2011-04-17: Arresting Mad Scientists


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Summary: After surveillance is done on Dr. Kelly Simmons' movements Keld, Corrin and Stark move on a suspected MGH lab. Information is gained, lives are saved, and several arrests are made.

Date: April 17, 2011

Log Title: Arresting Mad Scientists

Rating: PG-13(L) - Thar be language in this here log, aye.

Jamaica Queens Apartment Building

Following Dr Kelly Simmons from her apartment around New York City has lead her to this one house in Jamaica Queens several times. It's in a seedy neighborhood and doesn't look the safest. Tonight there are a group of guys huddled around a fire in a garbage can a few buildings down from the apartment where Dr. Kelly Simmons walked in no more than fifteen minutes ago. It's fairly unassuming and looks like almost any other apartment complex around here.

Another small grouping of men is not far from the apartment that Dr. Simmons has been frequenting. In ordinary street clothes with a black beanie pulled down over his hair Tony turns to glance at those with him. "Now would be the perfect opportunity to pay a visit. She may not take too kindly to house calls so be prepared for that." Peering down the street in both directions before back to the apartment across from where he stands.

Another undercover operation, another stakeout; Keld is again demostrating that sufficient grunge, thrift-store clothing, and a properly beaten-down attitude can make even a soldier with powers beyond those of normal mortal humans, appear (and smell) to be a stinking beaten-down wino.
He's been slumped in a doorway with a bottle next to him for several hours, seemingly asleep but twitching often enough to keep away the more obvious parasites. But when the man in the beanie came by, Keld got up, staggered over to look like a panhandler, and his body language reflects a hopeful attitude that his matter-of-fact voice doesn't match, if someone were able to hear them. "It's not impossible. The guys by the fire, I don't recognize, but that doesn't say much. What's the approach plan?"

Corrin looks around, pausing to check for 'life'. Oh, look — there's a rat. He watches the shape of the rodent skitter through shadows. "I'm not seeing anyone in the shadows," he says. "If they have outside guards, they're in hiding." He continues to make a full circle. "How much time are you letting the good doctor have in there? She might have … um, subjects. You know, people she's working on right now."

There really hasn't been anything that seems like an outside guard for the building the only thing that might be noticeable are a few security cameras on the exterior walls. A light can be seen turning on in several of the windows on the top floor, which is four stories up.

Tony makes a show of coughing then wipes the forearm of his jacket across his mouth. "Let's just hope it's an apartment and not a lab." As for how to approach the building he suggests that he and one other enter the building while one lurks behind for a moment before following. If that plan is acceptable they can head in to the building across the street.

Keld is the best one for lurking behind, being the established street bum. He slumps away dejectedly to a different door, this one where he can see their approach while being at an odd angle to the cameras.

For an apartment in a run down area it had quite a few security cameras. Those cameras are easily taken a hold of and footage loops so that whomever watching inside the building is unaware of the approaching visitors. If no trouble is to be had Tony bows his head before opening the door slipping into the apartment building.

Corrin switches back to normal sight and blinks several times. "Uh… Who do you prefer to be with you, Tony? If that isn't an apartment, or if it is, but has funky scanners and what have you, I might stand out as a mutant. I imagine, given her… uh… profession, Dr. Simmons might be interested when a mutant comes close to her. At work or at home."

And then Tony enters the building. "Yee-haw," Corrin says, looking up at the facade. "Here goes nothing." He'll slip in after the incognito Avenger.

As soon as Tony and Corrin slip into the building it's quite obvious that it's not your typical apartment building. The first floor opens up to a lobby that has two armed guards sitting at desks in front of a pair of elevators. As soon as the two men enter they are found that each guard quickly pulls out a handgun and aims it at them. "Sorry but we ain't expecting any appointments tonight."

Keld expects Tony to put the cameras into loop mode and otherwise hack the security, but he knows that this won't last forever. As they're stepping up, as the door closes behind Corrin, Keld begins floating; a moment later he blurs away as he flies up and then back down to land on a fire escape opposite the second floor with a view of a second story window. He shifts his vision to see through the material, looking for any security systems, and then flies back over, prepared to disable them with whatever a screwdriver and extreme brute force will allow. He murmurs into his comm, "at window."

Via his abilities Tony connects to the Avenger comm sending a message to Keld, "Lobby, Two guards, guns drawn." Any forward movement would have a gun going off. Of course Corrin could shield himself and he could cover his body in a second but that would give away their presence. "Whoa! Whoa! What the hell man…" Tony makes a show of putting his hands up in front of himself. "We were just coming in to see if we could get a bit of heat. Gees. What's the damn city coming to these days?" Sending another message to Keld, "Enter from above. Corrin and I will come in from the roof access." Already slowly taking a step back towards the door behind himself and Corrin. See? No trouble at all.

Corrin startles and puts his hands up at the sight of the guns — hey, don't shoot. "I thought you said they was friendly 'round here?" He whines, taking a cue off Tony. Slump the shoulders, turn a bit sideways so he looks afraid. Which he is, because you know? Gun? But he's watching, too. Guards. Guns. Camera mounts. Doors in. Sounds in the building? Is this place soundproofed? "I dunno, Bill. I think I won't follow you nowhere no more…."

"This is Jamaica, nothing's friendly about this neighborhood." One of the guard snears. "No you two jokesters got five seconds to turn your asses around and get out of here or else you'll never be able to get out of here." They don't lower their aim and one of them does start counting down from "Five…..Four…"

Keld on the other hand sees a lot of black through the window of the second floor and after his eyes adjust a bit he can make out several operating style tables in the room but it appears to be empty for the time being.

Tony shakes his hands as if he's intimidated and stumbles a step before turning around and all but falling out of the door. "Ain't never seen a thing like that." Tony says brushing his jacket off and casting a glance down the street to see if those bums about the fire down the street are still there. "C'mon man, Jamaica ain't the best place after all." If Corrin follows they must disappear further down the street before Tony can risk suiting up, taking a hold of Corrin and approaching the apartment building from above with the stealth functions on his suit functioning to keep them hidden.

Appears empty, and he didn't see anything when looking through the walls and frame… Keld draws a ten-inch screwdriver from inside his coat, the heavy rubber-handled kind, and locates the spot on the window where it seemed best to probe with the screwdriver to make it open without alarms and punches it with about a quarter-ton of impact behind it… hopefully that will pop anything that wants to be popped without shattering the window and making things more exciting..

Corrin staggers out backward through the door, letting Tony push him ahead of himself, waving his hands in the air. "Hey! Hey, we're going! We're going! No kill I!" Any blinking lights? Other guards? Random frankensteinian monsters approaching from behind? No? Okay. He stumbles out. "Bill! This is all your fault! Now where we gonna get warm? You think about that? I don't know why I listen to you at all…" And more of the same, slouching off in Tony's wake. How about cameras outside the building? Are they following them? People, in shadows or not…?

The lights turn on the second floor and two people walk into the room dragging an unconscious form. Keld isn't noticed nor does he set of any alarms. The two form drag the body to one of the tables and start taking off the jacket and t-shirt of the teenage boy they seem to have. A third man in a lab coat comes walking into the room and is talking to the other two and motioning to something off to the side.

"Because I'm the smart one, Ted…" Tony continues to banter with Corrin till it's safe to suit up and get to the roof. Once atop the roof Tony checks the door and if there is nothing to dismantle they enter and head through the building. Anything technological Tony will attempt to confuse or dismantle on the way down. "We'll head to the fourth floor to that room we saw from the street."

Subvocalized, into comm held to throat, Keld says, "Second floor lab window perps prepping teen male for op. Ready to go in, holding for go-ahead." Again, the alien Avenger wishes he had crashed to earth wearing even his dress armor, because the helmet made it so much easier to do this stuff without risking alerting the enemy; they still need to coordinate so that one doesn't put the others at risk.

Corrin plays lookout while Tony changes. "If you and Keld are going in through the roof, I think I'll stay down here on ground level. I'll go back to the lobby and make all kinds of fuss, maybe be a distraction from what you're doing up above. Also? I'm not invulnerable to falling." He'll smile. "Cleaning out the lower level could help when we're pulling out, too. Meet you in the middle?"

( Tony doesn't have a problem sneaking in through the roof and he finds himself inside a small closet that leads out to hallway on the top floor. Muffled voices can be heard through the walls as two people seem to be having a heated conversation.
As Keld watches he'd noticed that inside the room they start to inject something in to the unconscious teen, strapping him down before they watch to see the results of what they just did. )

Tony activates his connection to his small team. "Corrin go ahead through the front. Keld you're clear to engage." Making a move across the hall to stand outside the door of the arguing people Tony focuses on the conversation as it records for later playback. With himself in front of the door the arguing people won't be able to go through that way.

Engage it is. Keld throws the window open, and is across the room as fast as he can move. Not Quicksilver, but in short bursts he can do a respectable almost-breaking-sound-barrier, and these scientists need to be disarmed and disabled as fast as possible. So he moves with that intent, ready to pull the nylon zip-ties from his beltpouch if he does manage to stun the three.

Corrin shakes himself and heads back into the lobby. "I know!" He's grumbling as he comes in again, doubtless to raised guns again. "Uh… hey. Guys. I know, I know, go away already, but hey, did either of you see a pager? Bill says he dropped it, and it ain't outside, so is it here? C'mon…!" And he's sidling forward, hands up, watching the hands and the triggers… and as soon as the first tightens on the other… PING! Force field! And CHARGE!

The conversation seems to have a lot of mentions of MGH, the NMO and Kick as Dr. Simmions and another gentlemen bicker back and fourth. "I don't care what Chemicalo said, we're behind schedule and we need to acquire the rest of those N.M.O. brats before it's too late. God why did he pick such unpredictable mutants to deal with."

Keld breaks into the room and takes the lab techs completely off guard and they're not hard to take down. They're not powered and unarmed so they don't put up much of a fight. The kid strapped down to the table starts to make noises of discomfort before letting out a scream as his eyes snap open.

The guards don't let Corrin finish talking before they start firing, right onto a force field. After one empties his clip in less then five seconds he mutters, "shit." and his hand goes to hit an alarm button.

"Problem, their victim has been given their next test drug. I'm going to try to help."
Keld zip-ties the three, then puts a hand on the kid's forehead. "It's OK, I'm an Avenger. I'm here to help you. Try to stay calm."
And he begins the focus exercise that will let him synch his thoughts to the kid on the table to try a contact, maybe to keep him stable and sane. Or learn what's happening to him.

So Chemicalo ended up being an individual after all, and just as Vinny had believed coupled with other information, Dr. Death here was in fact using NMO mutants hopped up on Kick for the second phase of testing. Tony lifts a gauntlet to knock politely on the door in front of him. Should the other figure, not Kelly, answer the door then they are knocked out for their trouble allowing Tony to enter the room to deal with the good doctor.

"YEAAAGH!" When in doubt, yell. Corrin does, top of his lungs, as he charges for the two guards. Five seconds is a long time — time enough for him to cross most of the lobby. Time enough for him to manifest his light sword. Time enough to stagger under the impact of multiple bullets. Those are going to HURT tomorrow…

Of course the guard goes for an alarm. He's not stupid. Neither is Corrin, though — he swipes the sword at the guard's arm. It won't cut the guard, but it will slice up whatever the guard is wearing, if he hits. That ought to be distracting…!

The kid panics and struggles against the straps, it seems that whatever he's been shot up with doesn't sit well and is having qutie painful effects. Through the whimpers and cries of pain he manages to ask Keld "Where am I?"

A man in a business suit opens the door and is instantly knocked out before Dr. Kelly Simmons notices the Iron Man walking thorugh the door. "Holy Fuck!" is her cry of surprise as she runs to a cabinet in the corner of the room fiddling with pill containers until she finds the right one. "Fucking Ironman…shit.." She's muttering to herself in panic.

The alarm is never sounded as the guy screams in surprise and starts to feel his arm where Corrin cut. "What the hell do you super freaks want?"

Tony steps over the fallen man and is at that cabinet where Dr. Simmons is flailing about searching through pill containers. Her wrist is gripped tightly when she's seized a particular container. It's none too pleasant a grip but not enough to break bone…yet. With his free hand he attempts to take that container from her hand. "Simmons. You should consider telling me who Chemicalo is and how you find them. Oh, feel free to throw in anything else you might want to get off your chest. My patience isn't what it used to be nor do I play by the book." Giving her wrist a bit of pressure.

It's impossible for Keld to lie to the person on the other end of the conneciton but he projects confidence in his ability to protect. «Captured by some jerks who wanted to experiment with you and a variant on mutant growth hormone. Are you a mutant? I'll find out what they gave you and see whether there's an antidote.»
He looks at the scientist. "You. Explain what you did to this child. Do not attempt to lie, you will not survive it if I am forced to question you."

There are two guards in the lobby; Corrin herds them both away from the security desk. No alarms, damn it. "I could tell you what we want, but it would take too much time. Get down on the ground. Face down, hands behind your heads. Cross your ankles. Now." Not too loud, but absolutely certain. He has zip ties, too, and he pulls a couple out with his left hand while still holding the sword with his right. "You can consider yourselves under arrest. No, I'm not interested in what you have to say. Shut up, stay still, and think about which lawyer you want."

The woman is grabbed before she has a chance to grab the MGH that would give her the super powers she wanted and she turns to look at Ironman, glaring. There's a cry of pain before answering. "He's my boss, I don't contact him, he contacts me. He set all this up, he wants a better strain of MGH. One that works on mutants and can be enhanced through Kick." She explains quickly. &r&r "That NMO junkie? Why worry about scum like him." One of the scientists believe. "Anyway like you Avenger types would really kill someone for not answering a few questions." He says letting out a bit of a laugh at Keld figuring he's already captured."

For Corrin the two guards obey him and follow his instructions, letting themselves get tied up and keeping quite. They're not happy about it though.

Keld smiles, which brings out a bit of the alien in his expression. "Foolish Earthling. I didn't say I'd kill you. I said you wouldn't survive. Your body will doubtless live on as a vegetable for some time. This is the second time I'm asking. There won't be a third; if you want to be more than a vegetable, tell me what you gave him. Is there an antidote? If so where is it?"
This is said with the commlink open.

"How does your boss contact you?" For most of the information she's spouted off Tony had already known from a flash drive that Vincent Wilks had given him that was made from the lifted hard drive from an MGH lab. As Simmons considers her words Tony fires a message off to the others. "Status?" Wouldn't do to be up here chatting while the others were in danger. Yet another message goes out to SHIELD and to the local police department. There would be people crawling all over this location in no time. Hopefully there were not many mutants in danger in this facility.

Corrin answers Tony's message with, "Lobby secure." He slides in behind the security desk and takes stock — there ought to be camera screens here. Front door, back door… where else? Who can he see? Is anyone trying to sneak out? His SHIELD comm bleeps as Tony sends out his alert and Corrin adjusts his comm link to the SHIELD channel. "Agent Kelly on site. Ground floor secure. We need at least one paddy wagon and an ambulance. ETA?"

The lab assistant laughs at Keld again. "Antidote? You think there's an antidote to that, it's an undeveloped drug. That NMO Junkie has a just had a strong hit of MGH injected into him. Once he rages out our research will go down in history!" Seems like he's a bit of a megalomanic lab assistant.

"There's a phone he gave me, it's in my purse." Dr. Simmons says more worrying about her life then what her boss will do. "It doesn't matter though, our work here is almost done. He has all the research. Soon he'll be able to influence more than just those Kick freaks."

Corrin would be able to find a map of the building and what's on each of the floors here, one med lab, on floor three there appears to be a bunch of cells and holding rooms for mutants, floor four and five are offices. His comm to SHIELD is answered and he'd know that SHIELD will be there for a pick up with an ambulance in fifteen minutes tops."

Tony drags Simmons unkindly towards the desk where her purse lay even though he's already accessed her device saving out the information in the SIM card and the numbers. Pushing none too kindly so the woman ends up on her knees he says rather icily, "What's he missing? What's his end goal?" The cell numbers are being run by his AI in the background while he deals with the woman. "Keld, watch the kid. If he reacts as Igor predicts do what's necessary to incapacitate him. Helps on the way."

Keld sighs in disgust. Reaches into the lab assistant's mouth and crushes a molar, to keep him too busy to do anything, and then returns his attention to the kid, putting a hand on his forehead and trying to synch again with the kid's thoughts to keep him calm and help cope with the pain. "They gave you a large dose of MGH. I'm going to stay with you and try to help you keep your power in control and locked back. Iron Man, please arrange, for emergency medical support, NWO user with probable MGH overdose. I'm helping him, will restrain if absolutely necessary"

Fifteen minutes. That's a long time. Corrin frowns and acknowledges, then swaps channels again and relays that information, along with a description of the building and what is on each floor to Keld and Tony. "Might want to check if they have other guests," he finishes. "I've got things under control down here."

"Your job? You abducted innocent people, treated them like lab rats and killed a great many for a pay check. You're a naive crazy bitch …." Trust him to know quite a few of those already and to add this one to the list. Tony sends a message to Corrin that he's bringing down the doctor and an unconcious man to add to the restrained down in the lobby before he heads up to check the floor where the mutants are kept.
The support is already on the way so there is not much that can be done at the moment other than keep things from getting out of control. "Get up." It's a command. If she doesn't rise he'll simply drag her out the door while he carries the man over his shoulder to the elevator. Downstairs he'll dump them both before heading back up.

"Iron Man, I need medical info and aid here ASAP please," Keld says, doing his best to help the kid do the meditations he knows to resist pain and control the body. Might help. The med-tech certainly won't.

Corrin accepts Iron Man's donations of an unconscious man and Dr. Simmons to his collection of arrestees, setting them together in the lobby, ziptied (even the unconscious guy) and comfortable. He's not into making arrested people squirm, unlike some he could name. He does make sure that none of them are carrying weapons or other useful items. He also updates the incoming SHIELD people with the number of arrested and the presence of an MGH overdose. "We need help here now, Control," he tells the SHIELD operator on duty. "Sounds like our victim is going into crisis." Oh, god. He really hopes he isn't going to have to call in a coroner's wagon, too.

After some time the SHIELD agents arrived and make the appropriate arrests and the kid is taken into an ambulance for help. Questions are ask about what happened and so fourth and another six mutants are found in the holding cells and taken in to be looked at. Over all it seems like this MGH lab is going to be shut down for good.

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