Antonio Cosetta
Antonio Marcello Cosetta
Portrayed By Jesse Bradford
Gender Male
Date of Birth 4/23
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Arezzo, Italy
Current Location Westchester, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Lana, Marcello
Significant Other N/A
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Matter Transmutation and siphoning. (Shrinking)
First Appearance X-Men

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Antonio Cosetta was born the son of a powerful government official, Marcello Cossetta. Marcello was an important man. He was duke of Tuscany, merely a title at the changing of Italy to a democratic government. None the less Marcello was a man of distinction. He had the best possible choice of a wife. One whom he loved dearly and one whom he had to polish the dirt of being a poor country girl from Napoli off her before she ever went into the spot light. He had ensured that her background was one of the highest paid and professionally created. There could be nothing out place in his perfect life. Now simply because Mercello was a busy and political man does not mean he was a bad man. He loved his wife and his son. His son whom was born with pointed ears. Typically this can be surgically corrected, however Marcello new this wasn't a simple genetic screw up. He had the child's blood tested by his own personal staff and sure enough he knew his child carried the mutant gene. Anti-Mutant problems aren't just in the United States, he knew his son would face issues. So, he did what any good father would do. He covered it up. He kept his son at home and brought in the best tutors. Ones who would keep their silence and never wonder what a normal healthy child would be kept at home and why his ears were always covered with a bandage or wrapping. When he was old enough and his hair was long enough his father allowed him to cover his ears with his hair around the house but if they went out as they tended to do, he had to bind them so they wouldn't be noticeable and wear his hair over the bindings so it wouldn't draw people's attention. Eventually and only after the ears were no longer a threat to Marcello's political career could the boy leave the house and explore the world.
This late introduction into the world from such a position of propriety caused some small minor hang ups in Antonio's development. For starters he was incredibly shy with other kids not wanting them to get close enough to him to even possibly note his hidden genetic anomaly. He wasn't even sure what the protocol was if they did end up asking him to play. So when he started school at 10, he played the part of the good boy. He was quiet, astute and anti-social, the perfect student. When children asked him if he wanted to play he would simply remain cold and quiet as he had seen his father play time and time again. He simply explained that he had no interest in playing with anyone else and sat and worked on his homework. This of course had two effects at his school. His grades excelled, and his social life plummeted. Something can be said for humans…they know how to sniff out something that isn't right. The other kids didn't like Antonio. They had no reason to, he wouldn't give them an inch to work with. So, taking it in stride, Antonio became the social wretch of his school. His father wouldn't abide this. He was popular in school and learned how to lead and work with groups of people and he would see he son do the same. So, he made Antonio start joining school teams. Antonio of course had no interest in these things…well he did however he wouldn't let anyone else know this, however whatever his father said was the most important and as such, he did as his father asked. He joined the fencing team and the swimming team. It seemed natural for Antonio to choose these things as it would satisfy his father's need for him to socialize but in a controlled setting in which he only had to rely on himself and his own skills.
In went on in this way for a few years. Marcello's work in Arezzo got him noticed by the government officials in Roma who extended an invitation and a boost up the government ladder with a new job serving as assistant to the ambassador of Italy to Great Britain. At this time it was easy as could be for Antonio to change. He was only attached to his father, and his mother whom he loved and to whom he was loyal. He had no friends so no one to miss. The sports and skills he gained in Fencing, Swimming and Diving as well as leadership abilities as the Captain of the Fencing team could all easily be transfered with him. Plus the small province of Arezzo had been something of a hick town when compared to the other cities he had seen when traveling with his father, Roma, Firenze, Vinezia, those were cities. And now his father was his country's ambassador to the British Isles. He couldn't have been happier to move.
In Britain life was quiet different. He went to a proper school with a tough level of school work where excellence was enforced and where he wasn't the only son of an important man. Here he actually made friends. Here, his coldness was understood and even past that he was accepted because it was part of the 'style' to be cold and corporate. Here he learned to speak better English, here he excelled and here he started climbing social ladders. Here he was exotic. He found himself to be commonly stared out by girls during fencing or swim meets. He found himself changing and with that came other changes. In a year or so the adolescent had reached biological adulthood and was something of a looker. He was also something of a socializer and something of a leader and negotiator. He worked his way to Captain of the Fencing team, who went on that year to win the championship, and the co-captain of the swimming team who took second to St. Margret's. Antonio was convinced the fault rested with his school and shoddy equipment. His father of coursed made a large enough donation for the school to have a newer more state of the art gym put in. While Antonio was growing in popularity, his father was doing the same. Working with the British government the two countries started to work together to make some great leeway. However it wasn't without consequence. Italy has never been a country at political rest. While his father exemplified and stood for the middle right, the far left had been making plans to put a stop to any good work the right wing might be doing as it made the far left look bad. So money exchanged hand and a problem solver was brought in. Some unknown mutant attacked the motorcade during a procession from Parliment to a new park that had just opened. Cars and buses were thrown across the sky at the motorcade. God must have been smiling when he gave Antonio to Marcello. He must have been laughing when the shamed ambassador was saved by his 'freak' child. Cars came crashing down in mad succession and crushed the surrounding security and took out a good deal of Marcello's protective caravan and when the doubledecker bus was plummeting towards the small black car that housed the Cossettas the child's powers came into being. The last thing he saw was the shadow of the looming bus get smaller and the voice of his mothers paniced screaming subsiding.
When Antonio woke up it was a week later. From what his parents had explained to him, he put up his hands in defense. The bus shrank to the size of a matchbook and shattered against the window of the car. When the young man lost consciousness all the pieces of the bus regained their original size leaving a great deal of debris. By that time the remaining and brave security detail managed to take down the rouge assassin. At this point Marcello made his choice. He decided that his son and wife were too important to be risked. Lana was sent to New York with her son where she would start doing charity work in the name of the Cossetta family and in the name of the Italian government and while there, his son would be pushed under the radar and out of the public eye. He was sent to the Xavier School for the gifted with a healthy donation to keep his whereabouts under wraps.


*Arrived at the Xavier's School.
*Was given a room with Robyn.


  • "Ciao."


  • When using his power, the item leaks light into the room making it brighter. When regrowing the object, the room dims.


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