2009-02-10: Are You An Alien


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Summary: A few X-Men and an independent hero go to take a peek at the new forcefield in Memphis

Date: February 10, 2009

Are You an Alien?

Rating: PG

Memphis - Pyramid

Seated on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, lies a large metal and glass pyramid. However, currently, the pyramid is covered by a large black dome. Around it, traffic has been diverted for miles, for fear that something strange is happening. From the lands around the pyramid, the river itself is visible, giving an odor of wetness to the air. Along with that is the ever-present music from nearby Beale Street.

The evening glow of Memphis remains, as ever, a soft line of light on both sides of the Mississippi. The music from Beale Street doesn't stop until 2 or 3am. At this time of night, it's normally active and quite busy. However, with the dome over the Pyramid… it's much lower key. Sure, the restaurants remain open, but they business is noticeably lower to the locals. A few stand nearby, looking.

After hearing about the domes appearing over the two landmarks, Scott had immediately started to call up the X-Men. After gathering up Cannonball, Iceman, and Shield, Cyclops had started up the jet and headed for Memphis. Scott, at the controls finds an empty spot to land the airplane. As the jet touches down on the street, Cyclops starts the shut down procedusre on the jet. The field leader remains silent for now as he flips the switches, and opens the ramp to exit the vehicle. "Comms are in the usual spot, if and when we split up, I want updates every five minutes."

In his black uniform with a big 'C' on his chest and the googles on his head, Sam rides in one of the back seats of the Blackbird. He was eager to go check out what's going on down in Memphis since it's about eight hours away from home. "Ev'ry five mintues is kinda rough Cyclops, Ah know we ain't gotta Emma here for a mind link but ya can't really get a lot done with bein' interupted ev'ry five minutes."

Bobby also rides along in one of the back seats of the jet, clad in his usual X-Men uniform with the blue cloak and glasses. He sits next to Sam, "Well, to be perfectly honest, Sammy, it's pretty difficult to get ANYthing done when Emma's around," he grins.

"Y'know, because she likes to interrupt people. And stuff." Bobby wriggles around impatiently in his seat, just waiting for the jet to land. "Gah. Anyone know of a bathroom somewhere nearby? Maybe a McD's or a Burger King? Cuz I really gotta pee."

"That's why I told you to go before we left, Bobby." Cecilia says, with a sigh of exasperation. "Yeah. I got my badge on my monkey suit. Never thought I'd wear one of these fairly regularly again." She says , rising and heading for the ramp to look at the actual dome itself. Fortunately, the nearest spot is a large parking area specifically FOR the pyramid. Since it's for the pyramid, it's empty. A cold wind blows off the river at the team. The field glows a slight gold with black undertone.

All along a straight line between New York and Tennessee the number of UFO reports has grown dramaticaly. Why? Because a curious resident of New York city has decided to check out the dome in Memphis. Like a shooting star the teen hero going by the name of Wave streaks to the site of the dome moving in excess of Mach 2 the 20 or so minuets it takes him to fly there. Staying below radar levels the white leather clad teen does what he can to keep from being chased by the Air Force without good reason. As the X-Men leave the Blackbird a glowing golden something streaks just overhead of them aimed directly at the dome, and stopping land just feet away from it.

Cyclops gives a small grimace from under his visor. "Just keep in contact, Cannonball." He says, unclipping his harness. He makes his way out to the street via the ramp. Cyclops gives a ponderous look to the dome, there's a lot of questions to ask about what it is and who put it there. And then the golden streak comes overhead and lands close to the dome. "Remember, this is only recon, do not engage unless engaged upon." And with that, he makes for the dome, and whatever landed feet from the structure.

"Oh yeah Ceci, like Bobby listens t' anything anyone tells him." Sam teases, but he nods to Cyclops instructions, following him out of the Blackbird. He does though look to Bobby expecting a comment in any moment in regards to Scott's instructions. "Ah think we should try t' spilt up into two teams and circle round and meet on the other side." Even though he's not a leader anymore, the tendancies from being a co-leader with the New Mutants and X-Force still come out.

Bobby hops up and heads for the ramp as it opens, and he trots out of the jet just in time to see the glowing golden streak zooming through the sky and landing nearby. He points up at it and smirks lightly. "Awww, now that's not helping things any," he remarks. "I swear, none of you better start talking about garden hoses and lemonade." He too begins to head over to whatever it was that landed near the structure. "I hope we don't run into one of those big headed green guys with the black eyes. Those are SO totally cliche."

"Gotcha." Ceci says with a nod as she walks in the direction of the dome itself. She noticed the golden streak, but doesn't say anything. After all, she can take a hit more than most of them, except maybe Bobby.

The dome continues to just glow, lightly. There's nothing really happening with it.

Wave has a total of three questions about the dome, Is it dangerous, whats inside it, and Why is it here? If he had heard Bobby's comment Wave would make sure he looked like one of the alien toys from the movie Toy Story, but he did not so thankfully he appears like he really is, a blond teenager in white leather with a single yellow starburst pattern over his heart, and what looks like a crome visor over his eyes. Talking to himself the boy states, "Right, I'm here. What did I expect to find the Avengers locked in mortal combat with the B.E.G.M.s? Hmm, only have half an hour so…might as well not waist time…" That said the teen aproaches the dome and reaches out to place his right hand on it while surrounding himself with a force field in case touching proves a bad idea.

As the hand touches the forcefield… nothing happens.

Cyclops nods to Sam. "Yeah, that was what I was going to have us do." Bobby's notice of the streak gets a mild response from Cyclops. "It might be whatever put that here and in Los Angeles." Last time Iron Man showed off a new armor, he still looked like a man, not a large light. As the group get closer to the dome, he repeats Sam's suggestion. "Right, Iceman, you're with me on the right side, Cannonball and Shield take the left side. Cyclops soon spots the young hero. "Who are you?" He asks the while-clad teen.

Sam looks to Cecilia and smiles. "Kinda feels like old times." He says and he was pretty much a kid back when they were X-Men together. "Ah guess we'll like Cyke deal with that guy over there and you an Ah can go this way." He says starting to walk off towards the permiter of the force field and just see what might stand out, besides the giant dome. If there's any sort of noise coming from it.

There's sound from inside occasionally, but it's VERY muffled. The sounds are hardly noticeable.

Cecilia moves along, walking behind Cannonball's movements as she looks over. As she gets within five feet of the field, her own field activates on it's own. "Huh?" She asks, blinking. "Strange." She shrugs, glancing back over her shoulder at the others.

Wave raises the hand not on the dome and says, "Just a tick sir, want to see if this works before I get to distracted." With that said, Wave reaches out with his power to sense photons and focuses it as much as he can first on the dome to see if there is anything strange about the light that comes off ofit, and then beyond to see if the dome blocks powers like his as well as just stopping things from getting past it. After a second the young man taps on the dome while he trys to feel for the photons inside, rapping out 'Shave and a Haircut' just to see if anything happens.

Each time Wave taps on the force field, a small spike appears where he tapped last. Just a tiny little spike, relative to the level of impact.

Sam turns around and looks at Cecilia as she says 'Strange'. "Woah." He says seeing her force feild activate on it's own. "Ah'm guessin' this thing is hostile?" Sam says. "Ah'm thinkin' tryin' t' blast through would be a bad idea right now. So we got hostile force fields coverin' up a prymid." He answers. "Ya think Ah should blast uptop and get a look?"

"Probably." Cecilia nods lightly as she looks at the field. "I have no idea why mine responded, either. It normally only reacts when I get hit with something." She says, looking up at Cannonball. "Hey, not my area of expertise. Ask the fearless leader."

Wave lets out a long low whistle. "Wow, so either this thing is completely keeping me out…or the other side of this is experiancing true absolute darkness. Either way, gives me the creeps" With a bright grin the teen turns to face the X-People, "Hello, I'm called Wave, sorry about the rudeness but I was trying to get a look inside there." With the same bright grin on his face the boy cants his head to the side a second looking in Cecilia's direction. "Sorry, I have to ask Ma'am, but are you part of an alien race or using technology to make your forcefield? I only ask because from a multi-spectral stand point it looks almost identical to the big one over here."

Cyclops holds out a hand. "Wave? Hold on, she's not part of what is going on here." He says, when he brings up Cecilia and her forcefield. Cyclops starts to look at the dome himself, he looks at the dome and taps a spot himself, seeing that the spikes are coming up with it. "It's reactive to outside forces, we have to look for an entrance, anything other than just a solid surface."

"Wait, he just said somethin' about it lookin' the same as as your force fields, maybe it's something with it also be defensive like yours is. Ah ain't about to blast into it thought." Cannonball says as he looks over to Cyclops. "What'd ya think Sir? Should Ah fly up top and see what it's like up there?" He doesn't want to just go off and do it with out Scott's okay.
Cecilia moves closer, her own energies thickening. The Field near her seems to respond in kind. "Huh." She walks over closer to Cyclops himself. "It's mimicing me." She says, shaking her head.

The field seems to be reacting to her, first. Of course, any impact against it is also causing a small raising of spikes.

Wave gives a small shrug, "Didn't say she was part of it, just asked because…really the chances of the light coming of of that and her being the exact same frequency can not be very big." While Cecilia moves close to the field Wave keeps a very close 'eye' on her and it in case there is a noticeable change that he can perceive. "Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if the two forcefields touch?"

Cyclops gives a nod to Sam. "Go ahead, report your findings." So, Cyclops took what Wave said wrong, it happens. He sees that the two forcefields are having a reaction. "Wave brings up a good point, try and see what happens if the two come in contact." Cyclops is mainly thinking at this point, nothing concrete.

Sam nods and lowers his goggles. He was wondering the same thing, but he does blast off towards the top of the dome to see what it looks like from above. His blast is nothing quiet, it sounds a lot like, well, a rocket. He only flies up about ten feet above the top of it to get an decent aerial view without getting too far away.

"If you say so." Cecilia says with a shrug. Moving closer, both fields, strengthen heavily. As her field touches the other, there's a boom loud enough to be heard over Cannonball's blast field. Along with the boom, Cecilia is blasted back about a hundred feet to crash against a pillar holding a sign. There's even a little crack. She collapses onto the ground with a cough. Her field is there, except around the hand that touched the other. There's a small hole where her hand touched it, as well. She coughs, obviously alive, but doesn't move.

Wave quirks an eyebrow, not that it is seen over his mask, as Sam goes rocketing off. Well, it is not like it is a stealth opperation or anything. As the boom from Cecilia touching the dome sounds Wave takes a full three nano seconds to decide on his actions. First thing he does is rush straight to the woman's side. "Are you alright?" Of course while he is next to her he also reaches out with his powers to bend light to see what he can from inside the hole in the dome.

As the boom happens, Cyclops places his hands on his ears, and then the Doctor crashes on the pillar. His brow raises above his visor, shocked that it was so violent of a reaction. "Damn!" He yells out, running to check up on Cecilia. He looks to the Doctor and kneels down. If her forcefield wouldn't have been up, she would be in a bad spot. "You alright?" He asks, after Wave had asked. He looks to the fellow X-Man and tries to make sure she's not in dire straights. He did notice the hole, but isn't as focused on that as he is the status of his team member.

The hole is suddenly covered by something metallic.

Sam rockets down and is about to join the rest with Cecilia but with two over there, he isn't going to do much being a third. "Sir, Ah'm gonna check out this hole." He says as he lands, lifts his goggles on top of his head and peeks through. "Sir, Ah can't see anythin', just something metallic." He says and decides to risk it by reaching forward slowly to see how solid the metallic whatever is beneath it.

Cecilia seems fine, but she'll probably need to be looked at by one of the other resident professionals. She's breathing normally, but a little shallowly. The piece of metal is up for the moment, until it slowly fades over with the returning energies.

Terry notices the metal go up fast, and without a word leaves Cecilia's side to get closer to the dome. Once he is within range he does his best to try and force his ability to sense light thought the hole while it closes too see what is in there and get as good a picture as he can.

After making sure Cecilia isn't going to have to require immediate medical evacuation, Cyclops stays behind with Cecilia, for her safety. "Roger that, it may have a metal structure along with a forcefield, in that case, whoever put it there doesn't want it moved."

Sam moves his hand away before the force field closes and looks over to Wave. "Well that was mighty interestin'. Ah don't think we're gettin' in there right now. Ah don't know what else we can find out about this right now but we should definately be keepin' an eye on it." Sam says.

Wave shakes his head, "You don't know the half of it. Before they put up the metal I got a glimps inside, there are armed people there but given distance the small amount of light and such I only could give a fuzzy picture of them."

Cyclops gives Sam a nod. "I'll make sure we keep an eye on it, should things get worse we will have to be ready to get back here." He says via the comm, but he didn't quite hear what Wave had said.

Sam walks over and picks up Cecilia. "Ah'm going to bring her to the Blackbird. Thanks for helping out Wave, Ah'm Cannonball. We should definitely keep in touch about what's been goin' on here. Ah don't like the sound of what's behind there Wave." He says as he looks to Cyclops and nods before walking over to the Blackbird.

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