2012-01-23: Angry Times


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Summary: Nicholas and Warlock get into a bit of a row, Taylor has a hunger for burgers.

Date: January 23, 2012

Log Title: Angry Times

Rating: Log Rating.

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

It's Sunday evening around dinner time and Nicholas has decided to watch some football in the living room tonight. He's got a plate of microwavable mini-burgers and french fries on a plate in his lap as he's completely absorbed in what he's watching. It looks like Nick has set up his spot on the couch as the pillows are arranged perfectly so he's comfortable in the corner and a half empty bottle of coke sits on the floor next to him.

As usual when there are food smells, Taylor has caught a whiff of them and has come to check out the scene. The felinoid student stalks into the living room, peering at the source of these odours, being as quiet and as sneaky as possible all the while. There's only so much that can be done while that plate's on Nicholas's lap, and when Tay climbs over the side of the couch, it's likely pretty obvious that the felinoid is present in the room.

It seems that Warlcok is thinking on a similar wavelength to Nicholas as his plan was to grab some dinner and see if he can catch some tv. Dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark red long sleeved shirt (with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows), red/brown belt, red/brown sort of Jedi-like boots, steam-punk style goggles on his forehead, his schoolbag over one shoulder and carrying a plate of pizza he enters the room and groans inturnally at the sight of football of all things already taking up the screen, shrugging to himself he walking over to sit onone of the window seats dropping his back nearby, he does his best not to disturb the other two from their game.

When Taylor climbs over the side of the couch, Nick just stares at the cat for a bit. Eventually he just says "What?" to her since to him she intruding on his couch space. He watches her for a bit until Warlock comes in, he just gets a look from the blond teen before his eyes go to the television. He starts eating a couple of his fries as he watches the end of the second quarter.

Taylor's eyes flick to those little burgers when Nicholas asks the question, and then the student, presently wearing a dress with a kind of gothesque design, with pockets, leather and chains incorporated into the design, cut to about mid thigh, and apparently with a place to thread the feline's tail. The question isn't answered by the time Warlock comes in, and the felinoid just looks over towards the door, sitting up now instead of crouching and seeming momentarily confused.

Warlock takes a bite of pizza and is again slightly depressed that they can't have take-out pizza sent here before looking over at the other students and spotting Taylor's confused look, "What's up?, something bugging you?", he looks over at the door too, can't see anything odd.

Nicholas grits his teeth a bit as Taylor looks as his food and he snaps at her. "You're not a cat, you're a person no matter what you look like. You have two feet you can get your own dinner so stop looking at me like you're begging for me to toss something on the carpet so you can eat it." He then lets out an audible sigh at Warlock. "Yeah, I'm probably bugging her cause I'm a jerk." He says sourly.

Taylor headshakes for a moment and then moves one of the pillows aside to properly sit at the far end of the couch, ears flicking a few times, "No, sorry, wasn't thinking I was just acting!" The student actually seems a bit disturbed by that, "I just smelled food, and I was hungry, and…" Taylor gives an exaggerated shrug, taking a more definitely human posture before saying to Warlock, "Don't worry about it."

Nick is really begining to annoy Warlock, the other boy seems to (much like Quenton) to do his best to be a dick, "Jerk does seem to be the word yeah" is muttered before he takes another bite of pizza and pulls out his phone to return a text from earlier.

"Yeah I was hungry too, so I made food in the microwave and now I'm eating dinner." Nick says like there's something logical behind the concept that Taylor missed. His eyes glance over to Warlock and the look isn't friendly. "What, do you have something to say? Be a man and say it to my face instead of muttering it."

"I know, Nick! Fuck," says Taylor, brows furrowing at the teen, "I know how to microwave stuff, just wasn't thinking, okay? My brain just went on autopilot or something…" The felinoid fidgets with their hair lightly, ears flicking a few times at what Warlock says, "It was my bad, no reason to say that…"

Warlock sighs and puts his plate to one side, "Fine, i said that 'jerk does seem to be the word', what you just said to Taylor was unnessicery, you seem to work hard to take everything the wrong way and pretty much everytime i've spoken to you, you've said something dickish, so yeah, you're a jerk".

"I work real hard at it, it's a special gift I have." Nicholas says to Warlock. "Maybe I am a jerk but you know what, I'm going through a lot of shit right now so sorry if I'm not mister sunshine and roses and want to be a friendly with you and stuff." He says, his hands griping his plate pretty hard. Though there is a bit of a muttered apology for Taylor.

Taylor rubs their face lightly at the exchange between Warlock and Nicholas, glancing between them for a moment. A slight nod of acknowledgement is given at the muttered apology, the felinoid's ears strong enough to make it out.

"I've been told that you're going though something and i'm sorry about that but you don't take it out on other people, you hang out in your room listening to country music or speak to a counsiler, but if you keep snapping at people for daring to exist where you are, people will just give up on you", Warlock grits his teeth, not a fan of confrontation.

Nicholas looks at Warlock with a look of utter dislike and there's a slight shaking as he tries to keep his cool. "No, you're not sorry and you don't give a shit about what I'm going through so stop with the bullshit sympathy. And I'm not some project or some game where people need to invest any sort of effort on me. Man, you are such a prick."

Taylor's ears flick a few more times at all this tension, and the ocelot student says, "I dunno, he could be sorry. Do you think nobody could be or is, or just that you think Lock is a douche?" The felinoid peers towards Warlock and notes, "I don't think your pep talk is helping."

Warlock almost laughs out of pure disbelief, "Is this where i'm supposed to apologies for offering some basic human compassion? cos if that makes me a prick, i'm more than happy to be a prick", he looks to Taylor, "Sorry about this, but i'm almost done", back to Nick, "I'm done trying to get along with you, you are a complete fucking wanker, just go back to your little bubble where anyone who isn't you is a prick", trying to force himself back to calm he returns his attention to his text.

"So what is it you're showing human compassion for?" Nick asks Warlock. "What exactly is it that you're sorry for?" He says in a less than unpleasant tone. "And I don't think Taylor is a douche and she isn't me." He points out before looking at Taylor. "No, I don't think nobody could but he's just saying sorry to say it, not because he really means it. People do that sort of thing all the time."

Taylor nods slowly at Nick and admits, "Yeah, I guess I'm not a big fan of the whole, 'Sorry, but…' remarks myself…" The felinoid looks over towards Warlock and says, "And, gotta say, guy, you're not showing compassion, you're kind of just lecturing, which most people take as pretty fucking annoying. He didn't even say anything nasty before you went off."

Warlock was serious when he said he was done talking to Nicholas, he's not getting agitated and continuing this arguement, "Taylor, everytime i've tried to talk to this guy he's bitten my head off, that's what pissed me off, but i don't like arguing so like i said, i'm done, sorry i got annoyed in front of you".

Nicholas looks at Warlock and rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "Knew you were just saying sorry to say it." He says to Warlock as he takes his silence as him to being able to defend Nick's accusation. He just sits there, tense, and focuses his gaze on the television watches the game, stewing in his own frustration.

Taylor glances at Nicholas for a moment and then towards Warlock, seeming a little bit uncomfortable with the tension in the room, before asking Nicholas, "Are there any of those little burgers left in the freezer?"

"I said sorry because i feel bad that people have to suffer, i've heard what some people have been though before coming here, my life has been so easy and i am genuinly sorry about those who can't say the same", Warlock takes a bite of his pizza to stop talking.

Nicholas nods to Taylor. "Yeah, they're in the TGI Friday's box, cheeseburger sliders. They're pretty quick and take like a minute to heat up." He says to her and then Warlock speaks again and Nick grinds his teeth in frustration. His head snaps to Warlock and he glares at him. "You want to know what you feel so sorry for you self righteous prick? My parents were murdered okay? Now stop feeling sorry for me, I don't need your sympathy."

Taylor nods at Nicholas's advice and hops up to go and get them. The feline student pauses, however, upon Nicholas making that revelation about his parents. The ocelot turns back for a moment to offer sympathies, but given what Nick says, seems to think better of it, mumbling, "I'll be back…" and heading off.

Warlock stands up, "Weither you like it or not i'm sorry for your loss, i can't imagine what you're going though, but don't you dare call me a prick for disliking people suffering", theres a cracking sound from his hand before he mutters to himself, "Bugger, still here then".

Nicholas stands up quickly and shakes his head at Warlock. "Bugger, you'll get your wish in about five seconds." He says as he turns around and storms out of the room leaving his bottle of soda behind.

Taylor returns not too long later, with a plate of tiny burgers. The student looks to the couch and, seeing that Nicholas is gone, says to Warlock, "What, you drove him off?"

"Wait, fuck, i wasn't talking to…", Warlock sighs and sits back down and when Taylor returns and questions him he holds out his broken phone, "I broke my phone, muttered something to myself about my powers still being here, he heard and thought i was talking to him and stormed off before i could stop him".

Taylor shrugs at Warlock and says, "Well, you were kind've talking down to him all evening, so I can understand him taking it the wrong way." The feline student sits down on the couch and reaches for the left behind soft drink to examine it.

"He did exactly the same thing to me the first time i met him, and pretty much everytime i've spoken to him, I had enough and let him know, and while i am sorry for his loss i'm not sorry for telling him he pissed me off", Warlock searches though the wreckage of his phone for the sim card.

"Yeah, same here. I dunno, if someone is an ass to me, I'll be an ass back. If someone isn't, I won't be. Today, I was out've line," says Taylor, head lightly tilted. "I don't know what came over me."

Warlock sighs, "Sorry but i gotta go put this ing my old phone, i've got a call coming that i really can't miss", he gets up grabbing his pizza and bag, "But if you wanna carry on talking i'll catch you later yeah?", he heads out the door, "See ya Taylor!"

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