Our goal at Marvel Revolution is to maintain an environment where people can create and experience interesting and fun characters and stories. In order to help enable this goal to become a reality, we require that all characters be apped, so that we can keep track of who has what power and is connected with which faction. We ask that you use the following template when applying and send it to moc.liamg|noitulover.levram#moc.liamg|noitulover.levram where it will be reviewed by the Wizards and App Staff.

Before you start your application feel free to read our Application Tips.

We will try to respond to the apps within three days of receiving it. At the very least, we will contact you before then and let you know we may take a bit longer (like if you send in a 9+ page app). If you do not, hear back from us before then, feel free to page a Wizard or mail us again to give us a nudge.

The game is not a Marvel Year One game, so when applying for an FC please include some of the character's canonical history upto our cut off of right before Avengers Disassembled/House of M.

If you want any suggestions or wish to run your idea by someone, feel free to contact one of the wizards via email or by logging onto to the game as a guest. We're here to help.

As the great app wizards of the past have said: "Your application should be like a woman's skirt. Long enough to be decent, but short enough to be interesting."

Here is the Guide to creating Original Characters, it is also helpful for FC;s as well. It's is recommend to at least give it a quick glance so you can know what we are expecting: OC Application Guide

To participate here, you give up exclusive rights to any ideas or concepts to the extent that if you have to leave for any reason, the community may continue to archive all stories and characters, retaining existing storylines for continued use within the continuity.


Application Template

OOC Information:
Name: (First names only, please, or nickname)
Location: (Optional. State/Country only)

IC Information:
Race/Species: (ex/ Human, Mutant, Alien, Clone, Cyborg, Mutate, etc.)
Age: (Minimum Character age for Marvel Revolution is 15.)
Alignment: (ex/ Good, Evil, Neutral, Lawful, Chaotic)
Code Name:
Affiliation: (ex/ X-men, Brotherhood, Avengers, Morlocks, Friends of Humanity. However, Original Characters are not allowed to apply as a part of a team. Teenagers may app as Xavier's Students or Barnes Students, but none can be an actual team member without RP bringing them into a team.)
PB: ("Played By" or "Poster Boy". What actor/actress/model would you cast for your character's role? This is required. Also, when picking a PB, please make sure there are plenty of useable pictures out there for the staff to make icons for. Using someone that only has one or two pictures makes it amazingly hard for icons to be made that are not the same as pictures on the character's page.)

Background: (What is your character's story? What made them into the person they are on-screen? Tell us about their childhood, their family, their friends, how they got their powers or came to hate mutants, what jobs they may have had before becoming the governor. We want to get to know the character. If they're high society, we want to know why. What made them lean toward the good, evil, or neutrally chaotic side? We require more than one paragraph for a character history.) Please note the game is not a Marvel Year One game, so when applying for an FC please include some of the character's canonical history upto our cut off of right before Avengers Disassembled/House of M. Also please note if you are making a student, Xaviers is NOT public knowledge at this time.

Personality: (Tell us about the inner workings of your character. What makes them tick. Give us a paragraph or so explaining their fears, dislikes, and mental hang-ups, as well as whether they're extroverted or introverted, whether they're happy with their life or discontent, etc.)

Resources: (We should be able to guess what your character would have access to based on the application, but here is your chance to let us know about anything specific you want your character to have, like that 69' Chevy that has hover capability and is bullet proof. We'd also like to know about how much money your character would have access to? Are they poor? Street rat stealing for food? Middle class? Rich? Tony Stark level billionaire?)

Powers: (What are your characters powers. Please do not list something like "Fire Generation" and leave it at that. Please go into detail. How hot does the fire get? How long can your character maintain the flame? If you can create a shield with your powers, how much damage can it take before breaking? If you can fly, how fast can you fly? Hyper Senses, how far can you hear? See? Please remember that building up your powers can be half the fun. We love running Tiny Plots for such things. Not every hero started out with insane powers, most of them worked for the control and power they have. Even Jean. Also, we would like to know about any weaknesses connected to the power, if there are any.)

(Note: Students at Xavier's will not be able to start out with strong powers, they will start off at a student level, which means that they will not have full control over the powers. There will be accidents, things going wrong, overexertion, etc. Also, the Wizards MUST approve all power progressions.)

Skills and Talents: (Does your character speak another language, do you know martial arts, are you good with mechanics, are you a musician, or can you hack the Pentagon? This is where you list all non-power related skills. These should be evident for the most part in your background, but if there is anything you specifically want us to take notice of, it's best to list it here. Also remember, if your character is only eighteen, it is highly unlikely they are a black belt in three different martial arts and know five languages. Please have fun, but keep things realistic as realistic as things can be in a comic book world. Realistic to your /character/ and the Marvel universe.)

Possible NPCs: (This is an optional one, which we will love you for filling out. If your character has any family or friends that you feel inspired to explain, please do. If there is a dark nemesis or group of enemies in the background you want to flesh out further, do so here! We'll be sure to take note and may bring them back in future plots.)


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