Portrayed By Who do you think?!
Gender Depends on who's drawing me this month…
Date of Birth Before Calendars
Age Older than most
Zodiac Sign No Left Turns
Aliases Anpu, Hey Sexy, Yum, Ooh, C'mere you, and NOOOOOOOOO!
Place of Birth Not here
Current Location Not there either
Occupation Apparently, I'm a Porn Star?!
Known Relatives The entire Egyptian Pantheon
Significant Other Sorry, off the Market
Identity Judge of Souls, Guide of the Dead, God of Jackals
Known Abilities Weighing your Soul against a Feather, carrying your soul to the next life. Wanna see?
First Appearance Everyone who saw is DEAD!

Sometime in 2010, to hide from the furry community's abuse, Anubis struck a deal with his brother-God Set, and the being known as the Mad Hatter. Joining forces with Bragi, the four of them went off and formed an elite fighting force. If you can find them, maybe you can get help from… the A-Team!


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