Application Tips

Below are some samples of backgrounds, powers and personality and these are what we are looking for in an application

In regards to an application we are not looking for a novel or a complex piece of literature but we would like to know what kind of person and what kind of life your character lead. Everyone has a story in life no matter how simplistic and we would like to know that character’s story.

Some Good Idea’s and Bad Idea’s of an application –

Bad Idea – My character is a normal teenager who likes teenager things.
Good Idea – My character took a passion to playing the flute and spent many years in the school band.

Bad Idea– My character hates the world because he just hates it.
Good Idea – Go into your character’s hardships and reasons why they are they way they are.

Bad Idea – Two people had a baby and My Character was born and they lived a life till My Character got powers.
Good Idea – Go into your character’s life, their struggles and accomplishments. Even at the age of sixteen your character has to have a story.

Bad Idea – My Character is a master martial artist in five types of martial arts, knows four languages, can hack computers, sing really well, play the piano, pick locks and is an Olympic level underwater basket weaver.
Good Idea – Pick a good two to four skills your character is good at depending on their age. Also remember anything that is Olympic level or being a master at something will require much focus and attention and not much room for other skills.

Bad Idea – My character is rich and beautiful and flawless and perfect and loved by everyone!
Good Idea – Incorporating some flaws into your character to make them more human.

Bad Idea – My character can shoot lasers from their eyes, regenerate, has super strength and reflexes, can’t have their mind read, has the power to generate ham and cheese sandwiches and teleport!
Good Idea – Taking one or two powers and going with that. A power like Fire Generation or Telepathy has a lot to it that can be expanded. There is always room for power upgrades and many heroes just have one power.

You can find the application template here application

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