2010-05-05: And so it goes


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Summary: Jono meets Jinx, then sticks around to talk to Rashmi. It's a helpful conversation indeed.

Date: 5-5-2010

Log Title And so it goes

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Xavier's Japanese Gardens

Sitting in the grass besides the pond, Jinx takes advantage of the lovely spring night in order to get some homework done. It is amazing how much reading there is in this place! She has her headphones on, and taps her claws along with the tunes, turning the pages of her textbook delicately with her claws.

One his way from point A to point B, a certain Brit makes his way through the garden only to have to stoooop and back up a bit. Eh? Jonothon's eyes widen a little as he spots Jinx. Not that he's bothered by mutants with physical adaptations, but that he's never seen this one before. Means he ducks under the branches of a tree as he changes his path. So in moments there's a skinny man in black moving into easy viewing range before he gets close. No shocking the kid with claws, thanks. The weird thing about this is that he's almost no scnet. Certainly not silent though, but neither is he trying to be. «Hey.» Heard even over those headphones.

Jinx's hand slaps down to turn the music off. No scent means she is surprised slightly, and the headphones are swept back. Her tail floofs, back bristling a little as she looks around. Seeing the man there, she gives him a quick once-over. No spandex; check. That being a positive sign, she brushes her hand back along her head. "Hey," she answers back, plucking a leaf of grass to mark her page in her text.

Down the trail from the Quad, the sound of feet crunching along the pathway can be heard. Rounding the corner, Rashmi emerges with book in hand, evidently reading as she walks. It's a few moment before the presence of the two registers, and the book is put away to free up hands for a proper greeting. "Hi Jono, Jinx," she calls, smiling brightly. "Having a decent evening?"

No spandex, and he's really one of the least impressive looking of the X-men. Honest. If Pixie were on the team she'd probably seem more dangerous if based on looks alone. «Sorry.» An apology as tail fuzzes. Jonothon's wearing his normal black attire with leather jacket. «Didn't mean to startle you. I'm Jonothon Starsmore. Jono. Hadn't seen you before.» Doesn't offer his hand, but his voice sounds pleasant enough. «You staying?» A pause as he looks to Rashmi and he nods, «Hey, gel. Yeah.» The man actually is. How weird is that?

"Staying?" Jinx asks. Her fur continues to smooth as the dude introduces himself. Must not be too terrible if he is giving his name. "My name's Jinx," and she doesn't give a last name, the nickname enough for now or so it would seem. "How are you talking like that? It's like I am hearing it in my head but not through my ears." Which is totally freaking weird. Jinx raises a hand to Rashmi as she approaches. "Hey. Pull up a patch of grass."

"He's a telepath," Rashmi explains as she approaches, pausing to pat Jono's arm and throw him a brief look of genuine relief; much worrying has been done Jono's way the last week or so, and the fact that he's doing better is a great comfort to the redhead. "Actually, as far as I get it… that's like the only way he can talk. …Well, easily, at least. Is that about right, Jono?"

No last names needed. Gives his mostly out of habit then any other reason. «Yeah, you a student?» That's what Jonothon meant by staying. «Or just checking things out?» A curious tilt of his head until she asks about his mental voice. Doesn't answer that because Rashmi already did. He's giving her a strange look, for the Brit honestly has no idea what all James has been doing the last week, and the people the Hyena had been speaking to. «You okay, Gel?» Totally doesn't mind the pat, he's just confused. Oh and Jinx! Oops. Jono nods to her and motions to his throat, «Don't have vocal cords, or lungs. Can't speak.» For all his lips move with his words. Rashmi totally has it right. «I know sign language if you do and the telepathy bothers.»

"Oh really? That's wild," Jinx responds at the mention of telepathy. And lacking lungs. And vocal cords. That's something new. The headphones hug her neck, and she breathes a soft sigh that settles her fur fully. Her tail is a long plume that curls lightly around the bend of her legs, and she smoothes down her skirt, brushing grass free. "Yeah, I am a student. I think I am here for a bit… at least I have the homework to prove it.." she gestures towards the stack of of books she has sprawled on the grass.

"I'm fine, Jono," Rashmi replies, "I've just worried about you all. And Jinx is my roommate…" Trailing off, she glances over her shoulder at the fuzzy black mutant, lips twitching upward. "…Which means I'll have to get used to not having a double-dorm all to myself, now."

Jonothon can't even be surprised really at Rashmi's answer. Yeah, he suspected that people were talking while he wasn't there, but it's never fine to get confirmation. «About what, Rashmi?» What has she been worried about? No anger, he's too tired for that. Sorry, Jinx. Old troubles get in the way of meeting new people. His attention shifts back to her. «Yeah, some people get fur, and some of us lose all major internal organs.» He rolls eyes at himself and moves on. «Pretty sure they call me the den mum around here, but you need anything reasonable I'll help. Like trying to live with all her books.» A thumb at Rashmi, and clearly he's teasing.

"Yeah, sorry about that. At least I don't have some mutant power to make me stink like vindaloo or something," Jinx rolls her shoulder in a shrug. Shedding might be a problem, however. She shifts her eyes between the two. Old business indeed that is really none of hers to know nor be involved in. She licks her lips and packs up her books into her bag. "I am glad to have my internal organs still," she responds, not really knowing what to say to that. "Books are great. The more the better. Nice for making walls, and decent weapons when someone won't get out," she pushes up to her feet and stretches, claws digging into the earth. "Mmmf! I should go chase down some dinner."

"Hey, there's nothing at all wrong with vindaloo," Rashmi sniffs, though the smile that threatens to spread on her face disproves any idea that she'd taken offense. "And if you haven't noticed, Jinx, I'm this huge fantasy fan. Mostly the epic stuff, so, if you're bored go on ahead and borrow whatever looks interesting, okay?" Glancing back at Jono, she rewinds to the earlier conversation; multitasking in action. "The usual. You, Lucas, James, whoever else looks to be having a hard time of it… You know. Just, me stuff."

«Hey, gel, I'm sorry.» Said to Jinx as she gathers books. «I totally didn't mean to run you off. Last thing that bugs me is a little fur.» Jonothon has known many fur covered people. «You should see Dr McCoy. He's blue and furry.» And a great guy to boot, but that's another story. Jono kicks himself internally. Try to make a joke and chase people away. It has him looking a little dejected when coupled with Rashmi's statement. «Heh.»

"Will do. Thanks," she nods her head to Rashmi. "You take care.. both of ya. I guess I'll see you later, Rashmi," she nods her head, slinging her pack up on one shoulder. She nods to Jono. "Nice meeting you, sir. I am sure it won't be the last if I am sticking around. So, bye!" A wave of dark clawed fingers. She moves away down the path, her gait slow and easy and her tail a rippling plume behind her.

Rashmi watches Jinx take her leave, the smile sill on her face. "Stop that," she murmurs to the Brit, chuckling. One rarely, after all, needs to be an empath to know when Jono is emoting at himself.

«Why?» Asked as he looks sidelong to Rashmi. «You probably know more about what's been going on this week than I do.» Jonothon just can't be mad at her though. He really is feeling like he ruins anything he touches. There's a shrug as he motions a sigh he can't actually make, and hands are tucked into pockets. «Had a good talk with Connor though. About the only thing that's gone right for a couple weeks now.»

"That's exactly why," comes Rashmi's immediate reply. "You just started feeling better, don't let it go yet. And besides… Whatever happens, you and James worked it out, right?"

Jonothon can only shake his head. «No. Nothing was worked out.» Said sadly. «James said some vague things about letting it go, and Kenta demanded that it all end without either of us actually talking about it. I can't say I'm mad, but I am bloody confused.» He shrugs again. «Not much I can do besides let it go and hope I get told what all was actually going on someday.» Still, having a good talk with Connor isn't quite chased away yet.

Rashmi nods. "For now, I guess, that's about all that can be done, since I don't really know the whole story myself." Sighing, she touches Jono's shoulder, looking up at the lanky Brit. "Hey… It's okay, all right? Sometimes friendships just… go through rough patches, you know?"

He manages a smile for Rashmi, but there's little hope behind it. «I'm trying to believe that.» Jonothon doesn't want to lose his friend at all, but he feels so lost. «Thanks, Rashmi.» Glancing away briefly, he is soon looking down at the girl again. «I have decided to move out of the school though. Going to try and get an apartment in town. I need some distance I think.» Distance that doesn't mean out right running away. Jono's trying not to do that anymore.

Rashmi nods slowly. "That's good… it works for the Parker-Mayfairs… And that way you can have Elaine and her family visit more often, right?" Dialing up the brightness of her smile, she tilts her head. "Honestly? I think this is a lot better than you think it is. You call it distance… but to me? It looks like you're putting down actual roots, for a change. So… yeah. Get an apartment, Jono. I think it'd be the best thing you could do for yourself."

Jonothon nods. Many reasons for getting an apartment. He looks down at the teen, quiet and thoughtful as she talks. There's no doubting he considering running again. «I'm trying.» Feels she knows what he means. «I'm going to have to ask Elaine for the money, but it's time I put aside that pride anyway.» Rolls eyes at himself again. «….I am going to skip movie night, sorry. I know I was invited, but I'm too uncomfortable at this point. Will you let Robyn and James know? I haven't seen either of them since that talk.» Another reason he's worried.

Rashmi nibbles slightly on her bottom lip, and nods once. "I'll tell them…" Looking back up, she nods her head toward a nearby bench. "You know… I've hardly seen James at all, but I've still talked to him a lot more than you. So… How about we fix that, d'you think?"

The bench is eyed like he can't decide if it's going to bite him or not. After a moment he shrugs, and if Rashmi wants to sit he will. «I don't know how.» Jonothon admits. «Connor and I talked about it a little today, me being bloody vague, but that helped. I do want to fix things, but I don't know everything that was wrong. I don't know both sides of the story, and that's what's bothered me so. Didn't quite realize that until today. I've apologized to James, and tried to explain how I felt, but Kenta stopped me and wouldn't let us talk. I don't want to make things worse, so I've not been doing anything at all.»

Rashmi drops onto the bench, nodding slowly. "I can understand that… just…" She does the half-shrug, settling back into the bench, tipping her head back to look up at the night sky. "Maybe… part of the problem is, perspective. I mean, sure… you think things are really screwed up, and you don't know what you need to fix. But, honestly? It seems to me… it's more like 'Okay, wipe the slate clear. Whatever's done, it's starting from zero and moving from there,' you know?"

«Yeah.» He really can't argue with her as he sinks down to seat near Rashmi. «Not sure I operate that way though.» A rueful smile, for Jonothon doesn't think it's a good thing. «If I don't know what I did wrong, Rashmi, how can I make sure I don't repeat it?» Hands are spread in a helpless manner. Doesn't help that Jono likes to kick the dead horse. So often it doesn't even look remotely like a horse by the time he's done. «I don't mean to suggest you are wrong. It's just eating at me.»

"I know," Rashmi says softly, leaning against Jono's shoulder and sighing. "And it's hard to keep from worrying about it. But, remember… The last couple months? They've been pretty rough. I mean like, normal-people-would-break-in-two kind of rough… And James is a great guy and all, but, he's been cracked and put together what, three times total, now? Honestly… Short of it suddenly being Christmas of last year again, I can't really see you two hitting the same targets like this, ever again, you know?

These talks always do him to much good, and with that he's smiling at Rashmi. Might seem out of place considering the topic. «I guess I hide it too well.» Jonothon says of the trouble going on. «No one seems to consider I'm going through the same thing.» Not mad, just weary. «Someone mind wiped me five years ago. I didn't break free as much as I was abandoned and left to my own devices. It took me nearly that whole time to figure out who I was and to remember anything of my past. Then I walk here, and within weeks I get wiped again by Sinister. Yet I'm the one who should always know better. Who should be giving people slack because they've been through shit. I think that's a big part of the problem. I'm just as messed up.» Not to say he's blameless in any way.

"Well then," Rashmi says brightly, though with more than a little wry humor, "you have something in common!" Shaking her head, she pats Jono's shoulder. "I'm sorry it's that way. Just… y'know. You're older, you're a teacher now, and I guess we just figure that since you've dealt with it longer, you know how to handle it, right? But yeah, that's sort of silly thinking… But either way, not knowing what the trouble is… in this case? Maybe it's better. Because the way I see it… it's just both of you looking at each other through cracked glass, and guessing, well… wrong about what you saw. So… better to just lay it to one side, and try again."

Jonothon rolls his eyes at that. «But I'm not a teacher.» Said in amusement. «Connor called me that today too, but I'm not. Why do you think there are two of us on Paragons? Kenta's the teacher, not me.» Nor does he want to be. The Brit is quiet after that, thinking. There's always an unnatural stillness to him that isn't obvious the majority of the time, but as he thinks and actions vanish, it becomes more prominent. «Alright.» Finally looking back he shrugs, «I know you're right, but I keep feeling this is sweeping trouble under the rug.»

Rashmi shrugs. "Not really sweeping it under the rug. Just… I don't know. More like packing the furniture up while you rebuild the house, you know? Once the real work's done, you can unpack it all, and take a second look at it after the big stuff's been put in order, you know?"

«Heh.» The man rises to his feet with this. «This is the kind of stuff that stays in the attic and you know it.» Still, Jonothon is smiling, if a little. «You know you're brilliant, right?» Said with approval. «I'm going to go inside and think. Thanks, Rashmi.»

Rashmi gets herself to her feet, hugging gently. "Anytime, Jono… you remember how you said I could talk to you anytime? Well… door opens both ways, you know? Don't be a stranger… *especially* if something's really bothering you."

Jonothon hugs back, «But you never talk to me about your problems. All you do is listen to mine.» Or so he feels. «You're dangerous, gel.» With that remark, and a smile, the Brit takes himself back to the house. Dangerous enough to where he's trusting Rashmi with things he hasn't told others.

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