Angelo diLucci
Angelo diLucci
Portrayed By Sagi Kalev
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 12, 1981
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Ange
Place of Birth Montauk Point, LI, NYC
Current Location NYC
Occupation PA at Barnes Academy
Known Relatives f:Raphael diLucci, m:Janice O'Donnell diLucci (div)
Significant Other None at this time
Identity powers are secret
Known Abilities Living Light powering magical healing, defense, and flight
First Appearance ???

I ain't no angel, really. I'm just drawn that way.

Theme Song

Beyonce - Halo


  • I ain't said nuthin' yet.


  • Middle name is Raphael. He doesn't use it because he hates his dad.
  • Angelo's hair was red-brown before it got bleached white by the Light.


Angelo diLucci, yeah, whadda moniker, eh? So I was born here, Lon Gailand. Yeah, Long Island, sure, but its fun ta ezzajerate for tha turistas, bro.

OH, OK, I'll do this straight.

Hee. I said straight.

OK, take 3 then.

During the recent Inferno events, a clinic in Chelsea was protected from demons by what some people called an Angel of Light.
It drove the creatures away with a glowing staff, keeping the refugees safe and leading them to the nearest church. The being was seen several more times, escorting people to safe havens.
Police and other agencies have been investigating, starting with the records for the clinic.

Powers and Abilities

Marked with magical ink in spell patterns that make him a vessel and conduit for the Living Light, a powerful source of pure life energy. Besides granting him some general body optimizations, the Living Light powers his flight, defense and perception (but do not directly provide those abilities). Healing is provided by the Light but focussed by the spells, which allows it to be stronger than what's been seen in earlier Living Light wielders. It also provides the "life support" in its primary manifestation.

The Living Light conduit grants him some physical improvements by just being there, in the area of agility, dexterity, physical endurance and recovery.
In addition, the ink patterns draw on the Living Light to power magical flight, senses, defensive powers, and healing.

Healing considered in detail

This explains all the healing effects under Second and Third Tattoos: Ankhs

All healing effects are applied in the optimal order to enhance survival. For instance, if a person would bleed out, that gets addressed first before their broken nose. See the Damage Modeling and Healing Costs tabs for more information about the mechanics of this power, but for now, consider injuries as being ranked by severity, minor all the way to lethal. More severe injuries simply take longer to heal.
Self-Healing comes from either or both ankhs and passively costs Angelo no energy whatsoever as it's powered by the Living Light that he is the conduit for.
However, healing himself at faster than the minimum (1 hour to rank down an injury) costs him the same it would cost for him to heal anyone else.
Healing other people requires him to push out more Light deliberately, and can deplete his supplies for a time.


Mar 15 Ange is one of the people experiencing life changes, and the Watcher is a cosmic voyeur. Shifting Paradigms


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