Anita Kim Escerra
Anita Escerra
Portrayed By Michelle Rodriguez
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 17, 1979
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Nita, Adoria Blanca Cruz (stage name), Asha Salazar (birth name)
Place of Birth New York City, NY
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation Ecdysiast
Known Relatives Maria Salazar (biological mother, location unknown), George Escerra (adoptive father), Michelle Escerra (adoptive mother)
Significant Other The entire Tri-State Area
Identity ??
Known Abilities Animal Communication
First Appearance ???

Yes, I am a dancer. Why do you ask?


A true child of New York City, Anita was born when her mother was seventeen and living on the streets from the shame she brought to her unborn child's grandparents from finding herself an unwed teenage mother. Knowing that she couldn't provide a good home to her tiny daughter, the teenager left her at the hospital she was born at, trusting that the tiny dark girl would quickly get a home and be raised right. The only thing she could give her daughter was a name and a necklace: Asha, meaning hope and life, and a gold heart shaped locket with pictures of both herself and the child's father and of the infant's maternal grandparents.

Powers, Skills, and Resources


Anita is able to physically understand the subtle body language and vocalizations of animals. It's not exactly telepathy, but instead an instinctual understanding. There can still be miss communications, but for the most part, she can usually pick up on the general idea of what is being said. She's never understood exactly how it works, but animals can also understand her. If an animal is naturally friendly or protective, then she can ask for help if she gets into trouble. This is only really a factor if it is an animal she knows well.


Anita has been dancing in a gentleman's club since she was 19. This has made her very fit and agile, able to move in ways most normal people can't, though it's not a special power by any means.

The Dogs

A pair of Grate Danes Anita adopted when she got out of rehab. They're the only living things she cares for besides herself and often accompany her on outings in the city when she's not looking for her newest conquest.


Dodger is very territorial and has to be locked up if Anita has strangers over. He stands 35" at the shoulder and weighs in at 126lbs. He's a typical fawn coloration with a black mask and ears on an other wise golden-yellow coat.


Name Relationship Notes
Anna Pack Anna is Dodger's other half. He didn't like her when Anita first brought her home, but now he'll fight for her if anything threatens her. Die for her if he has to just to keep his pack safe.
Anita Leader Anita is love, protection, home, safety. He trusts her more than any other human and would do anything to keep her safe. He watches over her and guards her and their home.

Anna is the friendlier of the pair and is more willing to accept that there are certain types of people that move through their lives like a revolving door. She's 29" at the shoulder and weighs around 110lbs. She's an 'off' color and considered undesirable for breeding because of her chocolate color.


Name Relationship Notes
Anita Leader Anita is safety, love, and security. She's the human that Anna has been around the longest and the only one that she'd really be willing to lay down her life to protect.
Dodger Pack Dodger is pack. He's family, he's home… Anna adores him, though she sometimes gets snapped at when she bothers him a little too much. This happened a lot more when she was younger.

The Bike

An Indian Chief Bomber.


Warrior Green Smoke with Red-Head Ruby painted on the tank. All factory standard features with whitewall tires, brown 'bomber jacket' leather solo seat, and blackout exhaust system.

Other Information

Midnight black hair falls in a tangled mass of waves just past this woman's shoulders and frames a very square shaped face. Her perfectly groomed black brows arch over thickly fringed black eyes that seem to see more than most. Her nose is a little on the wide side, but not out of proportion with the rest of her face; her deep rose tinted lips full and pouty. She's tanned a deep caramel color and well toned from years of highly physical work with the long, lean look of a dancer. Her curves are more subtle than the exaggerated surgically enhanced look that so many women favor. She stands approximately 5'7" and appears to weigh 144lbs.


Name Relationship Notes
George Escerra Adoptive Father The only dad Anita ever knew, George adopted her when she was a baby. She hasn't spoken to him in over ten years.
Michelle Escerra Adoptive Mother The only mom Anita ever knew, Michelle adopted her when she was a baby. She hasn't spoken o her in over ten years.
Maria Salazar Birth Mother The only thing that Anita knows about her birth mother is her name and how old the woman was when she was born. She hasn't been able to find out if Maria is alive or dead, or where she might be.

This character is an NPC and is open for adoption. Please contact Anita on game if interested.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Anita is left handed.
  • Anita is an alcoholic.
  • Anita has been known to occasionally rescue stray animals and find homes for them.
  • Anita doesn't date. She's the "love 'em and leave 'em" type.


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