Annalisa "Supernova" Roland
Annalisa "Supernova" Roland
Portrayed By "Ali"
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 4th
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Supernova
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student at Xavier's Institute
Known Relatives Jonathon Roland (Father)
Significant Other July Lanford
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Fire Generation, Fire Manipulation
First Appearance Welcome Annalisa

"I'd trade my powers for anything, people say fire is cool, but they don't understand."


Annalisa grew up as an only child, in a mid-western middle class family. Born from parents Jonathon Roland and Linda Roland, she lived a relatively spoiled childhood. As an only child, when she wanted something, she was quite likely to recieve it, as her mother especially spoiled her. This only lasted in her early childhood however, when Annalisa was nine years old, her mother Linda, was diagnosed with a malignant form of cancer. She didn't make it to Annalisa's tenth birthday. She was incredibly torn by the loss of her mother, a wound that never seemed to heal, however, it was her father that changed completely. Instead of being the stern, yet loving man that he once was, he became a recluse, often having random fits of anger. Though he never got violent with her, he would often yell at Annalisa.

This unsocial behavior of her father's continued for as long as she could remember, effecting her home life considerably. While it wasn't really a bad home life, she wasn't abused or anything, her days of being idly spoiled were over, as her father was very strict with her. On her sixteenth birthday, her father decided to do try something special for her, in an attempt to make up for some of the things he's done. He remembered how they used to be a functioning family, and how they enjoyed something as simple as a family barbeque. As a treat for her, he planned for them to cook together, as she always tried to help as child anyway. However, this would end up being more of a disaster then family fun. As her father asked her to light the grill, she lit a match and approached it. It was a propane grill, and after the gas was started, you only needed to spark it. This was when her mutant power decided to surface. She accidentally burned her finger on the match, which startled her. At that very moment, a cone of bluish flame shot from her finger tips, it was enormous, and engulfed the entire grill, and the propane tank. The heat caused the gas in the tank to expand, and explode. Annalisa turned away in fear, and at that instant, her father turned towards it. The accident left Annalisa's entire back badly burned, and her father lost the use of one of his eyes.

After the incident, her father insisted that she enter a boarding school or some other program. He didn't know what happened, but it was obvious to him that family time was not the correct answer, in his mind at least. After being thrown around from school to school for about a year, she finally ended up at Xavier's school for the gifted.


At first glance, Annalisa would appear to be a very shy, and reclusive person. This is not the case, as when she gets comfortable with a person or group, she will often be quite hyper and troublemaking. She has a large fear of spiders, and dislikes most insects in general. She also suffers from Pyrophobia, as she is terrified of fire, even the fire she creates. Any time she has found herself using the power, she will close her eyes, and at the sight of fire, she often breaks down into tears.


Annalisa's powers are what could be called fire generation, pyrokinesis. She has the ability to conjure flames from her body, and control flames in general. When using her powers, Annalisa's hair will float upward slightly, and glow a bluish color, appearing as if it was fire. Her eyes will also illuminate, and seem to let off a slight aura of flame. Though, this is what her powers would be ideally, she has shown little ability or desire to control the power. The fire has been seen being as hot as a candle(1800 degrees Fahrenheit), or approaching the temperature of a rocket engine(5800 degrees Fahrenheit), the intensity seems almost random with her current skill. She is normally immune to her own flames, but this is when she is in control, fear of, and loss of control, could potentially cause her own fire to burn her.


Annalisa's Pyrophobia is a major weakness, as her entire power is based on fire. At the sight of most flames, sometimes even her own, she will breakdown into tears, and occasionally curl up into a ball. Surprisingly, Annalisa is not immune to fire. When in control, her own flames will not hurt her, however flames from other sources have the same effect they'd have on any person.


- Annalisa has shown small signs of being bi-sexual since she was younger, but never explored it. When she arrived at the school, she found herself genuinely attracted to a girl there, and spent several weeks asking others for advice, until she eventually simply asked the girl out on a whim.

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