2010-05-06: An Offer to Help


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Summary: A discussion with the new girl turns into a question for help.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title An Offer to Help

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's just after 3pm, and for James that means his day is over. No classes, no DR, no nothing. So, taking advantage of his free time, the Hyena has parked himself in the Japanese gardens. Sitting on a rock, the large creature takes in some fresh air, and open space, as he relaxes from a long day of scholastic duties. He already knows Robyn in on the way, the wind carrying the other boy's scent and more. So, James waits to see who walks by and who stops by.

Jinx is on her way. Her ipod blaring in her ears, she has a scarf wrapped up around her nose until she reaches not so far away. Dragging it down from her nose with a ragged sigh, she shakes her head. "Man…" a soft sound, and noticing the scent on the wind, turns her head towards the big boy-turned-hyena on the rock. "Hey. We meet again."

Walking over towards the Japanese Garden from the school, Robyn also carries the scent of clay with him as he has decided it's a nice day and he'd work outside for a bit. He's got a fresh block of clay in a plastic bag with his tools and a black tray that he can work on. As usually he's dressed in all black sporting that 'emo' look. Spotting the Hyena on a rock, Robyn waves. "Hey James." He says with a smile before seeing Jinx and giving her a wave. "Hello."

James nods over to Jinx, offering a conspirator's look, "Hey Jinx." Her actions get a head tile, "You'll get used to it…or, rather, you'll have to. Should try the boys floor." The hyena makes a face, reflecting on the scents he picks up, before pointing to his nose "I'm actually wearing a couple fitted filters that rest inside my nose. Did wonders. Tell your advisor and you can get one too." The casual observer would notice something shiny is indeed inside his nose. If one 'really' wanted to look. "Hey
Robyn," he calls next, watching the youth get seated, "What'cha working on?"

"You have things shoved up your nose?" she asks, reaching up to scratch the side of her face. "Huh. That's pretty neat…' at the arrival of the other boy, Jinx nods her black and white head, wiping her bangs from her eyes. "Hello."

"I dunno yet James, I was thinking about another kind of evil plant, maybe make it a series, I had an idea to use Cacti." Robyn says as he offers a hand to Jinx. "I'm Robyn, nice to meet you." He says to the Skunk-Girl. "How does that feel, shoving stuff up your nose? I mean, that doesn't sound comfortable at all."

James grins at Robyn, "At first? Really Weird. But since i got used to it, it's actually cut down a lot on my 'overload.' I can actually enter the locker rooms with out gagging now. So, more plants? That's cool. You should try one of those tree guys from that Ring movie." The Gnoll's big, black eyes fall on Jinx, "So, how are you adjusting?"

"Ents," Jinx suggests. She doesn't shrug off that she knows the name, unashamed of her geeky credentials. "Oh, I am adjusting okay, I guess. What's there to do besides put one foot in front of another, y'know? Classes are boring." She looks to Robyn curiously. "How do you keep your black clothes from getting all fingerprinty with the clay?" She just has to ask.

"Maybe later, I've done evil trees before but never an evil Cactus, and did you know there are way to many species of cacti?" Robyn likes to do some research on the art he's about to do, reference makes it's easy. "I can't imagine the boys locker room with even heightened smell as even I think it's bad with regular smell." Robyn then looks down at his clothes and then at Jinx and smiles. "I don't, I just wash them later and crap, I forgot water, I gotta head back inside. Nice meeting Jinx, and I gotta ask ya something later James!" Robyn says as he waves and heads off.

Robyn has left.

James blinks at Robyn, "Uhh…Sure?" That's to the questions for later, "See ya around!" He watches his friend get up and leave, "Sometimes I think he's as kinetic as me. So…!" And with that, Jinx gets his full attention, "Where you from?"

"Socal," she says, and sweeps her tail around her body before bending her legs to curl up in the grass. The bookbag is dropped from her shoulder with a heavy thud. "So much homework. I think someone has a sick sense of humor with all the stuff they give us to do. It's unreal."

James nods, "Cool." In truth, he has no idea where 'Socal' is…but it sounds…tropical and far away. "I hate to tell you this..but they're going easy on you since you're new. Just wait." He pulls his feet up onto the stone he's perches upon, toe claws digging for purchase, "Though, if you have to miss class for any thing, the give you lots of time to make it up!"

"I suppose that is something, at least. Make-up time. Though I doubt I will be going out on these things they do anytime soon. Have you every gone?" Jinx curls her legs to the side, and runs her fingers through the shaggy grass, her tail curled loosely around her hips.

If James had a readable 'distant' expression, he'd be wearing it right now. Maybe the other animal type can. "Yeah," he says with a sigh, "You could say that." He shrugs, "Sometimes these things come here. But, that's why they teach us self defense and power stuff, eh? Speaking of, if I can ask, what is it your powers do?"

Jinx leans on her arm in the grass, her head pillowed on her shoulder. "I make people feel things," she murmurs softly. Not knowing the fuzzy well enough to speak on his emotions, she doesn't pry. With her nose, she has learned that not prying is the way to stay neutral. Her purple eyes lift to his face. "Why would anyone want to come here? We're just a bunch of kids."

James gives Jinx a long look. He slips off the rock and onto the ground, eyes never leaving her, "That what that weird thing was the other night?" The hyena has three settings, you see: Distracted, Disgruntled, and Destructive. And his previous experience with Jinx didn't end in one of his 3 Ds. He looks around the area and, seeing is how the pair are alone, drops onto all fours and pags over to the girl. Stopping 5+feet away, he answers her question, "Honestly? I think that when you get as old as the adults are around here, you get bored. So, you have to go bother someone. And then they come bother you. It's like…some stupid big board game."

"I hate board games," she answers. "Battleship isn't bad, though. Can you call that a board game? Those pegs are damned hard to pick up now," she wiggles her claws in the air. The approach of the giant hyena doesn't seem to bother her, and after a moment she smiles. "You didn't seem bothered by what happened. Not many people are bothered by it… unless I want them to be."

James grins, "I can't sit still long enough to play them." Or long enough not to put the pegs to use in a fashion that upsets people, "I get bored really easily." As Jinx talks about her powers, the details capture the hyena's attention fully, "I dunno…but for a moment…" He shrugs, skipping the rest of that sentence. Instead he goes the direct route, "Can you keep someone calm and relatively in control? If so…how long?"

Jinx blinks at the question and considers with a wrinkle and an uneven twitch to her whiskers. "I dunno.. I suppose? I haven't really tried. It's usually other stuff. I suppose it would be the opposite kind of feeling… making an empty spot and all that." She thinks about being in class, and the scent of boredom, and the calm of a quiet evening reading a book. She nods her head. "I probably could," she confirms. "Dunno how long though."

The answer earns a very long, intense look from the hyena as he considers the answer, "Really?" He rolls over on his side and looks out towards the bridge before looking back. He spares Jinx the details about the demon possession and the take over to the mall, keeping the explanation simple: "Months ago something happened and I haven't set foot off the campus since. It's probably a stupid idea, and I shouldn't be asking someone I just met…but I'd really like to get over this. Maybe if you could go with me and if I need it…?" He squints his eyes a little, looking hopeful before adding, "I have some money! Would that help?"

Jinx looks at the boy. Road trip with a giant hyena? What fool wouldn't want to do
that? "I suppose," she says casually. "You have to buy me dinner… someplace decent, not just McDonalds because that stuff is crap and smells like a donkey's undershorts. I really like burritos. If you can agree to my terms, then we can see what we can do." She smiles, rows of sharp little teeth glinting behind her lips.

James' ears perk, "Oh yeah?" He rolls back over onto his stomach and grins at the girl, "Okay. Anything!" And he may very well mean that..for the next 30 seconds. He pushes himself off the ground with a leap, "That's awesome. Wait until I tell…hmmm…" His ears pin back, "Well..nobody. But it's still cool. Thanks!" And with that, he runs off, waving as he goes, leaving what ever other conversation they were having long behind, "By Jinx!" Yeah….30 seconds.

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