacked." Justice says that matter-of-factly as if it is a common occurrence. However, he shows some surprise when Ahdi introduces himself as from being from another planet. "You're an alien too?" He blinks and ponders that is either a big coincidence or something more.

Quetzal is able to tell that Ahdi isn't lying from reading his body language. This guys really is from another planet, or else he just believes it that strongly. "He's not lying." He says in response to Justice's question. "What are you doing here then if you're not from this planet? How long have you been here?" He says as he takes off his sunglasses to reveal his almond shaped eyes to study Ahdi Anuati a bit.

Ahdi turns his dark eyes fully on Quetzal and says, "am on planet by mistake, accident transport self with machine, come from star that fall." He appears thoughtful when asked how long he has been here, and responds, No many day."

Vance is less shocked than before, but still find the connection of Ahdi being an alien and the Queega attack from yesterday, "Are you from the same planet as the Queega? Were they hunting you or something? It's a pretty big coincidence that there was an alien attack and you were present as well."

"Who is this Queega?" Quetzal asks Vance as the crow on his shoulder shifts into an ermine and draps lazily over Quetzal's shoulders. "Who have you talked to about being on Earth, Ahdi?" He asks with a kind of concern in his voice. "Also where do you know where you arrived when you came to Earth?" He wants to make sure that this isn't some stunt by AIM or HYRDA or something.

Ahdi tells vance, "First saw Queega yesterday, too weak to survive on Atjadni planet." this being said he turns his attention to Quetzal and says, "Arive in this place, no know how speak language, see man in robes. He call self Xorn, teach me how speak, he is one of few I tell."

Answering Quetzal's question, Justice responds, "They're reptilian extraterrestrials from the planet, Queeg. They tried invading our planet a few years ago, but Daredevil defeated them. Apparently, there were other some left here or they are up to something. The ones we encountered have been reported to the appropriate agency that works with things of that nature." He then looks to Ahdi, "Too weak to survive on your planet? I can only imagine that life must be rough there. Atjadni? I'm not familiar with that planet. And you encountered Xorn. The X-Man. Ok good to see some of the teams know of your presence."

SWORD is Quetzal's first thought in regards to the appropriate agency and it's SWORD he's thinking about going to in regards to Ahdi. "Xorn, I'm not familar with him. I know of the X-Men but I know very few of them." He admits as he didn't involve himself in mutant affairs until more recently but that was more with Mutant Town. "I would recommending not telling people you are from another planet Ahdi. Most will think you are crazy but there are some that might do horrible things to you."

Ahdi nods his head once, falling silent so the other two men can talk. His dark eyes go from one face to the other, studying them.

"Well Ahdi you lucked out in meeting Xorn. The X-Men have had dealings with aliens in the past. They are good people." Justice offers and then nods in agreement with Quetzal, "Agent Quetzal is correct. I would not have known you were an offworlder from your appearance. Your planet must be similar to ours."

"He didn't know what a computer was, how similar can it be." The ermine Verde speaks up from Quetzal's shoulder. Quetzal gives Verde a look, though there is a bit of a smrik of amusement there. "Verde.." He starts to say before his animal companion cuts him off again. "What, you were thinking it too." He closes his eyes and smiles. "Sorry, Verde and I are connected, we share thoughts. Anyway, welcome to Earth I guess. Umm…have you found a place to stay or do you have money or anything for food or shelter?"

Ahdi shakes his head and turns his full attention back to the older of his two companions, "Need no money, make home in wood, by, Miller Road."

Quetzal isn't sure where Miller Road is as it doesn't have a number for a road name. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a beat up looking wallet. He hands Ahdi a business card. "That's how you can reach me if you need anything. I would…like to keep in touch." The he reaches in and pulls out five twenties and hand them to Ahdi. "That should help you get some clothes and food for now. As for making your home in the woods, we'll have to figure out something for you."

Ahdi takes the two items, looks at them curiously, then tries to hand the money back, saying simply, "Will find, no need money."

"That's very nice of you, Agent Quetzal, to be helping him out like that." Justice smiles at the act of generosity on the agent's part and then is surprised to see Ahdi attempt to return it.

Quetzal puts up his hand to refuse to take the money back. "On this planet there is much need for money. Keep it. Also to keep suspicion away from yourself if you think you need something." He doesn't want to encourage Ahdi to steel. "You don't want to find yourself getting arrested for anything."

Ahdi shakes his head and keeps pushing the money at the man, "No need money, take." he insists, "Live on own, is fine."

"Agent Quetzal is correct. On this planet, money is necessary as a means of living. And it will assist you to blend in more." Justice urges Ahdi to take the money Quetzal has offered.

"How much do you know about Earth and how things work here Ahdi?" Quetzal asks in all honestly as he puts his hands into his pockets so Ahdi is left holding the funds. "I am not asking for anything in return, but if you find yourself in need of soap, a blanket, a hot meal, new clothing, how are you going to achevie that?"

Ahdi sighs, and reaches down to tuch the things in a hidden pocket of his loincloth, shaking his head, "I no know much, but I no need to know, hav elive fine way am, really."

Watching the two men discuss how Ahdi will live Justice can understand both sides, but in the end will have to agree more with Quetzal. "What have you been doing up to this point? Have you encountered many people?"

Quetzal smirks at Ahdi and lets out a chuckle. "Seems like you're definately in for some culture shock." He says as the ermine jumps off his shoulder and lands once again as the German Shephard. "Well I have to be on my way. My job calls. I hope to see you again Ahdi and Justice, thank you for your hard work as an Avenger." He says as walks away with a definate limp in his right leg.

Ahdi hmms as he watches Quetzal go, then turns his eyes on Vance, "Have met some keep hide, keep to self."

"Nice to meet you again Agent Quetzal." Justice waves as the Agent limps away and turns to Ahdi, "What a nice man. They're not too many like him on our planet." He turns to Ahdi, "Meet some nice people like Quetzal or bad people? Considering you were here only a short time and the battle at the cemetery and meeting an X-Man and Avenger. That's pretty lucky for you."

Ahdi nods his head in agreement, then thinks to add, "Fought people, one with name Mayfare, other Dingo."

Vance has no idea who Mayfair is, but knows who Dingo is and impressed that Ahdi survived the fight. "Dingo is the type of person who you do not want to encounter or let know that you are from another planet. That must have been some crazy fight. Even seeing how you fought the Queega. Someone like Dingo requires typically a whole team of heroes and sometimes that is not enough." He hmmmns, "But that is a reason why you will want to blend in moreso with humanity to avoid fights and people like Dingo."

Ahdi sighs, sadly, and looks Vance up and down, "Why? Am no worry people, an no worry fit in, am hope go home soon."

"Homesick. It must be so weird to be away fro home, especially another planet." Vance frowns a bit as he tries to empathize with Ahdi, "Well, I will see what I can do. I have access to certain technology and friends who may be able to help. And if you befriended the X-Men. They may be able to help too. Both teams have had adventures on other planets. One of my teammates is an alien as well. Have you heard of Dakkam? That is his home planet."

Ahdi shakes his head and unfolds his hands to smooth out his loincloth, "No, only know Atjad, no know was planet." he says sadly, shaking his head.

"Ok. Well I'll see if I can arrange a meeting between you and Kazhurr. He is on my team and is a champion for this planet. You'd be surprise the number of aliens who have come to this planet. Either as helpers or invaders, but it is pretty common. At least to someone in my circle." Justice grins, "Where are you currently staying?"

Ahdi attempts to think how it is said, tilting his face up to the sky as he ponders, long hair blowing around in the wind, "Mill Road, the water re siv rar."

Thinking a moment and scratching his head, "Mill Road? Water and a re siv rar? Oh a reservoir. I don't know Mill Road, but are you staying upstate? Near the cemetery from yesterday? That's the um." Justice ponders trying to remember the name of the reservoir. "Oh wait TIticus Reservoir. That's a nice area. Up in Westchester. Near the X-Men."

Ahdi nods his head once, "Is place, yes. Stay in woods, watch people, most no see." he smiles a small half smile at Justice.

"Ok. I know that area. I was born upstate, so I sorta know where you are. That area is relatively private. Easy to stay hidden with all those trees. But I imagine it might be dangerous. A lot of animals. Bears and whatnot." Justice offers.

Ahdi snorts, and says simply, "No."

Nodding his head, "Well on that note. I really should continue patrolling. The work of an Avenger is never done." With that Justice rises into the air telekinetically and hovers a moment, "Thanks again for the assistance in the cemetery yesterday and I'm sure we will meet again, Ahdi." And then he is off high into the sky and out of sight.

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