2009-03-10: Arrogance in the Park


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Summary: Hilary and Kage meet in the park and chat about what they are.

Date: March 10, 2009

Log Title Arrogance in the Park

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's mid afternoon and the snow has finally all melted, there a few birds chriping, the sun shines through the clouds and everything spells out that it's the beginning of spring. The parks not as busy as usual seeing that people are still nervious with the attacks going on. Sticking to the stone paths, to avoid any mud, is the one known as Kage. As usualy, he's dressed to what he views as perfection, long dress with buckles and some fur around the collar and sleeves, heels, and make up and hair done up so he takes on his usual womanly appearance. There's an air of boredom that surrounds him as he walks through the park, even amongst all the chaos that's been going on in the city.

Hilary doesn't seem particularly afraid to be out. After all, he was pretty successful the last time he ran afoul of any attackers. He's smoking a cigarette as he strolls along at a slow pace. But he does spot Kage at a certain point and narrows his eyes. "Hey," he says, loudly enough to get Kage's attention, but quietly enough that he could plausibly be ignored.

The 'Hey' was not necessary to get Kage's attention as he could sense Hilary's life force and recognize him as the mutant from the other night. Pushing back a strand of hair and turning casually around to face Hilary, he gives him a poliet smile. "Hello there, we met the other night. I was actually hoping to run into you again."

Hilary lifts an eyebrow. "Did we actually meet?" Hilary wonders. "What were you hoping to run into me for? Have anything else you need shot at?"

"Not formally, my name is Kage." Says the crossdresser, and he does make a pretty convincing female. "If I need anything shot at I can do it myself, and it's because you and I are alike. We share certain…advantages." He says with a smile as he places a hand on his hip casually.

Hilary smiles. "Do we?" he wonders, perhaps a bit coy. "What, did we go to the same boarding school? Do we have the same hairdresser?" His smile is relatively arch.

Kage raises his eyebrow. "I doubt that, unless you went to a boarding school in Japan and I would never go to a hairdresser who butchers hair." He says not intentionally…well yes, intentionally insulting Hilary's hair. "You and I are both part of a greater strand of humanity, both better than any mere human."

Hilary looks a little chillier after Kage insults his hairstyle. Apparently he doesn't take it lightly. "Well, that's certainly true," he allows, although his manner is now less playful.

A smirk actually comes to Kage's painted lips as Hilary seems to be less amused. "You and I both may use guns and be a good shot but that's not where the real power lies, is it?" He asys the smirk growing a bit. "Can I ask why you never used your power in the fight the other night? I'm curious, what is that you do?"

Hilary laughs. "I'm not that good a shot, actually," he says, tucking his hands into his coat pockets. "I have a certain ability to turn emotional energy into physical energy," Hilary says. "Among some smaller useful side-effects. I didn't use it because I only had a sparing amount of energy stored up, and they didn't seem to have particularly strong emotions at the time."

Kage nods apparently satisfied with that answer. "Apparently I'm not that good either, I didn't kill the bastard." Kage mutters seeming actually disappointed. "So what's your name, I gave you mine earlier." He says and even if it was just a codename, he doesn't give many people his real name.

"Hilary," the Englishman answers, extending a hand for a shake. "It's a pleasure."

Kage reaches out and takes Hilary's hand, it's surprisingly firm but then he is really a man as much as he tries to look like a delicate woman. "I know." He responds with a conceited smile.

The conceited air seems to please Hilary more than it bothers him. "Are you a man?" he asks frankly. His manner is bold but not deliberately offensive. He lets go of the hand and puts his back in his pocket. His cigarette, having been ignored for this long, is finally dropped and crushed under an expensive-looking shoe.

The question doesn't seem to offend Kage in the least. "Yes I am. And if you want to know why I dress like this, it's simple, I'm just that beautiful." He says honestly believing it. He does notice the way Hilary dresses and smiles. "It's nice to see someone has tastes too many of our kind believe that they're just like humans when we're not, we're better."

Hilary smiles and shakes his head. "No, I don't particularly care why you dress that way. That's your affair," he says mildly, without disapproval. "And yes, I think that's perfectly clear and that without us this whole bloody city would long ago have been reduced to the smoking crater that so far it only resembles intellectually."

Kage brushes a strand of hair behind his ear and smiles. "Humans would just panic since they don't have anything else to do. We're the ones who were born with the power to rule over them. There are some humans to /try/ to become the powerful beings they are but they're nothing more than cheap immitations, like that woman with the guns the other night." He says and yes, to Kage, even Tony Stark would be a cheap immitation.

Hilary narrows his eyes thoughtfully, corners of his mouth starting to curl upward a bit. "You've certainly got an admirable sense of pride," he says. "Not that I don't agree."

"I know what I am, better." Kage states simply and he doesn't hide the fact that he's a pompus prick. He enjoys it. "And what is their not to agree about? We are what we are and when more of us realize it, the more we can do. That damn school upstate is nothing but a thorn in the side of the progress of our species." It's hard to be a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and not know of Xavier's.

"I don't really know all about the politics you have in this country," Hilary says. "I mean, regarding our group. I hear a lot of names and titles and such thrown around but I don't follow it."

"I know a bit since it does concern us. I've only been here about nine years now, since college." Kage says with a casual shrug. "Once my parents died I found no reason to return home." There's an odd expression on his face as he says that, pride, acomplishment, amusement, it's hard to tell.

Hilary smiles in response. "No chance of my going home, either," he agrees.

"I'm fine with living here, more action here than there ever was back home." Kage states simply as there is just so much more to rob in New York City than back home. "So what is it that you do Hilary?"

"I'm a theatrical director," Hilary returns. "At least until the economy and the danger in the city sucks all the money out of the theatre company I work for." Smile.

"I don't worry about the economy, just because business is failing doesn't mean the money's not there to…aquire." Says the theif with a sly grin. He doesn't steal for money though, he does it for fun. "Theatre, I will admit, it does sound interesting, at least it's not a boring desk job."

"I'd kill myself if I had a desk job," Hilary says frankly. "Or someone else. Maybe both would be sufficiently dramatic. At any rate, I'm not 'acquiring' much of anything at the moment."

"Someone else." Kage says with a grin. "Yes but you don't have a desk job since you know you're better than a monkey." He says matter of factly. "So are you one for the flare of drama?"

Hilary smiles. "Naturally. I like to think I've done most things in my life with an excess of drama."

Kage chuckles and shakes his head lightly. "I like you." He states and there aren't many people Kage says that too. Hilary seems to take pride in himself and maybe hints on that touch of arrogance and that's what Kage respects. "Here, take my business card, if you ever need anything." He states handing Hilary a card that just says Kage on it with a phone number, nothing more.

Hilary takes the card and looks it over, then slips it inot an inside jacket pocket. "I appreciate that. But what kind of needs do you meet, exactly? You're not in the office-supply business, are you?"

Kage laughs. "Oh dear lord no, I would never stoop to something so low." Kage grins and he figures there's no harm in telling Hilary, maybe it's just his arrogance. "I'm a theif." Also since the number on the card goes to a pre-paid phone there really isn't a way to track him. He's learn to cover himself and keep as private of a life as necessary.

"Splendid," Hilary returns calmly. "If only I could think of something I needed stolen."

"Well since we're brothers, if their is anything else you need, let me know, I can see what I can do to help." Kage says with a smile as he does have a few resources but he doesn't say much about that. "Stolen, found, I am a man of many talents."

"Well, if you want to watch a play in the next month or so," Hilary says, passing over a card of his own, "We probably won't be bankrupt until then."

Kage takes the card and slips it into a pocket that seems to be carefully tailored into his dress. "I will stop by and I wouldn't worry about bankruptcy anytime soon Hilary. Sometimes things just tend to go right for the people who deserve it." He says with a sly sort of smile.

Hilary smiles back at Kage. "A distinct pleasure," he declares, adding amusedly, "As I'm sure you already know." He seems ready to move on.

Kage nods and returns the smile. "I do." He says and as Hilary goes to move on Kage turns to move on as well and after a few steps he seems to just vanish.

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