2010-07-17: Apologies And Goodbyes


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Summary: Robyn and Lucas decide to not let fear rule them before Jordan comes by to say goodbye.

Date: July 17, 2010

Log Title: Apologies and Goodbyes

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

There was a phone call from Robyn to Lucas asking him to come down to the medbay when he got a chance. Robyn'd go to find him himself but he's not supposed to leave the medbay and seeing as he's been bad about it lately, the nurse is making sure he doesn't. There are a few things that need to be said, including an apology. He is currently sitting up in bed flipping throw one of his art books that someone brought down for him as he waits, hoping his friend shows up.

Lucas walks into the med bay wearing a pair of baggy black cargo shorts and a tight gray V-neck Tshirt. Around his neck is a chain necklace, the pendant a guitar pick mounted on a small diamond shaped metal piece. He folds his arms over his chest almost as soon as he enters, and he walks slowly over to Robyn's bed. The nurse casually nods at Lucas, making sure he sees her, before walking over to the medical cabinets and carefully making sure they are all locked.

"Still mad at me?" Robyn asks as he looks a lot better, there isn't that aura of defeat about him. "Listen…Selene got to me bad, she got to me really bad. I was scared and then just it was like one thing after another." Robyn says explaining calmly. "Jordan saying he was leaving then dealing with Asshole Connor from the future and having him tell me how horrible of a person I'd become then with you yelling at me, it's been a lot to deal with. Jinx…she fed me brownies till I puke and it helped. A lot so..I guess I wanna say, Sorry. For being a jerk."

Lucas stands there for a long moment in silence, his arms still crossed over his chest. There is still a healing cut on his right cheek with two disolving stitches from the fight with Jameselene. Finally, he says, "You weren't a jerk. You were a baby." That's all he has. It's delivered flat and without animosity.

Robyn is still bandaged up and is still on an IV but he manages to grab his pillow and go to hit Lucas with it. "No, I wasn't being a baby, I was…I can't handle this type of stuff Lucas. You know what the worst thing that was to happen to me before I came here? I got picked on in school." Which to Robyn equates to nothing really. "It was all too much at once and I couldn't, I can't handle it. Not by myself. Jinx helped with a lot. She got me back on my feet. Just at the same time, I didn't know….about you and Rashmi and I shouldn't have added that to your plate. You're just tougher than I am Lucas." He says with a nonchalant shrug.

Lucas sighs, and he unfolds his arms, shaking his head, "No. Ah ain't. Ah just finally reached my breaking point." He sighs, and leans against the wall, looking back at Robyn. "Ah spent the last two and a half years runnin' from my problems, ignorin' them, buryin' them…" He chews the inside of his lip a moment, and then continues. "Mostly though? Ah spent it afraid. Ah was afraid of all of it. So afraid, Ah let folk what figured it out use that fear to make me sell out my friends to the point that people died. A lot of people." He looks down at his feet, "Ah'm done bein' afraid, an' Ah ain't lettin' you fall to the place Ah was."

Robyn nods and gives Lucas a smile. "That means a lot Lucas. I was terrified. I mean, Selene, she came down here at night and messed with me, she used me as bait for Jinx. I've never felt so alone or helpless and then just everything on top of that, I couldn't deal." He looks at Lucas and grins, putting out his hand towards him. "We should make a pact, that we're not going to let ourselves be afraid anymore, that we're not going to let each other fall. We're friends, we need to look out for each other."

Lucas exhales through his nose, his brow just slightly furrowed as he looks at Robyn's hand, then to Robyn's face. "Are you prepared for that pact?" He stands up and walks over to the bed, but doesn't take the hand yet. "Because that means we stop being victims. And when you stop being the victim, you're either the villain, or you are the hero. When Ah came down here an' saw him killin' Jinx, an' you lookin' not much better, Ah made the decision to be a hero. But you have to ready to take the risks that that entails." He licks his lips, and says, a little more serious and soft, "It means being prepared to die to save others." He lifts his gloved hand up, and holds it a few inches from Robyn's, "If you're ready, truly ready, Robear… Ah am."

"Lucas, I took a risk, when I thought James was possessed, I went and did something without telling you guys. I don't want to see my friends hurt, I hate it and I hate being a victim." Robyn says firmly. "I don't know about being a hero but I'm not a villain. I'm not cold enough to be a villain. But Lucas, We need to be there for each other and make sure we don't fail. We have to learn and be ready to hold each other up when needed." He says with a nod. "Selene also told me that she would hurt Jinx if I didn't get you guys off of her trail, I still took a risk in telling you all."

Lucas studies Robyn a moment, and then says, "There are only three choices, brosef. Hero, victim or villain. But heroes work on teams. So let's work on one."

"Yes, you know, when James first suggested the team, I was excited. I liked being a part of something, I wanna make sure that we are a part of something and that it doesn't die." Robyn says with a nod. "Also…James is back. I don't know if you've seen him but he's back. He doesn't remember the last month and he's feeling guilty but, I'm just glad he's back. Things are looking up Lucas. And when I get out of here, we're all going to go away for a bit, you too."

Lucas tilts his head a bit, "James is back?" He sighs, standing up straight. "All that work, an' they didn't let us help in the end." He shakes his head, "Wow." He looks off towards the door, and then back at Robyn. "Jinx told me about some beach house. Sounds okay, Ah reckon." He shrugs a bit.

"Lucas…" Robyn says as he starts to move. "You don't need to leave. I don't know you blew up the medbay, I'd say that's pretty impressive." He says with a small smile. "You stopped him from killing Jinx. You didn't let her get the edge over you, I'd say you did quite a bit. Honestly, I don't know how he got back, just..I'm happy he is." He says with a nod. "And shouldn't that be more reason for us to work together towards hero?"

Lucas leans back against the wall again, folding his arms once more. "Whatever." He sighs, looking at his bare feet, then back at Robyn. "Ah ain't leavin'." He smiles a little, "Ah took a job on staff here."

"Whatever…is that your answer for everything when you don't like something? It's like your token response for everything. It's the 'I'm grumpy but I'm just gonna say 'whatever' and grump." Robyn says teasing Lucas with a smile. "And congrats, so that means I have to watch myself around you now since you're on the same level as the other staffers and you can give me detention and stuff?"

Lucas rolls his eyes at the first, "Whatever." He gives just a slight smirk, though. At the latter, he shrugs, "Well, no, not exactly… Ah mean, Ah'm on staff, Ah get paid, but, Ah don't know that Ah'm full on as staffly as the professors. Ah'm just Professor Gilpatrick's assistant."

"Point proven Lucas." Robyn says with a laugh. "Well at least you get to work with one of the cool teachers. Imagine having to work with Mr Anderson?" Robyn makes an obvious face of dislike. "I'm glad you're sticking around. It'd be weird without you here. It's already gonna be weird without….well..What are you doing for training? Are you going to be moving to a different team or something?"

Lucas furrows his brow, but this time it's not in a bad way. "Ah dunnow…" He sighs, "To be honest? Ah want to stay on a team. Maybe help lead one, train, maybe give students someone what could bridge that gap from reckless kid to arrogant adult, ya know?" He smiles, "It's a really crazy thought, but… Ah'd like to keep you an' Connor an' James an' Jinx and maybe really have a go at it. Fight something real." He shrugs, "Ah dunnow… MAybe Ah'm dreamin'…"

"Maybe you are dreaming, maybe you aren't. Whatever it is, I like it, it's a nice dream. I'm gonna hold onto that and just because it wasn't our friend who suggested it, doesn't mean we don't have to throw it away." Robyn says as he wants to continue with it. "Well ask for extra training, that way we can work on the hero thing together, all of us together.

Lucas nods a bit. "Ah think it'd be good." He sighs, standing up, "Ah should go. Ah need to find James, Ah reckon…" He sighs again, preparing to leave.

Jinx is entering just as Lucas is leaving, almost running into the boy with a soft "Oh!" and a floof of fur and tail. She flickers a smile, her hand pressing to her chest. "Shit, Lucas! You scared me," she gives the boy a soft punch to the shoulder.

Robyn nods to Lucas. "Find him and be there for him. He's taking it a bit hard and he needs us right now. Don't yell at him like you did at me." He jokes as he nods to Lucas. "Thanks again, for everything." He says as he goes to settle down and rest as he hears Jinx come in. "Oh! Hey Jinx!" He says. "Your mission was a success yesterday, I ended up getting sick."

Coming in, also after Jinx, and passing through Lucas (without any actual touch) is Jordan, carrying a large rucksack. He sees all the people passing around, and Jinx moving to Robyn. At least Robyn won't be alone. He moves to stand near the foot of the bed, but doesn't yet say anything.

Lucas smirks at Jinx, "Hey there," he offers, his smile widening. He furrows his brow as Jordan walks through him. "That's rude," he mumbles. He turns, watching Jordan walk to Robyn's bed. He sighs, and looks at Jinx. "Ass."

Jinx gives Robyn a big thumbs-up regarding the brownie incident. When Jordan walks in and heads straight to Robyn's bed though, her brow furrows. Her hand rises to fold lightly against Lucas' bicep. "Maybe we should step outside," she murmurs, her eyes intent on Jordan's posture.

Robyn looks at Jordan as he approaches and he doesn't give him his usual 'happy to see you smile', there's actually no smile at all. "Hey Jordan." He says as he looks over at Jinx and bites his lower lip. "Thanks again for yesterday Jinx, and Lucas…we'll talk more about things later, okay?" He says before looking back at Jordan again.

Glaring at Lucas, Jordan smiles darkly. "Well, hi Pot. My name is Kettle." He says before shaking his head at Jinx. "No, you're fine. I'm just leaving, and wanted to see Robyn before I left." He offers. He has absolutely nothing against the skunk girl and wouldn't want to bother her. The other… eh. that's a different story. Old history. Demonic history. "Getting ready to go." He says, turning back to Robyn. "They're gonna pick me up in an hour in Salem Center." He still isn't saying who They are.

Lucas sighs, looking at Jinx, "Yeah… Maybe we oughta…" He looks at Robyn, nodding, and then heads for the door.

Jinx gives a glance to Robyn, and then one to Jordan, remembering his face. "Yeah… we'll be just outside," she nods to Robyn. In case he like, needs someone's ass kicked or anything, y'know. She turns, and slips out the door behind Lucas.

Robyn nods to Jinx and Lucas before looking over at Jordan. "Oh." He says at first as he takes a deep breath. "Take care of yourself okay Jordan? Keep in touch and you better call me regularly." He says to his boyfriend as he he would ask him to go easy on Lucas but since he's leaving, what's the point. "So where are you going?"

Jordam shrugs slightly. "Don't know for sure. But, they did say we had an apartment in new york so I can go to school there." He offers. "Of course I will. And… you'd better call when something like this happens. I'll have a new number soon. You'll have it." He says, running a hand through his hair.

Robyn smiles and shrugs a good shoulder. "I'm fine Jordan, just some small injuries, I'll be okay. I have friends here who'll watch my back." And he'll watch theirs in return. "We…so who is this we?" He asks as he doesn't like the idea of Jordan going off with others he doesn't know so he asks.

"I only know one of them so far. Her name is Tempo. But… she and I are very similar." Jordan says. "She'll make sure I stay safe." He nods. After all, she was always dufferent in the things he saw. But he doesnt even know her. "Beyond that… I dont wanna say much. You'll worry too much."

"Just like you'll worry too much with me staying here?" Robyn asks as he just watches Jordan. "I have James, Lucas, Jinx and Connor here, they'll look out for me and I'll look out for them. They'll make sure I stay safe just like Tempo will make sure you do." He says in response.

"I don't trust Lucas at all." Jordan says quickly. "You didn't see the sides of him I did." He shakes his head, holstering the pack a little higher on his shoulder. "It's not dangerous to live away from a mass congregation of trouble and trouble magnetism."

"You might not, but I do. I've gotten to know him, he's not like that. Trust me." Robyn says as he's had some interesting conversations with the blond teen. "I've seen sides of you that are bad Jordan, and I still trust you and I know you were controlled. Should I be wrong and believe that was you?" He asks as he doesn't see much of a difference. "Well I'm not longer gonna be a victim Jordan, even though here is a magnet for the bad stuff, I'm not going to let myself be like this again."

"I trried to fight it. He didn't" Jordan explains. He nods. "Good, cause I can't be here." He really doesn't know what else to say. He bites his lip. "I'll give my address when i have it."

"Too bad you don't have a chance to get to know him, he's not a bad guy Jordan." Robyn says sticking up for his friends. "James was made into a demon too." He says and leaves it at that. "Okay….so…how long before you have to leave?"

"I know. He's different though. And I have to leave in about ten minutes to make it where I need to go." Jordan says, looking down. "I'll be fine."

"So…our last ten minutes together before you leave and who knows when we'll see each other again…" Robyn says as he tries to hide that he feels sad about it, but it's hard not to. "So..what do you want to do in those last ten minutes?"

"We can't do anything that would break school rules and get you in trouble. Not that I care if they get mad at me again." Jordan says with a wry grin. He pauses for a second and pulls around his backpack to unzip it. The backpack itself is one of the large ones that many military guys use. He opens it and pulls something out. It's something he found at a video store that was just sitting on the shelf not selling. It's the deluxe edition of Nightmare before Christmas, with the Jack bust. Very large and heavy, in an octagonal box.

Robyn goes to take it but it's heavy and he can't hold it with one hand. "Thank you…wow…I don't have this version." Just the special edition DVD that's been watched to death. "I didn't get you anything but…you still have the two sculptures I made you?" He asks hoping that Jordan is taking them with him. "And I can think of a few things that won't break school rules..or me."

"I have them. They're in a box that's already waiting for me up front, where the taxi will arrive." Jordan says ith a quick nod. "Are… you sure it's a good idea?" He asks, unsure. After all, he doesn't want to make matters wierder. But, he does move to at least offer a hug. A barely touching one. He doesn't wanna squeeze too hard.

The hug might be light on Jordan's end, but Robyn clings with one hand. "I'm not that fragile." He says as he hasn't been the best on watching out for his condition. "I'll miss you a lot." He whispers before moving in to give Jordan a less than chaste kiss and lets it last for as long as Jordan will allow it. Clinging to that closeness for as long as possible. By the time the kiss is over he just whispers to Jordan. "I love you."

"I can't bear to hurt you again, or to be there when you get hurt. I would lose my head. My head is fragile enough." Jordan says with a nod. "I know you do. So do I. I just… I have to do this. It's the right thing for me." He says, nodding softly. "And I hope you're not too mad."

"I'm..not mad, not anymore. Just…it's gonna be hard, you not being here when I need it." Robyn says as he keeps his good arm on Jordan. "I'm strong enough, my body my break but not my spirit Jordan. I'll heal, I'll recover. I'll be okay. Just, I hope you're not mad I'm not following you but…I really do have a good thing here."

"Every man has the path he must follow. One cannot be mad at another for choosing theirs different from one's own." Jordan says with a nod. "My parents are scientists. I'm not. That's how it works sometimes." He shrugs. "Such is life. And who knows, maybe this will lead me to something better in the future."

"My parents are artist….I am too but, then my twin believes he's an alien and I don't." Robyn says with a small chuckle. "Well we just have to make sure our paths meet up again, okay? Stay safe Jordan." He gives Jordan another kiss as he just wants what he can get before he doesn't know when he'll see his boyfriend again. "And a little secret, it's hard for me to bare when you get injured or hurt or anything else like that as well. So, I think we're even there."

"Sweetheart, you don't have a dark side stored in your brain." Jordan says as he rises, zipping up his bag and looking up. "I need to get going. I'll tell them it's safe. The Ass is gone." He rolls his eyes a bit at that one.

"Be nice Jordan." Robyn says shaking his head. "He's a friend and he's been helping me get through this tho Jinx and the brownies were the best cure." Nothing beats chocolate when you're feeling down. "Sure he's a jerk too but he's not a bad guy." He reaches out and squeezes Jordan's hand one last time. "Take care of yourself Jordan. Or else."

With that, Jordan walks out the door. "He started it." He offers, before going out. It's a note to walk away on, quiet, simple… and teasing.

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