2009-06-15: Ancient Earth



Summary: What happened when Dmitri touched that Gem.

Date: June 15, 2009

Ancient Earth

Rating: PG

As the spirits each touch their own stone, something strange happens. All that's obvious to Dmitri, right off, would be that he's not standing on controllable earth. He's in what appears to be a scantily vegetated land. If he watches TV at all, it will appear much as the nature shows the Serengeti plains of Africa to be. He is dressed in a simply loin cloth when he arrives, with his leg… whole for a change.

Dmitri's first thought, and words, are the same thing that he might not normaly say in mixed company. After he is done swearing Dmitri takes a moment to do the logical inteligent thing, and look for any nearby bodies of water, or obvious tools or food.

As he turns around, Dmitri will be greeted by a dark-skinned woman, dressed in clothing similar to his own, and carrying a large staff. She offers a hand towards him. That feeling Dmitri got when he first met the other spirits? It's there… in spades. The only thing is, it's weighted with time and sadness. "So, you have come." She says, softly, her voice the sound of sands sliding under the waves. Soft, serene, complete. "I wondered if you would ever get here."

Dmitri looks at the woman and raises an eyebrow as he watches her a long moment before he reaches out to take that offered hand. The Earth spirit may be slow to act, but is fairly quick on the up take, and has at least three possible ideas as to what is going on as he hears the womans voice. "What is time to the mountains, or the desert sands? I am here, where ever here is, the only question is why?"

Hearing his words, the woman smiles broadly. She takes the hand and raises it slowly to her cheek to brush it before returning the hand to Dmitri. "Exactly. That is why… I waited." She waves a hand vaguely at herself. "N'Teru." She says simply. "Do not worry. You are safe here. Might I ask… have you realized WHO you are, young one?" She looks to be about the same age as Dmitri himself, but carries the weight of years in her voice.

Dmitri watches the woman raise his hand and brush it against her cheek gently with a faint smile that even he does not quite realize he has on his face. "I am Dmitri Gaina, child of the Roma and Jeweler. That is who I am, what I am though….that I have only started to learn. I know that I am the Spirit of the Earth…but beyond that…"

Dmitri watches the woman raise his hand and brush it against her cheek gently with a faint smile that even he does not quite realize he has on his face. "I amDmitri Gaina, child of the Roma and Jeweler. That is who I am, what I am though….that I have only started to learn. I know that I am a creature of the Earth, able to feel and control it at will but beyond that nothing."

"Roma. Gypsy?" N'Teru asks softly before shaking her head. "It matters not. You, Dmitri, are what I was. Before my final death at an ancient age, when my energy passed from my body into the one being born. Like Clay in the Maker's hand, we are shaped from the same stuff. Though our outward shapes and growth are different, we are essentially one. It is more than controlling the Earth and feeling it, Dmitri." N'teru pauses briefly. "We ARE the Earth. Or rather, you are and I was."

Dmitri blinks at the woman, when he first saw her and first felt the…the indescribable feeling of connection to her he had wondered about things. For some reason the image of the small figures found with the remains of early man shapped like a woman with wide hips and full breasts comes to mind for an instant as he watches the woman. Dmitri is not sure what to say to the revelation that he is more than just part of and able to control the Earth beneith his feet.

"Some refer to us as elementals, but I find that insulting. We live and breathe outside the realm of the elements, though we are them. I prefer the term Angelie used. Spirits." N'Teru nods softly. "Have you attempted anything outside the realm of earth, Dmitri?" She asks, looking over his form. She chuckles for a moment. "You are lucky. Angelie embedded our essences into crystals to assist the next generation. We didn't have that."

Dmitri listens and absorbs what is said hmming gently. "Spirits makes he think of the dead, or at least creatures that are neither part of this world or the next. If I understand you I can't help but think a better word might be Avatar." Dmitri stops and shakes his head almost waving away the lack of importance that termanology has in his situation. "Have I tried anything outside the realm of Earth? No, the Earth and all inside it calls to me, sand stone and gems, I have not thought anything beyond control of those possible for me. Amgelie? Is she one of us…or one of Xane's past lives?" Dmitri should probably wonder if the woman will even know who he means, but given this spirit obviously from the earliest days of man kinds existance can speak English he figures she at least has access to some parts of what he knows.

"Perhaps. Angelie was… the realm of the heart and soul. She was born mute, the poor thing, but she had a greater way with words than anyone I knew. Unfortunately, I do not know of the others." N'teru shakes her head lightly. "No. We are Earth. We are the calm presence that is always there, no matter what happens. There are things we can do that no others can. While the realm of emotion fell to Angelie, there are things she could not control. You see, I am the Earth Mother. I love my children, but I also know my children get excited. And what does a parent do when a child has too much activity and too much energy for control?" She asks, waiting for Dmitri to see if he can figure this one out.

Dmitri watches The Earth Mother herself for a moment before saying anything. "If they have too much energy to control a good parent finds ways for them to expend it." Its the only answer that Dmitri can think of, not being a particularly parental person, when he thinks about the question. Its the logical answer at least as far as he can see.

"Perhaps. Myself, I found it best to wrap their hearts in the power of earth. It saved many people from dying, rather than running like idiots. Calm them. That IS within your realm of possibility. While we feel, we feel deeply, unlike most of the others. So, we understand that sometimes, tampering the hearts of others is necessary, in order to help them go." N'tery says with a soft smile. "The Heart of Stone can be as much a blessing as it can be a curse."

Dmitri blinks and had not actually thought of what N'teru sudjests. The idea of influencing others directly with his nature, his calmness and stability. The idea does appeal to him, given the number of times he has wanted to reach out and calm the people around him and make them stop acitng like over excited morons.

"Try that, next time. Now that you know it is possible, you may be able to make it work for you." N'Teru says with a chuckle. She steps forward and places her hands on Dmitri's shoulders firmly. "Always stand for the earth and for the people. Regardless of what may come. And… beware. While we are the living incarnations of our elements… there… are others. Those that stand against us. Angelie told me about one. I… have never met one. And for that, I count myself lucky." Taking a moment, she extends her staff to Dmitri. "And take this back into the physical world with you. It is more than a staff. And for you, it will be more than whatever form it takes. It is a representation of your status. It shall come when you call it and disappear when you do not need it. It is and always is earth, just as we are. I wish you the luck of the gods, be they good or crazy." She says before leaning forward to place a kiss on Dmitri's forehead.

Dmitri takes hold of the staff and nods at N'Teru as she hands it to him and kisses his forehead. "Now that I know, I think I will try to do that. Is it not always the way, that there are others who seek to stand against what we stand for? I will beware of these others, if they come I will be ready to defend all that I care for and all that I stnad for."

"Good. I was worried that maybe the earth had blinded you to emotion. I see it is not so. Then, I leave the Earth in your hands, Dmitri." As he takes the staff, it shifts itself into a very large, very… capable war hammer. The hammer is made entirely of hard stone. "Remember, as you awake, that your friends and family will need you as much as the world. Though, I feel… that you have all actually connected. Something we never did." She says softly as the entire landscape begins to fade. The stone that was in Dmitri's hand is now the large warhammer.

Dmitri nods and has actually been trying to…reopen his heart after the fight with the spirits of the other reality. Seeing the Keith of that world closed even to touching others had made him think and wonder at the danger of closing himself off from the world. As the ancient world he was in to speak to the first Earth spirit, litteraly Mother Earth her self he can only grin and grasp the weapon in his hand waiting to wake in the real world.

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