2012-04-08: Animals And The Zoo

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Summary: Fiona meets Cyril for the first time. Fiona tells Echo where to buy weapons, because she's an apathetic teen and free tickets to the zoo are cool. Kai is there, and is mad at her for doing that. Boo.

Date: April 8, 2012

Log Title: Animals and the Zoo

Rating: [G]

NYC - The Bronx

The Bronx is New York City's northern most borough located on the main land of New York State. The southern area of the Bronx is the tougher neighborhood, where the crime his higher and the housing more for those of lower income. As you go more north in the Bronx, it still has a city feel but the crime rates drop the further north you go. There is a heavy African American and Hispanic population in this borough. The Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium, New York Botanical Gardens, and The Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx isn't a part of the city that Fiona goes to a lot - there's just nothing to draw her here. Today though, being Easter, she's got a bit of free time and some places are closed, even. So a wandering she goes - perhaps with the vague intention of visiting the zoo for the day, though she doesn't quite seem to be there yet. It's a nice, sunny day; neither particularly hot nor cold.

Indeed, the weather is fine. Perfect cat-walking weather for those brave enough to both bring their cat outside, and smart enough to have trained said feline companion proper. A silver feline with black rosettes trots happily aside a rather average gentleman wearing a casual outfit. The man's hair is completely white, which is perhaps an unusual feature for someone who doesn't look so particularly old. Out and about, Cyril and Selene are walking in the opposite direction of Fiona, yet on the same sidewalk.

A man walking a cat is unusual enough for Fiona to take notice, and turn her gaze upon the cat's master to in turn notice his white hair. It's readily apparent that she's staring at him as they pass by each other - perhaps rudely, too! "Cat…" she murmurs, blinking.

Cyril smiles at Fiona when she first looks over, but as the stare continues, the man looks a bit more confused and perhaps curious. When finally within speaking range, Cyril replies to the murmur, "Can I help you, miss?" Selene stops, which causes Cyril to stop, as well.

"Oh… no, I," Fiona blinks, "It's just unusual to see someone walking a cat. Especially in New York. It must be very well trained," the girl explains her staring, stooping down to attempt to pet the cat, scratching it behind the ears.

The feline ducks away from the hand, avoiding the petting action by scampering behind Cyril. Cyril just laughs, "Yes, she's quite well trained but still a bit shy." Two unusual people seem to have gathered on the side of the street, one young girl and an older gentleman with white hair and a cat. "Selene's been with me for a long time, so it's not unusual that she's quite well acclimated to the activities I do often, like walking down crowded streets and talking to people."

"Awww," Fiona intones, peering behind Cyril's legs at the cat and then standing back up finally, "Oh well. I guess that's pretty much par for the course with cats." She stretches, "So your cat's name is Selene, huh? That's a nice name. What's yours? I'm Fiona," she holds out her hand. After the fireworks of last night, she's actually feeling strangely serene today.

Cyril takes the offered hand, inadvertently taking a nice big lifescan of the younger girl. Such a lifescan would only give Cyril an idea of Fiona's overall health, and any physical injuries if such existed. "Cyril," says the man, giving Fiona a firm handshake to go with the greeting, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Fiona. So are you a university student at NYU?"

"Oh, no… I'm actually not old enough for that. I have a private tutor who teaches me right now," Fiona smiles, "But soon, I guess, I might go there! Or somewhere else. Who knows, really. I guess it'll be a year or two, though." Of course, that's not THAT soon but…

"Fiona," says a woman's voice, a kind of monotone greeting from a few meters up the sidewalk, behind the white haired man. Dressed head to toe in black, save the tank top underneath her BDU jacket, she has dark hair and grey-blue eyes that appear lazily (or boredly) semi-closed. Hanging limply from a strap crossing her torso diagonally, an olive drab canvas duffel bag rests against the small of her back, too rumpled and flat to be anything but empty or nearly so. Her left hand is curled around the bag's wide strap, casually, while her right hangs loosely by her side. The woman smiles slightly, though it doesn't reach her eyes. "What are the odds," she muses, like it's funny somehow.

"A year or two isn't so long, you'll find that you're in university in no time, I'm sure." says Cyril, while turning back to look at the new voice. A casual smile is flashed towards the woman, "Hello, madam. Are you a friend of this younger woman's?" Selene, the silver feline with black rosettes, circles around Cyril while letting out an attention grabbing 'meow!'. Cyril obliges the cat by leaning over to pick it up. The feline replies by climbing up to Cyril's shoulders and perching there.

Fiona turns towards Echo, "Oh, hi," she replies evenly, "It seems like in this city, they're pretty good… even though there are millions of people here, it is a small space," she murmurs. "I guess we live near each other, anyway." She glances to Cyril, "You could say that. We do know each other," she smirks a little.

"We've met three times now, purely by chance. In a city this size," Echo says with slight nod at Fiona. "It's almost… uncanny." The woman in black turns her head to regard Cyril and the cat for three full seconds before speaking to him. "She has no money, if that's what you're looking for," adds Echo with a twitch of her head Fiona-ward.

Cyril chuckles, perhaps thinking that Echo is making a joke, "I'd say that's quite a coincidence. I'm not quite sure what to say about those uncanny odds, but it's certainly something interesting. Very interesting." The man looks from Fiona to Echo, while reaching up and petting Selene. With a slightly inclined head, Cyril says, "Will you two be attending the zoo today, or are you just taking a walk to enjoy this weather?"

"Actually, I was planning on going to the zoo," Fiona answers truthfully, glancing at Echo. Why would Cyril care if she has any money? He doesn't exactly look POOR himself, per say. "Yeah, but it happens, no?" she replies to Echo finally. "I dunno if she's going to the zoo or not, really."

"I've no real interest in it," Echo answers, bluntly honest. "But as it happens if Fiona is going, then I will too. I need to ask her a few questions." That said, she shifts her stance so her feet are slightly wider apart, getting comfortable apparently. "Please, finish your conversation. I'll wait." While she stands there, watching. Not awkward at all.

"Ah, well, I don't want to hold either of you up." says Cyril, after an awkward glance. The man reaches into his coat pocket and removes a gu-stack of business cards. A card is offered to Echo and Fiona. On the card is the address of some clinic in Hell's Kitchen, with a primary surgeon that goes by… Doctor Cyril Ozyrel? Cyril smiles while saying, "I don't mean to solicit, but if either of you or any associates require medical services, please don't hesitate to contact me here. Both of you are always welcome." Selene meows boredly, obviously wanting to continue that walk.

"Oh, um… thanks!" Fiona takes the proferred card, peering at it for a moment before she turns around. She sticks it - somewhere. There's a small flash of purple light "I"ll keep it in mind." If she happens to need some… under the table care. She turns to Echo for a moment, looking at her with a questioning glance.

Echo takes the offered card curiously, glancing at it so briefly that it seems obvious she didn't even read it before turning it over to see the blank reverse side. She even looks on the verge of handing it back before watching Fiona for a prompt. Instead, she politely tucks it into an inner pocket of her coat. "Thank you," she also adds as an afterthought. "Hell's Kitchen is a dangerous place. You must do brisk business there."

"I do business where business is needed." says Cyril nonchalantly. True to that, medical services are always one that must be in high demand. "I merely wish to help those that require it. Indeed, it was a pleasure meeting you both. I hope you enjoy the zoo." Cyril flashes a smile while letting Selene back on to the ground, so that they may continue that walk.

"Can't be more demand than in Hell's Kitchen," Fiona grins, "As they say, business is all about location… but anyway," she turns to Echo, "What is it that you wanted to ask me?"

The woman in black waits a moment until Cyril is some distance away, letting Fiona just wait there in silence with her question unanswered. "Which way is the zoo?" Echo asks after the silence drags on for a bit, shifting from her at ease stance and glancing up and down the street. "I'll go with you. If you answer my questions, I'll pay for your ticket. Is that fair?"

"Thataway," Fiona sticks her thumb towards said zoo, as the two walk towards it. "That's fine. I guess." Of course, Fiona might've answered her questions /without/ having her ticket paid for, but… she's willing to keep her mouth shut a little longer if there's something in it for her. Probably.

Fresh from getting his hair cut Kai has been wandering about the city to pass the time until he's due to head back to Barnes, while he understands the meaning behind Easter he doesn't understand the way it's celebrated, he was tempted to sit though a church service to gain some insight but with his past sins if their is a god he may just burst into flames for stepping into the church. Dressed in black sneakers, dark grey jeans and a ice-blue t-shirt Kai is crossing the road towards the Zoo.

"I need to know where to find a library," Echo asks, falling into step beside Fiona. The woman in black adjusts the canvas duffel bag on her back, holding the strap with her left hand. "One with free internet access. There are a lot of wireless broadcast signals, but all of the ones I've found need a password. I'd also be grateful if you had any of those."

"Huh? That's it? Just go to the main one down in…" Fiona quickly explains how to get there, "They've got free internet access and everything. All you have to do is sign in. They don't even check your ID or anything, far as I know," she smiles. "I see homeless people in there all the time using it, anyway. Also, a lot of restaurants have free wifi around…" So far, Kai isn't noticed, but it's only a matter of time. Eventually, Fiona is probably going to think he's stalking her!

Kai walks though the enterance of the zoo just ahead of Fiona and Echo, he doesn't notice her either but if he did isn't paranoid enough to think she's stalking him, though it would add to his theory that those who aren't completely human seem to be drawn to meeting each other, kinda like a herd or pack, hive maybe? nah everyone still has seperate minds.

"Good." The woman in black nods appreciatively and she smiles. More of a smirk, really. "The New York Public Library, and restaurants." The pleased expression fades when she has to pay for two adult tickets at the gate, an extravagant thirty bucks each. Luckily, there are no metal detectors. She holds out the ticket to Fiona, but retracts it tauntingly. "My second question," she prefaces, holding the ticket close to herself in ransom. "Where can I purchase firearms and ammunition?"

Fiona blinks. "Firearms and ammunition…?" That sounds a little shady… "Well there ARE gun shops in the city but…" she glances at Echo, tapping her chin thoughtfully, "Someone like you, your best bet's in Hell's Kitchen. Maybe a pawn shop, or Joe's Guns… they don't ask too many questions and if you pay a little extra, they'll fudge the background check. Or so I /hear./ I've no use for weapons."

Kai stops for a second as he picks out the last part of that conversation, "Firearms and ammunition?", turning he spots Fiona and the unknown woman asking where to get the weapons, sighing he walks over to the two woman, "Hi Fiona, do you mind if i borrow you?, won't take more than a second".

Echo nods again and hold out the hostage ticket at last. Thirty bucks well spent and well earned. She doesn't seem to take offense at the 'someone like you' comment, or even notice. "Hell's Kitchen. Pawn shops, or Joe's Guns. Thank you." Her posture shifts slightly at the sudden approach of another person, her right hand dropping to her side, fingers flexing. "Friend of yours?" asks Echo, deadpan, steel grey eyes fixed on Kai.

"Yeah… something like that," Fiona looks over at Kai, "Fine… I guess…" she eyes him curiously as she steps over to have a semi-private chat with him, "I'll be right back!" she assures Echo.

Kai before stepping to the side with Fiona Kai returns Echo's look with his ice blue eyes, "Fiona, i am going to say this as nicly as i can, are you in some way drunk, when someone asks you whereto get weas

Kai before stepping to the side with Fiona Kai returns Echo's look with his ice blue eyes, "Fiona, i am going to say this as nicly as i can, are you in some way drunk, when someone asks you whereto get weapons, it's usually not the best idea to tell them, unless… please tell me you know this woman well enough to know it's safe?", this counts towards the turning over a leaf thing?, hopefully he can get some positive SHIELD points.

Though the pair might be out of casual earshot, it doesn't stop the woman in black from staring at them the entire time. Nonetheless, Echo waits where bidden, perfectly still.

"Hey, whatever!" Fiona shrugs, "It's no skin off my nose. She offered me some free stuff if I gave her some /obvious/ advice that anybody would know… I'm gonna accept, yeah?" the girl doesn't seem to care much at all. "What she does with it's got nothing to do with me. I'm not some crime fighter. I'm just Fiona."

Christ, even when he was working for HYDRA he knew better than to give random people off the street information on where to get weapons, "Fiona, she could be anyone and you have no idea what she's gonna do with that information, theres a difference between not caring and being stupid", he looks back over at the woman doing his best to read her body language.

Echo's body language seems to read 'I'm watching you' and very little else. Her steely eyes meet Kai's and, of all things, she gives him a little nod!

"And just how well do I know you, anyway?" Fiona asks him directly, "How do I know you're not her enemy? Or you have some kind of crazy reason for not wanting her to have weapons." The girl folds her arms beneath her breasts somewhat defensively, "Besides I already told her. What do you want me to do now? Like I said before, it's not like it's not well known that you can't go to a pawn shop and pick up a gun."

Kai sighs, "You've met me enough times to know i'm not a threat at least, just… you should be more careful in future, things that seem like pubic knowledge can be dangerous", he frowns at the nod from Echo but returns it all the same, curious to why she nodded.

Fiona turns back to Echo, "Sorry about that! We're done," she smiles at Echo, "Now then. Where were we?" Yeah. That's right… Shut up Kai!

Kai crosses his arms as Fiona walks away back to Echo keeping his eye's firmly on the strange woman, everything down to the way the woman is standing is odd, there was no change when he pulled Fiona away, just complete focus.

"He doesn't like me," Echo comments lightly, turning away from Kai now that Fiona is back. It doesn't bother her in the least to admit it. She plucks two visitor maps from the display case by the entrance, handing one over and unfolding the other to study it herself.

"No, he doesn't. It seems to be a common thing, people I know having problems with each other," Fiona sighs, taking one of the maps, "C'mon… let's go inside…" she murmurs, "Unless you had one more question?"

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