April 2010 Logs

Total Number of Logs for January April - 118

Date Title Participants Rating
April 1 Returned Roommate Robyn and Zack PG
April 1 Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make Jade and James PG-13
April 1 The Gift of Mummy Cat Jono and Robyn PG
April 1 No MASKS!!! Hulkling and Misha PG-13
April 1 Making Amends Skyler and Zack PG
April 1 Two Girls One Gym Tara and Chloe PG
April 2 A Hopeful Promise James and Robyn R
April 2 Quid Pro Bono Rashmi and Jennifer PG
April 3 The First Date Marshall and Mikhail PG
April 3 Out of the Holding Cell James and Sam PG
April 3 Orv wiv 'is 'ead Jordan and Robyn PG-13
April 5 Veronica y Banderilla de Dedos para Skrull Magneto, Misha, and Teddy R (gore)
April 5 Nimble Wind and Swift Mind Kael and Julian G
April 5 Repeat Offender Dallas Lucas Mikhail and Marshall PG
April 5 Hiding Things Lucas and James PG
April 5 RC Cars, Fire Safety, and You Theo and July G
April 5 Up In The Attic Christopher, Mike, Robin and Zack G
April 6 Conflicting Paradigms Pietro and Bruce G
April 6 Boathouse Grumpiness Kenta, Lucas, Rashmi and Tara G
April 6 Discomforts Christopher, Jono and Theo PG
April 6 Hot Cars and Cigarettes Theo and Chezlie PG
April 7 Nerves Abound Angelo, Jeremy and Misha PG
April 7 Point of View Bruce, Felix, Misha & Theo PG (L)
April 7 Blind Cooking Lesson Christopher, Six and Tara PG
April 8 What Does Northstar Like? Connor, Jean-Paul, Kenta and Lucas PG
April 8 Late Night Interrogation Lucas and Jono PG-13
April 8 Reasons to Workout Late Theo, Lucas, and Tara PG
April 9 It's Academic... Theo and Hank PG
April 9 Don't I Know You? Caleb and Jeremy PG
April 9 Idle Chatter Angelo, Bruce & Danny PG (L)
April 9 Music and Cigarettes Kenta and Lucas PG-13
April 10 Lovely Morning At Xaviers Jono, Kenta, Lucas and Mike PG
April 10 Bank Heist Gone Wrong Caleb, Dingo, Kage & Quicksilver PG (LV)
April 10 The Interrogation Bruce, Felix, Magneto PG (V)
April 10 The Art of Forgiveness Theo, Lucas, James, & Julian R (V,L)
April 11 Still Fine Lucas and Rashmi PG
April 11 Best Laid Plans James, Jono, Hank, and Rashmi PG-13
April 11 Subterfuge Undone Brian, Bruce, Caleb, July & Scout PG (L)
April 11 Making a Deal Kenta and Lucas PG-13
April 11 Computer Help Jeremy and Misha PG
April 11 Excelsior -- Fresh Meat!! Connor and Mike G
April 12 New Kid Smell Connor and Robyn PG
April 12 Masala Madness!! Tara, Rashmi, Connor, Hank, and Zack G
April 12 Getting To Know James James, Jono and Kenta PG
April 13 When Squad Leaders Talk Jono and Kenta PG
April 13 I'll Drink to That! Chezlie & Theo PG (L)
April 13 Burger Babble Bruce & Theo PG (L)
April 11 Elevator Repair Work James and Lucas PG
April 11 Paragon Team Meeting Kenta, Marshall, Rashmi and Tara PG
April 14 High Tensions Jono, Mike, Robyn, and Theo R
April 14 Underage Drinking Bruce & Caleb PG (L)
April 14 Deaf in the Danger Room Jono, Lucas, Marshall, Rashmi, Tara and Zack PG-13
April 14 Couple of Accidents James and Robyn PG
April 15 Call Me Crazy Theo and Rashmi PG
April 15 Trip to the Maul Lucas and Scout PG
April 15 Workout At Barnes Caleb, Jeremy and Teddy PG
April 15 Magneto's Anger Kage and Magneto PG-13
April 15 Generations Magneto, Rashmi and Connor PG
April 16 Thanks For Coming By Lucas and Theo R
April 16 They're Alive! Corrin and Misha PG-13
April 18 Go Go Godzilla James and Connor PG
April 18 Good News Bad News Rashmi, James, Connor, Jono, and Robyn PG-13
April 18 And Better News Jono and James PG
April 18 Reflecting on the News Rashmi, James, Connor, Jono, and Robyn PG-13
April 18 Nirvana, Hockey and Giving Up Kenta and Lucas PG-13
April 18 Sides Magneto and Misha PG
April 19 Trains and Life Theo and Lucas Note: Minor religious content R
April 19 The Setting Sun James and Robyn PG
April 19 Conflicts Kenta and Tara PG
April 19 Old Face In The Park Jeremy and Misha R
April 20 Medbay Visit Jeremy and Misha PG
April 20 Some Sort of Irony Max and Theo PG
April 20 Hallway Heckler Connor, James, and Lucas PG
April 20 New Kid Meet New Kid Francis and Travis PG
April 21 Something About Koi Jade, Robyn and Tara PG
April 21 Room of Conflicts Alex, Connor, Erik, Jordan, Lucas, Robyn, Skyler and Theo R
April 21 You Don't Suck As Much As I Thought Lucas, and Robyn PG-13
April 21 Homo Superior Bruce & Kage PG (L)
April 21 The Aftermath Connor, Mike, Robyn and Skyler PG-13
April 21 Getting Off Topic James and Lucas PG-13
April 22 Fox Guarding the Hen House James and Julian PG
April 22 The New Suite Mate Teddy and Travis PG
April 22 Knowing Someone Is A Friend Connor and Robyn PG-13
April 22 Comfort Food Connor and Lucas PG-13
April 23 There's An Age For Mutants? Misha and Travis PG
April 23 Standing on the Rooftop Kaji and Kenta PG
April 23 Too old to be cool Alex, Chloe, Connor, Jono, and Rashmi R(L)
April 23 Meet the Newest Member of School Security James, Lucas and Robyn PG-13
April 24 Designing Dingo Bruce & Jesse PG (LN)
April 24 White Lace and Strange Connor and Lucas PG-13
April 25 The Perceived Threat Bruce & Misha PG (L)
April 25 Back-Alley Introductions Bruce & Scout PG (L)
April 25 From the Beginning Jono & Magneto PG-13
April 25 Wanna Be Roommates? Daisuke and Sophie PG
April 25 Fresh Air and Cigarette Breaks Travis and Troy PG
April 25 Audrey II, Apologies and Concern Connor James, Lucas, Rashmi and Robyn PG-13
April 25 Forest for the Trees James and Lucas PG
April 26 Nanobots Assemble Alex, Kenta and Nazca R
April 26 Prescription of TV and Newspaper Chloe, Daisuke and Nazca PG
April 26 Peace Offering Robyn and Theo G
April 26 The Potty Mouth Jono and Nazca R (L)
April 27 A Secret Song Lucas and Robyn PG-13
April 27 Wings and Extra Practice Jade, James, Kenta and Six PG
April 27 Pop Tarts Tara, Connor, and Mike G
April 28 Almost Human Alex H. & Eris PG (L)
April 28 Over A Cigarette Erik, Jono, Kenta and Nazca R
April 28 About a Paragon Jono and Kenta PG-13
April 28 Those of a Musical Mind Connor, Jono and Kenta PG-13
April 28 Final Straw James and Jono PG-13
April 28 A Unique Koi Jade and Robyn PG
April 28 Enemy of My Enemy James and Tara PG-13
April 29 Late Night Deals Connor and Theo G
April 29 Beautiful Day For a Walk In The Park Theo, Travis, Chloe, and Felix PG-13
April 29 It Cannot Be Unseen Chloe, Connor and Robyn PG-13
April 29 Making a Splash Kael and Theo G
April 29 Kids Will Be Kids Kenta and Jono PG
April 30 Deal of the Century Kenta, James, and Lucas PG-13
April 30 Opportunities Zack and Felix PG
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