April 2009 Logs

Total Number of Logs for April 2009 - 123

April 1, 2009 Requesting Permanence Addison and Scott G
April 1, 2009 Risen Drew and Kaden R
April 1, 2009 Triple D Defense and Daredevil R
April 1, 2009 Chinatown Rambling Daisuke, Leo, and Nathaniel PG
April 1, 2009 Confession Darrell and Jesse R for language
April 1, 2009 Confessions and Kisses Daisuke and Jared PG-13
April 2, 2009 Hair Woes Hilary and Kenta PG-13
April 2, 2009 Wind and Flame Kaden and Keith PG-13
April 2, 2009 Best Offense Alex and Cole G
April 2, 2009 Unknown Mutation James, Jared, Jordan, Owen, Pallaton, and Robyn PG
April 2, 2009 To Ask a Favor Eddie and Leo PG
April 2, 2009 A Bit of a Mindflip Addison and Brian R
April 2, 2009 Old Friends, New Faces Alison and Erik PG-13
April 3, 2009 The Sword and the Paper Billy, Dante, Eli, Teddy, and Terry PG
April 3, 2009 Normal Friday Eddie, July, James, Alison, Bobby, Pallaton and Robyn PG-13
April 3, 2009 White Castle Cody and Nightshade PG-13
April 3, 2009 First Contact Defense and Blind Surgeon PG-13
April 3, 2009 Frost and Fuzz Max and Owen PG
April 3, 2009 Parents Darrell and Jesse R
April 4, 2009 Accidental Surgery? Blind Surgeon, Faith, Gauss, Hellion, July, Medic, Uriko, and oldvladimir PG-13
April 5, 2009 Destiny's Touch Dr. Destiny and Tanner R
April 5, 2009 Collecting Bloodbath, Dazzler, and oldvladimir PG-13 for language
April 5, 2009 Healing Waters Cyrus, Jared, July, and oldvladimir PG-13
April 5, 2009 Taking By Force Eddie and Ricky PG
April 6, 2009 Destiny's Care Dr. Destiny and Ricky PG
April 6, 2009 Caught Off-Guard Alison and Scott G
April 6, 2009 Living Room Gathering Alison, July, Max, Owen and Robyn PG
April 6, 2009 Healing Power Daisuke and Jared PG-13
April 6, 2009 The Cold Fuzzies Max and Owen PG-13
April 6, 2009 Homecoming Christopher, Eddie, Wesley, and Ricky PG
April 7, 2009 Neighboring the Enemy Alison and Tanner PG
April 7, 2009 Temporary Daddy? Christopher and Ricky G
April 7, 2009 Lurk and Glimmer Leo, Nathaniel and Owen R
April 7, 2009 Changes of Pace Cid and Tanner PG
April 8, 2009 Castle Under Seige Kaji and Cody PG-13
April 8, 2009 Common Interests Daisuke and Nathaniel PG
April 8, 2009 Sports and Ice Cream Cody, Owen and Robyn G
April 8, 2009 Friend Chats Daisuke and Eddie PG
April 8, 2009 Playful in the Park Cid, Dmitri, Izzy, Kaji, and Pallaton PG
April 8, 2009 Designing Jesse and Tanner R
April 8, 2009 Red, Blue, and Green? Hulkling and Patriot PG-13
April 8, 2009 Misunderstanding July, Gabriel, Vincent and oldvladimir PG-13
April 9, 2009 Flirting and Sunsets Daisuke and Jared PG-13
April 9, 2009 The Tiger and The Vampire July, Robyn, Uriko and oldvladimir PG-13
April 10, 2009 Morning Conversation Jordan and Robyn PG
April 10, 2009 Training Whoops Cyrus and Pallaton G
April 10, 2009 Dreams to Reality Cyrus, Daisuke, July and Pallaton G
April 10, 2009 Meeting in the Garden Cole and Danny PG-13
April 11, 2009 Trouble Sleeping Owen and Robyn PG
April 11, 2009 No Cartoons Owen and Max PG-13
April 11, 2009 Owning Mistakes Billy, Cody, and Teddy PG
April 11, 2009 The Girl in the Tree July and oldvladimir G
April 12, 2009 Holiday Foods Billy, Cody, Eli, and Teddy PG
April 12, 2009 Learning to Expand Kaden and Xane PG-13
April 12, 2009 Strange Moments oldvladimir and Robyn PG
April 12, 2009 Splash oldvladimir, Antonio, Julian, and Owen PG-13
April 12, 2009 Destiny's Design Dr. Destiny and Randall R
April 12, 2009 First Step Addison and Brian PG
April 13, 2009 Coffee and a Favor Teddy and Daisuke PG
April 13, 2009 Garden Fun Times Cammie, Jay and oldvladimir PG
April 13, 2009 Popular vs Weird Jordan and Robyn PG
April 13, 2009 Wind and Spirit Keith and Xane R for Adult Content
April 13, 2009 Getting To Know Each Other Antonio and oldvladimir R for Adult Content
April 14, 2009 Designing Specialty Cole and Jesse PG
April 15, 2009 Cold Vodka Dmitri, Nik, and Simon PG
April 15, 2009 Homework Teddy, Jonas, and Cody PG-13
April 16, 2009 Incoming Storm Owen, Jared, Ororo, oldvladimir and Antonio PG-13
April 16, 2009 Before The Storm Antonio and oldvladimir G
April 17, 2009 Bloody Mayhem Aaron, Bloodbath, July, and Nightshade PG
April 17, 2009 Gifts of Love Leo and Nathaniel R
April 19, 2009 Destiny's Diatribe Dr. Destiny and Liam R
April 19, 2009 Almost Caught Aaron and Simon PG
April 19, 2009 Kaboomerang Mr. Faith and Talli PG-13
April 19, 2009 Coming Down Addison and oldvladimir PG
April 19, 2009 Within Moments Scott and oldvladimir PG
April 20, 2009 Frustration to Elation Addison and Brian PG
April 20, 2009 One on One Jericho and oldvladimir PG
April 20, 2009 Troubles for All July, Robyn and oldvladimir PG-13
April 20, 2009 Bartender to Bartender Danny and Nik PG
April 20, 2009 Healing Eddie and Jared PG-13
April 20, 2009 Ears and Fur Owen and Antonio PG-13
April 21, 2009 More Issues Than National Geographic Kitty and Piotr PG-13 (Language)
April 21, 2009 Punishment Pallaton and Antonio PG-13
April 21, 2009 Home is in the Heart July and William G
April 21, 2009 Lessons of the Mind Addison and Robyn G
April 21, 2009 Easier to Approach Addison and Antonio PG
April 21, 2009 Raising Hellions oldvladimir, Eddie, Daisuke, Jared, Julian and July R
April 22, 2009 Family Matters Teddy and Cody PG-13
April 22, 2009 First Session Antonio and Jericho PG
April 22, 2009 Getting Comfortable Jordan and Robyn PG
April 22, 2009 It's Never Quiet Eddie, July, Daisuke, and Pallaton R
April 22, 2009 Working Out Teddy, Eli, Terry, Jonas and Cody PG-13
April 22, 2009 Free Flyers Defense and Seraphim PG-13
April 22, 2009 Rubber Girl July and oldvladimir G
April 23, 2009 Lunch Time Antonio, July and Robyn PG
April 23, 2009 Education Woes Kaden and Keith R (nudity)
April 23, 2009 Rescue Mission Lurker and Rebound PG-13
April 24, 2009 Small Roses Aaron and Kenta PG
April 24, 2009 Lunch Time Chats Antonio, Daisuke and July PG
April 24, 2009 Primetime Tension Julian, Eddie, oldvladimir, and Laura PG-13
April 24, 2009 New Meeting, New Life Jericho and Wesley G
April 26, 2009 Time to stop Running Daisuke and Pallaton PG
April 26, 2009 Save the Penguins Lurker, July, Fenrir, Hellion, and X-23 PG-13
April 26, 2009 Cookies and Pizza Robyn and oldvladimir PG
April 26, 2009 Late Night Pizza July and oldvladimir G
April 27, 2009 Wild Wind Maelstrom and Talli PG-13
April 27, 2009 Courtyard Meeting Robyn, July, Kael, and Eddie PG
April 27, 2009 Game Time Eli and Teddy R
April 27, 2009 Headmaster to the Rescue Scott and Owen PG-13
April 27, 2009 Ice Cream July and oldvladimir G
April 27, 2009 A Nice Night Jordan and Robyn PG-13
April 28, 2009 New Found Friend Max and Kael G
April 28, 2009 Medbay Boredom Owen and Robyn PG
April 28, 2009 Healing, Wind, and Fuzz Owen, Jared, Kael, and Pallaton PG-13
April 29, 2009 Fourth Meal Ororo, Scott, and Kael G
April 29, 2009 Awkward Awakening Owen and Julian PG-13
April 29, 2009 Helpful Planning Christopher and Jericho PG-13
April 29, 2009 Job Offer Christopher and Wesley PG
April 29, 2009 Late Night Picnic Daisuke, Jared, Ororo and oldvladimir PG
April 29, 2009 Coffee With A Stranger Keith and oldvladimir R
April 30, 2009 Man Law Kael, Max, July and oldvladimir PG
April 30, 2009 Lazin' with the Dyvil Kael, Owen,and Pryce PG
April 30, 2009 Astral Surprises Eddie, Jordan,and Robyn PG
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