2010-12-13: Armor Please And Hold The No


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Summary: Kaji tells Tony that there's an angry mutant apaw.

Date: December 13, 2010

Log Title: Armor Please and hold the no

Rating: PG

Stark Towers- Stark's Office

//This office is a study in monochrome from the metal and black furnishings to the white walls and fixtures. The far wall directly across from the door is made up of large windows that dim according to the brightness coming in from outside. Along the left wall various impressionist paintings hang over a long table where Stark has several pieces of memorabilia out on display. Along the right side of the office there is a long black couch with two matching chairs that face a large flat screen television. A door to the private bathroom is nearby the couch. Just in front of the windowed wall is a semi circle desk, made entirely out of metal, that has a pair of flat monitors suspended over the desk by slim metal arms. A unique keyboard rests atop the desk in front of the futuristic looking desk chair. On the left end of the desk there are several picture frames. On the right end a set of books is held upright by Iron Man bookends. //

A few days after his run in with Envy, he doesn't know if she's still out there watching the building; but Kaji's already had his talk with the guards and other employees. That if they see her, leave a message for him and Tony. He may have also gotten a message from Happy about his car having a ceiling fan sized shuriken lodged in the front of his car. The wolf through rides the elevator up to the man's floor. His foot tapping impatiently against the ground as the cut on his cheek is healing nicely. Though it may leave a faint scar.

Not entirely blind to the goings on around the Towers, Tony has been keeping an eye on the varying reports of strange occurrences that have been going on for the better part of a month. Strange things happened around the towers all of the time, just some were a little easier to deal with than, oh say, a flying car parking in the lobby. The gossip mill was quicker than most anything else and from that he garnered that there had been a fight just beside the Western Tower of the trio of buildings. Patience is something that he had and when Kaji appeared in his office several days later he reclined in his futuristic office chair quirking an eyebrow at the wolf.

As the wolf stepped out of the elevators, he headed for that office and then leaned against the door frame as he quirked a brow back at Tony. "I take it you know why I've come up here. And I take it that you know the person I fought." The mutant smirks just slightly before he steps fully into the office. "From what I've gathered. She's been out there for a while, watching the building. And she's a pain to fight."

"Am I still Toby Snark?" There's a hint of distaste there to accompany the pinching of the bridge of his nose. Waving with that hand toward an open chair he hopes that Kaji will at least sit. "I met her briefly and at the time I rather liked her. Sadly, the next time I ran into her I saw her other side and since then she's had a hate-on for me." Where did he meet these women? There had to be some sort of chemical imbalance somewhere that attracted crazy women that were out to either steal everything he had or put him six feet under.
"Never mind that," he brushes that line of thought off and folds his hands together in front of himself. "So, she's staking the building out, and picking a fight with you. Do you think her interest is in the buildings or with me specifically." The chair wheels up to the desk, hands unclasping to pick up a silver pen that gets waved in your direction, "She tried to bedazzle you with crystal stars I take it? I'm really sorry about that. It's like a video game gone wild, and no real profit to be had other than gloating that you managed to send her scurrying off to fight another day."

Kaji runs a finger over the healing cut on his cheek and nods. "Aye, she did. Thankfully, she didn't do much else besides that." Then he nods, "Yea, I think it's mainly in you. She apparently has a bigger hate-on for you than you give her credit for. I honestly think that she might bust in here one of these days." That could be why he's been carrying his swords around nearly everywhere in the towers. Even now, they're holstered on his back. He leans back against the wall with the swords clunking against it.

"So, your impression is that she is more interesting in me then." Tony doesn't sound all that surprised but it did mean that a few things were going to have to change rather quickly. "I need a meeting with the security heads of all three buildings for later today. From there they will need to implement scans searching for foreign objects, matter, what have you as I would rather play it safe than leave innocent people in harms way because we did not take precautionary measures." Twirling that silver pen back and forth through his fingers he twists the chair to the side so that his sneaker clad feet can rest up on the edge of his desk. "For a time I will relocate to an apartment in the city that not many know about. If she is truly out to get a piece of me, and not in the pleasant way," a smirk for Kaji at that. "Then, let her find me elsewhere."

Kaji smirks a bit. "Honestly, if you do that. She'll probably storm in here and cause people harm. Maybe if you stay here, you can react quick enough to stop her." He shrugs a bit before he nods, "I've already had my own talk with them, but your's would probably drive the point home."

Tony shrugs, "Damned if I do, damned if I don't Fuzzy." The problem with staying here is that the people who work in the building could be put in harms way and that could be solved by simply removing his presence from the building. On the other side of that coin if he were not there and Envy did openly attack the Towers then the people were still in danger, and the response time for him to arrive may allow her to cause more harm than if he had stayed. "Perhaps I'll mix it up to see how things play out. There is no guarantee that I will be here as it is given my schedule with appearances before the Senate, as well as for the company. I don't even need to mention the chance I'll be off with the Avengers."

Kaji nods. "I can probably fend her off for as long as it takes for yu to get here. I did quite well when I was on that roof." Aside from getting cute and nearly skewered. "But, I do think that I'm going to need some sort of better armor to cover my body when I'm fighting against her… something that can stop her cutting."

"You did at that," Tony offers up as he sets the pen down atop the desk and turns towards one of the monitors on the far side of him. Keeping tabs on several things at once can often make one appear strange when they react to something out of the blue. After a moment his gaze finally slides back over to Kaji. "Stop, not sure. There are various body armors about thanks to my rather interesting collection down in the lab. If nothing there seems to fit I can put in a call and see what I may be able to weedle out of a certain someone that show go unnamed for now." The monitors about the desk turn off as Tony rises up from behind his desk to walk around and come stand just in front of you looking rather mischievous. "So, how did you feel in that fight since you've been training?"

Kaji just smiles a bit, a brow quirking. "Much more confident that I could've put her to the ground if I felt like it." He did get a few hits on her as well. At the mention of the armors, he smiles a bit. "I'll try to see if I can't find one that fits. It'd be nice to have some protection from her blades incase they seek to end me." Which is to say, when don't they.

Here's to hoping that there wouldn't be more than a round two with the angry mutant who's stalking him. "Gees, I could use less fans no?" A squint of an eye as he reaches out to squeeze your shoulder briefly. "Nice work, Toto." Of course he's waiting for the wolf to try to convince him into building wolven power armor again which would be an amusing conversation yet again. "Come on, the tin man needs to raid the cafeteria for Penne alla Arrabiata, and you can tell me the entire story about how you leapt from rooftop to rooftop and got close to giving her rabies."

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