2010-07-29 Arguing With Oneself


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Summary: Kaji has a /very/ lucid dream where in he argues with himself.

Date: July 29th, 2010

Log Title: Arguing with Oneself

Rating: PG-13


Whatever the dream is.

You know those dreams that you have when you're extremely exhausted and your body just shuts down to rest? Those dreams that you can somehow remember every exact detail of in the morning that leaves you baffled that you actually had it. Yeah, those. Well, Kaji's been having a good few of those when he gets back to his apartment after Taskmaster's training. THe man runs a hard shift and Kaji's no fool to think otherwise. Just, the fact that his mind has been split in two isn't making him a very good student. That's probably why he hasn't gotten any days to recover.

The dream starts off like any other dream that Kaji's had. Just a blank white space of nothingness; his mind too tired to come up with anything. It seems that his subconcious is in agreement with that. His hands go to his head as he rubs them a bit. Muttering to himself as his voice echoes. Around him; what he doens't notice as he mutters, is the sprouting of foilage and the forming of bricks around him.

In the span of a few moments, a city overrun by a forest has grown around the man before he lifts his head up. A lethargic quirk of a brow as he looks either way, and he grunts softly as he gets up. He stays silent for a moment or so as he starts to walk around. His footsteps echoing still.

Kaji stops when he hears a low growl behind him, but he doesn't feel the fear that he normally would. It's like he doesn't care. He lets out a sigh before he says, "Looks like I need to do something about you again. You're making my life a living hell you know." He turns around, putting his hands in his pockets "Attacking my friends, and causing me to be locked out. Not a nice thing to do."

A low chuckle echoes from the wolf as he steps out into the 'light' of the area. Well, when you're locked away for 'eight' years. You tend to hold a few grudges. The ground shakes a bit, foilage growing where his paws used to be before he comes to look down at Kaji. You'd think I wouldn't?

Kaji looks up at the wolf, quirking a brow tiredly before he says, "Forgot about you actually. Thought you were gone when I never heard from you for a year." He shakes his head with a laugh. "Guess I thought wrong." He turns away, starting to move before a paw presses him into the ground with a loud grunt.

The wolf leans heavily onto Kaji, growling low. You think that you're the king of all of this?! There's two of us here, ya nimrod! I had to beat your friend's skull in to let them realize this. Both of us are you, jackass. He presses down with that paw harder before he steps off.

Kaji grunts loudly at the heavy weight atop of him before he goes to yell back, only to be stopped by the other press. He rolls over and glares. "You were the one telling me to beat up all of the people who picked on me! The one telling me to basically turn into a bully. And you wonder why I locked you up?! No wonder I did! Yer just a beast!"

There's a loud roar of anger from the dire wolf as he turns around, his crimson eyes glowing. I was the one telling you to stand up for yourself! To not let yourself be pushed around! Yet, I was ignored! Locked away in a cage for eight years! He lets out a loud huff as he starts to circle around Kaji, an eye always on him. And now that your world has shattered. You haven't once tried to speak to me. What? Did you 'forget' how to think? I've always been here. You just never spoke.

Kaji winces at the roar, and then he growls himself. "How could I turn to you when you're the—." He stops himself from talking, putting fingers against the bridge of his nose as he lets out a grumble. He shakes his head a bit. "Forget it. There's no use speaking to an animal."

There's a moment of silence from the wolf as he stands in front of Kaji, though the man could feel the anger just radiating off of the beast. His hackles rolling up before he slams his front two paws into Kaji's chest, holding him down to the ground as he growls loudly. An animal?! Is that what you think I am?! What do you think you turn into when you shift! What do you think you become when you take on the form of a wolf!! An animal! Calling me one is calling yourself one!

Kaji lets out a yell as he's slammed into the ground again and he meets the glare from the wolf with a glare of his own. "I'm not an animal! And I'm never like you! Why don't you get back into your cage where you belong!" He panting out of anger now as he tries to push the wolf up off of him.

Another growl rumbles through the air, rippling its way into Kaji as the wolf lets out a snarl right in the man's face. You're such a dumbass, you pitiful excuse for a mutant! Why Tony trusted his life to you is a world of wonder to me when you can't even handle yourself! He keeps his paws on the mutant as he feels him try to lift him up and he just pushes back down.

Kaji grunts loudly as he's pressed into the ground, looking to the sides at the foilage growing around him; grass growing at a rapid pace before he glares back up at the wolf. "Well, if you're such a smart beast! Then why don't you tell me what I'm not getting! Tell me, O Wonderful Wise Wolf of My Mind!" His voice holding as much sarcasm as a man can hold.

That silence returns as the wolf just glares down at the wolf. Are you that dense? He shakes his head with a grumble before he steps away from him, going back to circling around him as he glares with that one eye. Have you not noticed how you've been neglecting your instincts? There've been many instances where you could've avoided injury or some form of pain by listening to what your ears and nose tell you. He shakes his head greatly before he lets otu a snarl at the man. Stop being a stupid little bitch and listen to yourself for once!

Kaji just lays there for a bit as he listens to the wolf and he sits up, going to say something; but he can't get past the wall of rage that's standing in front of him. "Instincts?! I've been using those!" Just not to the fullest. He shakes his head before he looks over at the wolf. His gaze narrows as he studies the wolf. "Just what are you trying to tell me."

The wolf stops dead in his track, just looking at Kaji like he just saw a ghost. Really. Did you just ask me that. Because— The wolf stops talking before he walks over towards Kaji, putting his front two legs on either side of the male; looking him square in the eyes as he growls. What I'm 'trying' so very hard to tell you is. Trust in me. And in return. You'll have a much better life.

Kaji is rendered speechless for a few seconds before he shakes his head, and nearly becomes hysterical. As if he's played this through his mind before. "But if I trust in you, then what happened to Tony might happen again! And I… I don' want to have that happen again."

A loud laugh echoes through the air, the wolf actually stepping backwards as he shakes his head in that howling laughter. Oh, you're riot! And I can't believe I'm such an idiot! That laughter continues more before he starts to walk towards Kaji once more. Dude. I did that to knock some sense into you. Apparently, it didn't work. He huffs a blast of air from his nose before he turns around with a flick of his tail. Tell me. Do you want to be able to protect once more? It's awfully small of an Avenger to be talking to himself.

Kaji's jaw drops at that last bit, and anger flares up in him as he shoots up to his feet and runs to tackle the giant wolf! Which equates into him just colliding with the huge beast and oofing loudly before falling backwards. He falls down onto his rump and hmphs a bit, his head hanging a bit before he mutters to himself. "I'm arguing with myself… … But myself has some good points." He shakes his head with a yell before he slaps his head, "God, I'm stupid!"

The wolf lets out a low laugh, turning his head to see the man fail at even making him take a step. Such a dense human. He shakes his head before he walks over towards him; lowering his head down to let out a rumble of humor. You are. But, we both are. I've just had time to think on things. He nudges Kaji's head with his nose before he starts to walk away. Now wake up. You've training in an hour. Before the human can reply, the wolf just slaps him in the side of the head with his tail. How's that for a wake up call.

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