2009-09-10: An Awkward Conversation


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Summary: Robin asks Scott about her accomodations

Date: September 10, 2009

Log Title An Awkward Conversation

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

At the opposite side of the door to the headmaster's office, Robin stands nervously. She isn't exactly the most confident of students, so she hesitates a little bit, saying to her floating blue puppet (roughly the same size and build as her), "Okay, I can do this!" Tap tap tap is the sound of her knuckles rapping against the door.

Looking to the door, Scott answers. "Come in." He calls to the door, not knowing who is there. He's scribbling on papers, writing down different information. The headmaster preps his desk by placing confidential info back in the desk to finish up later.

Robin opens the door and peeks through. "Oh, hi," she says, almost sounding as if she wasn't expecting anyone to be in here. She wears a deep purple sweater and a black skirt today, and moments after she steps in (looking pretty timid) the blue humanoid steps in after her. "Um, hi, I dunno if you know my name from my file or have a super good memory and stuff, but I'm Robin Keen. I've gotta talk to you about something."

Scott had heard plenty of names as he's worked here over the years. Though he does remember Robins. "Sure thing. Take a seat." He offers the young student. "What is it you need to talk with me about?

Robin stares at Scott for a few moments and then sits down, flattening out her skirt as she does so. "Er, ah, just a simple matter of, uh…" She looks over at her puppet and notes, "Ah, this is Blank, by the way." Stalling, she's obviously stalling, and her ears burn a bright red. She fidgets a bit with her glasses, feeling the texture of the painted lens. "I'm sorry, this is weird for me. Um, well, my record has me as a boy. I think. And I mean… I'm not. Well, er, I… am, strictly speaking, but…" She bites her bottom lip and just stares at Cyclops, obviously searching for words.

"But…you're a boy?" Cyclops, unfortunately hasn't been in many situations like this, and Scott wouldn't know how to approach this type of situation. "I'm sorry, I'm failing to see the whole picture here." He informs, nothing wrong or critical in his voice, just…awkward.

"Ah, yeah, I mean, no," says Robin. She puts her forehead in her palm and says, "I am the worst explainer ever." She sighs and tries to calm herself a little bit, "Okay, well, let's see. Um, I'm a boy physically, right? But, um, mentally, no. Mentally, I'm a girl, and I feel like I should be a girl, and that I am a girl." Blank is just sitting on the ground with her head between her knees, like she's trying to get out of sight. "So I've gotta, um, be myself, but it can be awkward at times…"

Scott still has yet to see the problem here, mainly cause he doesn't know how that feels himself to him, the matter is pretty black and white. "Well…I…" He's not sure how to rectify this. "So, what's the problem?"

"Oh, yes, the problem, um. Well, the one I'm here for is just, well, uh… stuff like…" Robin scratches her head lightly and says, "Well, I'm on the boys floor, right? With a boy roommate, and it's all weird… It's the accomodations, it's weird for me. Right now, I shower at four or five in the morning, 'cause nobody else is up and I have to get up." She bites her bottom lip and says, "Um, sorry, I guess this must all seem so…" She waves one of her hands around in the air and says, "weird."

Scott gives a sigh. "Think about this though, what would the girls think if they had a boy on their floor? Or showering with them?" He is still not fully understanding what is going on with this. "Have you spoken with Doctor Parker-Mayfair about this?" He asks the troubled teen.

Robin shakes her head and says, "Yeah, I mean, I thought've that, too, and I dunno. And no, I haven't talked to Doctor Parker-Mayfair, um, I didn't really know to." She looks over at Blank and then back at Scott says, "I don't want to be any trouble, but I'm trying to present myself a certain way, and I can't really use the boys' room or the girls' room without problems. Which is why I'm here, I guess."

"I understand, just…I've never had this before here…" He's quite, well taken aback at this whole situation, here, a boy who thinks he is a girl is in his office, asking to go move to the girls floor… Scott's just not..equipped for situations like this. "Maybe you should speak to him, just a suggestion. In the meantime, I'll try to find something to accommodate you, Robin."

Robin nods her head a couple of times and says, "I, uh, didn't mean to weird you out or anything. Just…" She shrugs and then looks towards Blank again. "Um, one more thing, less awkward. After I got kidnapped by those MGH people or whatever, I've felt really… more vulnerable than I want to feel, I guess. I'm wondering if my combat and powers training could be intensified a bit? If something like that happens again, I want to be able to get away or fight back." She crosses her arms and notes, "And I'll speak to Doctor Parker-Mayfair."

"Who is your squad leader, Robin?" Scott asks, relieved now that there is a better subject to move on to. "I'll ask them to focus on self-defense this semester." His ruby lenses glean from the light in the room. "You didn't weird me out, just something I've never had to do before."

Robin tilts her head and then looks down at her folded hands, "Um, Dr. Parker-Mayfair. I'm on the Hellions squad. And yeah, a higher focus on self-defense would be good. I don't know about Skyler, but he was also taken away and is on my squad, so he might want something similar."

Scott gives this for Robin to think about. "I know that his regimen is defense oriented. Have you been paying attention in the Danger Room? Or even, classes just started, it may take a little bit to get back in the routine.

Scott gives this for Robin to think about. "I know that his regimen is defense oriented. Have you been paying attention in the Danger Room? Or even, classes just started, it may take a little bit to get back in the routine." The headmaster offers, looking to Robin, though he doesn't have anything against the teen, some villains are just more powerful.

Robin nods her head and says, "Well, yeah, I'm just… pretty new, I was in captivity for a long time, too. I just wanted to maybe get a kind of catchup course, so that I can go out and feel confident that it won't happen again." She shrugs and leans back, frowning, "I do pay attention, though, as best I can. I guess it'll come with time."

Cyclops looks to Robin. "Of course, we did have someone who could do a crash course. If your squad leader says it is alright, I may be able to put a similar class on." He offers, though he wouldn't want to subject them to Logan's training.

Robin smiles at Scott and says, "Thank you very much, sir. I would like that very much." She gets up from her seat and notes, "Um, that's all I really needed to talk to you about at the moment. I'll talk to Dr. Parker-Mayfair, too. I figured I'd want to talk to someone about everything… Anyways, I'll be on my way. Thank you for your time, sir."

The Headmaster gives a nod. "Don't worry, open-door policy. Just as long as someone talks with me. I'll see what options we have open for you." Scott mentions. "Have a nice night Robin." Even though he hadn't mentioned the puppet the whole time, Scott was intrigued by what it was. He may try and find out more about it at a later date.

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