2011-08-13: Artifact Heist


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Summary: A nice coffee break for a SHIELD agent and an Avenger at an Upper West Side cafe is broken up by an attempted artifact heist from the Museum of Art.

Date: August 12, 2011

Log Title: Artifact Heist

Rating: PG-13

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Featuring paintings, sculptures, costumes, instruments and weaponry from all over the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MET, is one of the worlds largest and most important museums. Many famous artists from all over the world have their work on display here. The MET is a place to study and enjoy the finest artwork in history.

It is a lovely quiet afternoon in the Upper West Side, those New Yorkers who are not at work are enjoying themselves either in Central Park or the surrounding area. One of those, while not a New Yorker, is Drew Daniels. Seated at an outdoor caf across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the native Texan smokes a cigarette as he idly peruses a newspaper. Dabbing it into the provided ashtray, he gestures for a young college-aged waitress. "Just a cup of coffee. Black as the night sky." He offers a wink and a tip of his white cowboy hat. She giggles a bit, "Right away, sir." He nods after adjusting the brim and continues to read the paper. It's not often a SHIELD agent has a day off, so he intends to enjoy it, hopefully free of any nefarious supervillains or wicked evil-doers.

Casually walking down the street wearing a stylish black suit, fedora, sneakers and shades is a native Long Islander speaking with the bodyguard tasked to him today. At the corner of 59th across from the art museum they wait with a rather large crowd to cross the street. It is as they wait for the crosswalk to change that Tony spots the Texan sitting down the way at an outdoor cafe. Poking the guard in the arm a few times he tilts his head forward in the direction he wants to go then slips through the masses to swagger down the sidewalk. Once near the table Tony invites himself to sit down by pulling an iron chair away from the table making himself comfortable as he greets the SHIELD agent, "Seems like the good turn in weather has drawn quite a few out to soak up some Vitamin D. How's life been treating you, Tex?" With a hand he reaches up to tip his hat back a touch as his guard sits at a nearby table idling.

Quirking an eyebrow at the sudden and unexpected arrival of Tony Stark, Drew lifts up the brim of his hat as he makes eye contact with the unarmored Avenger. Offering a friendly smile, he grabs the brim of his hat and nods simultaneously, "Tony." The 'T' in Tony seems to linger in the accented twang of the Texan, "Mighty fine weather indeed, Ah figure Ah may as well enjoy it, while I can." Generating the smallest little breeze, Drew's hat flies from his head and lands on the table next to the ashtray. Stumping out his cigarette by the ashtray, another breeze wafts the smoke and cigarette order away. "Life's been harder than a bronco at a plate shop. Betwixt the workin for the agency and preppin for the new semester, Got my hands full. You? How's yer lady pal, Joan?"

Doing what he does best Tony flags down the server who is more than happy to come over and take a coffee order, "And could you send a black coffee with one of those crumb muffins over to the gentleman seated next to me? Thank you, dear." Flashes that million dollar smile causing the server to walk away blushing to put the order in. "That's right," presses his lips together while working a button of his suit jacket free so that the panels can be separated. "Schools about to start up again. Where does the time go?" With a bit of a chuckle the business man pulls off his hat to drop it atop the table and thank the server for returning with his coffee. "Hmm," sips the beverage. "Joan? She's doing well as far as I know. I've been rather caught up in business as of late so I've not had much of an opportunity to be social. Speaking of social you missed one hell of a party at the Towers a few weeks back. You ought to come next year."

Shaking his head and then laughing a bit loudly, the Texan notes the waitress's blush, "Ever the ladies man, I see. Hell you could make the wickedest witch melt with that smile o' yers." Laughing a bit more as he sips his coffee and folds up the newspaper he was reading. "Sorry about that. I heard ya had one of yer fancy costume parties. But I figure, I'm already a cowboy everyday. What could I possibly go as." Drew smirks as he notes the guard, "Why the guard? I'd figure Iron Man could probably protect himself?"

"I do believe I have actually. You've had the unfortunate pleasure of knowing Commander Hill haven't you?" Tony jokes with Tex. Wicked witch indeed. Setting the piping hot coffee down for a moment he seeks to break apart his muffin into four pieces then pulls apart one of the pieces to eat. "There has to be something that you would like to dress up as. Magneto attended last year as a Roman Centurion I believe it was. Quite a lot of the Barnes crowd was actually in attendance this year which was a treat." With a wave of his muffin bit in Tex's general direction, "You should catch up with Rocket as he attended the party as a cowboy. As for the guard? I've had personal guards for ages, Tex. Never turn down help no matter how much of a bad ass you are. That and he's carrying my briefcase."

"Magneto?" Drew blinks a bit, "Well, I remember a time when he was number one on the wanted list. Hell, if he can reform then heck, next year, Doctor Doom can attend dressed as Mr. Fantastic." He laughs a bit, a hearty laugh as he actually pictures it, "Well, I suppose I coulda gone as a fancy schmancy business type. Borrow one of yer suits and some models on each arm." He watches the meticulous cutting up of the muffin and then continues, "Yeah, I met Maria a few times. Not the nicest gal, but hey, she gets done what she needs to get done, right?" As the two friends continue their chat, some ruckus can be heard by the museum, including the doors suddenly exploding wide open.

Tony nods, "Yes, Magneto. He arrived as Emma Frost's date. I had never met him though his children are Avengers. Are, were…one never truly stops being an Avenger." Doom reformed? Doom dressed as Mr. Fantastic? Tony thanks Odin that he wasn't sipping his coffee at that particular moment as he splutters with laughter. "There's never a shortage of arm candy to go around my friend though if you were serious about sporting a suit at some point I could hook you up with my personal tailor. He'll cut you a deal." As another bite of muffin is popped into his mouth there is a commotion over at the nearby Museum which has Tony turning his head in that direction. "Clearly someone took issue with the eighteenth century Pastel Portraits exhibit. That or they don't like the roof art." It appears for all intents and purposes that Tony is continuing to enjoy his coffee and muffin when in actuality he's attempting to pick up the conversation betwixt the museum security forces to figure out if his presence is needed or if this is a matter for the NYPD.

Mention of Tony's tailor and possible arm candy go out the window as the Texan hears the explosion and quickly rises to his feet. Instinct and what not as Tony and those at the caf can feel a strong breeze coming. "Well, I cannot make hide or hair of them fancy potraits. All er just a bunch of pictures with paint." Drew mouthes off semi-casually as he makes no move to rush straight into a fracas without knowing all. Tony will note from the communication between the museum and security that two armored villains have attacked the vault area of ancient artifacts in the museum and are making their way through the museum and suddenly out the remnants of what where strong and large entry doors.
One armored man flying on some sort of gravitational disk dressed in green and gold armor with various rings and his partner in crime a large muscular black man in blue and purple armor with various spikes along his wrist running out behind him. To those in the know they are Ringer and Barrier.

Alas some are not as savvy with art as they are in other subjects which is a shame. With coffee in one hand Tony sips while using his free hand to flip his dark purple tie which had been lifted by the gust of air as Tex rose from the table. Grumbling under his breath, "I wonder if they're in the employ of Hammer…again…" Setting his cup of coffee down Tony rises from the table peeling off his jacket draping it over his chair then loosening his tie enough to pull it over head to drape over his coat.
The guard pulls the executive briefcase out from underneath the table popping the locks as the rest of what Tony's wearing shreds with the emergence of the golden armor. "I'll drop Ringer if you'd like to toss Barrier about a bit," he says to Tex then turns to the waitress. "Another coffee, dear? I'll be back in a moment." Once clear of the tables the rest of his suit zips out of the case to assemble around him and his guard cleans up the mess of shredded clothing.

Noting the casualiness with which Tony dons his armor and orders another coffee. Drew adjusts the brim of his hat and without even looking to the waitress, "'Member, dear. Black as the night sky for me." He tips his hat to hear and as quickly as the armor appears on Tony, the Texan is lifted into the air riding on a current of wind at his command, ""Consider Barrier blocked!"
As the two villains make their way out of the museum, they look to each other with Barrier spouting off, "Split up! Meet back in the hideout!" Ringer nods as they split up. Riding above the heads of the people below on his anti-gravity disk platform, he looks at the people below and in a grandious but foolish manner berates the people of New York, "Flee. Flee from the great Ringer!" He launches three rings into the crowd causing another minor at the foot of the stairs to the museum's entryway, causing people to flee about in terror.

A moment after Tex is in the air Iron Man hovers off the ground running a scan on Ringers gear to see if there is anything new in the mans repertoire of tech before zipping over the flee'ing crowd. "You need a better tag line." The magnified mechanical voice calls out to the villain floating on a disk or is that falling as the disk looses power. On top of that the wrist devices that allow Ringer to project various rings stops working. Cheap tech? Hardly. It's a certain technopath shutting down weaponry and means of escape. At least Tony's in a good enough mood that he swoops down to catch the falling man and attract the defunct disk before it hits someone below.

"No!" Ringer screams as Iron Man suddenly appears, "Defeating you will bring me to the big time!" He holds out his wrist to launch rings when suddenly nothing happens. The lose of power from his wrist launchers and the fact that he is falling over on the now falling disk platform reveals to this villain that he has been soundly beaten by his better. He lets out another scream of "No!" as he is caught by Iron Man.
Meanwhile, not nearly as quick, but close enough, Barrier leaps off the steps of the museum ready to smash and pulverize his way through a crowd of tourists, some taking pictures and others fleeing for their lives. However, he is not able to land as he is suddenly caught in a strong wind preventing him from landing and lifting him into the air. "Huh?" is all Barrier utters when he is spun around rather quickly, superhumanly fast courtesy of a mini tornado literally hovering above the crowd. Flashes go off as hundreds of pictures are taken, though thankfully focused more on Iron Man and the mini tornado and not on the Texas Twister.

Tony shakes his head minutely from side to side at Ringer. Flying over to the steps several feet away from a group of museum guards Ringer is dropped to the ground and held as the guards rush over to be of assistance. "I've disabled the suit. Zip tie him up." As the guards nod their understanding and take care of the thief Iron Man turns his attention on the small tornado whipping Barrier around as if the man is a rag doll. "Seems you've got that," he calls out to Tex while waving a hand towards the robber caught up by the wind. Hovering back into the air he waits to see what the Texas Twister is going to do. Barrier's probably as green as Ringers powersuit now which is amusing.

Dropping the villain on the ground almost slamming him really, Barrier is flung next to Ringer near the guards. Ringer looks at his ally who looks very ill. For a moment he waves for Ringer to move away, but the ring-themed villain does not and splat. Barrier unleashes a roller coaster ride's worth of vomit onto his partner. More pictures are taken and the guards laugh as sirens in the background are alerted that the villains have been defeated. "Curse you, Iron Man!" Ringer yells as he wipes some upchuck from his armor before being escorted away. Returning to the table, Tex simply drops into the seat dismissing the wind away from him and over towards the museum hoping to blow the smell of barf away. As he sits, the waitress returns with their coffees and two cookies, "My hero." She sighs as the cookies are for Tony.

The artifacts are returned to the museum as the NYPD are on the scene to go over what happened and what exactly was taken. Repairs will be needed for the vault of course so there will be an insurance representative on the scene in the near future. With everything in hand Iron Man chuckles at the misfortune of the thieves then takes a moment to flash a peace sign at those gathered at the base of the steps cheering as the villains are carted off.
As Tex drops into a seat at the cafe Iron Man hovers down to the sidewalk near the table pulling his helm off to rest it on the table next to the fedora. Barrier tosses his cookies and Tony is bestowed cookies it seems fitting. A rather flirtatious smile and offering of thanks is given to the waitress as he picks up a cookie from the plate then scoots the plate across the table for Tex to have the remaining cookie. "I'll send a copy of the police departments findings your way. As easy as it was to take them down it will be interesting to see what they attempted to lift out of the vault. Who knows? It might have been the pieces to a Vulcan weapon when put together." Wink.

Nodding at the wink and looking at the cookie, Tex ponders a moment as he too helped but the cheers are for Iron Man. He shrugs as he eats the cookie, "Not bad. A bit fancy, but not bad." He offers a smile, "Well as you said, maybe they are working for Hammer again, so yet another person to watch for." He sighs as he sips the new coffee and grins, "So, where were we in talkin' before so rudely interrupted." He burrows his brows a moment, "Oh yeah, tailor and eye candy. I think I may take ya up on that offer. A night on the town with some hoi polloi types might be interestin' Hell, if I can convince Victoria to talk to me again, we should do the doubles thing. Maybe she'll talk if I tell her I got ole Tony Stark as a buddy."

"The Hammer sisters," Tony sighs. They're annoying in general and tend to get away with quite a bit as they have excellent lawyers and tend to keep themselves far removed from their associates. Coming over to sit down he rests one arm atop the table while lifting up his coffee mug with the other hand. "I see where you're going with this," sips at the coffee, "I'll lure in your woman with my inherited charm and you'll sweep her off her feet. I can be talked into this though you'll have your work cut out for you trying to get her away from me." He teases Drew.

Smirking, "Well, Stark, while you got yer fancy armor and billion dollar doodads and gadgets. Ultimately, Tory likes a man's man. Rugged, outdoor, cowboy. Get yer hands dirty at a rodeo and then you might got a shot." Tex ponders a moment as he realizes that while he is the type of man he described, he does not have Tory at the moment, "Then again, I could be wrong. I'll slick back my hair n wear that fancy suit. Plus it'll give ya a chance to treat Ms. Joan there to a good night out, no."

"I'm not a mans man?" This is amusing to Stark who rests the coffee cup down atop the table then ponders this with an air of amusement alighting his dark eyes. "I'd beg to differ there though I'm no cowboy. My advice? Wine and dine. What woman doesn't like dressing up to go out on the town for a nice dinner?" He waves off the waitress who was about to appear table side to refill the gentlemen's coffee. "I'll see what I can do. I've not seen her in awhile and we've plans to attend a race this weekend so unfortunately neither of us will be in town due to that."

"Well, ya got the moola and the women. So maybe you are not just a man's man. Maybe ya are the man's man." Drew's expression lightens up as he laughs a bit, "Well, wine and dine will work. Well maybe less wine fer me. Tory's got a problem when I drink. I get outta hand at times. So yeah, we dine and dine our gals!" Finishing up his coffee, he reclines back in his chair as he prepares to light up a cigarette, balancing on the back legs of the metal chair.

Tony is the man. There's even a photo spread in a magazine where the mag declared him to be the man which amused him at the time as it reminded him of Ric Flair's favorite tag line. To be the man you've gotta beat the man. To this date Tony's still at the top of his game so it fits. "Wine and dine in a general sense as I do not drink and apparently neither do you. We'll have to coordinate and quibble over where to go. Don't limit your ideas to in town as we can be anywhere in the matter of an hour or so." There are definitely advantages to hanging around a jet setter as Drew will come to experience first hand. "Busting brainless bad guys, and talk of seducing our respective women aside I really must go. I've a meeting to attend that I can not miss on Wall Street and I must swing by my apartment to don another suit." A wave of a hand and his guard pulls out money to cover their bill.

Well that was quite an amusing and admittedly bizarre way to spend his day off, as Tony leaves, Drew tips his hat and then rises as the bill is paid "Will call ya about the double date." With that, the wind picks up and he decides a fly over Manhattan on a beautiful day might make a for a nice time. As the wind picks up, he offers a wink to the waitress and then is gone.

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