2012-03-01: An Easy Mark


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Summary: Kai finds that Mason is an easy mark for a pick pocket, and Fiona sees the whole thing.

Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012. 2:09pm

Log Title: An Easy Mark

Rating: PG

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

Union Square is a darn sight nicer place to be wandering around than Hell's Kitchen. And with it being early in the afternoon, most people are back at work from lunch and most kids are in school - thus, it's not quite as crowded as usual. It being New York though, it's still quite busy. It's a beautiful day out - the sun is shining, it's… relatively warm, compared to how cold it HAS been. Fiona, for her part, is browsing an outdoor music stand in front of Kim's Music, picking up a shrink wrapped vinyl record and looking at it curiously. She looks at the record and then back down at her phone/mp3 player/whatever. Then back at the record. "Why on earth would anybody ever buy these? They're huge," she murmurs to herself.

A performance piece drew Mason to New York City today. His recital down at Julliard was today, and it went off without a hitch, much like his other Julliard classes have. It may be due to the fact that he actually does his homework for his music classes. He's done already, and has about an hour left to kill before he is supposed to meet a staff member to head back to Xavier's. Union Square has earned a visit for that reason He's failed to wear a jacket, but the long sleeved shirt seems to suffice for today. Red lens sunglasses cover his face, so that he can gain a little less attention than usual. He walks up and down the square, checking out the music scene in the City. Of course, a music area is a risky place for a somewhat famous musician to go during the broad daylight.

Kai is back in the city again for one reason and one reason only, he needs money, having spent his last few dollars on food yesterday he's realized that he will need to eat again at some point. Dressed in blue jeans, red sneakers, a black t-shirt, a black jacket with a red hood and tucked into the back of his jeans hidden under his jacket is a handgun Kai is looking around for an easy Mark.

Fiona lets out a short sigh, setting the disc back down on its shelf. It's not like she has money to be spending on something like that anyway, per say, and stealing from one of the last remaining brick and mortar music places just somehow doesn't sit right with her. Well, stealing at all - but there's bad and then there's bad… She turns away for a moment, only to suddenly come face to face with Mason as he's walking by - in fact, she almost runs into him. Might have, if she hadn't been watching where she was going! "Oh, erm, sorry!" she smiles apologetically, glancing up to his sunglasses. As she shuffles out of the way, she realizes that she's run into him before, somewhere. Or that, maybe he just looks really familiar…

Mason stops short of running into Fiona as well, his forward momentum causing him to pause as he tries to keep from running into Fiona. "Whoop, hey, it's okay," he offers with a grin. "No harm done." He takes a few steps past her and pauses, glancing in the music store's window, particularly at one of the band names in the corner. "No way, they got picked up," he comments out loud.

Spotting a very stupid man walk away from a news stand and slip his wallet in his jacket pocket Kai pulls his hood up and starts walking in the man's direction. He bumps into the man as he walks quickly past him, "Sorry sir", he smiles as he man doesn't seem to have spotted him slip his wallet out of his pocket, relieved he stops not far from Fiona and Mason.
Fiona turns around, also peering at the window, "Who?" she wonders, somewhat echoing his statement. While her tastes in music aren't exactly mainstream, she's also rarely up on whatever the newest least heard of band is. So far, being her typically oblivious self, she has not quite noticed Kai yet. "You know, you seem familiar, though…" she comments to Mason. Haven't we met somewhere?"

Mason turns his head back to Fiona, body still oriented toward the store. "Oh, friends of mine from back in Cali. They had been trying to get a record deal a few years ago, looks like they got picked up. They didn't even tell me." He bounces on the balls of his feet when Fiona says he looks familiar, and glances at the crowd along the streets before answering. "I dunno, maybe," he offers, his hands still in his pockets. "Where do you think you know me from?"

Kai watches as the man walks away before checking the contents of the wallet, crap! Only a ten? "Who only carries a ten?", sighing Kai has another look around for someone who might have a little more money, can't anything go simply anymore? He double checks his hood before deciding on his next hit.

"Oh…" Fiona trails off as he explains, tucking a lock of hair behind one of her ears. "I… Don't remember exactly. You know, it was night time, and I was, that is," she stammers as it comes back to her. Oh yeah. That night. Fantastic. One hand begins fiddling with the hem of her shirt nervously. "It was by some concert hall and you were with a girl," she nods, sounding vague all of a sudden. "In fact, never mind really, it's not a big deal! I shouldn't have brought it up."

"Oh," Mason answers, "Um…" he tries to pretend to remember, it's clear he doesn't, even though he gives the common response of, "Oh yeah, how're you doing?" he asks. It's good to see you, hope everything worked out all right for you." Yes, definitely has no idea what she's referring to. A beep on his watch goes off. "Crud, I gotta get back to the subway. It's good to see you again," he offers to Fiona, and starts back in the other direction past Kai quickly. As he does, he bumps straight into Kai. "Oh, sorry bro," he offers, and continues on his way briskly.

"Yeah, sorry bro", Kai replies as he slips the newly acquired wallet into his pocket until Mason is out of sight. He pulls it out and smiles when he sees the contents of the wallet, couple hundred dollars and a Drivers License, "Excellent, now that’s what I’m talking about".

Fiona rolls her eyes, "I WAS BREAKING AND ENTERING, YOU LIAR!" she shouts at the top of her lungs at Mason's retreating form, before her eyes fall onto Kai. And well - she's no newbie to how the streets work. "Wow, he was really loaded…" she trails off, "He's gonna miss that license though," she says, folding her arms across her chest. Okay. STERN look. "It seems we just can't keep from running into each other, can we?"

Kai raises an eyebrow when he hears Fiona shouting, "And you call me a criminal…” man what is it with this girl? He's running into her everywhere! When she starts talking about the wallet he slips it into his pocket, "Seems so, why are you literally everywhere I go? Trying to drive me crazy as well?"

"As if!" Fiona shakes her head, "No, not. Perhaps our fates are entwined in some way," she shrugs a little, "I never said I wasn't, anyway! Well, not anymore though but…" she stomps a foot, "That's beside the point! And I'm not crazy. Well not in the traditional sense anyway. I told you, it's a magic thing. I can think perfectly clearly and rationally, normally!"

Kai raises an eyebrow, "Sorry, I don't deal in fate, that suggests we have no control and I need that control", he slips Mason's wallet back into his pocket, "You're not crazy?, sorry but you're at the very least as crazy as I am and I’m a little worried for my sanity right now", he takes a step back, "Well I've done what I needed to do, now I’m getting the hell out of the city", with the Kai turns and walks away.

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