2010-02-26 And within the madness...peace.


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Summary: Kael finds Max skating on the lake, and he lets him know who he got to chaperon for the Vermont Trip.

Date: February, 26 2010

Log Title And within the madness…peace.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing

After being cooped up inside, in his most favorite season. Max has been spending as much time as he can outside, and with good reason. Right now he's frozen a good part of the lake. Leaving plenty of room to set up hockey nets, or just to skate around in. Right now, the blonde haired boy is much too occupied just holding his hockey stick, and doing a little bit of reminiscing being on a hockey team, while skating on the ice.

Even if it's chilly outside, that doesn't stop this aerokinetic from flying around outside. Dressed in only a light jacket along with his usual garb, Kael floats down to hover over one end of the frozen part of the lake; just watching Max for the moment. It isn't until a few moment later that he says, "Hey there, Popsicle." Playful name, but it works.

Max looks up, and looks to his boyfriend, stunned. His face turns red a little bit before he moves towards Kael. "Hey, umm…I have no clue what to call you." He says, before he continues to skate around, listening to Kael.

Kael snickers a bit, floating above the ice as well… he doesn't have any skates on. "Yeah… I can't think of anything either." He keeps an eye on Max for a few seconds before he lands on the ice; standing there for now. "Remember that ski trip to Vermont that I got for Christmas?"

"Yeah…I mean. It's hard for me to forget something that awesome…even if it is me." Max offers, stopping on the ice by skidding on it. "So what about the trip?" The ice kids asks.

Kael grins a bit, using wind to push him around as he sticks his hands in his pockets. "I asked Owen to chaperone us before he left back home. But, guess who I got to chaperone for us now." The aerokinetic pushes himself over towards Max, slowing down as he gets closer.

Max nods, a bit saddened still that Owen left for home. "Captain America." Yeah…pipe dream there Max. The cryokinetic holds out his hand for Kael to grab as he gets closer.

Kael grabs onto Max's hand fondly as he says, "Nah. But I do think you know one of them." He pulls himself close. "Lorna and Bobby?" He grins wide, probably excited about it himself.

"Lorna and /who/?" Max asks, looking to Kael. "Naw, you're bluffin." He says, smiling to Kael. He's more than excited…even if Max gets trained by Bobby anyway. But this vacation…is different than that.

Kael shakes his head with a smile. "Nope. I'm not bluffing. I asked her if she had anyone that she wanted to bring. And she's bringing Bobby." If he could bounce and not fall down, he would.

Hell, Max will jump up anyway. And he does, though the young teen does fall down. After a sharp oof, Max gets up, using his hockey stick as a cane for a second. "Sweetness, so when are we going?" He asks.

Kael hms a bit, rubbing at his chin before he says, "Well. We could go in the heat of summer. So that way, you have the pleasure of being in the cold once more while it's July or something. That sound good?"

"That sounds like fun!" Max says, smiling to Kael as he starts skating again. "So, what will we do, other than be cold and have tons of snowy fun?"

Kael watches Max skate again, and he hms a bit; pushing himself with the wind as he follows. He changes direction in wide arches due to being pushed by the wind, and he says, "Have some personal time? I mean, there we can go on our own little adventures."

"You think they'd let us out of their sights? I mean, I'm sixteen, and well…I'm me." He says, laughing to Kael. He continues to skate around, seems like the cryokinetic has been living out here most of the time, only going in for bed, food, and classes.

Kael smirks a bit. "I dunno. I guess we'd have to let them lay down the rules. But, they both seem like cool teachers. So. Who knows?" His feet leave the ground and he just slowly floats around the ice rink.

"Yeah…I guess you're right. I mean, Bobby may let me go on a longer leash. Since, you know, I've been working with him forever." Max offers up, before stopping. And turning to Kael. Reaching out a hand, bidding Kael to come over.

Kael smiles softly, floating over before landing in front of Max as he takes his hand. "This is true. And I may be old enough for them to not put a leash on me." He leans forward, putting a small kiss onto Max's forehead.

Max's eyes get real small. "Not like that, ya goober." He says, thinking Kael literally thought they'd have him on a leash. He gives Kael a light punch on the arm.

Kael laughs brightly. "I know, I know!" He rubs his arm playfully before he says, "I know what ya mean." He hms a bit before he goes to grab Max's free hand with his own.

Max blushes a little bit before he moves over to give Kael a kiss. He's usually shorter than Kael, but with the skates, he's about the same height.

Kael returns the kiss, holding the younger boy close for a few seconds before he breaks it off with a smile. "I can tell we're going to have fun there. Time away from school. All of this craziness that's been happening."

"Heck yes!" Max says, before skating around Kael for a bit after the hug is broken off. "It's gonna be the bomb diggity!" Of course he thought that before when Owen was going to go with them, but now he's certain.

Kael laughs, sliding away from Max after the hug is broken off and he says, "Hell yeah it is! It's going to be awesome!" The aerokinetic looks around, sliding around in random directions as he gives gusts of wind a use as propelling himself.

Max continues to skate around before his eyes start to get tired. He'd been out here since after dinnertime, and a couple hours before dinner too. He was made to promise that he wouldn't go overboard on the winter thing. But it's so hard to when he can't get into a hot tub without almost fainting, much less step out into the hot sun for too long. He slows down on his skates, and starts to show signs of tiredness.

Kael isn't tired as he watches Max, and he gives himself a boost of wind to slide over towards him. As he gets close, he goes to wrap his arms around Max; if he can catch him. If not, he tries to grab onto an arm. "Hey, hon. Let's head back in. Ya need somethin' to eat before ya pass out."

"I already had dinner." Max offers, before yawning. "I'm not tired, I swear." He apparently thinks that he's not obviously lying right there. "Really, I'm fine." He says with a muted tone, sounding a little slurred.

Kael grins knowingly. "Right. And my hair isn't white." When it's infact all white. He starts to slide the both of them back over towards the beach before he says, "C'mon. Let's get you back inside. I'll get some fans runnin'."

At this point, Max realizes he's not getting any more time outside today. So he's not going to give Kael any resistance on his part. "Okay." He says, smiling slightly.

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