2012-04-18: An Ocelot And A Lizard Boy Walk Into A Dorm

Players: Cale and Taylor

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Summary: Cale has a bit of free time during his first day at Xavier's and gets to know Taylor. They seem to hit it off pretty well. There is mutual angst.

Date: April 18, 2012

Log Title: An ocelot and a lizard boy walk into a dorm…

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Players: Cale (IC), Taylor (IC)

[B]oy's [F]loor [Cafe]teria

[G]irl's [F]loor [Quad]

Taylor is on one of the couches, seemingly reading a textbook with a little bit of a feline scowl. The spotty student doesn't seem particularly impressed with the mathematics textbook, jotting something down on a nearby page every few moments, looking towards it, then back at the book. It's kind of boring, Taylor's tail thrashing about in both annoyance and boredom. The school day being finished, Taylor's already changed into light blue pyjamas with little pawprints all over them.

Cale wasn't really around for the school day - the past few weeks have, indeed, been a bit of a blur. He spent most of the day moving into his new room and getting his things set up - perhaps wandering about the campus a little to get a handle on things. Such it is that he comes in from the quad, absorbed in the video game he's playing on his PSP, blinking as his eyes adjust to the lower indoor light. The teen brushes a lock or hair out of his eyes and looks up, tucking it behind his ear, when he notices Taylor. He doesn't mean to stare, he really doesn't, but even with as much of a shock as his system's taken lately it's still surprising to see a cat-person in real life.

Taylor sniffs the air lightly after a few moments, eyes flicking up towards Cale, ears flicking, "No need to fucking stare, you'll have the pleasure of looking at me as often as you want, I'm sure. I'm guessing you're a new kid. I guess that means I'm not the new kid anymore…" The feline student considers that for a moment and looks aside, "Or is your power being forgettable and I've met you plenty of times?"

Cale flinches, slightly startled by the sudden angry words direct at him. He drops his game to the floor with a clatter, where it splits open and he scrambles to pick up the various pieces. "S-sorry," Cale stammers, rocking backwards onto his heel with one foot and putting the other behind him, "I didn't mean to." The boy's skin and hair begin to fade, taking on the color of the wall behind him. What a great start at his new school!

Taylor headshakes and says, "No, don't worry about it…" The androgynous felinoid watches at Cale seems to fade, curiously, before looking back down at the book, "Sorry. I just… get stared at, makes me uncomfortable. It's always made me really uncomfortable, but now more so…"

"Sorry! I've just, er, I'm just, not used to this place yet… I just got here today," he offers; his skin completes the process of mimicking the wall behind him, right down part of the picture frame that he's standing in front of, but as he relaxes a little it starts to regain it's normal (human) coloring, "I'm just having a little trouble clearing my head out. That's all," he stands up straight, pushing the battery back into his PSP and closing the cover. He makes little effort to close the distance between the two of them though, still seeming sorta awkward. He has, however, stopped staring, bright green eyes taking the moment to pan around the room. He rubs the back of his neck nervously, "Is it… okay for me to be in here? They didn't really say what I was supposed to be doing yet, or if I was supposed to stay in my room…" Granted, he came in from the outside, so it couldn't have mattered THAT much… "But it was kinda boring in there. I don't have internet yet."

"Yeah, it's just fine that you're in here, just fine. I'm pretty sure you can do whatever you want until they tell you to do all the school and squad stuff, you know?" says Taylor, shrugging one shoulder and then staring off, "I dunno… and you don't have internet? I can give you the wifi access code. Pretty sure you're safe to have it. And yeah, being not used to the place for awhile is fair!"

"… is it fair? I don't know," the boy mumbles awkwardly. "Yeah, they must've missed giving it to me…" Cale shrugs, shuffling over to Taylor. Along the way, one of his sandals seems to get stuck to his foot a bit awkwardly and he shakes it until it falls off, then sticks his foot back in it. He flops down in one of the bigger chairs a little ways away. "I'm Cale, by the way," he wiggles his right hand out of the sleeve of his hoody and offers it for the cat-person-thing to shake. "Cale Black. My sister's gonna come here, too, but she's still in the hospital 'cause of the - erm, she's just, in the hospital," he grimaces, "So I'm here by myself. For now."

Taylor extends a hand to take Cale's and says, "Taylor. Taylor Marinov." The ocelot student nods once and then shrugs, "They'll give you all the information you need sooner or later, they like to let us settle in. You know, cause… cause it's pretty weird coming here, you know? I still feel fucking weird about it."

"Nice to meet you," Cale grins faintly, "Yeah, it is pretty weird. I think I'd rather just go home, honestly, but," the boy pauses, kicking off his sandals and bringing his feet up onto the chair he's sitting on. "But that's really not possible I guess." He hugs his knees to his chest, wiggling his toes and examining them carefully. Toes are so interesting! He begins scraping at the remains of something that look like black nail polish on one of them idly. The conversation lapses for a minute; Cale's social skills with strangers being what they are. Finally, he asks quietly, "So, um, what sorta stuff do you like? Or, do people like. To do here. I mean." He figures he might ask, before blurting out something and making everyone instantly annoyed.

"It's nice to meet you too," says Taylor, nodding once, "I dunno, I guess I pretty much keep to myself, watch shows, make outfits for my dolls, that sorta thing. And don't make fun of me for liking dolls." The felinoid huffs and then says, "I dunno, I guess I do the same stuff I did at home for fun. What did you do at home?"

Silence for a moment, and then a quiet, "I wouldn't," pops out of Cale. "Make fun of dolls, that is. They're cool!" he pauses awkwardly, "I mean that, er, it's okay for… um…" the boy trails off, blinking as he stumbles over /that/ question in his head, finally abandoning that. "Stuff. I guess. I guess I'm sort of a nerd. I like video games, and computers, 'n anime…" Taylor doesn't exactly strike him as the macho type (given that he can't decide whether Tay is a boy or girl), so he feels comfortable adding, "But I really like to cook, too. And sing," he finally lets go of his toes.

Taylor nods slowly and says, "It's okay for anyone to like dolls, in my opinion, because they are fucking boss." The ocelot student nods a couple of times at that and then says, "I like some of that stuff too, you know, like JRPGs and all that. I'm no good at singing, but… cooking's fine. I don't do it much. I'm used to my dad having always done it for me…"

Cale seems to relax a little, stretching his legs out straight and then letting them fall, where they don't quite touch the floor. He bounces his heels off the bottom of the chair idly, "My mom taught me how. I used to help her out with all kindsa stuff," the boy murmurs sadly. "Well, I also took classes at school. But a lot of that was pretty basic," he pauses, "Really though, you think that?" he doesn't seem to disagree, but seems rather surprised. "Cool…" he murmurs again.

"Is that cool? I dunno, some would disagree, but come on, I dunno, I'm an only child so I'd like… well, I'd always be all about imagination games, and dolls are perfect for that. You know, give them all personalities and have them, I dunno, live out their lives," says Taylor, shrugging and looking up towards the ceiling, "But yeah, I think it's fine to like dolls if you're a guy. You like dolls?"

Cale's face reddens and he finds a particular spot on the wall VERY interesting to stare at. "I've, never had any. I mean. Action figures, sure," he pauses, eyes tracing a path down the wall, to the floor, and then across the floor to the couch where Tay sits, "But my sister had hers. So we shared. I liked her toys." A lot. "Not that I'm, all about that. These days. They are all pretty much the same thing anyway, right?"
"Action figures and dolls, I mean."

"They're pretty much the same thing, yeah, I mean… I have both. My parents, ehh, they got me whatever, I guess," says Taylor, head tilted slightly, "Only child, I guess… but yeah, I dunno, it's fine if you like that stuff. Don't be so embarrassed. I sure don't give a damn if you like dressing up in a tutu and wearing a frog on your head, or whatever. Your life."

"People say that they don't care," Cale counters, "But people are liars, too. Everyone is a liar," he flicks his PSP on, but turns the sound off, and starts fiddling with it. "I don't think that you're lying though." he smirks, then frowns as a lock of hair falls into his eyes. The same as has happened thousands of times before. He blows upwards at it, puffing it out of the way; mostly. Some of it falls back down.

"Well, yeah, people are liars. And who says that they don't care? Most people don't actually say that, I thought," says Taylor, head tilting lightly at that, "But yeah, I dunno, I'm not lying. Really. I dunno… It just, I've had problems with stuff like that my whole life, who am I to make fun?"

Cale laughs, "I guess nobody. But, I don't think… anybody should make fun of anybody! Well. Not unless it's just between friends…" the boy ponders this for a moment, before finally shrugging, laying his head back on the top of the chair. "I don't know. People at my old school. They'd talk about acceptance and stuff, but they really weren't all that accepting. You know, like how when someone's racist they won't come out and say it. They just won't talk to you…" He stares at the cieling.

"Well, I'm not a racist. I mean, hell, look at me. I've got a much different complexion than pretty much anyone, I'd say," says Taylor, sighing softly, "I don't think anyone should make fun of anyone, but you know… bullies are shitheads, you know? What are you going to do about that except hit 'em in the jaw…"

"I didn't mean actual racism, I was just… it was an analogy. Sort of," Cale studies Tay for a moment, "Yeah. I guess. My sister used to do that for me. I'm not really… I mean, I suck at fighting. A lot. Unless it's in a game. My sis is badass though! She's the best," he smiles, seeming less depressed talking about that. "Nobody messes with me when she's around." He makes a fist, and punches the air playfully.

Taylor laughs and says, "I guess, you know, only child and all, so I had to be the puncher. I'd rather not, you know, punch people… but eh, if you have to, well…" The teen considers that for a moment and says, "I guess people make fun of you a lot for being a pretty boy, huh? I mean, you're pretty, and a boy… lots of guys hate that."

"I guess. It was worse than fun, though. Like, I got punched and kicked and pushed down stairs and into lockers sometimes," the boy grumbles, "But, it wasn't just 'cause of how I looked. It was because I don't like some things that guys are supposed to like," Cale shrugs, face flushing slightly red again as he rubs the back of his neck. "Like sports, or fighting, or talking about girls like they're pieces of meat and bragging about who's been how far," he grumbles, "AND because I was in jazz-choir. And because I took hom-ec. And because I turned down a hot girl who asked me out. I don't. I mean. I was scared! But it was just a lot of stuff." He turns even redder, "I think this is the most I've ever talked about stuff like this. With anybody. And I just met you! It's weird," he notes, "This whole place is weird," he pans his gaze about the room, skin beginning to fade into the color of the chair that he's sitting on as he sinks down into it. "They didn't drug me or something, did they?"

"Well, most people get the hint when someone is a pretty boy that they are probably into stuff that most people don't like boys being into," says Taylor. The teen shrugs and says, "I guess some people thought I was a pretty boy. Or they thought I was a butch girl. I dunno, one or the other, I guess?" The felinoid waves a hand and then shrugs, "I don't think you're drugged, though. I dunno. Good to open up to me, I guess. I'm not a bad choice."

Cale relaxes a little again - he seems a bit high strung, "That's good. You don't mind?" he drags himself forward, sitting up and pulling back, smoothing it out before he lets it fall down again. "I guess I'm just reeeaaally stressed out lately. I feel like I'm going to explode." Then he gets a thought, "You're a good choice?" he echos, "Are there people who… are a BAD choice? Normally I'm pretty quiet."

"Well, I dunno, I don't care about, you know, what people want to do, you know? I'm not really judgmental, 'cause I can't be. I guess there probably are people who are pretty judgmental…" says Taylor, considering.

Cale smiles a little, "Nah, don't tell me, 'cause, it's better to just meet people, rather than talk about them," the mutant scratches at his temple. "That just leads to bad blood. I shouldn't even have asked." He lets out a deep sigh, "So how'd you end up in here, anyway? Do most parents actually send their kids here?"

"I ended up here cause, I dunno, because my parents didn't know how to deal with me turning into a cat monster or something," says Taylor, sighing softly, "I dunno, I was always kind of a loner, so I pretty much lost all my friends and then they came from the school to recruit me from the hospital or something. It's complicated."

"Oh," Cale murmurs, "So, your parents, they're still alive then?" he asks, seeming to think that that's a good thing. "I wasn't sure, you know, if maybe this place was some kinda orphanage or something," he laughs at that - clearly joking… and yet not, at the same time.

"Oh…" says Taylor, frowning slightly, as much as a feline can, "I guess there are a lot of orphans here… but if you're saying that…" The ocelot sighs softly and says, "I'm sorry to hear it."

"Yeah… I don't know… I spent a lot of time crying over it, and…" Cale shrugs, "I feel sad. But. Have you ever been so said, that you can't be sad anymore?" the boy smiles widely, laughing a little. "It's fucked up. Sorry. I dunno. Is that normal? To tell random people that? I guess, if I worked somewhere, and that happened. I would tell my friends. Does that mean we're friends, then?"

"Well, I'm fine with us being friends. It's not a problem at all to be friends," says Taylor, looking over towards Cale. "But I dunno, I've never been that sad before… I guess when my boyfriend dumped me, it sucked, but it doesn't really compare…"

"Oh…" Cale trails off - when Tay mentions a boyfriend, he figures that means that the ocelot is a girl; but then again, LOOKING at Taylor, he just can't be sure of anything. "Well, you know, what's done is done, I guess." Cale bites his lip. "Sorry. I'm hugely depressing. I can go, I mean, if you want."

"No, uhhh, that's not a problem…" says Taylor, frowning for a moment. The ocelot student considers that for a few moments and then says, "I dunno, you're not that depressing, and most people around here are pretty depressing…"

"Bah," Cale replies, "I feel pretty depressing!" he says flippantly, then falls silent. A minute later, he laughs. "So, you like dolls huh?" he steers the conversation back to its original vector, "I collect figurines. Sorta." He scratches he cheek a little, "Not. Like a /ton/ of them like some people who just go crazy. But a few. I brought them with me, even!"

"Well. I collect a number of dolls. I mean, an amount that… well, a crazy amount, I suppose," says the androgynous teen. Taylor considers that for a few moments and then says, "I dunno. I guess I'll blame that on being an only child, too."

"That's okay too! I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I just. Didn't wanna come off wrong, is all," Cale tugs on a bit of his hair nervously, and then suddenly pauses. "Oh. Um. Uh," he stammers, "Nooot agaaain!" he whines, pulling gently at first and then frantically (but still not too hard. "It's stuck! Taylor, it's stuck! Again! Oh god! Stop being stuck! Not on my hair! I don't wanna cut it off! Grrr!" he flexes his hand, which, at this point, is balled into a fist around his hair.

Taylor blinks a few times and then says, "Oh geez, are your hands like super sticky or something?" The felinoid student looks towards Cale's hands and says, "Here, I'll do my best to help you, but I don't want my fur getting caught up…"

"Yeah, they're… it's weird," he replies, backing away a little. "Eek!" Cale squeaks, "No! You're right, don't touch it! I don't wanna get you stuck to me!" He's on the verge of panicking and just trying to yank it off, "It'll come loose. I just gotta relax and…" Suddenly there's a slight smell a bit like paint thinner and his hand comes free - leaving a little bit of goop on his now stuck together lock of hair. "Oh god. Yuuuck." He claws at it, trying to get it out. "Groooss." Whatever it was though, it seems to be visibly melting itself and evaporating.

Taylor frowns for a few moments, leaning back from Cale and then nodding, "That's kind of weird… I guess I have some weird… things that come with my powers too. I mean, I smell my… glands and shit…" The ocelot student sighs and glances away, "Anyways, don't worry about it."

"Ugh, you don't know the half of it…" Cale sighs, shaking his head, "But anyway. I can climb things. Sorta. Sometimes I stick to things on accident, though. I'm not really sure how to control it. It's an unconscious thing, I guess. It backfires sometimes. Anyway." He sniffs at his hand, which still smells faintly of the solvent that de-stickifies things. "I guess you have like, super-smell then, huh? And hearing? Can you see in the dark?" He seems inquisitive - only because Taylor is probably the first other mutant that he has really talked to.

"Yeah, I see in the dark really well. I have a hard time sleeping at night," says Taylor, nodding slowly, "But I guess that's because ocelots are supposed to be nocturnal? I dunno, and I like napping, you know, in a sunbeam…" The student looks away and says, "I find myself kind of doing cat things… it's a problem…"

"Cat things?" Cale wonders, "I like the sun too… But it's 'cause… er, I'm actually sorta cold-blooded. My body kinda sits at whatever temperature is around it. But I don't get hypothermia like a normal person would if it falls below the normal human level, I just start to get slower. Room temperature is okay, but I like being outside in the sun. Which, is something I never really cared one way or the other about before…" he shrugs, "Anyway. What do you mean, do you like, wanna play with yarn or something?" he jokes.

"Uhh, I dunno, I'd rather… please don't make fun of my looking catlike… I'm still not even that, I dunno, I haven't dealt with it, okay?" says Taylor, perhaps too defensively. "I don't like that I do, you know, cat things. I'm not a cat."

"Oh…" Cale trails off, looking kinda sad. "I didn't. Argh," he groans, "Sorry. I didn't mean that," he murmurs, "In a mean way. I think you look awesome. Heck, you are awesome! Especially for listening to all my crap, even though you barely know me!"

"I know, I know, you didn't mean to offend me. I guess I'm oversensitive, which is why I'm just… asking, I dunno, for you to avoid the cat jokes…" Taylor shrugs a shoulder and says, "Thanks for thinking I look awesome, though. I'm trying to get used to it, myself."

"Sure! No problem," Cale nods, stretching a little. "Gah, it's getting late. I should probably go find something to eat. I always forget to eat," he rolls his eyes, "Nice talkin to you, anyway, Taylor! I'm sure we'll see more of each other," he rolls off the chair, wiggling his way into his sandals properly and heading off in the direction of the cafeteria.

Taylor nods at Cale and says, "It was nice speaking to you Cale, nice to meet you…" The ocelot smiles politely and then says, "I should be heading to bed, myself, though I doubt I'll be able to sleep until I'm in class. What can you do?"

With this, the teen picks up the books and such, heading up to bed.

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