2011-07-06: Another World


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Summary: Sam and Magi-Connor talk about the world he's from and consequences of him being here.

Date: July 6, 2011

Log Title: Another World


Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Taking a break from his daily routine of sitting in Salem Center and stopping every little nasty from the Xth Dimension from piercing into this side of reality, the replacement Connor some have seen on campus appears in a puff of blue-green smoke and incense in the kitchen. Puttering about, he begins to imitate the scene from The Sorcerer's Apprentice to a degree, only this time with knives, cooking utensils, and ingredients, while sitting and reading a book. The text looks old and slightly frayed, but he also seems very intent on it at the moment.

Walking into the kitchen looking a bit tired is Sam Guthrie. He's not used to being head of a school, head of a superhero team that's no problem, head of Xavier's is a whole new ball of wax. He walks in and heads to the fridge grabbing out a can of orange soda before nodding to Connor. "Good Morning Connor, how have things been treating you here?"

Connor pipes up in his own tired but slightly cheerful tone, "Well as can be expected, Master Guthrie. You seema bit out of sorts though." And he motions for the meal being made to move off to the side, allowing you the ability to pass and sit should you choose, "The rift is almost healed, so now the bugger of it all is leaving enough space for the two of us to swap back out once the timing's right. And not leave enough squeeze room for anyone else to try and pull a dodge on us."

"That's good to hear. The other you was one of my students so it's kinda of nerve wracking having him lost. Ah guess it's kinda like if Ah lost onna mah little brothers." Sam admits as he takes a long swig from his can of soda. "Ah'm okay, just not used to runnin' thing 'round here. Ah hope Ms. Frost gets better soon. Man Ah never thought Ahd' be sayin' that."

Taking a breath, the current Connor looks to see that his current kitchen mayhem doesn't get out of hand, and then nods as whatever is being made finally starts to form in the oven… it looks like some kind of baked bread with meat in the center. As the oven shuts and the spell fades, he replies, "Truth me told… I am rather aggravated I cannot assist you all here. It's a right bother to know these things are happening, and my power is too tied up. Otherwise, I'd attempt a tracking spell on miscreants."

"Ah kinda know how you feel. Ah wasn't able tah do much tah help the other night but then Ah wasn't around. Maybe if Ah was Emma wouldn't be in the medbay…but then again hindsight is twenty, twenty." Sam says. "Ah think what yer doin' is helpin' mighty fine. Ah don't think we'd need any extrademensional critters on toppa everything else we got goin' here."

"If you are always watching your own back, you will never see the one that hits you in the chest.", Connor replies with a grin, and then goes to the fridge, and takes down some iced tea, "If your Headmistress is anything like my Baroness Frost, she will be around in no time, and perhaps a bit crankier for the incident. I remember the time the Baroness was challenged to a duel over the love of a man she didn't have a care for… but hated the woman who'd stolen him. It was all quite scandalous. One of the few duels she lost in her time… and she was quite the caged lioness during her recovery. Suddenly, the institute had a fencing team."

"Oh Ah've known Ms. Frost seen Ah was yer age. Probably younger. But one thing she's never been is weak." Sam says. He's got very mixed feelings for the woman as she was the leader of the Hellions but at the same time she trained his sister and she came out alright. "Ah imagine yer anxious tah go home. Though sometimes ya find ya make relationships in other dimensions that ya find hard tah let go of."

Connor actually scowls for a moment at the last question as the iced yea is poured, and he sits back down at the table, "I've been attempting to avoid that here. It's nothing against you and yours, I promise… but there's just…" And he pauses a moment in thought, "I know who I am, and what I am to do. I have a place in my society, and the trappings and protections it provides. This world seems so… chaotic… on the edge of becoming unravelled all the time. While it's exciting… it's also quite disturbing."

Sam nods. "That's a good thing. Ah'm just speakin' from when Ah was a teen and went to Asguard. Ah developed..uh…feelin's for a gal there. It was a long time ago but Ah can fully understand y'all not wantin' that tah happen tah you." He smiles and takes a drink from his can of orange soda. "Yeah it maybe a chaotic world but it's home. And what was it Dorothy said? There ain't no place like home?"

Sipping at his tea, Connor chuckles a bit, "Asgard… I've never been. But I've heard tales of the Valkyrie and chosen comrades. The gods have little contact with our Earth however… perhaps because we believe so firmly in our own power, we do not call to them as in old." Smiling softly, he then adds with a sidelong look, "I must say, your accent is particularly charming… enough to make me wonder what my counterpart for you is like."

"Mah accent, well it's just Ah got it from livin' down South. Unlike mah sister Paige, Ah was never able tah shake it." More because Sam didn't want to and Paige did. "Asgard was an interesin' place. Ah more met the Dwarves while Ah was there. And the gods..well depends. Ah'm a Christian so Ah believe in the Christian God but there are those who call themselves gods here like Thor and Ares."

Connor grins, "I see. It sounds as though you've had quite a career for a man so young… but adventure is the call of youth. Unfortunately… I'm a bit too practical for such things. Once I return, I should be taking my post as courier and escort for parlaimentary officials. Teleportation is the easiest and most secure transport for those that need protection, so my services ensure a good salary and decent living." Another pause, as he then says ruefully, "If only your miss Franklin would understand that… she views my positon as one step short of slavery. But… it is hard to understand such a different viewpoint I suppose. But still… Asgard… amazing."

Sam shrugs. "Ah was found as a mutant by The Professer when Ah was sixteen and Ah don't think Ah could do anythin' else. Ah'm a New Mutant, An X-Men, a member of X-Force and more. It's just who Ah am, just like yer who you are." Sam says not passing any judgement on Connor's life choice. "As long as yer happy and if ya don't wanna form relationships her, don't put to much stock inta what she thinks. When ya leave here, her opinion won't matter, will it?"

Connor replies in a grim sort of fashion, "It will not matter regardless… I intend to have my memory erased when I return. Your technology base is far in advance of our own… I would not want any of my memories or recollections be used to jumpstart our own beyond what it is now… the things you have are stunning. Portable phones that have windows you can touch and find anything, buildings that dwarf a zeppelin hangar… and the weapons… if half of what I've seen on your… what was it… oh yes, seen on your television is true, I would much rather not have anything like that in my Earth."

"Each world is different Connor. If that's your choice to forget this place than learn from it, Ah'm not gonna argue. Ah ain't gonna like and say there weren't times when Ah'd wished Jean would mind wipe me to ferget somethin'." Sam says. "But they ended up being good things tah learn from no matter how hard the lesson was. But Ah'm thikin' that my lessons and this are quite a bit different."

Connor adds with a softer voice, "I don't relish the thought, Master Guthrie… far from it. Knowing I am willing to give up memory is extremely appalling. It is tantamount to cutting off one's own limbs. But I do not wish what I have seen here to be abused. And I would see this world protected as well. It sounds noble… but at the same time… it makes me feel a bit cowardly."

"Why does it make you feel cowardly?" Sam asks Connor. "Ah mean how would they know what you saw and how would it be abused if you kept it inside and never shared it? Though Ah admit Ah don't know how things are on your Earth."

"Mentalists… what you call psychics… are used by the government for checkpoint securities. To help ensure that no one who is not supposed to be there gets any place. However, if one of them was to sweep me and see those strange thoughts, this entire trip would be called to question… my ahhh… government does not know I am here." Connor says with a sigh.

"So your government, it seems more controlin' than it is here. Did somethin' happen there to warrent that level of…supervision? Suspicion?" Sam says before he repeats what he asked earlier. "Though Ah want tah ask again, why do ya feel it's cowardly?"

Connor turns to look at Sam, "Our world is very much defined by it's borders. There are no people of Africa in our Empire. The entire North American continent is divided by the English Colonies and the French Colonies of Canada. The government protects those of us born with magical talents, or of a supernatural species, and we in turn trade that protection for service to the same." He then holds out both hands, "Supernaturals were used for slave labor until the Civil War… not how it was here. And so the death toll was so monstrous that Britain HAD to step in to save us from ourselves. We were re-absorbed as Colonials, and a new balance was struck." The question about cowardice is answered with, "Because if I was to be a real man about it, I would tell them how I have see many peoples standing side by side and working together, and that we should do the same with our brothers of the east and of Africa."

"We're all different worlds Connor." Sam says standing up and putting a hand on his shoulder. "My advice is ya don't get yer mind wiped when ya go back instead maybe have that psychic ya trust tah mindwipe ya have her hide it away, even from yerself, till a time comes when ya can use that knowledge tah make a difference. Ah can't claim tah understand yer world as it seems strange tah me but Ah'm sure the same is here tah you. But think about the option of mental blocks instead of fully erasing yer mind."

Connor replies once more with a grin, "I will consider your words, Master Guthrie. And it is that very thing that will hold you in good stead until Mistress Frost is recovered."

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